Valar Guild

Starcraft 2 Branch

We play on the Americas server. If you are interested in joining, contact Eonwe.

We have both a Clan and a Group. What's the difference? Put simply, Clans are for those with a more competitive interest and have a lower membership limit, while Groups are for a more social lean and have a higher membership limit. We have one of each so that members who wish for the more competitive side and want to do so under the Valar Guild banner (remembering our Rules and Code of Conduct as well as plain old good sportsmanship) may do so, while those who are less inclined still have a way to be part of our haven. Also, players can be in only one Clan, but can be in multiple Groups.

Members of the Clan should also have a membership in the Group (so we can all chat easily amongst the entire Guild), but members are encouraged to at least have a membership in the Group if they'd like to keep in touch with us in Starcraft 2.

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