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State of Valar Gaming 2005

October 14th, 2005

Greetings all!

I've decided to forego percentages this year for a bit of speed and since the percentages I have wouldn't be all that useful anyway.

As you know the Games Page Mass Update has been held every year since I began it to ensure the most up-to-date information possible (without spamming a weekly update mail, heh). There at least to me seems to be a misconception or two I'd like to address.

1.)  If you for whatever reason do not recieve an Update mail asking for your gaming information, you are still requested to send in your information.

2.) For the purpose of the Games Page Update, no answer is not an answer.  I do not automatically assume you still play what you did one year ago.  One year is a long time, and games come out quite often.  If you want to be able to find Guild members to play games with (that is a part of the reason you joined, right?) you need to let us, and more specifically during the Games Page Update, me, know what games you play.  I would much prefer a response saying "I am afraid I don't play any multiplayer games right now," or some such as opposed to complete silence, as then we know your e-mail still works and you're just busy (responding to the GPMU counts as "contact").

OK, now that that's settled, time for the cold hard numbers.

Before the Update, I had 90 members total listed on the Games Page. Of these, 24 had absolutely nothing under their name.

The number for those who admitted to playing games are as follows:

World of Warcraft: 33 (almost enough for a Raid if we were all on Lothar)

Diablo 2/LoD : 26

Starcraft/Broodwar: 13

Warcraft 3/TFT: 26

Diablo 1: 7 (surprising!)

Dark Age of Camelot: 4

LoD ME mod: 2

Neverwinter Nights: 2

Everquest: 1

War of the Ring: 2

Warcraft 2: 3

Well of Souls: 4

These being the games most have talked about or played.  There were various other games, like America's Army, Dungeon Siege, Half-life and its mod, Call of Duty, Rome: Total War, and Battle for Middle-Earth.

During the update, I recieved roughly 20 responses from the entire Guild. I estimate the number of GPMU mails sent out at about 100. 5 of those mails were undeliverable.  Of those that did respond, 4 said they do not play any online games right now.

Of those that admitted to playing games:

World of Warcraft: 9.  Since I can check who plays WoW thanks to the Guild roster on Lothar, I will estimate this number closer to 27: 22-23 on Lothar, and then the 3-4 I know of on European servers.

Diablo 2: 2

LoD: 4

Warcraft 3: 3

TFT: 0

Starcraft: 0

Broodwar: 2

Dark Age of Camelot: 2

Everquest: 0

Then we had one person each admitting to playing : City of Heroes, Call of Duty, Halflife and its mods, Halo, and Lineage 2.

Hopefully during the course of the year, more people will admit to play games.

This concludes the 2005 State of Valar Gaming Report.

Take care.


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