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December  November

December 31, 1998
Returning members! Beleg Cuthalion the Strongbow is still with us.
Elros has returned as well!
The Maiar Radagast is back after computer problems and has a new email.
If a guild member doesn't see his name on the Members page, please contact Varda before your name is accidentally given out.
May everyone have a happy new year and enjoy Gandalf's fireworks!

December 30, 1998
New Maiar! Turin/Agarwaen has passed the Maiar honor test! His new name is Murezor-(Valar). His job is training members in StarCraft, and he is looking for helpers. To celebrate, he is starting all new characters and having a hobbit party, giving away old items. Congrats Murezor!

December 28, 1998
Links page under Software now has a direct link to the creator of Diablo Backup for a good file, as the old one on the page may have been corrupt. Also, see the Shrines list from Aule.

December 27, 1998
Sunday Meeting (1pm EST)
Recruiting Team Report: New members for this week are Legolas, Thorin, Thingol, Durin, and Elladan. Returning members are Amras and Dain after having comp troubles.
Web Team Report: Links are working
Tourney: People who cannot make the Christmas Tourney Saturday 10:00am EST in the channel, may play anytime during this coming week and send the results to Ulmo.
Teams are now forming.
Ulmo's StarCraft tourney map "Battle of Morannon" is now available, for one time load for tourney play only so that all will be equally surprised. SC players at the meeting downloaded the map and can also pass it out. Play as "Use Map Setting".
The group then broke up into numerous full games and had a great time!

December 26, 1998
StarCraft game for Tourney: how to play is now on the Tourney page!  The game is "The Battle of Morannon"!

December 25, 1998
and Happy Hanukkah and Wonderful Winter Break   :)
Thanks to all of you (with an assist from the Man upstairs) for a healthy, growing legit Tolkien guild, a great gift indeed to which every one of us is contributing!

December 24, 1998
Welcome back to Dain-(V)! Equal time for the dwarves! He too had computer problems and is back.

December 23, 1998
The pk problem appears to be taken care of. If another incident occurs of any kind, please report it immediately.
Welcome back to Amras-(V)! After evil computer problems crashed his level 41 Amras (and kept him out a long time), he is back at level one, er two, er...  Ok, he is playing again.  :)

December 22, 1998
Intruder Alert! A member has leaked our game and pass to someone who wrongly claims to be "a close friend" and who has murdered at least one of our new members in Diablo. The pk's account number was #3035240, named ][-][ellacious. If you see anyone who does not have our distinctive mark, immediately go to town. Write the name and account number (seen by typing /whois name). Leave the game. Do not play with the person. Email any Council member right away, or call one (or more) if any are in bnet: Aule, Mandos, Ulmo, Varda, Orome, Melkor, Makar.

New members! Welcome to Thingol, Durin , and Elladan! Our new Elladan many of you remember as Elven-Rider who has visted us for several months.

December 21, 1998
New Member! Welcome to Thorin, King under the Mountain, a gentleman 16 years of age. Thank you to Hurin Thalion and Menelvagor, scout and recruiter.

December 20, 1998
Sunday Meeting (6pm EST)
    Reports from Recruiting Team: added Feanor as a fellow Tolkien fiend on the 19th; Hurin is our newest Scout
                          Web Team: added new page - "Reviews" made and maintained by Makar. Please send him your own game
                           Tolkien Encyclopedia Project: new page - "Wraiths". Also links are repaired.
                           Tourney: We now have a working StarCraft map for the Christmas Tourney on Jan 2nd. Info on how the
                                           SC part of the Tourney will be handled will be listed on the Tourney page. Diablo games are
                                           already listed, and teams are forming now. For those who can't make the Jan 2 date, please
                                           play your games during the week before and email the results to Ulmo.
                            Question List project: Send used entry level and Maiar questions to Gandalf , including the answers and
                                           who asked if possible. New email address for Gandalf.
                            Maiar Applications: none formally received. Please see the FAQ page for how to apply.
    Tolkien Discussion: The membership voted for the (slightly misnamed) Twenty Questions game and had a good time.
    Recruiters met after the main meeting.
New Member! Legolas, a 30 year old gentleman, has joined our ranks as the ever popular elven prince! Thank you Menelvagor, for finding and recruiting him.

December 19, 1998
Saturday Chat (1pm EST)
    In attendance: Beorn, Alatar, Makar, Menelvagor, Ulmo, Varda.
    Subjects: Tom Bombadil, Balrogs
Welcome to our new member: Feanor-(V)! A 26 year old gentleman from California (Manwe take note!).

December 14, 1998
Maiar Honor Qualifications are now posted on the FAQ page
Please feel free to comment on any aspect of this procedure.  We don't
want to beat this to death, or make it overly complicated, but assuring
that becoming a Maia is honorable and shows a depth of knowledge is
New Games Review Page by Makar! The link is called Reviews .
Anyone having trouble with the page links please hit Reload before sending an email.

December 13, 1998
Sunday Meeting (6pm EST)
Tourney time set for January 2, 1999.
Maiar testing system approved.
If the Meeting hopelessly netsplits, use ICQ.
Congratulations to Eonwe for passing a difficult Valar test ! He is now a Valar and Council member named Makar-(Valar), starting his character over from Level 1. He also can count one whole year in the Valar Guild now. See his pages under Games.
Welcome to two new recruits: Smaug-(V) and Glorfindel-(V) brought in by Menelvagor and tested by Ulmo.
New page: FAQ: frequently asked questions.

December 12, 1998
Sat Chat (1pm EST)
Bnet wiped out the meeting. For example, Varda went for her primary character and could not login until half an hour later. May the Sunday meeting have better fortune!

December 9, 1998
New Page! Gallery ! Let your Tolkien artwork glitter in the art gallery called "The Glittering Caves of Aglarond". Beorn hangs the paintings, so please contact him.

December 7, 1998
New Page! Games ! Find out all the online games fellow Valar play! You can join and recognize each other with your guild characters. Eonwe maintains this page, so please email him your latest info! Addition: Eonwe was later promoted to Makar of Valar honor and member of the Council.

December 6, 1998
Sunday Meeting (6pm EST):
A Tourney will be held during Christmas Break!
Congrats! Legolas GreenLeaf passed the Maiar test to become Saruman, a name he used to hold some months back and has honorably regained after a long, unavoidable absence.
After the main meeting, some members expressed concern that the Maiar honor had become too easy to reach, requiring only an application and passing the Maiar quiz by three Valar. (By the way, the Maia's quiz difficulty is not like the entry level!) The quiz will continue, but other items will also be required, hashed out at that meeting. These will be listed in an upcoming News post from Ulmo. If anyone has further discussion on the matter, pro or con or more suggestions, please email Ulmo .
Valar honor is still by recommendation only, including having passed Maiar honor, proving deep commitment, and passing the Valar quiz.
Menelvagor still needs people to help make book summaries for the banner project. We have had people ask what the books are about and this is intended to fill that need. Please email Menelvagor if you would like to help.

December 5, 1998
Saturday Chat (1pm EST):
Report from Ulmo the Kindly. Varda regrets being stuck with homework and missing a really good group and chat.
    In attendance: Kili, Beorn, Agarwaen, Salmar, Legolas, Namo and Ulmo
    Subjects discussed were: Helping Beorn translate Danish place names to
English Tolkien version.  It was quite the challenge, but we actually
figured several out using maps and Beorn's descriptions.  As it turned
out this was an interesting way to study places.  We also discussed what
a Balrog looks like.  As in most times this comes up, we agreed to
disagree  :)  Agarwaen is sending some of us some pics.  I am still
hoping to discover how I think they look to carve one.

November 30, 1998
Welcome to our new member, Arathorn! Thanks to Menelvagor and Valacirca for bringing him to us.
Also, Hurin has rejoined the Guild, helping out with the Tolkien Encyclopedia.

November 26
Menelvagor is putting together a summary of the books to attach to a banner. He needs help with this project from those who know webwork and for input on summaries. Contact him from the Members page. (He may be in your address book by his pre-promotion name, Glorfindel.)

November 22, 1998
Meeting (6pm EST)
    The meeting was very well attended, with a visit from Manwe himself on a friend's computer!  Thank you, friend! He joined the other Valar in a fast series of tests for Maiar applicants, 3 Valar per applicant.
    Fingolfin is now the Maiar Remmirath (the Netted Stars) Correction: Fingolfin is now Valacirca (Constellation of the Sickle of the Valar, sign of doom). Glorfindel is now hailed as Menelvagor (Orion). Maeglin is now the Maiar Alatar (Blue Wizard). In the process, we discovered a need to make a listing of potential Maiar names, which should be posted sometime in the near future. Addition: this has been started as "Names", input is welcome. Better luck next time to Legolas ( I really hate to lose a good character name like that, though!) who will probably make it next meeting.
    We also commented on a minor problem of an outsider who has been using the game name all last week, but a different password. If you can't get into a game because of a password problem, don't worry about it. You didn't want into that one anyway.  :)

November 21, 1998
Saturday Chat (1pm EST)
    We had a fun chat, starting off with a discussion of the three unknown Valar. One is Omar or Amillo, singer of language and song, the youngest Vala, twin of the Maiar Salmar. He sings to Salmar's harp, knowing every song of every language. The other two are barbaric war gods, living on the fringe of Valinor, having battles within their halls. Brother and sister, Measse is female and Makar male. Tulkas, alone of the other Valar, visits to wrestle Makor, to keep from becoming too soft. Still, Tulkas does not otherwise care for their company, and they don't like his great unangered strength.
    The next part was a wild guessing game of Tolkien subjects, letting each participant go alphabetically.
    Guild members who came were Aule, Agarwaen (Turin), Beorn, Fingolfin, Glorfindel, and Varda. Our welcome visitor was Ordeith.

November 22, 1998
Congratulations to Bilbo! He has just passed the Maiar test given by three Valar, and is now known as Gandalf!
 The Council now consists of Ulmo, Varda, Namo, Melkor, Aule, and Manwe, with Ulmo and Varda currently co-chair.
 For Maiar honor, apply to the Council and take the LotR test after the meeting with at least three Valar, then choose
  whether to rename or not, whether to start from level 1 or not. In any case, the honor will be listed on the Member
 Constellation and star names are now available for Maiar honor names.
 For Valar honor, one must first pass Maiar, be recommended,  then pass the Silmarillion test under a minimum of three
  Valar testers.
 Currently, the Recruiting Team is made of: Varda, Ulmo, Melkor, Ilmare, Gandalf, and Osse as testers; Glorfindel and
  Fingolfin as fishers. Anyone else who would like to apply, please email Varda.
 The Web Team is now made of: Varda, Beorn, Aule, Tilion, and Kili. Anyone else who would like to apply,  please
  email Varda.
 Tolkien chat is held Saturday at 1pmEST.

November 21, 1998
Welcome to our two new members: Gimli, brother of Legolas Greenleaf,  and to Elrohir, brother of Glorfindel!

November 19, 1998
To answer some questions, yes the meeting continues at the regular time, Varda as chair. Channel, Game Names,
and Pass remain the same. The regularly scheduled Sat Chat for Tolkien is still held at 1pmEST, noonCST.
Only a few members have gone to other climes: Eru, Tulkas, Yavanna, Irmo, Quickbeam that I'm sure of. The new web page for the Guild is currently being done by Varda and Beorn, and others have volunteered. We need everyone's input to Beorn
so that he can make the new Member page current. Thanks to everyone for the enormous support
and good will you have given!

November 17, 1998
A Manwe sighting (made by Ulmo)! He says he will continue to be in both the Valar Guild and the Valar chat group.
We look forward to future sightings of this legendary figure, who is still trying to buy a new computer.

November 15, 1988
Eru left the Valar Guild which he founded, to form the new pure chat organization, the Valar. See Links.
Eru designated the Council to continue taking care of the Guild, as it has before when he was absent.
Membership in both the Valar chatters and the Valar Guild is quite desirable.

November 14, 1988
Tourney 4! See the results on the Events page!

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