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Gaming News November 2003 - December 2004

6-30-04: Welcome to Gilraen! Updates made to Players Listings and Main Listing, as well as updates to the Left Frame. Our Guild has a preliminary page for America's Army up, made by Arathorn. If you play it, e-mail me and let me know so I can addit under your name, and if necessary but up a player listing for it.
The Diablo 2 Ladder Season is coming to an end. Ladder characters will be shuffled into the same economy as the normal characters, at which point we'll be unloading the ladder banks into the normal banks and remaking them for the new season.

5-19-04: Welcome to Fladrif! Belated welcomes to Idril and Celebrimbor! Arathorn's Dark Elf now lvl 70! Eonw's Dunadan now lvl 88! A link is up to Arathorn's page showing screenshots of the defeat of the Diablo Clone by hisself and other Guild members. Updates to the ME mod Uniques and Sets pages! Join the discussion for WoW and MEO! Don't know what these are? Check out our Forum!

4-13-04: Made some more adjustments to link colors, and now hopefully everything loads properly.

3-21-04: Just Finished Updating the Games Page with the Web help given on the Forum. I decided to go with the Javascript method because it means alot fewer web pages (and many of those filler) and thus less work for me. Thanks to all who gave me help. Meneldir added to the Main Listing. If your info isn't up here, let me know!

01-01-04: Made first adjustments based on sweep in progress. Added Paladins' name to the main listing.

11-25-03: After much delay I have launched a near-complete version. I say near-complete because the most important part it's missing is everyone's gaming info :} If you don't see your gaming info up here, send it in now! If you see any broken links or links that lead where they shouldn't, let me know immediately.
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