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Dec. 31, 2003
    Happy New Year's Eve!

    D2X Ladder banks:
    We have quite a few bank ladder characters that are about to be deleted by B.net for lack of use. Any volunteers to put in some time would be welcome! Thanks to the folks who've given warnings and those who have been rebuilding deleted banks, as well as the ones putting in time.

Dec. 28, 2003
    New idea from Ulfang-(V)!:

There are quite a number of things that are going on, all of which I'd love to be more interested in (if it weren't for my job; I work for an investment bank in New York so my hours have been horrible, plus, I'm now engaged so wedding plans take a front seat to Tolkien).  It's hard for me to add anything to the list....

Although here's an idea...

My fiance and I both enjoy Tolkien, and we were actually thinking of having our wedding bands inscripted with tengwar writing.  (The running joke is that while my ring will say 'I love you' and so on, hers will say 'One Ring to rule them all')  We've seen a couple of places on the web where one can get this, but if anyone else knows where to get customized Tolkien jewelry, i think that would be nice.

Thanks once again,

Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, 22:00 GMT  AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Meeting Transcript, by Arathorn-V. Summary below:
Attending: report by Thror-(V) and Varda
    AIM group (14): Akhoril, Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Caranthir, Elatan, Galdor, Gil-galad, Gwaihir, Huan, Orodreth, Osse, Thorondor, Thror, Varda (presiding)

Change of meeting format:
    Discussion of changing meeting format. News page does not need to be repeated, have folk check News before the meeting gets rolling, then tell any new business. Then switch to Tolkien chat right away.
    Reason to change format: News repeat is a repeat. Many are not in the same games, so much of the gaming details will be irrelevant to many, and may be handled better on the Message Board aka Forum. Europe has short time to be in chat.
    Reason to change to AIM: Guild now is across many games, quite a few don't game at all, and we need a way to meet live.
    Eonwe went to see RotK during meeting time. The movies are very helpful to those who test, besides being fun.
    Elatan made two longbows plus arrows and a quiver, in real life.
    Arathorn's Java problem: The .toUppercase property of an object won't work with an array. He needs a workaround for the problem and none of us could help. Please email Arathorn.
Tolkien: (details in transcript)
    Many were coming and going from the Return of the King movie, two during the meeting, and a few had not seen it so we tried to keep talk to the books.
    Chat topic by Varda: Friendship in the books.
    Chat topic by Thror: Spiders and Dark Lords
    Suggested topic for another time: Orodreth fishing for WoS help: Did elves use money of any sort? Did they barter?

Dec. 26, 2003
    D2X Ladder:
       New banks made, will need to be played up. Gems, Rares, Runes, Uniques. Help needed!

Dec. 25, 2003
    Merry Christmas!!

Dec. 24, 2003
    New page: Quick AIM - lists AIM screen names of full and Tolkien-only members, plus information on how to get and use AIM for meetings. Found on the guild index under Members and on the Activity page.
    Half-Life and especially HF's CounterStrike players, please note that you can get together on the Message Board Forum. You also need to list that you like to play with Eonwe's Games page. Also, please send Varda your CounterStrike Valar guild name for the Activity page and so that you can find each other.

Dec. 22, 2003
     Paladin Took-V, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Paladin found us from the web site, doing a search for Tolkien and Blizzard. He stayed around our channel a while trying to join, until some of our kindly members suggested he email Varda. His outside character is Berolsar, account SWRPG. He's 20, from Nevada, USA in the PST. He's online nightly, preferring SC/BW, but also playing D2X, WC2, and WC3. He's read the H and LotR. His favorite LotR character is Aragorn.  His email is Protoss72000@hotmail.com, his AIM is MyLifeforAuir72.
    D2X Ladder:
        Thorondor just set the bar high for all of us D2X Ladder players. He went Hardcore! His paladin is 67 and still alive! More info such as account name for it etc on the D2X Ladder page. Still, that means we have a lot of new player slots for hardcore with no record, so a level one has a chance!
         Arathorn's javazon still has the highest overall standing.

Dec. 21, 2003
Sunday Meeting 5:00pm EST, 22:00 GMT
    Meetings are held on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) in chat room Valar Guild Meetingplace. We have helpers in channel Clan Vala, and you can still receive credit for showing up if you are listed by a roll taker on Bnet. According to Eonwe, today's meeting was held in Bnet due to the lack of people showing up in AIM who weren't also on Bnet.
    You can enter the chat room in a couple of ways. You can invite yourself or make the chat room, much like making a channel in B.net, by sending a chat invitation to your screen name (not display name), typing in Valar Guild Meetingplace as the chat room name. The chat room will come up. Then choose "no" when the box asks if you wish to accept the invitation, or it will make another chat room of the same name and wind up nowhere.
    To invite another member to the chat, use the menu from the chat room (not the buddy list) to automatically give the correct chat room name. Invite the person's screen name, not the display name.
    AIM can be downloaded free from www.aim.com . Please make a screen name using your guild name so we can recognize you for the roll to give you proper credit. If you already have a screen name, you can use that, but you can also add a "new" screen name. This is done as if you never had a screen name before, but when it comes back up, you'll see a drop down list of your old screen names and your new one.
    Please email Varda your AIM screen name for the meeting. Please also mention the screen name for general use if you use another one normally but would like it to be contacted by guild members. If you want the outsider screen name kept private for helping attempts to find you during inactivity sweeps, tell Varda so it won't be listed on the Activity page.
    Any AIM names Varda is aware of will be listed on the Activity page, unless told differently.
Attending: roll taken by Thorondor-(Valar)
    Fionwe-Valar@Azeroth (Eonwe)
    Daeron-V (also has been playing during the week)
    Dior: Seen before meeting (by Eonwë)
    Also on AIM: Orodreth, Eonwë
Membership News:
    Varda (I) was going to apologize for missing today's meeting, but no, I'll say Woot! instead. I'm going to see Return of the King with Eowyn-(V) and a friend, so you guys have fun talking Tolkien without me. :)  I'll try to drop in late or after-meeting. Someone please email meeting notes!
    Erestor sends greetings, having to work during the meeting.
        Dropped for inactivity, group 2: You can reapply before January without a test, or rejoin after January with a test. Please email Varda.
         Elenwe  (left, nice letter, not gaming or following Tolkien now)
         Finrod Felagund (email undeliverable, no contact since July 2002)
         Folca  (email undeliverable, no contact since July 2002)
         Fuinur  (email undeliverable, no contact since January)
         Girion  (email undeliverable
<bedwards321@hotmail.com>. No contact since 2002)
Dec. 20, 2003
    WC3/TFT meeting 1pm EST channel Clan Vala.
       Gwaihir had to be at work. Emailed tip:
any clan member who has registered an e-mail address with WC3 can be contacted through 'clanmail'... allowing you to contact at least me (I registered mine) over bnet when I'm not online.

Dec. 17, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
"Rohirrim Battle Hymn", by Turgon-(V)
             "Trollish ode to themselves", by Turgon-(V)

    Elatan, Happy 40th Birthday! He's heading out for Christmas vacation and should be back around the 22nd.

Dec. 14, 2003
    Saddam was captured Saturday. Photos, DNA tests prove identity.

    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
           "Brave Heart", by Laurelin Caline, Tolkien member. The words of those who went into battle against Sauron, supporting Elendil and Gil-galad.

Sunday Meeting: 5:00pm EST, 22:00 GMT, on AIM, Valar Guild Meetingplace, with helpers in the Battlenet channels.
Meeting transcript in AIM, sent in by Arathorn-V from the time he entered the chat room. Great idea, Arathorn!
    AIM: member name: AIM name for your list
       Arathorn-V:  ArathornValar
       Earendil-V:  gelondil2
       FarmerMaggot:  Musics4Me2

Xseanzee disco
       Grimbold-V: hearnoevil80
       Gwaihir-Valar:  HeraldTantras
       Orodreth-V:  OrodrethV
       Thror-V:  chuginchub
       Varda-Valar:  VardaValar1
    Clan Vala channel only: Beleg-V. He said his AIM is off.
    Eonwe and Erestor are at work.
    Members dropped so far, activity sweep still in progress:
       Amroth, Beorn, Beorn, Bolg, Celebrimbor.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia/ Poetry page: "Brave Heart" by Laurelin Caline, Tolkien member.
    Message Board: New trivia section started.
    D2X Ladder:
       Arathorn is leading the guild with an 82 javazon.
       Osse promoted to shaman!
       Christmas tourney proposed. May also have all game gaming during the holidays.
    Lord of the Rings:
        Co-op LotR Board game. Hobbits try to reach Mt. Doom before corruption points reach 10.
            By Hasbro. Created by Reiner Knizia. Co-op, so no competitive issues.
    Upcoming Return of the King movie discussion. Rumored cuts.
    Earendil: How were Ents involved in the history of Middle-earth?
        Varda: Helm's Deep, Orthanc
        Earendil: Helped Beren vs dwarves.
        Gwaihir: Doriath. And Entwives taught Men to farm.      
    Thror suggests as a future topic: House of Play.

Dec. 13, 2003
    Promotion! Osse became a shaman in the WC3/TFT branch today at the meeting. He will be able to handle the gavel at WC3/TFT meetings, full guild meetings in Battlenet, and Vala flag incoming branch members. Osse is already a Maia honor, so he can test entry. He joins Gwaihir and Draugluin in the Maiar shaman list. A person doesn't have to be a Maia to be a shaman, but he does need to be able to communicate with Chieftain Eonwe and play the game.
    The meeting was at 1pm, channel Clan Valar, Eonwe presiding. Osse accepted the shaman job. Sauron got his Vala flag. Varda was also present. Thror came by just as the meeting closed. Ancalagon, although in WC3, seemed to be afk in the other channel, as was Orodreth's Halmundo.

    WC3/TFT Christmas Gaming: from Eonwe:
We would like to try a Christmas Tournament, not on Christmas of course :} but on the Sunday before Christmas, next Sunday the 21st.  If you would like there to be a tournament you need to repond to me or Gwaihir immediately.  At least 8 people excluding judges must be willing to meet for this or its no go.  This was announced at the end of November on the Valar Guild Message Board (find the link on the Main Page.  You remember where that is, right? :}).  If you haven't signed up yet, it's a good idea to.  The sooner you guys get talking on it the sooner it'll become a bustling hub of Valarness :}  We've got about 27 of us (total Valar Guild members)  already, and at least most of the new members are already on board.

    Aragorn says hello. He's been out due to internet connection difficulties. Lately he's been playing in D2:LoD Europe. He hopes to make tomorrow's meeting.
    Erestor will be at work during tomorrow's meeting. He hopes to be on earlier that day burning in more D2X Ladder banks.

    Hello letter from Bain and Cirdan:
Sorry we have dropped off the map. The two of us were relying on a satellite broadband connection for gaming that
was extremely dibilitating due to a huge latency. Quickly dying in every game we played, we opted to retire to the
green hills of Southfarthing. Recently I ditched the satellite connection (because DSL became available in our
area). BTW, if you are ever faced with the choice between a Hughes Direcway Satellite and stepping outside to send
smoke signals, choose the tried and true blanket and fire method! We would love to get back into to loop after the
winter solstice.

    Dropped for inactivity: You can reapply before January without a test, or rejoin after January with a test. Please email Varda.
        Amroth: email disabled, no contact all year.
        Beor: email undeliverable, no contact all year.
        Beorn: all people who say they are a Beorn will have to rejoin under another name and will not be considered members until then. None replied to the Eonwe email in Sept and none have shown any activity since. All the emails I sent Dec12 came back undeliverable.
       Bolg: email undeliverable, no contact all year.
       Celebrimbor: email undeliverable, no contact all year. Gwaihir had contact, says Celebrimbor's no longer interested.

Dec. 12, 2003
    Letter from Eonwe:

Just thought I'd let you know I won't be able to make the meeting Sunday.  One of our shift managers quit (this place seems to be rough on management, hehe), leaving just me and my main manager (like it was most of the semester during school), and so she could attend a family Christmas thing I went ahead and said I'd close for her.

Hope you have fun.  I assure you I'll be wishing I was there :}

Take care.
    Activity Sweep: Those who didn't respond to Eonwe's games email in September and have no recent activity mentioned need to contact me to keep from being dropped for January. Those who have nothing listed after Eonwe's games email are questionable as being active. If you see a question mark by your name's active status on the Activity 2003 page or just to make sure, then please email Varda. Please sign with your guild name!
     I will be sending out emails to help you get in contact, but emails are not always updated properly (a dropped "n" on verizon in the address book recently prevented an email from going through) or have weirdnesses preventing them from going through, and some of you don't have emails. Beor has no email.

     Some ways of showing documentable activity:
       Email Varda.
       Come to a meeting for at least a few minutes to have your name on the Attending rolls on the News.
       WC3 players in the Clan Vala branch will show up on  the clan profile showing when they were last in the Clan Vala channel.
       Anything that puts you on the News page: emails, articles for the Tolkien Encyclopedia or the Gaming pages, meetings.
       D2X ladder page participant with a dated update.
       Web page for the guild.
     The new Activity page for 2004 will show who is still in the guild in January. If you seem to have been dropped for inactivity, email Varda if you want to rejoin, then try to make some form of monthly contact afterwards.

Dec. 10, 2003
    AIM tip
    Letter from Gwaihir:
you CAN invite yourself into a chat. if you know the name of the chatroom, that is.

All you have to do is type your name in stead of someone else's into the section where it asks you to type who you want to invite... and type the name of the room into the appropriate spot and then push invite. It'll open up the chatroom and you'll be in it :)


    In another letter from Gwaihir:
You can invite yourself into an AIM chatroom. You just type your name in stead of someone else's into the "Screen names to invite" section and the chatroom you wish to go to into the "Buddy Chat Room" spot. Then push invite and the chatroom will pop up and miraculously enough, you'll be in it :)

Dec. 9, 2003
    Links page:
By the Sword - medieval and fantasy swords, clothing, collectibles. Second URL
    Squelch button exercise again. Woohooimback@Azeroth says he's the old Calvin, leafieslover, back in the Valar channel being nasty saying the same old same old. Another account being used for ugly remarks, probably shared by Calvin and a guild member, is Mr.Aznpanda@Azeroth. He plays with Buntcake@Azeroth, Someonewhocares@Azeroth, and Quickbeam-V@Azeroth. The first two are outside names for guild folk.

Dec. 7, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East, channel Clan Valar, 5:00pm EST, 22:00 GMT
Attending: report from Thror and Varda
    Members: Arathorn, Bombur, Caranthir, Earendil, Eonwe/Fionwe, Erestor, Galdor, Gil-galad, Gwaihir, Orodreth, Thorondor/Sorontar, Thror, Tilion, Varda (presiding)
    Guest: Virtuous (joined guild after meeting as Grimbold-V)

Member Report:
     Welcome to the Valar Guild, Grimbold-V! Grimbold is 23, from Illinois in the US, CST. He plays D2:LoD and WC3/TFT. He is on bnet daily. He's read the H and LotR. He's learning about being a veterinarian. Galdor scouted, Earendil and Varda tested for a 5/5.
    AIM experiment:
    After the main meeting, we tried an experiment to see if we could meet in AIM. This was more successful than any other non-Bnet chat we've done especially with so little preparation time. This could really be a way to go, and let non-Bnet gamers and Tolkien-only members join in much better. Several of us added our guild names to our AIM accounts. AIM seems to be safer for us than ICQ or IRC, and most found it available.
    Tolkien fonts may be found at www.barrowdowns.com/fonts/Quenya.ttf.  Put them in c:/windows/fonts and that's it.
    The main problem seems to be that we seem to need someone to do an invitation. Ask someone already in AIM chat for an invitation, or someone at Bnet. Although afk, we tend to check back on Bnet and scroll. Also, we can add a shortcut in some versions, to
Valar Guild Meetingplace.
    Varda will be adding AIM names to the Activity page. Please send yours in or correct what I have up.
        Gwaihir: Herald Tantrus
        Arathorn: ArathornValar
        Bombur: BomburV
        Caranthir: Good_Times695
        Earendil: Gelondil2
        Galdor: GaldorV
        Gil-galad: Xseanzeedisco
        Grimbold: hearnoevil80
        Thror: chuginchub
        Tilion: tilionvalar
        Varda: VardaValar1
Web Report:
    Message Board:
       Middle-earth Online section added by Eonwe, with a discussion section for suggestions on how to set up the guild branch when it comes out late 2004. We have to be positioned to jump in fast with a guild branch and go for it. :)
    Sierra has a message board for Middle-earth online, but it doesn't accept free email account registrations. To handle this, we might try using Yahoo email, as it is hard to tell if it is paid or not. This could help some of us who are not in possession of large amounts of gold.

    D2X Ladder:
       Top score is now 78 for Gwaihir's paladin!
       Ladder bank: Due to the incredible work of such members as Erestor, Galdor, Fangorn, and Varda, the Ladder banks are being burned in despite the time requirements. Great work, all! So, more are being added. *Collective groan from stabilizers.*

    Thror, for a report he has to give tomorrow, asked how long Gollum was in the cave.
    Gwaihir was fastest at finding the reference: Appendix B: The Tale of Years. Gollum entered the Misty Mountains in 2470, then left to search for the "thief" 2944. That makes it 474 years. Stretched life indeed!
    As a side comment, twins Elrohir and Elladan were 111 years older than sister Arwen. Interesting number, eh Bilbo?

Dec. 1, 2003
    D2X Ladder Bank:
       We have some accounts up with storage characters, but many will need to be run a bit to stay up. After enough of these look secure, we can start others.

Nov. 30, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East, channel Clan Vala, 5:00pm EST, 22:00 GMT
    Arathorn, Beleg, Caranthir, Eonwe, Erestor, Orodreth, Thorondor, Varda (presiding) 
    Caranthir is reading the Iliad for homework. We should all be so lucky!

     Games page:
       Eonwe has re-done most of it in HTML, taking up less space and for fun. Beats using Word!
     Ladder page:
       The page may have to go defunct due to low info input from guild.
     Ladder Bank page up.

     D2X guild ladder:
         Legolas is ahead with 74!
     D2X regular:
        We had 5 people in the same game today. Felt like old times!
     D2X Middle-earth mod:  (bless Elrohir and Fingolfin!) report from Eonwe, after playing it
       Old charcters are ok.
       Inventory is about 3 rows bigger!
       Can overwrite old mod files.
       Easier to get running. Use .bat file, no file switching.
       Orodreth's unofficial Valar server is back up and running! Same pass.
       F'nok is an old friend of Orodreth's from WoS, also has a good guild. His comments are on the Message Board under WoS. You have registered for the Message Board, right?
    Middle-earth Online:
       Arathorn and Erestor as well as Varda said they'd like to get into this MORPG after it comes out, probably late next year.
       It will be a memory hog and need a good video card. We hope to have improved comps by then.
       It begins just after the Fellowship leave Moria, having stirred up Barrow-Wights and Moria baddies in their wake. If there is to be a home for them to return to, we'd better take care of the mess!  Later installments will have the Fellowship moving farther along the Quest, causing more ruckus for us to handle.
       We will continue to have our primary names from Tolkien characters, but will have to doctor them for this game. We can't have our Aragorn actually play Aragorn and then bump into the one in the online game, etc. So we can add on words, perhaps elven or other Tolkien languages, perhaps appropriate to the class. For instance in Dark Age of Camelot, one character is GafferSong. Our guild will have the back story that we are a group that believes the Valar exist, bringing a higher (or lower, in Morgoth's case) octave to our play. We will continue to adhere to the philosophy of fair play, courtesy, and honesty as Tolkien would have preferred from those who honor his ideals. We intend to have a presence on the Middle-Earth Online forum. In the Message Board, we already have a thread started under Other Games, and could set up a separate section for handling such sticky problems as naming and types of compware needed.

    Varda's topic: Loyalty as shown in Tolkien's writings
    Erestor: Loyal to what? Ideas? Person? Thing?
    Varda: all
    Eonwe: Boromir was loyal to the Fellowship although he fell to the Ring. He gave his life for Merry and Pippin.
    Thorondor: Were Melkor's creatures truly loyal to him? His Maiar were.
    Erestor: continued trying to define "loyalty"
    Eonwe: Loyalty and faithfulness
    Varda: Sam was like loyalty personified, as Aragorn was hope.
    Erestor: Legolas and Gimli: sense of loyalty
    Erestor: Gimli loyal to Galadriel
    Orodreth: Merry and Pippin: loyal to their respective kingdoms
    Erestor: Shadowfax loyal to Gandalf
    Tangents: Free will, choice, can good and evil exist without each other? Nature of light and dark and color. Black holes, spectra. Computers we first met. Why some people consider our games bad, and where they have a point. Computer addiction. What parents can do. Moderation needed in all things. We will continue gaming.  :)  Wootz is a real word, for Damascus steel, which people have only recently re-learned the technique for making. For more detailed info, try a Google search for wootz, or http://www.brisa.fi/wootz3.html
    After meeting: D2X tip from Galdor, seen on D2.net, Griswold in nightmare can give stuff as good or nearly as good as any boss up to Baal.

Nov. 25, 2003
    Games page:
       Eonwe re-made the whole page, this time using HTML. Take a look (use Explorer) and be sure to update your info. Congrats, Eonwe!

Nov. 23, 2003
Sunday Meeting
5:00pm EST, 22:00 GMT: Battlenet East Realm, channel Clan Vala
    In channel: ArathornL-V, Ar-Pharazon-V@Azeroth, Earendil-Valar@Azeroth, Eonwe-(Valar), Faramir-V@Azeroth, Gwaihir-Valar, Orodreth-V, Thorondor-Valar, Varda-(Valar) (presiding)
    On AIM: FarmerMaggot -V
    Over the shoulder hello: Fangorn-(V)
    Farmer Maggot's CD is broken, so he came to the meeting by AIM and spoke with Arathorn for relay.
    Gil-galad hopes to be in the channel in the coming week between family get-togethers.
    "You know you're in Valar when..." joke from Galdor.
    WC3/ TFT:
       Thanksgiving Tourney! This coming Thursday at 4:30pm EST. 1 on 1 pvp planned. If enough people show up, teams can play. A Tourney thread is available on the Message Board. You can add to the post with whether or not you plan to show or if you will be 5 minutes late. You can also get together for practice gaming.
       Meetings every Saturday 1pm EST in channel Clan Vala for planning and gaming.
       Maps: The guild needs your WC3/ TFT Tolkien-based maps. WC3 art tools are available for download.
    D2X guild Ladder:
       Our ladder gaming is more like regular friendly gaming, but we use the ladder characters and special traits provided by Blizzard.
       Ladder page: Legolas currently has the highest standing at 73. He stopped leveling waiting for a guild team in Hell difficulty, and started other ladder characters.  (Only in Valar "competition"...) We have a Ladder page listing our standings. It's main use is to see who we can play with, but it's also slightly competitive. We have a highest overall standing and highest class standing. It's updated when Varda meets you and remembers to jot down your name and level and doesn't lose the note. A better update system is to email Varda regularly as a habit with updates. This can be after making a particular goal level, or on a particular day. You can also mention the name and level of fellow ladder guild folk to give them credit too. Without guild input, this page cannot work.
        Ladder bank: We had a request for a ladder bank. When Blizzard changes the ladder accounts to regular, the ladder mathoms can be unloaded into the regular banks. The old ladder banks would then be deleted and new ones started for the new ladder. Those few present thought a Ladder bank was a good idea.
    We've had one dissenting voice saying it didn't seem to fit the idea of a ladder. True, but we are not really competing. We have too many ways of gaining levels. Some of us play in public games and others wouldn't touch a public game with the tip of even the longest halbard. We have varying amounts of time we can play, some much less than others. Some play mostly solo, often due to time of day, and others have buddies they tend to play with. Many of us play with whomever happens to be around, as we're all good company. So we have some thoughts on doing an actual competing ladder, but sufficient guild interest didn't seem to be present.
    The Two Towers Extended DVD is available. Some members reported that they were glad they bought it for the extra scenes put back in . Faramir-Valar reports that the Faramir character now seems more like a good guy.
    The Collector's Set includes a Gollum statue and book, so it depends on whether you want them or not as to whether you should pay the high price for that set.
    Topics developing as tangents of the DVD discussion:
        Did the Valar set up Bilbo's finding of the Ring?
        Valar influence is shown subtly in the Lord of the Rings, occasionally obvious. It is much more noticeable after reading the Silmarillion and the Histories.
    Arathorn-V's topic:
       Was Feanor a good guy, bad guy, grey, or something else?
     This took a great deal of thought to answer, but we had some thinkers available.  :)  A few of the comments, abbreviated:
    Eonwe - Feanor was a good guy brought low by Morgoth's malice. Feanor was proud.
    Pharazon - Something appeared bad in him with the death of his mother and remarriage of his father. Thought of himself as the only true Noldor prince, instead of Fingolfin and Finarfin, the "half-bloods".
    Eonwe -  Feanor buried himself in his work, began to care only about that and his father. He was his father's favorite in many ways.
    Earendil- On the whole, he's a bad guy, but he has many attributes appropriate for an elf of his stature.
    Pharazon - Feanor refused to give up the silmarilis before he heard they were stolen.
    Eonwe - Feanor truly was heir to the kingship of the Noldor.
    Pharazon - Feanor didn't seem to consider his half-brothers as true princes. The strongest sin of all, pride.
    Some discussion on semantics: pride can be good when it's reasonable confidence. Arrogance is overbearing pride, even if it has a basis. Hubris. General agreement that excessive pride was a major problem.
    Earendil started a list of characters whose pride caused them to use their power for evil and who were at the tops of their types. Others in the channel, after understanding the qualifications, agreed and added to it, with comments on why these characters fit. Melkor, Feanor, Pharazon. Additions suggested were Saruman, Sauron and Turin. Boromir was considered not to fit the list, although proud, as his main desire was for Gondor rather than himself, although he expected to inherit the Stewardship of Gondor. Sauron was iffy for the list as well, as Eonwe might have been the top of the Maiar, and he, although proud, mainly worked for Morgoth rather than himself.
    Gollum did not fit. There was some discussion on whether he started out evil or not. He was certainly no Frodo!
    Another tangent was about those opposite to the arrogant people. Faramir (brought up because of the movies and DVD's) was the nearest human in Middle-earth to being like Aragorn.
    Eonwe mentioned another parallel of quite a few people who were just below the top person. Unfortunately this was not jotted down, and it would be great if Eonwe adds this to the Message Board under Tolkien!

Nov. 22, 2003
        Congrats to Oropher-(V), for reaching the top level in EverQuest of 65. Good luck with your Alternate Advancements and flags!
    WC3/ TFT:
    WC3/TFT gamers meeting in Clan Vala 1pm East. Planning and gaming. It's a get-together to game even when no formal meeting is held.

Nov. 20, 2003
    New Links for Links page:
Aragorn and Legolas - The Mellon Chronicles - fan-fic, intended to be clean as in no smut/ slash. Articles. Maps. Name generator. Shop. .
         War of the Ring - Tolkien fan site, books and movies. Includes a list of Tolkien sites.
    Letter from Gil-galad:
I'll most likely see you in the channnel next week - that actually depends on what time my family get togethers are.  I am sorry I havent been to any meetings in a while, busy schedule like Eonwe said.

Nov. 19, 2003
    WarCraft3/The Frozen Throne: Thanksgiving Tourney
    Letter from Chieftain Eonwe excerpt:
Remember that we have a weekly gathering scheduled at 1 pm Eastern Time
(Valar Standard Time) every Saturday for WC3/TFT.  Even if no formal
meeting is held, this is prime time to be getting together for games.

The WC3 art tools are now available for anyone to download.  Check them
out if you're an interested mapmaker.

I also want to remind everyone we still need Tolkien-Themed tourney
maps.  Doesn't necessarily have to have quests.  If you just wanted to
make a WC3 version of one of our Starcraft Tourney maps (like Bridges of
Osgiliath for example) that's perfectly fine.  The Tourney Guidelines
page linked from the Games Page has more suggestions and two different
styles for tourney maps.  These maps will typically be Player vs
computer, competing for best time, but that doesn't rule out a creative
mind who wants to make, say, collectiing part of the map either :}

Last, but not least, we are scheduling a fun one on one person vs person
tournament to be held on Thanksgiving (next Thursday).  Battle is
expected to be honorable as always.  Replays of each battle may be
requested. I and Gwaihir for sure will be outside the tourney (I.e not
participating in it) as judges.  More info to come, so expect some of it
to be given when you get there :}  It's appreciated if we could know who
would like to participate (so we know if we have enough for a
tournament), but anyone who shows up in Clan Vala with their WC3/TFT
suit next Thursday will not be turned away.
Time? 4:30 Valar Standard
Prizes?  Well, we'll have to see,... :}

Nov. 17, 2003
    "You know you're in Valar when..." page: new joke by Galdor-V!

Nov. 16, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East, 5:00 pm EST, 22:00 GMT, channel Clan Vala:
    Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Elrond, Eonwe, Erestor, Galdor, Haldir, Legolas, Theoden, Thror, Varda (presiding)
Member News:
    Galdor's birthday is Nov 29, when he'll be 28. Congrats!
    Turgon: comp and economic problems. Expects to return so please keep his name.

    Guild-wide story: Eonwe doesn't have time to work on it now. Perhaps we could run a non-official one on the Message Board.
    New page: D2X Ladder for guild, helping us get together and see how we're doing. Bnet can't show us as we're mostly too low.

       Gaming tip from Galdor:
         To keep the game from dropping your character when you need to be afk (transfer aid, mom called you for a chore, etc) type /fps to keep the character active. This can also be used during a game to track your ping. It means frames per second. The same thing with more detail may be accomplished by typing /framerate
    D2X Ladder:
       Updates may be emailed to Varda on all your D2X ladder players, even level one. Top characters may be sent to Eonwe for a mention in the new Games page with the same email.
    D2X Middle-earth mod:
       Varaya and Khan (aka Elrohir and Fingolfin in the guild) have already made a Tolkien mod (1.9) for the new Battlenet patch (1.10), incorporating some of the changes they had intended before the patch. Expect another patch shortly, but it shouldn't tear up your character.

Tolkien chat:
    Varda's topic: How did Tolkien show the idea of hope in the LotR and other writings?
    Some comments:
    Eonwe: Aragorn and Arwen share a hope.
    Elrond: Giving up hope conceded defeat.
    Eonwe: Council of Elrond met with hope.
    Pharazon: Small hope in the form of a hobbit.
    Galdor: with odds stacked against him.
    Erestor: Gandalf spoke of a "fool's hope".
    Elrond: Defeat of Sauron was hope of elves, showing Middle-earth would be alright without them.
    Eonwe: Frodo had to destroy the Ring, Aragorn had to call out Sauron's armies so Frodo could make it. They each had hope in the other's efforts.
    The hope after the Last Battle of Arda re-made as Eru intended.
    (Much more, hard to jot down and participate. Great job, all!)
    (Tangent: Melkor, Eru, the Flame Imperishable)

Nov. 14, 2003
    The Valar Guild Ladder for D2X page is up. If we can keep it reasonably updated with once a week emails and visual sightings, we will keep the page. Our guild ladder characters will mostly not show on Battlenet's ladder, so we need a separate one. It can help us locate each other by account names for friend lists and suggest which ones are of a level to play with our own characters. The Ladder page can be reached from the main guild page under Gaming/ Diablos/ Ladder

Nov. 11, 2003
    Letter from Turgon:
    I have very bad news for everyone. I went to a friend last weekend who knows a tad bit more about comps than I do, and it seems both my processor and my motherboard are fried. That means I've got a huge bill on my counter if I want to replace them. At this moment I cannot do that, so it will most probably take til early next year to get back online. I am trying everything I can to be back on earlier, but the best I can do (hopefully) is getting a small comp on which I can install and play WC II B.net edition and at least have access to b.net.

Elen sila lumenn omentielmo,

Nov. 9, 2003
Sunday Meeting 5:00pm EST, 22:00 GMT: Battlenet East Realm, channel Clan Vala
Attending: report by  Thror
    Members: Ar-Pharazon, Beleg, Earendil, Erestor, Gwaihir (presiding), Mahtan, Orodreth, Thror
    Guest: Sinecare

Rest of meeting report by Gwaihir:
    E-mail from Galdor: Thingol is doing well in Germany, hoping you have wireless access on laptop soon
    E-mail from Legolas: He’s alive and well
    Earendil is able to be on bnet weekends now and should be most weekends
    Eonwe away from the meeting, work
    Varda away from the meeting, with family and friends for her birthday get-together
Web news:
    Poem “Valar” by Orodreth
    New site by Merry:  Central Texas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (CTVOAD)
Gaming News:
    Trivial Pursuit for LotR on sale now
    Blizzard has released art tools for WC3/TFT – Appear to be plugins for a 3d rendering program known as “Discreet 3Ds Max 4.0(4.26 is recommended)

Nov. 8, 2003
    Letter from Tom Bombadil:
I want to begin this letter by expressing my sincerest
apologies! My life has been really hectic as of late,
because I have moved to Paris. I have not had a
computer until just yesterday, when it finally arrived
by mail!

During this time, I have had no mail and no contact
from my server, so I assume that it went off-line due
to non-payment! I want to apologies as well for this,
but I have had no idea until today when I was surfing
and noticed that everything is gone!

I truthfully miss the old times at the guild, but I do
not have enough time to drop by regularly. I do not
exactly want to hand in the badge, so to say, but
realistically I am unable to fulfill my duties as a

Perhaps in a little while, my prospects will look up
and I will once again be able to smash some goonies
with you all! Send my wishes to the guild for me,
until the day when I will be able to send them myself!


Nov. 6, 2003
    Letter from Galdor:
I was on the d2.net forums yesterday & ran into
Thingol of our guild there. He wanted me to let the
guild know that he is doing fine in Germany and wants
to say Aiya to everyone and he also hopes he can soon
patch in to the the wireless internet there with his

    New members site up by Meriadoc-(V), on Guild index:
Central Texas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (CTVOAD) - a new page just started by Meriadoc-(V)
             Merry is also the group's VP and has been nominated for another term. Now if it only paid!

Nov. 5, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          "Valar", by Orodreth-(V)

Nov. 3, 2003
    Letter from Legolas: Nov 3
this is Legolas... just droppin ya a note to let ya know i'm still alive an' kicking and such... finally got going again on d2x with the new ladder and all that... not able to make the meetings, since i work every sunday so i havent been able to drop by there and say aiya to y'all

Nov. 2, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East, 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT. channel Clan Vala
    Alatar, Ar-Pharazon, Beleg, Caranthir/Morifinwe-V, Eonwe, Erestor, Mahtan, Orodreth, Varda (presiding)
    Seen after the meeting:
        Faramir-V@Azeroth, Eomer-(V), Gwaihir-Valar, Thror_V, Turin(V) , ex-Maglor-(V) as Teki-San considering rejoining us in WoW when it comes out to have someone to play with.

    Dior is back, senior in high school, new email. His sister Earwen, BW player, has gone to University and can also be expected to have a new email once settled.
    Finwe hopes to be on more now that mid-terms are over.
    Gwaihir and Legolas working at meeting time.
          new email: Orodreth_V@yahoo.com
Orodreth_V@yahoo.com, Orodreth_V
          AIM: OrodrethV
          Blizzforums: Orodreth
    Turgon and Tulkas are having computer troubles.
    D2X-Middle-earth mod: report by Eonwe
       The V&K page will be moving back to Planet Diablo. The forum is still in its old place, Phrozen Keep.
       V&K had just come out with a new patch when the 1.10 patch came out. They are now working on a mod that uses the new Blizzsard patch and intend to incorporate the new things they had been working out. It may come out in a two-step: first one useable, second one with all the bells and whistles added by Blizzard.
       Alatar asks Dior to send him an email so he can set a space up for him on the valarguild.org server.
    Games page:
       Still under re-construction
    Message Board:
       Now handled by Eonwe until Turgon's computer is repaired. Turgon can still do a few things.
       1.10 patch is out. Hell has frozen over.
    D2X Ladder:
       Game name format: Arda#-L
        Quite a few of us are playing ladder characters as well as regular. Some of these are:
           alatar_valar, Arathorn-V, Erestor2-V, Fangorn-(V), Galdor, Gwahir-Valar, Legolas, Mahtan-V, Sauron-(V), Varda (using account Elentari-Valar)
    LotR RPG: email and live report by Orodreth-V
Alas, my previous attempt at a LotR RPG failed. It was filled with people who knew little or nothing about the Lord of the Rings world. There fore, I had the thread locked. There is now a new incarnation of this, at http://www.blizzforums.com/showthread.php?t=30403. If any member from the Valar Guild should wish to sign up to Blizzforums, they can use this link: http://www.blizzforums.com/index.php?referrerid=2923.

    Varda's topic: How did JRRT handle the subject of death in his writings?

Oct. 29, 2003

    Letter from Turgon:
    I have to regret to announce that I still have troubles with my comp and will not be able to come online for perhaps several months, depending on what part of my comp I need to replace.
    I will miss all of you while I'm gone and I hope I will be back asap.
    I will still handle the Message Boards through Internet at my job, but I would like to give full command of the Board to Eonwe as he is the one most regularly checking it, in case my job or internet there is cut short. I will write a short how-to on the MB asap.
    Elen sila lumenn omentielmo,

    Letter from Finwe:
Sorry I've been away for so long, my last
semester at school has been rather hectic. As such,
I've only just noticed that there were apparently some
problems with getting a hold of me through e-mail.
I'm not sure why, as the address on the member
activity page seems to be correct. Anyhow, not that
my last midterms are over, I should be on more often
(I hope, it's been too long since I last had a chance
to relax on b.net).


Oct. 28, 2003
    Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction - The 1.10 patch is out!!

    Details on Blizzard, Battlenet, Arreat Summit (recommended), Diabloii.net.
Ladder gamers (for fun and friend list): Arda-L
    Elentari-Valar of new account *Elentari-Valar aka Varda
    ArathornL-V is still *Arathorn-V
    Fangorn_V is still *Fangorn-(V)
    (After Oct 28, Galdor, Gwaihir-Valar, Legolas, Alatar, and Mahtan-V also laddering. Others as well, but these I know about.)

Oct. 26, 2003
    Daylight savings time ends for US and Canada.

Sunday Meeting 5:00pm EST, 22:00 GMT Battlenet East, channel Clan Vala
Attending: (8)
    Arathorn-V, Ar-Pharazon-V@Azeroth, astaldo-valar, Beleg-V, Eonwe-(Valar)/Fionwe-Valar@Azeroth, Orodreth-V, Theoden-V, Varda-(Valar)/Varda-Valar@Azeroth (presiding)
    Tulkas is having computer problems, kept him from staying for the rest of the meeting.
    Games page is still under re-construction, quite a bit of progress. Eonwe is struggling to do it in his tiny bit of time available.
    Tolkien Languages page can use input.

    We can gather together for games after the Sunday meeting. WC3 and TFT players can also gather to game Saturdays 1pm.
        Beta 1.10 gaming is closed. That should mean it is close to coming out for public use.
        Gamers can get together in Clan Vala to play, Saturdays at 1pm EST. A leader is not required for clan members to join up for gaming.
        Eonwe came in and made sure the clan stays in one piece. Be sure to bring in your WC3/TFT account to the Clan Channel, as it needs at least one visit from you every 28 days, although it has a grace period.
    Orodreth still takes in folk who enjoy playing WoS on his server.

    Ar-Pharazon: Discussion of Amroth and Nimrodel.
    Ulmo and his waters, the waters having the greatest amount of Eru's theme present
    Tom Bombadil possibly being a Maia remaining in Middle-earth to be with Goldberry who was either a Maia of Aule or daughter of a Maia of Aule called the River-woman. We know of no children.
    Ainur didn't generally marry each other to have children as they were immortal. The life of Elves is attached to Middle-earth, not like the immortality of Ainur that didn't depend on Arda's existence. A Maia is known to have married an Elf and had children, however, as in the case of Melian and Thingol. Thus Tom Bombadil might have stayed in Middle-earth with a non-Maia if Goldberry was a half-Maia. If both were Maiar, they could also have stayed together, as the Valar Manwe and Varda did.

Oct. 22, 2003
    D2X News from Eonwe:
News just off the presses:
            Blizzard has closed the beta for 1.10.  It's coming.... :}

Oct. 21, 2003
    D2:LoD Middle-earth mod 1.8 patch was out last year. Please pardon my not paying closer attention to the number on my own mod.
    V&K's page for the mod, which is temporarily down, is also listed on the guild index under gaming:


     Unfortunately, xfernet server for V&K mod page and other D2 mods is down. Repairs underway and temporary new hosting. More  Main Forum
    Phrozen Keep Forum V&K tells some of the bugs in the mod and how to overcome or live with them, plus tips.
     Middle/Earth on Open is one way to play with fellow modders outside guild.

Oct. 19, 2003
Sunday Meeting  Battlenet East, channel Clan Vala, 5:00 pm ESDT, 22:00 GMT. Report from Eonwe:
        Gwaihir, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwë(Presiding), Arathorn, Orodreth, Galdor, Turgon
    Yahoo Chatroom:
        Orodreth, Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon(?)
    Varda and family went to Renn Faire, so were unable to make it to the meeting.
    Boromir went out  hunting, so was unable to make it.
    Turgon is having computer troubles, having lost his hard drive.  He may not be able to make it for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks(attended this meeting via a friend's comp).
    Gelmir sent in a letter, letting us know he's still with us.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Events Page Added to Encyclopedia. Suggested by Ron Smith, a Tolkien member.
        Article by Varda :"Creation" found on the Events Page.

        Public Tourney for UMS map Trees of the Valar.
        LotR RPG FO (Fourth Age) 175 after death of Elessar.
    Arathorn: CS Helm's Deep mod review, not yet set up on Games Page, which is not yet in it's new format.

Tolkien Chat:
    Sort of Free Format, began with comment by (pardon, didn't grab name, either Arathorn or Pharazon) on a scientific discovery that there are tiny strings vibrating to musical intervals that make up quarks, once thought to be the smallest particle.  Did Tolkien know about this when he wrote about his Ainur and the Music?

    Oct 19 Letter from Boromir:
I can't make the sunday meeting because im goign out to hunt.

Oct. 17, 2003
    I (that's Varda) will probably be absent from the upcoming Sunday meeting. I'm going with family and friends to the Texas Renaissance Festival all day Sunday, and may be back late that night, which is very late for many of you or even morning. Others have been notified so someone can handle the meeting. If none of them can make it, please feel free to enjoy chatting and gaming anyway! It's faintly possible we may have some people show up in the Yahoo chat, so someone needs to pop in there for them.

Oct. 16, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        New page: "Events". This page is for events in the books, such as battles or a meeting or wedding, rather than individual characters. Suggested by ~Gandalf, aka Ron Smith, Tolkien member.
            New article, "Creation", by Varda

Oct. 15, 2003
    GOBI DESERT, China (AP) - Against a clear blue sky, China fired its first astronaut into orbit without any visible hitches Wednesday, becoming only the third nation capable of manned spaceflight. The government said the mission was going smoothly and its ``taikonaut'' radioed back: ``I feel good.''  More

    Letter from Irmo:
DaoC meetings have lately been scarcely attanded, and last very short
anyway. Since we have organized pretty much everything which need organizing
(crafts/house/alliance) the need for business meetings has indeed lessened.
Most members are not too fond of organizationale discussions and want to
hunt as soon as possible, and I grant them that if possible, hehe:).
So not much to make reports about, really.
    Letter from Orodreth-(V):
    Orodreth-V here, and I have a few things to report.
     First and formost, I have started a public tourny for the Starcraft: Brood War UMS Lord of the Rings Tress of the Valar map. You can find more deatiled info here: http://www.blizzforums.com/showthread.php?t=29443.
     Also, I have started a Lord of the Rings RPG here: http://www.blizzforums.com/showthread.php?t=29484. It is set in 1596 S.R., or Fourth Age 175. More deatils (much more) can be found at the link.

Orodreth AKA Ondollo, Halmundo, and Alan
 Oct. 13, 2003
Letter from Gelmir:

Aiya Valar!

While I regret the fact that I was unable to attend the meeting Sunday, or be present for games and chat, in celebration of our 6th anniversary, I would like to congratulate everyone on keeping the guild going thus far. While I joined a few years after the “bleak period” I myself have run into a few occurrences that are akin to that in one sense or another. Namely the Ex-communication, if you will, of Grimbold. While he made some mistakes, and said some things that weren’t quite pleasant, the vault of the misunderstanding should have fallen largely upon his brother. This situation wasn’t too different from incident that befell Aule. But I didn’t write this to defend a comrade. I wrote this to both congratulate us all, and to announce that I have now been a member of this glorious guild, and taken haven in its channel, when it was a haven, for a little over three years now. I know that I’ve upset a few members, and that I said some things that were quite immature. I say this because I’ve changed a lot in the past three years, I’ve seen a lot of friends come and go, both in the guild and in real life. That makes me appreachiate what we have here, and I hope to rekindle or spark anew friendships with a lot of you. This group has been a constant in my life when I had nothing else. For that I will be forever grateful. <sighs> real life beckons me once again. Perhaps I shall write a brief history, it would be nice to see some more on that page. <pokes and Prods>.

Once more, congratulations! May we endure for years to come! I take my leave.

Namarie Melinde,

(Historical addendum from Varda: Grimbold returned to the guild as Oropher and celebrates his one year return anniversary Oct. 11. He now mainly plays EverQuest. Aule also returned to the guild with full honors reinstated and plays mostly EverQuest and some WarCraft3.) Oh, and I agree with Gelmir. Send in your Histories and feel free to update them over time.

Oct. 12, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East 5:00pm ESDT, 22:00 GMT, channel Clan Vala
    Amrod, Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Beleg, Gil-galad (late), Haldir, Thror, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Sweep underway to remove inactive and presumably disinterested members. Help needed from all members. If you are listed as being in danger, please email Varda promptly to keep your name. If you are removed when you wished to remain, please return and rejoin as soon as possible before your name is given to a new member. If you know how to contact someone on the list, please let him know to email me. If the person is currently unable to make contact but wishes to remain, please make the contact for him. Ways to make contact besides email are: come to a meeting and be shown on the "Attending" list in the News, post to the Discussion Board, post to the Message Board. The Member Activity page is useful to check status, question marks meaning sweep endangerment; email Varda to update that page. Also, see Oct 9 sweep status for the list by Eonwe.
    Arathorn, starting Tuesday, will be working towards certifications and will have much less play time for a few months, but expects to have more time afterwards.
    Turgon ably handled a short part of the meeting when Varda had to be afk. Thanks, Turgon!

        Revamped page to make it more user-friendly
    Tolkien Encyc:
        "Thengel", by Ron Smith
        "Fengel", by Ron Smith
        John Howe's new page with art, sketches before some of his famous works, and text info.
    Lord of the Rings - Downloads:
        Page by Arathorn (see guild index). Contains FotR original movie trailer, LotR maps, Half-Life/Counter-Strike/Helm's Deep mod.
    Message Board:
        Half-Life/Counter-Strike area added (by Turgon the Swift) under "Games" after Well of Souls, due to requests at meeting.
        WC3: Eonwe and Osse's tale, "Beating Fate", told from the viewpoint of the Ainu.
        DAoC: Dusksinger tales by Elatan fka Amillo.
        Turgon reports only 19 members had signed up, but had posted over a hundred messages already. Thror signed up during the meeting.
    Tolkien-Only Members:
        New page by Varda, starting a list with those showing recent activity. All they need is interest in Tolkien and email or board contact.
        Page reached from Member Activity.
    Game Maps page:
        Ar-Pharazon suggests we make a new map download page for all games. This sounds good, but we need volunteers.
        Dior had collected a map page for StarCraft/Broodwar, but it was on the now defunct Tom Bombadil server, and Dior has not yet answered emails. We could use another such collection project for each game and tie them together on the Games page. Any members interested in doing such a project, please contact Varda or Eonwe. Space might be available free with no ads on Alatar's valarguild.org server, but we should check with him first. Geocities/Yahoo is an option also.
    TFT (The Frozen Throne):
        New LotR map
found by Ar-Pharazon called LotR: The Ring Wars, by Lord Allout. Official site . Found under File Updates with a Beta 13 version, 710.93 KB. Maps/trigger maps/modified melee.
        Helm's Deep mod. Arathorn located it and put on his Lord of the Rings - Downloads page. It's the arm/disarm bomb, where terrorists try to blow up the Keep door and counter-terrorists try to stop them. You're going to need that light, because it's dark down there. After the Tolkien chat, a group went together to try it out, of Arathorn, his brother, Gil-galad, and Turgon.
     Ar-Pharazon's topic: There was a question about whether Arwen lost her elven immortality.
    Pharazon found the answer in the Return of the King's Appendix A, Section I "The Numenorean Kings" (i), "Numenor" and quoted it for us. Others enjoyed reading along. It is after the list of the unions of elf and man, telling the choices of the Half-elven.
    "At the end of the First Age the Valar gave to the Half-elven an irrevocable choice to which kindred they would belong. Elrond chose to be of Elven-kind, and became a master of wisdom. To him therefore was granted the same grace as to those of the High Elves that still lingered in Middle-earth: that when weary at last of the mortal lands they could take ship from the Grey Havens and pass into the Uttermost West; and this grace continued after the change of the world.
But to the children of Elrond a choice was also appointed: to pass with him from the circles of the word; or if they remained to become mortal and die in Middle-earth. For Elrond, therefore, all chances of the War of the Ring were fraught with sorrow.
    "Elros chose to be of Man-kind and remain with the Edain; but a great life-span was granted to him many times that of lesser men."

    "His (Elros') descendents were long-lived but mortal."
    "...she (Arwen) laid herself to rest upon Cerin Amroth; and there is her green grave..."

    Then we brought up the question, what about her brothers, Elladan and Elrohir?
    Another question that came up was about the warrior Valar who were later written out of the story, but show up in the earliest writings in BoLT1, Makar and Meassa. Were they on Morgoth's side? Not intentionally, was the answer, not as in going over to be with him. Their warrior nature went along with the discords that Melkor made in the Song. They, however, remained in Valinor, not going to Angband.

Oct. 10, 2003
    Revamped the page "Joining". I hope it better answers the questions potential recruiters have asked. Suggestions welcome.

Oct. 9, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
            "Fengel", by Ron Smith.

    Current status of sweep: the removal of inactive members. Currently Eonwe is working on locating people by email, in conjunction with his Gaming page update. Here is part of the report by Eonwe:

We started this process with 142 members listed on the Members and Member Activity Pages.

56 of our members were informed they have not been seen since May 2003 at the earliest and were warned they were in danger of being swept. Of these, I recieved responses or viewed activity in some manner from the following:
Akhoril (responded, Amlaith (responded), Earendil (responded), Eomer (responded), Gorbag (spotted on the new MB), Mablung (e-mailed Varda), Menelvagor (responded), Olwë (responded), Peregrin (responded), Rumil (responded), Scatha (responded), Ulfang (responded)

The following have resigned : Amandil, Azaghal, Bandobras (aka Bullroarer) (Note from Varda: all said they didn't have enough time)

The following I recieved a delivery failure:
Bolg, Celebrimbor, Daeron, Falathar, Finrod, Fuinur, Gloin, Gorgenhad, Rog, Smaug, Smeagol, Thranduil, Beorn (badiccico)
Beor had no e-mail through which to contact him.

These following gave no delivery failure, and did not respond to the e-mail:
Aldor, Amroth, Bain, Balin, Beorn(all other forms), Beruthiel, Bilbo, Celeborn, Celegorm, Cirdan, Curufin, Denethor, Dior, Durin, Earwen, Edrahil, Elendil, Elenwë, Elros, Fladrif, Gimli, Girion, Imrahil, Ingwë, Isildur, Oin, Ori, Saruman, Shagrat, Thorin

Unless someone has seen or heard from the people in the last two groups, or there is some condition I am unaware of that they have informed others as to remaining in the Guild, those are our sweep lists. 42 members total.

Oct. 8, 2003
    Letter from Arathorn:
Sorry... been involved in getting a loan for my MCSA certification ... been a long couple of weeks.. finally went thru and will be WAY busy trying to pass my 4 major certification tests in the next few months ... I apologies for being so brief last meet but my sleep habits have been very tiring and non-existent... I hope to have more to offer the group in a few weeks.. don't expect to hear from me for a bit... but please keep me on your thoughts.


Oct. 6, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
            "Thengel" by ~Gandalf, aka Ron Smith, Tolkien member
        The Encyclopedia Acknowledgements page now has a link to the page of the artist, John Howe.

Oct. 5, 2003
    DAoC meeting 3:30pm EST, I think.
    Yahoo chat 4pm EST.  Ar-Pharazon and Varda showed up, discussed the ancient Egyptian aspects of his name and the Numenorean culture, with its emphasis on death and the attempt to escape it, and that running from death led them to it. Pharazon sounds suspiciously like pharoah, and making it Ar-Pharazon the Golden could be no coincidence. Tombs were made greater than the buildings of the living. Another discussion touched briefly on a Histories #11 passage in which Finrod and human woman discussed the mortality of Man and the possibilty that them might become Valar with Eru.
    Bnet meeting approximately 5pm EST East Realm, channel Clan Vala.
    Hope you can make it to one or more of these! Happy 6th Anniversary, Valar Guild!

Sunday Meeting 5:00pm EST, 22:00 GMT. Battlenet, East Realm, channel Clan Vala
Attending: report by Draugluin
     (17) Aragorn, Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Amras, Amrod, Caranthir, Draugluin (gavel), Elwing, Eomer, Eonwe (co-chair), Erestor, Galadriel, Gwaihir (gavel), Maedhros, Osse, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Over-the-shoulder: Sauron
    Orodreth was afk in the play channel.
    Ar-Pharazon said his few words of introduction. He's from the Netherlands and hopes to clear the bad taste from the guild name he took, as a challenge. He is very well-read in Tolkien and plays many games.
    Saturday's Anniversary gaming included Osse and Eonwe beating fate on WarCraft 3/TFT; Eowyn, Faramir, Orodreth, Sauron in BW; and a continuing stream of D2X players across the day, mostly morning and evening. Taglos and Sauron were in EverQuest.
    We reminded the group that we try to default all guild gaming to East , including Azeroth on WC3/TFT and D2X, so we can find each other. We have members scattered all over wondering where everyone else is.
    Half-Life: Arathorn reports Half-Life has a new world called Helm's Deep
    We intentionally devoted most of the meeting to Tolkien with a bit of reminiscing.
    Draugluin's topic: What was the role of the Palantiri in the LotR storyline?
    Discussion was lively. Ar-Pharazon started us off with the Orthanc-stone. A boiled down version is below, made by many contributors.
    The Orthanc stone was thrown out of the tower window by Grima Wormtongue, apparently in a confusion of mind about whether he wanted to hit Gandalf or Saruman. When Pippin rescued it before it went into the water, he came to Sauron's notice as the hobbit who potentially had the Ring and believed to be a captive held by Saruman. Gandalf passed the Orthanc-stone to its rightful owner, the heir of Isildur, Aragorn. Aragorn showed himself for who he was to Sauron and wrested the stone from the grasp of the Eye, almost breaking Aragorn. This act made Sauron believe Aragorn had the hobbit with the Ring and would challenge him for Middle-earth. So Sauron struck before he was ready, removing his vast armies from Frodo's path. Frodo's mission was the only real danger to Sauron, from which he was distracted.
    The Ithilstone was used by Sauron to deceive Denethor, showing him only what facts Sauron wanted him to see. Thus he could see a huge fleet of Corsairs moving against Minas Tirith but not that it was taken over by Aragorn and his forces, so he was driven the final step to despair attempting a suicide/murder.
    The stone at the Grey Havens held by Cirdan had been set by Elendil to look with "straight sight" towards Tol Eressea.
    The palantir controlling all others was lost in the destruction of Osgilath.
    Weathertop (Amon Sul) stone caused infighting o fthe Arnorian sub-kingdoms of Cardolan, Rudhaer, and Arthedain, affecting how the world was set up at the time of the War of the Ring.
    The inevitable tangent discussion involved spirits in Aman doing what sounded like physical things, as well as Frodo's mortal self going there still alive in Arwen's place.

Oct. 4, 2003
    Happy Anniversary to the Valar Guild! Today marks our 6th year of trying to make some kind of online haven worldwide available in all games while being a Tolkien fan club.

    Ar-Pharazon, Welcome to the Valar Guild! He was Minotaurofchaos@Azeroth in TFT. He started a test with Eonwe one day and finished with Varda today for a 5/5. He's 18, from the Netherlands. His favorite game is TFT. He also plays WC3, SC, BW, Dungeon Siege, Empire Earth + expansion, Diablo 1. He plans to get Diablo 2.
He's read H, LotR, Sil, UT, and all 12 Histories.

    People I've seen on the Anniversary in Bnet today include: Arathorn, Ancalagon, Ar-Pharazon, Beleg, Boromir, Elrond, Eomer, Eowyn, Erestor, Faramir, Fingon, Thror, Turin, Orodreth, SamWise, Sauron, and Varda.

    Two Letters from Orome:
Yay Congrats to all! Orome
I work week-ends too :( Orome
    Letter from Elatan:

I do not have B.net access anymore so not able to join the 6th Anniversary
there. Gave my Cd`s away. I will try get on Yahoo though.
With some luck the 7th in MEO :) ? http://www.lordoftherings.com/meo/

Happy Anniversary to everyone
    Letter from Eonwe:
Haill all!

I regret to inform all I will be working all day Saturday and thus will have no time to attend any festivities that day.  I wish you all a Happy 6th Anniversary and hope you will all have fun.  Hopefully I'll see you Sunday.

Take care all and Happy 6th Anniversary mellyn.
    Letter from Gwaihir:
Unfortunately, I'm in the same situation as Eonwe Saturday... between work and my school situation, I won't be able to make more than a token appearance at best on Saturday... I know not yet whether I work Sunday, but I hope I do not, so that I can attend the meeting at least... but I'll have to wait and see... Happy 6th anniversary to you all from me as well! I hope to see you all tomorrow and Sunday...

    Letter from Lungorthin:
Hail all,

I wish I could attend.. college is robbing me of my time! fell behind in classes and hoping to catch up.

sorry and hope to see you all soon,
Lungorthin / Rauko

Oct. 3, 2003
    Guild Anniversary tomorrow! Come online if you can: play, reminesce, talk Tolkien!
    Thror! Happy Birthday!
     D2X: Varda's hoping to take Eowyn's suggestion of cramming as many level one characters as we can into one D2X game in a Quest for As Many as Possible. Those games tend to be plagued by bnet drop-outs, so we may have to play again. hehe.  
    SC/BW: We dare you and two team mates to survive or make a record on Bridges of Osgiliath! Orodreth has a new version of Bridges to check out, also.
    Meetings: We'll have our regular meeting Sunday, skipping the usual business part (except for any records we may have made Saturday, bragging rights, you know) and going directly to Tolkien. Bring topics!
    There's some talk of having a Yahoo Tolkien chat, (maybe early for the DAoC and Europe guys?), so we can bring in people from all games and those with destroyed or lost CD's.  

    Galdor, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Galdor met Varda in a public cow game a few days ago, checked out our web site, then took the test with Varda passing with a perfect 5/5. Galdor is 27 from Chicago, Illinois in the USA, CST. He plays D2X. He's read the LotR and some of the Sil and UT. His AOL is CC2005ST, Yahoo is steve2401a, the Yahoo being more used. He can be found on D2net forums 5 days a week between 8:30 and 4:15 central (9:30 and 5:15 EST). He visited as *st74656 and *Aragorn_Elessar. He plays odd days during the week, M, F, sometimes Tu, W, Thur, weekend evenings. For the Valar Guild, since Aragorn was taken, he chose the name of the Grey Havens Elf Galdor (not the Man), Cirdan's messenger and representative to the Council of Elrond.  He had multiple favorite LotR characters including Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Merry, and Pippin.  Hey, Galdor! I forgot to jot down your email. Please email me.

Oct. 2, 2003
    Faramir, Welcome to the Valar Guild!  Faramir used to be in the guild a long time ago as Fingolfin, a recruit of Aule's, then went inactive, then waited for the Fingolfin name to come clear again, which it didn't, then decided he's been a loner long enough and is back with us. He made 5/5 in a test with Draugluin and Varda. Faramir is 41 from Delaware, USA, in the EST. He plays on Bnet about 5 days a week: WC3 very little, TFT a lot, some SC and BW. He has the Diablo patch so he's not allowed in regular play yet. He tried Ultima Online, but didn't like it. He hopes to get into WoW when it comes out.  
He generally doesn't use any instant messenger-type services. He's read the H, LotR, Sil, Lost Tales 1&2, Farmer Giles of Ham. His favorite LotR character is Faramir, who represents the best in men. Noble without being ambitious or pretentious. Strong presence. Instinctively trusted Frodo. It was as if he could search Frodo's soul in the books. Didn't like movie portrayal, but caused more thought about the original character.

Oct. 1, 2003
    Aiya from Varda! I'm back. Email and therefore News is being caught up today from the last entry on Sept 23, listed under its date.
    Correction to Amrod's email address:
     D2X Banks have been receiving a great deal of attention with additional banks and items. Great job, guys!
    Links Page:
        Numenore  - Tolkien fan page, including articles. Has links to our Tolkien Encyclopedia as article reference credit.
        Melmoth - MUD. Text-based online game. Join in a Medieval Fantasy setting by our own Rumil-(V) as Maglor. Other worlds include science fiction, Star Wars. Site sent in by Rumil-(V).
        The Tolkien Meta-FAQ -  index to several major lists of Frequently Asked Questions about J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth: by Steuard Jensen.
    Letter from Rumil-(V):
I'll try to drop by either this weekend or
And to let the people know who seem interested, my
character names on Melmoth are: Maglor, Tirion
(obviously another Tolkien ref.), Myrddraal, Locklear,
and Krys. The clan I lead is Vendetta, and my best
friend plays the character Attarno.
So if anyone is interested you might want to let them
know about that so they have someone to talk to and
hang with when they first join the mud.
Alright, thanks again, I'll see you at the next
meeting (hopefully... this is homecomming weekend,
so... lol)
- Rumil
Letter from Mablung-(V)
hey its been forever since i sent a msg to any of you ive been soo busy lately but i do hope to start coming to meetings.  Im getting my car soon so i might be on and off but i finally retreived my starcraft disk from a friend and might be able to start attending meetings... i was trying to check up on all the news ive missed but theres alot.  Tell all the members i say hello and im definately still active and boy i cant wait for the third movie to come out.

Sept 28, 2003
Sunday Meeting: Battlenet East Realm, channel Clan Vala. 5:00 pm ESDT, 22:00 GMT. Report by Eonwe-(Valar)

    Members: Fionwë/Eonwë(chairing),Gwaihir, Huan(Via Valarguild), Arathorn, Beleg, Turgon, Theoden, Erestor, Thror, Amrod, Amras
    Guest: MinotaurofChaos (began test, didn't get to finish)
    Varda was unable to be at the meetng tonight as she had some rl stuff to do.  She will be back Monday or Tuesday, so if you e-mailed her, she won't be able to respond until then.  If it's an urgent question, I (Eonwë) might be able to help :}
    Lenwë emailed.  He's going back to college and working hard, so he hasn't had much time to stop in.
    New Members Amrod and Amras joined after last week's meeting.  They gave their few words as a team-effort (as Turgon commented, "sounds like twins to me :)" )
    Amras - Hullo, my name is Amras. And that is my friend Amrod and twin :)
    Amrod - Amras found the clan and he led me to it.
    Amras - Ok.  Orodreth got me to join. I had been to a meeting and liked the people.
    Amras - Everyone is real nice, unlike other people on bnet.
    Amrod - Yes, I agree.
    Amras - And I only play Starcraft. :-P
    Amrod - Yeah me too
    Amrod - I'm from Canada
    Amras - I'm also working on a 4th Age map, and request any help, taking place during the Aftermath of LotR year after Elessar dies.
        Several new pics, none named at the meeting :}  For a complete list, check the News page :}
        Articles - "Brief History of Arathorn II", by Arathorn-(V)
        Poems -  "Arathorn's Sonnet" found by Arathorn-(V), placed on our page  with permission from the author
    D2X Tolkien mod router page:
Arathorn - sent in link to web page he made himself, describing setting up a router for open bnet
    Message Board:
Turgon - Remember to register at the new Message Board
            Major update - put each game in its own section, as well as added Marketplace sections for
                                 D2, EQ,and DAoC
            Turgon also asked if anyone had experienced any pop-up ads.  Those who responded said no,
                  and felt the banner ads that were at the top were not too distracting (they're related
                  to our games or Tolkien anyway,.. almost like they're targeted for us :})
            I also reminded everyone present they should use their Guild name when signing up.
            They can either register using their Guild name, or use the method described by Turgon in the Announcements section of the board.
    Games Page Update:
        Last call for everyone to send in their info.  I need it by September 30th.   Thanks :}
        Arathorn informed me his ISP was knocked out for a while, and others might've been too.
    Dead Aim:
        Arathorn - Addition to AIM, called DeadAim, allows saving/archiving of IMs (Instant Messages)
      Letter from Arathorn:  AIM users
DeadAim: add-on to AIM (AOL instant messenger):
An unobtrusive free add-on that works within AIM, DeadAIM can tweak transparency, keep all conversations in a single tabbed interface, log sessions and events (such as log-on and log-off) separately for each buddy, and hide elements of the main AIM window. In addition, DeadAIM can pop up a notification when buddies sign on, sign off, set "away" messages, or come back.
 Anything before v4 is free (particularly v3.2.8). Works with AIM v5.2.3292 and before.
Link to download:

    Well of Souls:
        Orodreth once again asks for help with his Tolkien mod for Well of Souls.  Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions can be sent to him or posted on the Message Board.
    I went with MinotaurofChaos to begin his test (Turgon observing) and left Orodreth with the chat since he had a topic.  If anyone has any notes from the Tolkien chat please send it in :}

Sept. 25, 2003
    Letter from Eonwe: for the whole guild
Heya all! :}

  Just thought I'd give a reminder (to go on the News page as well if possible) that I need everyone's current gaming info.  That's for you and any family/members of honor who have not yet responded themselves.  Out of the ~140 members in this guild only 33 have responded so far.  I need the info by September 30th if at all possible.
  For some of you Council guys, it may be painfully obvious :}  but then you also might be playing online games I don't know about :}  Humour me please :}
  Please encourage people you see in your games to send in their gaming info and include their guild name (Earendil e-mailed me, didn't include his name, can only guess it's him by his e-mail address.  I don't know everyone's e-mail that well :}).
  Any full member who hasn't recieved a letter requesting this info is hereby requested :}

Thanks and take care :}
    Letter from Arathorn: for Open B.netters (such as D2X Tolkien mod) having trouble joining each other's games:
I wrote up a web page that outlines how I setup my router that may help
others. You might want to take a gander to see if you can figure out yours
based on this example as reference. If anyone wants help testing 'Open Bnet'
with their router, they can email me and we can set up a mutually convenient
time (maybe you can jot down a short note in the News or we can bring it up
at the next meeting).

Here's the URL for the new page at its current location (will let you know
if that changes):


    Letter from Rumil: MUD
  For the last 4-5 years I've been playing on a MUD
(Multiple User Dimension). I don't know if you've
ever played one or even know what it is... but I
thought I'd let you know about it so you can let the
rest of the guild know (if you think it's a good
Basically a mud (if you don't know) is an online,
text-based rpg. I can explain it more in more detail
if you want. But basically this one has a fairly
small, centralized player base (average of 20-30
people on during average hours). I run a clan on that
mud and also help build new areas for it. It is a
fantasy/mideval times based mud (as opposed to sci-fi
or star wars based... there are a lot out there) so i
thought some of the tolkien people might be
interested. However, I already use the name Maglor
there (I made the character over 4 years ago, long
before i joined the guild) so the guy who has Maglor
in the guild might not appreciate not being able to
play his char (of which you can have many). Anyway,
just thought I'd let you know. Let me know if you are
more interested, I can give you the address and all.
It's called Melmoth, the website is www.melmoth.org,
though it isn't fantastic or anything (the mud is far
better than the website).
Anyway, give it some thought & I'll see you later.
- Rumil

Sept. 23, 2004
    Excerpt from letter from Lenwe:
I havent come on recently for a variety of reasons, but I still maintain an Interest in being a part of our community.  Near the time when the 1.10 beta was released I purchased my very first hub.  I setup a LAN with my gf and her sister's computers and I didnt even get on the internet till literally 3 weeks after that.  But I couldnt come on to play much because I had to work a lot before school.  Finally, I returned to college after an entire year of absence.  I'd be interested in learning about that Port thing you said Arathorn discovered.  After we complete d2x beta i was hoping to introduce my girlfriend and her sister to the mod.  They have both not yet completed the game on hell yet.

Well its nice to be back in school.  I'm taking easier classes to take it slow at first but its coming back and I'm really enjoying it.  I have to go back to studying so this is all I can write for now but I wanted to let you know that I missed playing with you.

Peaceful be your journeys,
    Encyc pics:
        It's come to my attention that when new images are added to the Tolkien Encyc, it should be mentioned here. Most of the pictures come from Ryan Lovett's incredible Rolozo Tolkien page for the Encyc, with his permission. Browse and enjoy! (And now you can ask me to never do this to you again!)
            Image: "Warg Rider". Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo  (Also under Orc images)
            Image: B&W "Eol attacks Maeglin". Eol attacks his son, but Eol's wife jumps in the way. Artist Luis F. Bejarano. Rolozo
            Image:  B&W "Feanor and Gothmog". Artist Maciek Wygnanski. Rolozo  (also Maiar)
            Image: "Feanor". In anger. Artist Luis Bejarano. Rolozo
            Image: "Fingolfin". Includes device, sword Ringil. Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo 
            Image: "Morgoth and Fingolfin". Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo  (Also on Powers page, Melkor) 
            Image: "Haldir". Artist Maria Lombide Ezpeleta. Rolozo Tolkien page
            Image: "Bloom as Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood". Legolas with bow. Artist Sharon 'Lynx' Tanhueco. Rolozo
            Image: "Legolas". Movie Legolas learning about mortality. Artist Marina Zhukova. Rolozo  
            Image:  "Legolas". Angry, with bow in forest. Artist Jason Zilian. Rolozo
            Image: "Luthien". Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo 
            Image: B&W "Kelegorm and Luthien". (K was the early spelling.) Celegorm, Luthien, and Huan. Artist Maciek Wygnanski. Rolozo 
            Image: "Elu Thingol". Artist Felix SotoMayor. Rolozo
            Image: "King". movie. Artist Marina Zhukova. Rolozo 
            Image: "Aragorn". movie Strider. Artist Marina Zhukova. Rolozo
            Image: "Aragorn". movie Aragorn as in Rivendell. Artist Marina Zhukova. Rolozo
            Image: "Boromir's Fate". Boromir, remorseful. Artist Sharon 'Lynx' Tanhueco. Rolozo 
            Image: "Eowyn as a Shieldmaiden, protecting Minas Tirith" armed, in front of Meduseld. Artist Sharon 'Lynx' Tanhueco. Rolozo Tolkien 
            Image: "Faramir". Faramir using bow, back to a building. Artist Mirela Orozovic. Rolozo 
            Image: B&W "Faramir". Artist Alexandra Kitlickova. Rolozo 
            Image: B&W "Mouth of Sauron". Artist Maciek Wygnanski. Rolozo 
            Image: "Thorin Oakenshield". Artist Jason Zilian. Rolozo 
            Image: "Fangorn Forest". The forest with the river running through it. Artist Alan Lee. Rolozo 
            Image: Merry and Pippin walking through Fangorn Forest. Artist Ted Nasmith. Rolozo
            Image: "Welling". One of Fangorn's homes, Welling Hall, where he brought the hobbits. Artist Ted Nasmith. Rolozo 
            Image: Treebeard feeding and speaking with Merry and Pippin at Welling Hall. Picture for ICE (Iron Crown Enterprises') MERP. Artist Angus McBride.  Rolozo
            Image: "Searching Fangorn Forest". Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli search for Merry and Pippin. Artist Peter Xavier Price. Rolozo
            Image: Entmoot, Fangorn speaking while holding the hobbits. Artist Ted Nasmith for Danbury Mint Plates. Rolozo
            Image: "Entmoot". The hobbits watch the entmoot, up close. Artist Darrell Sweet. Rolozo 
            Angband: Image: "Siege of Angband". Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo
            Barad-dur: Image: "The Dark Tower". Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo
            Hobbit Places:
                The Shire: Image: "Last Sight of the Shire". Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo
            Image: "Minas Tirith". Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo
            Morannon: Image: "The Dark Gate is Closed". Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo 
            Image: "Vinyamar". Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo  (Turgon's first home in M-e, before Gondolin, where Ulmo had him leave arms for Tuor)
            Image:  "Morgoth". Morgoth armored, with Grond. Artist Luis Bejarano. Rolozo
            Image: "Fingolfin and Morgoth". Artist Luis Bejarano. Rolozo  (also Elves, Fingolfin)
            Image: B&W. "Morgoth and Ungoliant" attacking the Two Trees. Artist Luis Bejarano. Rolozo 
            Image: " Gandalf vs Balrog". Artist Maciek Wygnanski. Rolozo 

Sept. 22, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
             "The Brief History of Arathorn II, Father of Aragorn II, in Chronological Order" by Arathorn-(V)
             "Arathorn's Sonnet", by Alawa, submitted with the author's permission by Arathorn-(V)

Sept. 21, 2003
Sunday Meeting  Battlenet East Realm, channel Clan Vala, 5:00pm ESDT, 22:00 GMT
    Members: Arathorn, Beleg, Elwing, Eol, Gwaihir, Orodreth, Thror, Turgon, ValarGuild bot (Huan presumed scrolling), Varda (presiding)
    Over the shoulder hellos from Sauron, Eowyn
    Visitors: Told@Azeroth, GoME-Amras

Eonwe sent regards. He had to work during the meeting, but played with us last night until the wee hours.
     Amras-V, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Orodreth scouted, meeting GoME-Amras while BroodWar gaming. Varda and Gwaihir tested. Amras takes AP English and it shows in his speech and unusually good spelling! Amras started the GoME guild for BW-only last week with seven friends. ME means Middle-earth. He created a web page for it, Guardians of Middle-earth. He is building a Tolkien-flavored BW map and is requesting help: beta testers as well as those who are good with map-making. Amras is 17, from Memphis, Tennessee in the US, CST. He plays BW and games from www.geocities.com/illcarn, for about two hours a day. They play from op GoME. He's read the LotR and Sil, but not the H. His favorite character from the LotR is Eomer, for his loyalty to his country when he could have succumbed to evil or left. His men love him and follow him against overwhelming odds.
     Amrod-V, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Amras-V scouted, bringing GoME-Manwe to see us, as one of his folk, bot-runner, who would fit into the Valar as well. Double memberships are okay for both groups, so no problem. Amrod tested with Varda for a whopping 5/5 score! He does indeed fit in well and we are glad to have him too. He's 15 from Ontario, Canada; CST. He plays about once a day for 2-3 hours on weekdays, weekends an irregular amount. He plays BW, regular D2 and is considering buying the expansion, and mislaid his WC3 CD for now.
He has MSN as joey1014@hotmail.com  He's read the H, LotR, and is currently reading the Sil. His favorite LotR character is Aragorn who is a good fighter and leader. He led the Fellowship after Gandalf's death and tries to make good decisions.
    Members forum:
        Be sure to register! While you're there, Arathorn says to check out the picture of him. It's under Main/General. Hey, nice sunglasses!
    Well of Souls: Orodreth reporting
        Orodreth asking for help. Arathorn reports a lot of crashes.
    DAoC: Turgon reporting
        Turgon didn't make it to the meeting, no report.
    AD&D: Turgon reporting
        Group still unable to get together due to work schedules.
    D2X: Thror reporting
        Some guild banks are full, others nearly full, time to make new ones. (Full now shown on the Bank page.) He volunteered to start a new set account.
        We now have more BW folk to play with. Middle-earth maps continue to be worked on and new ones started.   

    Turgon's topic: Aragorn revealed himself in the palantir (taken from Saruman) to Sauron. Why was it important to do so? Why was Sauron afraid?
        This set off a great deal of discussion, only a little of which I jotted down:
        Sauron had a special hatred for Numenoreans partly from the time when he had to humble himself to take them over by deceit, a Maia groveling to the merely human Ar-Pharazon to get to his huge ego.
        Gwaihir quoted, one of them was: "And he was crafty, well skilled to gain what he would by subtletly when force might not avail. Therefore he humbled himself before Ar-Pharazon and smoothed his tongue."
     Orodreth's topic #1: How likely is it that Elves from Cuivienen survived into the Fourth Age, and what would their technology be like concerning warfare?
     Orodreth's topic #2: Would dwarves not of Durin's folk who went east have survived until the Fourth Age?

Sept. 14, 2003
Sunday Meeting  Battlenet East Realm, channel Clan Vala, 5:00pm ESDT, 22:00 GMT.
    Arathorn, Bard, Eol, Eonwe, Finglas/Leaflock opened channel, Orodreth, Osse, Thror, Tulkas, Turgon, Varda
    Bard, new member, gave his few words.
    Tulkas still doesn't have his new computer, plans to play D2X Tolkien mod when he does.
    Finglas/Leaflock could not stay for the meeting, family things, but opened the meeting channel for us, warned that Calvin is still in control of his old account. Calvin is often seen as Mr.AznPanda@Azeroth and has a nasty mouth, was previously on a lot as leafieslover in D2X.

Emails to all members:
    Eonwe is emailing all members he can reach this weekend. If you have not received an email by Monday, please email Eonwe.
    The purpose of this email is to update the Games page, which shows what games and in what names we currently play so we can get together. Since the guild plays all online games, this can be very helpful to everyone in the guild.
    The secondary purpose is to check if our email contact information is correct.
    The last purpose is to see if members still wish to be counted in the guild, and give you an extra opportunity to comment on what you are happy with and what improvements you would like to see.
    Members who need to email Eonwe (email didn't go through at all):


    Beor - parents require him not to give out email. Beor, please contact us at a meeting, game, discussion board, message board, ValarBuddy botmail, or send word through another if you are still with us and what you are playing. If someone has seen him, please email or tell Eonwe or Varda.
    Beorn badiccico


    Luthien (heard from another member it is now Silamiliel@yahoo.com)
        Middle-earth Online - Lord of the Rings massively multiplayer online role-playing game MMORPG, expects to come out in 2004. Some Council and other members have already expressed interest in going into it when it is available, so we will most likely have a guild branch there. See Gaming:

    Middle-earth Online:
    We are considering ways to work our names into forms usable there, when the names will already be in use for the storyline, and we possibly may be forced to keep our version of Tolkien chat restricted to our guild chat channel. Some suggestions are:
        * using obscure versions of the names, many of which the amazing Irmo already has listed on the Names page. He also researches more for anyone requesting such by email. These are found in Tolkien's books, including the 12 Histories and Unfinished Tales, or by translating the name into Westron (English), then translating to the equivalent name in other Tolkien languages.
        * adding suffixes such as -wen for maiden, -iel for woman which has a short form of -el; and -we or -weg for son or man; -her for lord.
        * The -v or -ev or -iev suffix could also be used for reference to the guild.
        * We expect a guild tag will be available so v and valar won't be required as parts of our names.
        More suggestions are very welcome; please email them to Varda.

    Dark Age of Camelot:  report by Turgon
        Congratulations to the DAoC branch! They have been accepted into the huge Alliance. The Alliance web site is Anam na Eirann.
        Actively gaming. Don't forget Saturday meetings at 1pm!
        We have gamers in NWN. Meet Bard, our newest NWN player.

    Tolkien chat conducted by Osse-(Valar).

Sept. 11, 2003
    Bard, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Bard met a member a while back and checked out our web page, then visited us as blueraccoon@Azeroth. He tested with Varda, and met Gwaihir and Arathorn while there. He's 21 from Miami, Florida, USA in the EST. He plays WC3, NWN, and Soulcalibur2. He's read the H, LotR, and Sil. He goes to the University of Miami, taking Music EngineeringTechnology and Computer Science. His favorite LotR character was hard to pick, so he said Gandalf for firepower, Gimli for befriending Elves, and Merry for his part in killing the Nazgul.

    Links page:
Lord of the Rings MMORPG - Massive online game in the world of Middle-earth. Release planned in 2004. Link found by Eonwe-(Valar). : by Vivendi and Sierra game companies.  Requires a high speed, high memory computer. Has had previous planned release dates starting back in 1999, but looks more likely to happen now.

Sept. 8, 2003
        Members take note! Eonwe sent out the first guild email to the Council to check which games they are using currently. This email also checks to see if emails are correct and possibly if people are still in the guild. Check to make sure your email is up to date before the next wave of email so you won't be left out!.

Sept. 7, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battle.net, East Realm, 5:00pm ESDT (ESDT is GMT-5, so this is 22:00 GMT), channel Clan Vala
    Members: Arathorn, Beleg, Bregalad/Quickbeam, Elwing, Eonwe, Erestor, Fangorn, Gwaihir,
Lungorthin/Raukoluin, FarmerMaggott, Orodreth, Theoden, Tulkas/Astaldo, Turgon, Varda
    Visitor: VO(V-Amras Friend of Orodreth's, fellow Tolkien fan
    Adunaphel is our new member, joining in DAoC.
    Scar88, Feanor's outside character, dropped by the meeting briefly to say hi.
    Gwaihir will be at work the next couple or so meetings.
    Haldir dropped by after the meeting and said hi briefly. He was tending to a family matter during the meeting and wanted to let us know.
    Lungorthin/Raukoluin has just started college. He still plays DAoC, but his time is curtailed. He checked with some web-weavers after the meeting to discuss how to do a web page the no-money way. :)

    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
            "Orodreth" by Orodreth-(V)
            "Oropher" by Varda-(Valar)
    Offline Tolkien Encyclopedia Viewer:
        FarmerMaggott has completed programming worthy of the Wise, so that he now needs volunteers to aid him in adding the data to the program. He asks for your help in copy/pasting articles into the viewer's field, adding the date written, author, and then go to the next article. That Encyc we've made is *big* and ever-growing. Email FarmerMaggott if you'd like to aid the project.

    Games page:
        Eonwe/Fionwe intends to wipe the Game page gaming info clean for an update. He will email everyone he can reach in the Guild for current gaming info. If you don't receive an email, it is because we need to update your email, so write him with which games you now play!
    World of Warcraft rpg:
        Turgon says Blizzard is aiming the beta to start in October.
        Eonwe will be the Vala in charge of that rpg and will be setting up our guild branch when it is time. He will help guild members coordinate efforts there and keep in communication with the rest of the guild as your Council representative.
        A meeting was held Saturday, minutes listed there. I deeply apologize to Eonwe for jumping too quickly into Tolkien and not asking for his report. I'll try to do better next time, good buddy!
        Ouch. Did it to Turgon too. Sorry. Whisper me, guys, when I forget!

    Tulkas-(Valar): Was Luthien based on Edith, JRRT's wife?
        Turgon answered yes, and no one disagreed. What a tribute!
    Erestor-(V): Are Orcs immortal, in the sense that the Elves are in not dying of old age? Of course they can be killed by the sword.
        Orodreth-(V) and Beleg-(V) promptly answered:  yes.  :)
        Elwing-(V): If they had a place to go like the Elves went into the West, I don't think their personalities would allow long survival. (Several others said words to the same effect.)
        Orodreth: Death was a gift from Eru. Why give corruptions a gift, or take it from the Elves?
        Raukoluin-(Valar): Would be tales of such.
        Elwing: They'd kill each other off.
        Beleg: They normally died in battle.
        Raukoluin: They're too ethereal to make a big deal of.
        Beleg: Doesn't mention them dying of old age.
        Orodreth: Azog was a big mean Orc, old.
        Elwing: Maybe timed death was included (in the making of Orcs)
        Orodreth: Who needs (an Orc) leader if they have Morgoth or Sauron?
        Fangorn: Length of time that an Orc lives was not considered because it is unthinkable that such aggravating neighbors would continue with us long.
        Orodreth: Yes, they are immortal, but for all intents and purposes, no.
        Eonwe: Morgoth could not affect their nature.
        Erestor: Orcs once were Elves.
        Quickbeam: "Were", yes.
        Eonwe: Even he Valar of Valinor did not have that power.
        Orodreth: Luthien and Arwen's immortality was taken.
        It was the granting of their choice.
        Eonwe: The taking of Eru's gifts lies within the power of Eru alone. Manwe did it through Eru's permission.
        Erestor: So Orcs are...
        Orodreth: immortal.
        Discussion continued after this decision. Some comments:
        Eonwe: Two Orcs at Cirith Ungol, Shagrat and Gorbag, remembered the Dark Years before Sauron lost the Ring.
        Concerning age: No Orc could be older than the oldest Elf.
        Earliest Orcs may have been formed when they ran from Orome, believing him to be Morgoth's Dark Rider intended to cause this confusion. Elves who stayed to investigate saw the obvious difference in the Rider of Light; these were the curious and brave. The less so ran and were captured, changed into Orcs.

Sept. 6, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
            "Orodreth", by Orodreth-(V), who expects to add more in the future.
            "Oropher", by Varda.

WarCraft meeting: Bnet East, Clan Vala channel, 1pm ESDT
    Eonwe (presiding), Gil-galad (popped in), Gwaihir, Haldir, Orodreth, Varda (scribing)
    Luthien has TFT now, Gwaihir reports.

    Eonwe is updating the Games page. He will wipe out all present info and start from scratch with our answers.
    Message Board: planning Tales of Lore section, for writing out your defeats or victories in WC3 in role-playing fashion, using your skills to paint a word-picture.
    Gwaihir suggested the Message Board could use a spot for discussing other authors as well, a desire long held in the guild as mentioned by Varda.
    Eonwe and the Shamans (Gwaihir and Draugluin) are considering types of rewards for various guild actions, such as Tolkien knowledge, official Guild tourney participation and wins, Bnet tourney participation, role-playing stories of your WC3 defeats and victories on Message Board.

    Eonwe's map tutorial will be going up with the re-vamped page.
    Need maps for guild use, Tolkien theme, co-op preferred.
    First Age was suggested as a good time to make maps in.
    Gwaihir's friend's map is nearing completion stage for testing: Zoator TD2. Not Tolkien, but probably fun.

Tourney players:
    So far, players who said they would like to do Tourney are Aragorn, Bombur, Boromir, Draugluin, Elrond, Eonwe, Gwaihir, and Turgon.

Sept. 2, 2003
    Adunaphel, welcome to the Valar Guild! Adunaphel passed the full member test with Irmo in DAoC. Favorite LotR character is Legolas: less high-hearted than high elves, more open to short and short-lived beings.

Aug. 31, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East, channel Clan Vala 5:00 pm ESDT
    Caranthir, Elwing, Eonwe, Feanor, Huan, Meriadoc, Thror, Turgon, Turin, Varda (presiding)
    Erestor emailed that he would be at work, but emailed a Tolkien topic.
    Thingol emailed. He's learning to speak in German, getting ready to spend 9 months there. He's unsure if he will have computer access, but is still one of us. See letter Aug 29.
    Turgon's email is now settled as thewouds@hotmail.com
    Turgon has a new job, so he won't be able to play as much.

    Message Board (MB): Turgon set up a message board for the whole guild, with parts for Tolkien discussion, gaming including WC3, DAoC, EQ. Check it out and see if you'd like to adopt this one for the guild.
        Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza - lots of goodies, both movie and books
    Maps: added link to Turgon's page
    Games page: Eonwe reported that he will be doing another massive update. Please email him your updated gaming info. He will also be switching how he makes the page to his own HTML programming for better control.

        Arathorn talked with online Battle.net tech support. He reports that they've had problems with players being "tagged" after being disconnected and unable to join unpassworded games unless the game creator was tagged as well. The tag goes away after a few days. The tagging problem can be gotten around by using a passworded game.
        Valar Guild D2X bank accounts are now operating! Lots of goodies are available but we can always use more. We could use help in finishing up set suits including low levels. We could also use your help in putting cubes on the mules.
        Cubes can be picked up if you put yours down (on the ground or maybe in a bank mule). There are three locations for cubes: Halls of the Dead and Travincial were two mentioned. The more people in the game, the more cubes drop.
        Eonwe is conducting meetings for WC3 on Saturdays at 1pm ESDT in channel Clan Vala. He had to miss the first meeting due to work, but has been at all since then. It's a good time to get together with buddies for games, news, map making, discussing strategy, and bragging!
        Turgon missed the DAoC meeting, then couldn't get a response from other DAoC folk about it before his game crashed. They were busily raiding and active though!

    1. Orodreth's topic: Which books should we use for timeline canon?
        LotR and Sil.
    2. Feanor: What color of hair did silvan elves have?
    3. Thror: What happened to the Entwives? (Lots of discussion.)
    4. Arathorn's emailed topic: nature of Huorns. (Lots of discussion.)
            Meriadoc - maybe older types could tap into the primeval state of darkness.
            Eonwe- the darkness the Huorns made was used in righteous anger, while the Nazgul used theirs to subjugate others.

Aug. 29, 2003
    Letter from Thingol:
    I just wanted to send you and all of my Valar
buddies greetings from Germany. I've been here for
about a month now and I'm having a great time. My
german language training is coming along nicely and I
can almost keep a decent conversation (much emphasis
on the almost part :)
I hope everyone is doing fine without me. I
really miss all of those games of D2 with my
Valar buddies, but the real world was calling me.
After my language training is over I will have a host
family for 9 months in the city of Chemnitz. I'm not
sure if they will have a computer that I will be able
to use, but if they will let me install D2 then I
might be able to jump online for a meeting or two.
I'm keeping up with the news page whenever I get
a chance, so I'm not completely out of the loop. I
hope to keep everyone informed of my adventures in
Europe. Namarie for now. / Elu Thingol

P.S. Maybe the 1.10 patch won't be out until I get
back, that way I won't miss out on too many goodies :)

Aug. 28, 2003
    Theoden is back, with a new email since his old one is filling up with junk. He hopes to make the next meeting, which would be great! Welcome back!
    Message Board: Turgon is setting up a message board for DAoC and for the main guild including games and Tolkien. It's still being worked out, but is in useable shape now. His email is now settled.

Aug. 26, 2003
        Letter from Arathorn:
I talked online with Bnet support today and they admitted that they have been having problems with players being 'tagged' after being disconnected from a game and thus not being able to join other games unless those who created them were tagged as well. This is some kind of problem that fixes itself in a few days but as such is an annoyance when it happens. SO, it has nothing to do with our firewalls, it's a Bnet 'anomaly'. That's why we've been getting the errors at times. Only way to get around it right away is to create a passworded game. They work fine in all cases.


Aug. 25, 2003
    Links page:
Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza - links to websites for LotR and Tolkien. It has a discussion forum. It has quizes for rank points. Members are grouped in kingdoms and have an AD&D style play. The site also has merchandising. It is run by Philip Kooijman. Suggested by Gwaihir. It links back to Annals of Arda
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
            Maps:  Added Turgon's Tolkien site, since he has some beautiful maps on it. Right, your fellow Valarite, Turgon-(V)!
    Valar Guild D2X Bank Accounts:
        Listing of the D2X bank accounts on which all members may put their surplus items (mathoms) or take out for use. They are not intended to be taken outside the guild.

Aug. 24, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet 5pm ESDT East channel Clan Vala
    Arathorn, Caranthir, Draugluin, Grima (popped in and out), Gwaihir, Khamul (popped in and out), FarmerMaggott, Orodreth, Thror, Turgon, ValarGuild.bot, Varda
    Many members are either back in school now or about to be.
        Legolas emailed to let us know he's still alive, just unable to make the past few meetings or be on Bnet much recently.
        Thror goes back Tuesday.
        FarmerMaggott goes back in a week or two.
        Orodreth goes back Sept 2.
        Sauron and Eowyn go back to university tomorrow.

    Tolkien Encyclopedia search program V.2:
        Orodreth is working on Version 2. He asked for helpers to copy the article to the text field in the application, then add the name, author, date, and related articles. If you're interested, email Orodreth at Musics4me@wonderwarp.com
        Arathorn's router crashed, crashing his firewall, and his comp picked up the nachi virus. To get rid of it, he learned that a person can go to www.sophos.com for instructions to remove it or a removal program. Also, a patch can be picked up from MicroSoft.
        Gwaihir mentioned the Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza and suggested we link to them. They have a link to Elatan-(Valar's) Annals of Arda.
        Varda checked on it and will put it on the Links page. It is collecting links to websites for LotR and Tolkien. It has a discussion forum. It has quizes for rank points. Members are grouped in kingdoms and have an AD&D style play. The site also has merchandising. It is run by Philip Kooijman.  (Went on Links page Monday.)

    Well of Souls: Orodreth reporting
        Orodreth on Sept 2nd will announce the Elvondel world on a few WoS sites. The bare bones version should be up in December. Email, or meet him online on Bnet where he often is, to help play and brainstorm to improve the world. Turgon and Erestor volunteered at the meeting, and have been helping.
    Dark Age of CamelotTurgon reporting
         Application for the alliance is still in progress. A decision to accept the Valar Guild into the alliance is expected shortly.
        Guild crafters are now available in nearly all crafts at the highest levels.
        Turgon is looking for a new place to host the DAoC forum, as Irmo requested. Raime, ex-Lindir, is no longer handling the old forum and has not set up anyone else to do it and has been out of touch on this matter, so it has been unattended. Turgon has several possible locations and Orodreth had some more possibles. It is possible that in the process we may also find a new location for the main guild's Tolkien forum. Email suggestions to Turgon.
        Lungorthin is handling the DAoC website.
    Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction aka D2X:
        Guild Bank Accounts were suggested by Varda and enthusiastically approved by the membership. These are D2X mule accounts open to all guild members. The type of items should go with the account and character name. Use the game pass. If the game pass changes, so will the accounts. Turgon and Varda are making the accounts to keep down chaos. All members may add or take items from the accounts, and play the characters to bring them up to Hell difficulty if you like, but please don't kill the Cow King! Some items have already been added to the bank by Turgon, Varda, Arathorn, Erestor, Draugluin and no doubt others who were zipping around!
        Accounts created after the meeting:
            ValarUniques-V  by Turgon
            ValarSets-V  by Varda (elite and exceptional, will be making ValarSetsii-V as this is a very large group)
        Created Monday:
            ValarSetsN-V  by Varda  (has sets termed Normal Difficulty on Bnet's Arreat Summit. Too small for all, so will have to make ValarSetsNii-V also.

Aug. 19, 2003
    We have phone service again.  :)

Aug. 17, 2003
    Our phone line was cut a few blocks down on Monday, thus the lateness of this posting. On the plus side, we escaped the telemarketers for a while!
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East, 5:00pm ESDT, channel Clan Vala
    Arathorn, Beleg, Elrond, Feanor/ Curufinwe, Gwaihir, Orodreth, Thorondor, Varda (presiding)
    Eol dropped by after the meeting and gamed with us.

    Arathorn's router is temporarily defunct due to an "upgrade" from the router company. It disconnected every 30 seconds, so he had to mail it back. He is still with us by connecting directly this week.
    Eonwe was working, hoped to come to the After-meeting.
    Gwaihir got his university textbooks a few days ago, will be taking class in Java. 
    Haldir was getting his hair cut during the meeting, according to Beleg.
    Orodreth resolved his computer space problem and is once again back on StarCraft. He'll be working on computers for the school, at
    Thorondor finished his year in the Finnish army and will be starting university.

    Links page: TheOneRing.net (not to be confused with Virbius' OneRing.net
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Hobbits: "Pippin", by Laurelin Caline
        Humor: "The Pint of Eggnog", by Laurelin Caline
        Men: Updated Kings of Gondor section, still needs a lot of work. Feel free to send in articles!  

    D2X:  Arathorn
        Arathorn requested aid in completing sets. Since the Trading Board is down, here we go: He needs:
            Sigon's: Belt
            Cathan's: Visage (received Visage after meeting), Rule
            Cleglaw's: Pincers
            Isenhart's: Horn, Parry
    Well of Souls:  Orodreth
        The major server, Aerianell, went down for an indeterminate time. Orodreth turned his server public to fill the need, but for our guild or others needing a private server, he offers a temporary passworded server.

    Beleg-(V)'s topic: Why did Saruman take on some of Gandalf's interests, such as pipeweed, hobbits, and the Shire?

Aug. 15, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia
        Men: Updated the Kings of Gondor, added to the name list in the Encyc.

Aug. 12, 2003
TheOneRing.net - huge Tolkien site. Includes art, fan-fic, music. I requested permission to use some of their original art by linking to the Tolkien Encyclopedia and hope for a positive response of some sort.

Aug. 11, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
            "Pippin", by Laurelin Caline
            "The Pint of Eggnog", by Laurelin Caline 

Aug. 10, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East, 5pm ESDT, channel Clan Vala.  Dark Age of Camelot report by Turgon 
    Members (10): Ancalagon, Arathorn, Eonwe, Erestor, Gwaihir (gavel), Huan, Orodreth, Thror, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Visitor (1): Beorn[1]@Azeroth (was in the guild earlier as Beorn, email akitucan@hotmail.com) and would like to rejoin.
    Members seen after the meeting (5): Boromir(V)@Azeroth, Caranthir-V, Glorfindel-V, Curufinwe-V@Azeroth, Oropher-V@Azeroth. VinyanorII, the old Gwindor, dropped by briefly while working on his other computer, probably testing his comp, said hi, going to college classes at night and working in the day, so he doesn't have game time.

Membership: 149 on Member page
    Haldir is back.
    Khamul will be absent next week, on vacation.
    Thror goes back to school Aug 26th.
    Turin's comp is misbehaving so that he can't get on SC, but he expects to have a new comp by next month.

    Tolkien Poetry: "Bitter End", by Laurelin Caline
        "Erynodil" - LotR fan club
        "From Pointy Ears to Grima's Tears: A Tolkien Investigation"

    AD&D: Turgon and Gwaihir reporting
        Moved to 8:30 pm Friday since Gerontius works at the previous 7pm meeting time. Unfortunately other members are also running into work conflicts, so a proper game hasn't been played lately.
        Ancalagon is DM for three games in off-computer life.
    D2X: Arathorn
        Arathorn asked who at the meeting currently plays D2X: Arathorn, Erestor, Thror ("once in a blue moon"), Turgon (sometimes), Varda. Gwaihir is playing D2X 1.10 beta.
    D2X 1.10 Beta Gwaihir reporting
        New patches came out for both PC and Mac betas. It removed the items from all but three of his characters.
    DAoC: Turgon reporting (Bnet crashed the whole channel during the report, but I caught this much)
Sunday meeting 3:30pm ESDT, Percival/Hibernia 
        Irmo's Yrma character achieved Elder status, topping out at level 50.
        Melkor reached Legendary Grandmaster Weaponsmithing.
        The group is working on role-playing.  
    WarCraft3/The Frozen Throne:
        Clan Vala, the WC3/TFT branch held its first meeting Saturday August 9 at 1pm ESDT in channel Clan Vala. Report minutes are listed on Aug 9.

    Ancalagon's topic: What was the fate of the entwives?
    Arathorn's topic: How did Gwaihir and Gandalf meet? There is a comment about fixing his wing.
    Much other discussion spun off these two, including Melkor's ultimate fate.

Aug. 9, 2003
    WC3/TFT Meeting: 1pm ESDT, Bnet East channel Clan Vala (Bnet only allowed 4 letters)
        26 members in WC3 or TFTwere still listed by Bnet for Clan Vala last Sunday.
        Attending: Ancalagon, Grima, Sauron, Oropher, Varda
        Eonwe/Fionwe intended to host a meeting for WC3/TFT players and sent out an email to that effect. Eonwe's power went off for two hours including that time period, then he had to go to work. He's now a shift supervisor.
        Email addresses need updates or box cleanings for Frodo, Grima, and Quickbeam. Grima said his is <metalmind85@hotmail.com>
        Some members met in the channel anyway.
        Tourneys: There, Grima said he would like to see more members in the Bnet Tourney games with him, and is willing to help train them. A tourney started up 45 minutes after meeting time, perfect for members to join up and go to it. Grima went.
        Drop danger: Eonwe had asked that the following WC3/TFT characters be brought to Clan Vala before Bnet drops them from the clan for inactivity: Draugluin, Eowyn, Fangorn, Finwe, Leaflock, Varda. Eowyn, Fangorn, and Varda came in and are no longer in danger. We need to remember to show up in Clan Vala at least once before the 28 day mark is reached each month. Coming to meetings in WC3 suits can take care of that, as well as gaming.
        To check how long since your character was last on, double click your name, click Vala (your clan), and it will show your info. Or go to the WC3 Ladder page (top right), on the bottom right is box called "Player Search", type in your account name and click on Vala.
        WC3 World Editor: Eonwe
will be placing an outline page for his planned WC3 World editor tutorial in the next week.  It will go from simple issues, like selecting and placing units, to more complex issues, like actually editing and changing those units.  Once this is up, anyone who wishes may contribute a section or more. 

Aug. 5, 2003
    Tolkien Poetry:
        "Bitter End" by Laurelin Caline, about the flight of the elves.
Erynodil - LotR fan club.  Includes the movies, photos, Andune's elvish lessons, Middle-earth recipes, and LotR links. Made and suggested by SheElf Archer. Best viewed in Explorer rather than Netscape
        The Boy with the Bow - a traditional archery-enthusiast's guide (knows modern and old-style SCA archery) to Jackson's film of the Fellowship of the Ring. Well-written by Ellen Brundige. Very interesting comments on the amazing detail and creation of these dreadfully difficult old-style bows and their use by such notables as Legolas, Aragorn, Haldir's Galadrim, Faramir's rangers, and "Boromir's Least Favorite Orc". Includes photos.
        From Pointy Ears to Grima's Tears: A Tolkien Investigation. - careful research and thinking on both books and movies. By Ellen Brundage. This is the home page for the bow article, with a great deal more. 

Aug. 3, 2003
Sunday Meetings  Battlenet, Dark Age of Camelot
Sunday Meeting  Battlenet, East Realm, 5:00pm ESDT, channel Clan Vala
    Thror plans to go to Ozfest Tuesday
    Turgon was present at the meeting, but was also in DAoC as the only healer in the Raid, very busy there, so he could only give brief comments and no DAoC report.

    Members: Ancalagon, Beleg, Eonwe/Fionwe (gavel), Erestor, Grima, Gwaihir (gavel), Khamul, Legolas, Thror, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Visitor: Irken (Khamul's friend)

    Please correct your links and bookmarks for the moved pages below, and email Varda or Eonwe if you discover a missing link, hairy or not. Try reloading the page first.
    Tolkien Poetry: pages moved to new folder to handle long poetry
    Games: pages moved to Alatar's server: valarguild.org
    Tolkien Encyc/Hobbits: "Bilbo Baggins", "Meriadoc Brandybuck", both by Laurelin Caline
    Tolkien Stories: "Of Eldir and Dori" by Laurelin Caline

    D2X Middle-earth mod:
        Caranthir has his Tolkien mod working now. Look for him, fellows of Middle-earth

    Varda's Topic: How did the Council of Elrond come together?
    Topic: Fates of Sauron, Saruman, Melkor
        Melkor was in the Void, still had influence, would return for the Last Battle
        Erestor: The Flame Imperishable could be taken back by Eru.
        Varda: The removed Flame could be reworked into a new improved version of the flawed feas.
    Topic: Nature of Eru and Ainur
        Bodies of the Ainur were like clothing, except for some who had gone to evil and become identified with their bodies. They were energy beings.

Aug. 1, 2003
    Tolkien Stories:
        "Of Eldir and Dori", by Laurelin Caline

    Tolkien Poetry has moved to this new location. Link change has been made on the guild index and story page.

July 30, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
            "Bilbo Baggins" by Laurelin Caline
            "Meriadoc Brandybuck", by Laurelin Caline

July 28, 2003
    Games pages:
        Eonwe has transferred the Games pages to Alatar's valarguild.org server.

July 27, 2003
Sunday Meetings: Battlenet, Dark Age of Camelot
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East Realm, 5:00 pm ESDT, channel Clan Vala
    Aragorn, Arathorn, Caranthir, Elrond, Feanor, Gwaihir (gavel), Huan, Orodreth, Thingol, Tulkas/Astaldo, Varda (presiding)
    (later: Grima played with us, just returned to Bnet, found out the meeting place changed)

    Beleg is camping this weekend. Have fun!
    Haldir is on vacation.
    Thingol is heading to Germany on a cultural exchange program. He said his goodbyes for a while. Finwe is his real life friend.

        Poetry: "Lament of Arwen" by Laurelin Caline
        Humor: "Answering Machine Messages that might have been left by LotR folk" also by Laurelin Caline
    Gaming pages:
        Most are moving to Alatar's server, www.valarguild.org, after the disappearance of Tom Bombadil's Ten Peaks server and email. Pages already moved and on the Guild index are EverQuesters and Tourneys.

    Diablo all versions:
        The original Iron Man page is no longer up. We are trying to reconstruct how the game was originally played and put it on our Tourney page. Some is there now. We would especially like to know the name of the originating person to credit. Our Fellowship game, based on Iron Man with the variant worked out by Ulmo-(Valar), is very similar with the same scoring style.

    Feanor-(V) now has Morgoth's Ring and Peoples of Middle-earth of the Histories of Middle-earth as has often been recommended, and told us some goodies from them while we waited to start the meeting.
Varda-(Valar)'s topic: The rangers' activities were mainly implied. What are your thoughts on what they were?
    Gwaihir: Hunting corrupted animals, orcs, signs of evil
    Elrond: Rangering. Guarding, observing, hunting, fighting for good, learning to fight (training and experience)
    Astaldo: Observing and reporting
    Orodreth: Emulating Gandalf on smaller level.
    Feanor: Scouts collected info for the Wise on the happenings of the North
    Orodreth: Aragorn went to Gondor as well
    Feanor: protected Shire
    Orodreth: always protected the Shire, silent watchers.
    Feanor-(V)'s topic: Who were the most powerful elves?
    Galadriel, Glorfindel, Cirdan, and Elrond all had supporters.
    This included a discussion of the two Glorfindels and two Galdors.

Sunday Meeting Dark Age of Camelot: Sunday 7-27-03, 3:30 PM EDST
Members present:
    Alatarch, Aurgus, Austi, Gelmirv, Ferali, Gerontius, Gorgenhad, Jarn, Lashus, Turgonv, Yrma (pres.).
    Alatar's house now holds an alchemy table and an arcane merchant. More power to Alatar!
    Yrma’s house will soon have a lathe.
    The way to use the Guild Vault and the Consignment Merchant:
        The Guild Vault pages 1-3 are accessible to all for taking and bringing gifts. Gifts that are there longer than one week are sold to NPC (result goes to Guild Fund). Pages 4-5 are for person-to-person transfers, mainly crafting transfers.
        Everyone can give self-crafted items to Yrma to put them for sale at the consignment merchant. Name your prize and when sold the result will be returned to you.
    Welcome to Ferali, our newest member who could even attend the meeting.
    Welcome to Aurgus, who was back with us after a period of otherworldliness.
    Valar has formally applied to become part of the Cairdeas of Anam na Eireann, Arrym Sidhe, Fellowship of Dihn, Lema en Estela, Thorns of Eire, Tuatha Da Dannan and Vigil.
    A decision is anxiously but patiently awaited.
Realm versus realm
    With help from the Fellowship of Dihn (Deelia, Jarale, Gilrondaar), and Maobhin and Bliik, Valar could claim their first Keep in the Frontiers this week! Alatarsong and Gerontius Took and Yrma attending. A memorable feat!
Tolkien chat
    Gerontius reported back from Saturday’s Tolkien chat. What happened to the elves who disappeared into holes? Did they evolve into hobbits? To be continued Saturday aug 2, 3:30 EDST in the Guildhouse! Feel free to bring a topic of your own as well!
Guild Fund.
    Last saldo (July 13): 84 g
    Expenses since then:
        Stipendia spellcrafting 1000 g (Ontius) and 583 g (Gerontiusia).
        Yrma and Alatar bought the houses flanking the Guildhouse to right and left in Fullerton/Kilcullen.
            Alatar's house has now a spellcrafting/alchemy table and arcane merchants.
            Yrma's house has portals to DL, DC and TNN.
    Donations since then:
        Yrma 1501 g
        And then Yrma and Aalatar each spent about 4 plat on the new houses.
    At the announcement that the Guild Fund is now empty, members came forward to donate:
        Aurgus 51 g
        Ferali 25 g
        Gerontius 164 g
        Lashus 30 g
        Heartwarming indeed!
    The Guild Fund is thus now filled with 270 g.
Guild Hunt:
    After the meeting Alatarv, Entwise, Fedelone, Gelmirv, Gerontiusia, Maigan, Morgothv and Turukanov had a full group hunt, first in Treibh Cailte, then at the entrance of the Coruscating Mines. And a very successful and enjoyable Guild Hunt it was!

July 26, 2003
    Tolkien-inspired Humor
        Answering Machine messages of the LotR folk: by Laurelin Caline. Sent July 25.

July 25, 2003
    Tolkien-inspired Poetry
        "Lament of Arwen", by Laurelin Caline

July 21, 2003
    EverQuesters page for the Valar Guild has moved permanently. On Guild index.
    Tourneys page: temporarily until Eonwe's page is back up, this older page by Varda is shown on the Guild index. Added info about Iron Man since the original Iron Man page disappeared, and it was mentioned at the last meeting. Please note that the guild's Fellowship Quest is very similar..

July 20, 2003
Sunday Meetings: Battlenet, Dark Age of Camelot
Sunday Meeting: Battlenet East, channel Clan Vala, 5:00pm ESDT
    Members(10): Bregalad/Quickbeam, Elrond, Gwaihir (gavel), Haldir, Khamul, Legolas, Orodreth, Thror, Turgon, ValarGuild bot, Varda (presiding)
    Visitors: Horny-Toads@Azeroth (pleasant)

    New: Amarie. DAoC-only at this time.
    Dropped for inactivity: Argon, Elladan, Faramir, Hurin,Nain
    Eonwe emailed that he would be at the movies during the meeting: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    Haldir expects to be missing from the next meeting and game week while on vacation.
    Name versions: If a member is having difficulty coming up with versions of his name, he can email Irmo who will look up the versions Tolkien actually used, or translate it into a different Tolkien language. Meanwhile, feel free to play with such things as using a dot or underscore or abbreviated class or use type after the name.
    Maia and Vala recognition: More discussion about Maiar and Valar naming was held by the members in the channel. There is a feeling in the Council and membership that gaming is no longer allowing us the freedom to take an existing character and re-name it, and that it is therefore unfair to ask a Maia or even a Vala to change his name to reflect his new existence. Suggestions to make such persons recognizable when their services are required were: on the Diablos and SC/BW, the Valar tag should be only for testers, (although some long names can't fit the Valar on the end); this is already happening in actual use and could easily be implemented. In WC3 and rpgs, the same guild tag is applied automatically to all members, although the V and Valar is still being written into the WC3/TFT names. Rpgs seem to have the most difficulty. The honor is listed on the Members page and Activity page, and active members know who the testers are or can look them up on the pages, so all anyone really has to do is ask any member.
    People who can't test wanted to know what they could do when they found a potential recruit (nice person, read LotR, games honestly). This is also on the FAQ page, but bears repeating in short. If you can find a tester, get them together if possible. If no testers are available, tell the person the domain name (www.valarguild.org/
) and to come to a meeting. In Bnet we currently meet in Clan Vala at 5:00 pm ESDT. Be sure to include the time zone! The person can also email Varda, and it's nice to let Varda or Eonwe know if you're sending someone, a point for your recruit and gives you scouting credit counting towards your Maia honor. With luck, your recruit will remember your name correctly, but don't count on it. If you scout, it's best to find someone you enjoyed chatting and/or gaming with. Spamming is generally hated and is bad for our reputation. Of course if you start up a Tolkien chat aloud with someone in the channel and others join in, that's not spamming but adds to the entertainment value. Expect to need eyewash after being in public areas.
    Ten Peaks server has gone down. This affects Tom Bombadil's email, who handle the server and had his email there. It also means these pages are not currently up: Games, EverQuesters, Trading Board, and Tourneys. If the server doesn't come up soon, we may have to assume Tom's space is no longer available and move those pages permanently elsewhere. Some will start moving at least temporarily this week. This News page, luckily, is on Alatar's www.valarguild.org server.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Hobbits: New article on "Smeagol", by fellow Tolkien fan, Laurelin Caline.
        Stories: New story by Elrond-V, "The Battle of Five Armies, from Fili's Point of View"

        We discussed showing up daily around meeting time, including hour before and after, to meet and break into whichever games we wished. Those who want to play WC3 will naturally pop into channel Clan Vala as soon as they go to chat. Others will probably meet in channel Valar and be popping in and out of there. Of course we will continue to play at the times we want to, but this gives us a target to shoot for to find buddies. We can also /who the two channels.
    Khamul says any time is good for him. Gwaihir has an unstable work schedule, but figures an hour after regular meeting time would be when he could show up. Varda's time is unstable, but will give it a shot. Other members didn't comment. At least we can all make an effort to pop by around meeting time or whisper a greeting. Of course we game for as long as we choose.
            Active, many playing.
            Still active. People tend to keep coming back to it when bored with other games.
            Still active. Also a great way to come to Bnet inexpensively for meetings.    
  Well of Souls:
        Orodreth and Khamul have been playing together.
        Khamul no longer playing.
        Turgon's group has not been getting together lately. They were meeting Fridays.

        Highly active. Turgon not playing there as much, more on Bnet currently, so he was available to give a live report. But Turgon said two more houses have been added, increasing the strength of the guild branch there greatly. He also said the houses were supplied by the generous Yrma's gold (Irmo).
         Ulmo and Taglos are running even at level 65, very high! Oropherv is very active and Elberethv is still playing now and then. I haven't heard lately from the others who are scattered about.
    Turgon's topic: Gender in the Ainur.
        Turgon: Are Ainur genderless naturally, since they put on bodies as we would clothes?
        All agreed that Ainur used bodies as they used clothes.
        The evil Ainur tended to keep the bodies instead of switching them out frequently.
        Gwaihir: Quoted from the "Ainulindale" in the Silmarillion, that they put on the bodies according to the difference of temperament they had even from the beginning, including for gender. Quote below:
    "But when they desire to clothe themselves the Valar take upon them forms some as of male and some as of female; for that difference of temper they had even from their beginning, and it is but bodied forth in the choice of each, not made by the choice, even as with us male and female may be shown by the raiment but is not made thereby."

July 17, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Hobbits: Laurelin Caline wrote "Smeagol". Did you know Gollum's name is really Trahald? This was actually received July 15.

July 15, 2003
    Tolkien Stories:
        Elrond wrote "The Battle of Five Armies, from Fili's Point of View 

July 14, 2003
    Inactivity drops: Argon, Elladan, Faramir, Hurin, Nain. These names are now free.

July 13, 2003

    Amarie, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Amarie has been playing on Dark Age of Camelot as the Odernia with our guild branch. She passed the Member test with Irmo today! She is from Quebec, Canada, EST. Cheerful and enthusiastic, she's 31 and teaches history. She's read the H and LotR and is trying to read the Sil which is extra tough since her only copy is in English. She plays DAoC only. Her favorite character is Frodo, who was always prepared to bear the burden and make the best of it.

Sunday Meetings: Battlenet  Dark Age of Camelot
Sunday Meeting: Battlenet East, 5:00 pm ESDT, gathered folk from channel Valar and used channel Clan Vala
report by Eonwe, additions by Varda. Many voices heard  :)
    Members (13): Alatar, Arathorn, Eonwe/Fionwe (presiding), Eol, Erestor, Finwe, Gwaihir (gavel), Legolas, Orodreth, Thror, Tulksa (before main meeting), Turgon, Varda
    Over-the-shoulder hellos: Elwing, Eowyn, Fangorn, Sauron

Channel Note:
Note to all:  We are using channel Clan Vala for meetings, the clan channel given to us through WC3's Clan Support.  Unfortunately non-WC3 members cannot enter until there is a WC3 member in there. Likely it requires a Shaman or the Cheiftain to be there and make the channel public.  If the channel is not open and it's not meeting time yet, don't worry, someone will be there shortly :}  Do a /who Clan Vala to see if anyone is in yet, or wait in our main channel.  Eonwë (aka Fionwë on WC3) usually passes through there on the way to the meeting anyway.
Membership: 153 on Members page for the whole guild
    Tulkas came in before the meeting, but had to go before the meeting started.  he reports he will be moving 7 hrs east of where he and his wife currently live.  They were married last week, so congratulations to them!
    Two of our DAoC members passed their LotR tests and became Folco(a rl friend of Gelmir) and Amarie.  Congratulations!
    Huan is back from Nevada.
    Ossë e-mailed Eonwe, says he has WC3:TFT and would like to join in the Clan activities.
    Yesterday was Gwaihir's 2 year Anniversary.  Congrats to Gwaihir!
    Orodreth reports that, due to classes he will be taking in the next school year, he may not have room for Starcraft.  Suggestions for ways to come to meetings were given, including the bnet edition of WC2 and installing a spawn of Starcraft.
    If, for any reason, you are unable to be around for a while, make sure you keep in contact by e-mailing at least once a month.  You can e-mail Varda as general all-branch and activity Contact person or the Vala currently handling your game (for example, DAoC members can e-mail Irmo, WC3 can email Eonwe).
Web News:
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Orc page: "Orcs" by Laurelin 
    Ten Peaks server:
        Problems with the Ten Peak server this last week, and with Tom Bombadil's email on that server. Affecting pages: Games, EverQuesters, others
Gaming News:
  Battlenet Games: Diablos, SC/BW, WC3's
        LoD beta patch is available for Mac users now, as well as PC users. Good idea to make it separate from regular D2X, the same way we do for the Tolkien mod.
        We can always use a good new SC or BW Tolkien-style map!
    WC3/ TFT:
        1. Clan Vala tag. If you haven't had a chance to be included in the Warcraft 3 branch (most of you have), stop in and try to catch me, Draugluin, or Gwaihir to get added.  Account names are Fionwe-Valar, Draugluin-Valar, and Gwaihir-Valar.  You need to be on Azeroth Realm on WC3 or TFT.
        2. Clan upkeep. Blizzard has instituted "Clan upkeep". Once you join the WC3 branch, you need to log in at least once every 28 days to keep our Guild considered active.  If fewer than 10 people do this, we will lose the WC3 branch.
        3. WC3-only meetings. Eonwe would like to have a small informal meeting either weekly or bimonthly just for WC3 guys.  This is not to replace the Sunday meeting, which Eonwe encourages all who can make it to go to.  It is a chance to get together and discuss strategies, mapmaking, WC3 issues, and even brag a bit.  Notes (if any) from this can be used to present a report at the Sunday meeting (can be presented by anyone who wants to present it).  Business for this meeting will probably be quite small most of the time, and afterward can go to the second part of the meeting's purpose: to give a second day (besides Sunday) during the week when we know a majority of WC3'ers will be on for gaming.  Incidentally, it will also fullfill our clan upkeep requirements quite easily if at least 10 of us are able to get together.
    So now here's the question: how many of you would show up for this and what day would you most want it (and weekly or bimonthly)? Email Eonwe or Varda.
        4. Tourneys. Gwaihir has volunteered to set up guild player v player tournaments (and perhaps other types?) to help us keep our skills sharp (just remember we're all friends).  He will release more information when he's ready, but I would suggest those interested to speak up so he knows you're there.  Eonwe believes Gwaihir also has some other things, but he'll let him tell them when he's ready :}
        5. Practice games. Be aware that Grunt, Shaman, and Chieftain non-custom games count toward our clan rating, so it never hurts to practice with friends :}
        6. Maps. We are in need of Guild-made Tolkien-themed maps for official Guild tournies.  If you have interest in making maps or skill with the WC3 world editor, we urge you to get out there and start making maps :}
        7. Map Tutorial. Eonwe is tring to put together a Tutorial for using the Warcraft 3 World Editor, starting with simple concepts like making the terrain, then moving to more complex issues like Triggers and eventually character editing.  Anyone with skill using the map editor or at least a bit of good old curiosity and the willingness to experiment with the Editor are welcome to to provide information for it.
    As always, we get what we're willing to put in.  We urge you to join in and participate in the ways you can :}
    More on WC3/TFT Tourneys:
        Gwaihir here... as Eonwe said, I've taken it upon myself to organize tourneys... and I'd REALLY like to get one going soon. It'd be very good practice for us all and it'd help us learn what we're good at and what we're not... and it'll help us to get a little more used to the game...
    I'd appreciate everyone who is interested e-mailing me with what type of gaming they prefer most, team, single, etc... how much wc3/tft experience they have... naturally, it wouldn't be fair to match up the two players who play most often together in a 2v2 tourney...  :)
    Also, for teams, tell me if you'd rather it be chosen teammates or pre-matched...
    One more thing, for pre-matched, should we go that route, e-mail me the name of any people you wouldn't want to be matched with(I mean... we'rea ll friends here in Valar, but even among us, there're bound to be SOME conflicts between some of us... and we don't want to match you up with someone you don't get along well with :)) I know I've had my problems with a member or two over my two years here :)
    I think that's all for the time being... will get back to you all should I think of any other comments/queries/concerns :)  

  Off-Battlenet Games: AD&D, Well of Souls, DAoC, EQ
        AD&D meetings have not made it due to various circumstances, so Turgon is working on a solution to improve attendance. DM is Gerontius.  For more information, e-mail Turgon.
    Well of Souls RPG
        Orodreth reported: E-mail Orodreth for more information if any of you are interested in Well of Souls.  Also, let me know if you give it a try and decide you like it.  Remember to keep your Gaming info updated :}
      Turgon gave this report:
        "Kindest regards from every DAoC playing Valar member, including Alatar (who made it to the Bnet meeting also), Gerontius, Irmo, Gelmir, Gaffer, and many others.
        The Guild on DAoC has implemented new guild rankings, giving better use for roleplaying nature.
        With Royal Donations of several members with Irmo leading the way, the DAoC branch now has a guild house in Hibernia.
        Several of our members have reached their 20th season today (note by Eonwë: season is equivalent to level) and thus are awarded with bearing our guild emblem.
        Irmo reached 45 this week, making rapid way towards elder character."
      Alatar added:
        "Tolkien chats are now held on DAoC, on Saturdays occasionally."
    Congrats to our comrades on Dark Age of Camelot!  It is good to hear they are doing well!
     Irmo's Full Report.
Tolkien Chat:
    Varda: Favorite member in the Fellowship? (the Fellowship itself, not the entire book)
    Eonwë: Did the Valar succeed in their task? (to form Arda as they had sung it)
    This topic later changed to parts played by the Valar and into in the end a discussion of what part Namo played in the Music.  There is no known mention of Namo's song (so go out and find one! :}), but we do know what he does in Arda: he is the Doomsman of the Valar and one of the Feanturi, Masters of Spirits.  He summons the dead to his Halls.
    Discussion turned then to the movies and whether Legolas should've had golden hair. Hobbit and Unfinished Tales were cited for golden hair.

Sunday Meeting: Dark Age of Camelot Percival/Hibernia 3:30pm ESDT July 13
report by Irmo-(Valar) aka Yrma

    Members present (12): Alatarch, Gaffersong, Gelmirv, Gerontiusia, Gorgenhad, Jarn, Lashus, Morgothv, Odernia, Orome, Turgonv, Yrma (pres.).
    We celebrated the fact that Valar exist as a Guild in Hibernia (Percival) for a half year! (since januari 11). Many of us gathered for this anniversary occasion: twelve members sets a new record for Valar-DaoC meeting attendance!
    As a surprise anniversary gift Yrma presented to Valar a brandnew Guildhouse. The house is in Fullerton (nr. 9), House # 3700.
It has a grandmaster merchant, a Domnann portal, a forge, a consignment merchant, a Vault keeper and a Guild Vault.
    The meeting was held in the new house.
    House access:
    The house can be accessed in four ways:

        1. fast: Buy a portal token and port to Guild Hearth from either Drum Ligen or Domnann.

        2. slow: Enter the housing area from TNN North, buy a horse ticket to Ainslee, at Ainslee walk NE and East left of river bank to Kilcullen, stables Gowan, buy horse ticket to Cassidei, at Cassidei type /houseface guild and walk the few yards to House.

        3. very slow, unless bard/chanter: Enter housing area from TNN North, type /houseface guild and walk East and Southeast to House. Retype /houseface guild now and then.

        4. very fast, but hardly recommendable: type /release house after dying.
    House decorations:

        The house is both internally and eternally fully decorated (meaning that nothing further can be added unless something is removed first <grin>).
    Guild Vault:

        Pages 1-3 in the Guild Vault are mathoms (gifts), to be taken or put there freely by any member. Please be selective with what you put in there! Pages 4-5 are craft materials for transferability reasons, not to be touched.

    Domnann Portal:
        The Domnann portal can at request be changed temporarily by Yrma/Fantura to a Tir Na Nog portal or a Drum Ligen portal. Later there will be alternatives to the GM merchant as well.
        Thanks to donations by Orome, Alatar and Gerontius the house got a bindstone. Type /release house if you want to release at home.

        Jarn, Gelmir and Gerontiusisa received their emblemed cloak because they came of age (20th season). More power to them! Congratulations!
    Ranking system:
        Yrma explained the new ranking system The resulting ranks for each character are now on the Message Board .
        Members are requested to help Yrma, Fantura or Morgothv with the implementation of the new ranking system for their characters.
Guild Fund:

    Previous saldo (June 29): 941 g
    Expenses since then:
        Guildhouse plus ingredients 8500 g,
        Bindstone 1000 g,
        Stipendia spellcrafting 2231 g (Ontius)
        Alchemy 472 g (Gerontusia),
        Member armor 56 g.
    Donations since then:
        Alatar 500g, Gerontius 400 g, Orome 500 g, Yrma 10.000 g.
    New saldo (July 13): 82 g.

    At this place a note should be made that Melkor is of course not expected to donate to the Guildfund, because advancing the craft skills of weaponsmith Austi (for which he does not request support from the Guild Fund) is as expensive as it can get.
    Also be noted the fact that in Valar only the rich are expected to donate to the Guildfund.
Guild Hunt:
    Between many things to arrange in and around the house, the ranking system and crafting services, some of us found an opportunity to hunt after the meeting.
    Alatarwalker first led a hunt of young ones around Dromnan.
    Later Gerontius, Alatarsong and Yrma went to hunt in the Vale of Balor,
    while Fedelone and Gelmirv went to Thidranki battlegrounds.
    Edanyael dropped by during the hunt to say greetings in between RL obligation

July 11, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Orc page: "Orcs" by Laurelin 
July 10, 2003
    D2X 1.10 beta patch now also available for Mac users in the US as a download from Blizzard. Battlenet also has more info.

July 8, 2003
    Folco Boffin, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Folco has been playing in Dark Age of Camelot with our branch as Jarn. He passed the full member entry test with Irmo and made a character called Folco with DaoC guild-rank of 5. He's 17, from the USA in PSDT. He's read the LotR. His favorite characters in LotR are Merry and Pippin..

July 7, 2003
    Huan, welcome back from Nevada! Also, thanks for the new WC3 bot, Vala! Huan picked up the Frozen Throne yesterday, Fionwe please note!  ;)

July 6, 2003
Sunday Meetings  Battlenet  
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East 5pm ESDT. Started in channel Valar, moved to channel Clan Vala for ops ability
    Members (16): Bombur, Boromir,
Bregalad/Quickbeam (real), Elrond, Eonwe/Fionwe (chieftain), Eowyn, Fangorn, Frodo, Gwaihir, Haldir, Legolas/Greenleaf, Lenwe, Thror, Turgon, Turin, Varda (presiding)
    Visitors (2): canarde.jaune@Azeroth (Ducky, long-time guild-friend who needs to read LotR), Dr.Love@Azeroth (read LotR)

Member News (152 listed on Elatan's Member page):
    A hearty Welcome Back to Beregond! His letter is below, from June 29:
I am finished with my army life at last!
now, just give me a month or so to restore something I can call an internet connection, and you should be seeing me some more again ^_^
Apart from that, nothing much to report.
I hope I'll find you and the rest of the guild in good health upon my return.

Beregond, proud member of the Valar guild!
    Frodo is back, trying to get a new email. He has a job now.
    Legolas Greenleaf expects to be on about twice a week now.
Web News:
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Dreamlord's paper: Stages of Imagination: Theme and Vision in JRR Tolkien's Middle-earth 

Gaming News:
        Beta patch can be played, set up with an extra shortcut as you might for the Tolkien mod.
        We can still have a channel with ops by typing /join op accountname  If the bot is around (wasn't at this meeting), we can have channel Op ValarGuild. Another option is Op Varda-(Valar) or Op Varda-Valar.
        We still have our regular playing channel of Valar, and can use /squelch instead of being concerned about banning or tagging.
    WC3 and Frozen Throne:
        The Valar Guild branch was set up for WC3 and Frozen Throne the day Frozen Throne came out: July 1.
            Guild channel: Clan Vala
            Clan tag: Vala
            Chieftain: Eonwe (sets up guild branch, can invite as Peon, promote to Grunt or Shaman, kick and ban from channel)
            Planned Shamans: Gwaihir, Draugluin, Varda (can invite as Peon, promote to Grunt, kick and ban from channel) Shamans need two weeks in the Vala guild and should be good at responding to emails and showing up for meetings.
            Founders: Chieftain Eonwe/Fionwe; Shamans-to-be but Peons now Draugluin, Gwaihir; Peons Aragorn,
Bregalad/Quickbeam, Ecthelion, Finglas/Leaflock, Maedhros, Thror, Turgon. Everybody after this group is not a Founder, but very welcome.
            Tagged many members at tonight's meeting. All but the "Chieftain" start as "Peons".
            Members not in WarCraft could be invited into the Clan Vala channel by Chieftain Fionwe, in an experiment with D2X, but could not be tagged to make it a closed channel. The Chieftain and Shamans, however, can ban, which helps.


    Varda's topic: Who is Fionwe in the books?
        Early version of Eonwe before the Maia version. Son of Manwe and Varda, a Vala himself.
    Elrond's first topic: Were any of the nobles of Gondolin from the Lake of Cuivienen?
        No. Even Feanor was born in Valinor. Turgon, the High King, was the second son of Fingolfin. Ecthelion was only a captain and warden, so he would not have been one of the First. Very few even of the Noldorin Exiles were from Cuivienen.
    Elrond's second topic: Were the orcs an actual species? Did they become one?
        They started as tortured and mutilated elves. JRRT contemplated changing this but never got around to it, so it's still so. It's possible part of the mutilation by a Vala like Morgoth could have affected DNA and caused a continuing mutation so that they bred true.

July 4, 2003
    Happy July 4th, Independence Day to our US members!

July 3, 2003
    D2X 1.10 beta patch available for US PC users as a download from Blizzard. Battlenet info.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
            "Stages of the Imagination: Theme and Vision in J.R.R.T's Middle-earth" by Rico Abrahamsen aka Dreamlord, our old Irmo. Brilliant university paper. Must-see.

July 1, 2003
    WC3: Frozen Throne:
       Frozen Throne is now in stores!
        We have a functioning guild branch there now. :)  How's that for speed? Contact Eonwe if you're not already in it.
        The WC3 guild channel turned out to be channel Clan Vala based on the guild tag rather than Clan Valar Guild based on the guild's name. Also, all channels starting with the world Clan have been turned over to WC3. For a channel with ops, non-WC3 people would need to type /join op <accountname>.
        Eonwe's Report:
Hail all! :}
Today, July 1st, 2003, the Valar Guild's Warcraft 3 branch has been officially set up through Blizzard's clan support system! :}  In a Tulkasian effort, 10 of us managed to gather in Channel Valar to begin this branch of the Valar Guild. The founders number 11, as one was lost for a time while we sought to gather our required 10.  All listed showed great patience, waiting for an incredible 2 hours to piece this together.  They are: Fionwë(myself), Aragorn, Draugluin, Gwaihir, Thror, Maedhros, Ecthelion, Bombur, Leaflock, Turgon, and Quickbeam.

My Shamen are Gwaihir and Draugluin.  If any WC3 players would like to have their Guild account added to the branch through bnet, all you need do is e-mail the Cheiftain(me) or one of the Shamen(as soon as Blizzard lets me promote them), or run into us on bnet :}  News later on any tasks they have brought upon themselves aside from what I've given them :}

Our Guild name on WC3 is "Valar Guild" and our tag is "Vala," since the maximum number of characters was 4.  In an unexpected turn of events, Blizzard gave us a channel named for our Guild tag rather than our Guild name.  Since "Clan" channels are no longer accessible save by those clans, it will cause problems with our meetings.  I would encourage members at this time to check both Channel Valar and Channel Clan Vala before assuming we have no meeting. (Also try a /whois on Varda-(Valar) and others while we work this out.)

Information concerning the Grunt and Peon ranks will come at a later time to WC3 members, but suffice it to say:  Blizzard will have a Clan ladder ranking.  If you wish to participate in this and have your non-custom games counted toward our rating, you will get to be a Grunt.  If you prefer not to have any of your bnet games counted either for or against our rating on this ladder, the rank of Peon is for you.  This will not affect or represent your actual standing in the Valar Guild itself.  New invitees are required by bnet to stay a peon for at least one week.
        The 1.10 D2X patch is now undergoing Quality Assurance testing.
    Channel News:
        According to the Battle.net site, Bnet Status Forum, in a post by the Battlenet Team June 30:
With the introduction of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Battle.net chat channels with the prefix "Clan" are reserved for Warcraft III clans.

Users of the "classic" clan channels (supported by Diablo II and Starcraft) can get the old functionality of clan channels by using "/join op <account name>" instead of "/join clan <account name>".

June 30, 2003
    WarCraft3 patch 1.10 is out.

June 29, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet 5pm ESDT report by Eonwe
    Caranthir, Maedhros, Beleg, Gwaihir, Fionwë/Eionwë(presiding), Elrond
    Coming in late: Haldir
Member news:
    Eol was spotted by me(Eonwë) earlier this week.
    Maedhros was also spotted and made it to the meeting :}
    Tilion e-mailed, says hi.  Graduated high-school, heading to Ottawa's Honours History program next.
    Caranthir will be on vacation for 3 weeks starting next week
    Varda had to miss the meeting, had some stuff she needed to do. (Out of town all weekend.)
Web News:
        Shire Shop- LotR movies, collectibles, figurines, LotR board games. by Blake Morphis
        Menu: dark blue links hard to read, changed to green.  Suggestions welcome
        Eonwë sent in more names, from book 5 (first half of RotK).
Gaming News:
    Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
        The game is out on Tuesday.  We're setting up the Valar Guild branch through Warcraft 3's clan support.  We need 10 people total, missing 3-4.
Tolkien Chat:
    Elrond- in your opinion, are the Valar more like angels or demigods?
    They exibit qualities of both.  They serve a higher being and thus are angels, but exhibit powers that are usually associated with gods/dieties.

June 27, 2003
    Links page:
The Shire Shop - LotR movies, collectibles, figurines, LotR board games. Site by Blake Morphis  Listed under Tolkien/Movies; Tolkien/ Tolkien Games; Gaming/ Tolkien Games

June 26, 2003
    Tolkien Encyc:
        Encyc Menu: Responding to a non-guild email from "James", I have to agree that the dark blue linking on the Encyc menu is hard to read, and am now trying green. Suggestions are welcome.

        Eonwe's latest  names have been added to the Encyc where not already present, and are available for the Names page. He added short descriptions with most. They are mostly humans (some animals and hobbits) from Return of the King Book 5 of the LotR. Deeper articles would be welcome from the membership.
Here's the list:

Ingold- Man, guard at the Pelennor Wall (Rammas Echor "Encircling Fence" or thereabouts) of Minas
Denethor- Man, son of Ecthelion, Steward of Gondor
Vorondil- Man, Farther of Mardil
Paladin- Hobbit, father of Pippin
Beregond- Man, soldier of the Third Company of the Guard of the Tower of Gondor
Baranor- Man, father of Beregond
Targon- Man; in charge of storehouse of Beregond's company
Nazgul- aka Black Riders, Fell Riders
Iorlas- uncle of Bergil(Bergil son of Beregond)

The following came to the aid of Minas Tirith, arriving before the Siege began
Forlong- Man, aka Forlong the Fat; Lord of Lossarnach; slain on the Pelennor
Dervorin- Man, son of the lord of Ringlo Vale
Duinhir- Man, Lord of Blackroot Vale in the Uplands of Morthond
Duilin and Derufin- Men, sons of Duinhir
Golasgil- Man, Lord of the Anfalas
Hirluin- Man, aka Hirluin the Fair; Lord of Pinnath Gelin; slain at the battle of the Pelennor Fields(Seige of Gondor)
Imrahil- Prince of Dol Amroth; Legends say Elven blood runs through his veins

Halbarad- Man, Dunadan, Ranger of the North
Roheryn- Aragorn's horse, brought by the Dunedain to him from the North
Stybba- Merry's pony riding from Helm's Deep with Theoden
Malbeth- Man, Dunadan presumably, aka Malbeth the Seer; Made prophecies concering the Return of
    the King
Arvedui- Last king at Fornost
Dunhere- Man of Rohan; Cheiftain of the folk of Harrowdale; bore messages from Gandalf to Theoden
Baldor- Man of Rohan, son of Brego; last man to attempt the Paths of the Dead;  Made a vow to do so
    at the feast commemorating the completion of Meduseld
Brego- Man, King of Rohan; built Meduseld
Hirgon- Man, Dunadan; errand-rider of Denethor; Brought the Red Arrow to Theoden; was found by
    the Rohirrim slain the night before they reached Gondor
Windfola- horse of Eowyn as Dernhelm
Witch-king- aka Black Captain, Captain of Despair
Elfhelm- Man of Rohan, Marshal of the Eored Dernhelm rode with
Widfara- Man of Rohan with a keen sense of smell;  the wind "brought him messages";  he confirmed
    Ghan-buri-Ghan's statement that the wind was already changing
Grimbold- Man of  Rohan
Guthlaf- banner-bearer to King Theoden
Deorwine- Man of ROhan; Chief of King Theoden's knights(Captain of his guard); Slain by the Witch-King
Hurin- aka Hurin the Tall; Warden of the Keys
Gothmog- Lieutenant of Morgul
Harding,Herefara, Herubrand,Horn, Fastred- Men, all slain on the Pelennor Feild; named in the song
    lamenting them, Chapter 6 of Book 5 at the very end
Ioreth- eldest of the women at the Houses of Healing
Angbor- Man, Lord of Lamedon; Gathered to Aragorn after Aragorn had passed through the Paths of
    the Dead;  Only one who had the heart to abide Aragorn and his group
Mouth of Sauron- Black Numenorean; Lieutenant of Barad-Dur; forgot his own name in the deeps of time; came to the Dark Tower when it first rose again

June 25, 2003
    Tilion, a few weeks ago, graduated High School (they have 5 years of High School in Ottawa). He's headed to the University of Ottawa's Honours History program next.

June 24, 2003
    Tilion says hi! He emailed help with the Tolkien Encyclopedia on references and plans to go to Scotland in about 2 weeks. With luck he'll make the next meeting on Bnet, so come and catch up on old times. Of the Histories of Middle-earth, he recommends two as the best of the lot: Vol 10 "Morgoth's Ring", and Vol 12 "The Peoples of Middle-earth".
    Eonwe sent in a batch of names from the Return of the King for the Names page and Encyclopedia.

June 22, 2003
Sunday Meetings:  Battle.net , Dark Age of Camelot

Sunday Meeting Battle.net 5pm ESDT, East realm, channel Clan ValarGuild
    Members: Arathorn, Beleg, Bombur, Eonwe/Fionwe, Gwaihir, Haldir (late), Orodreth, Turin, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Visitors: CorsairofUmbar (wants to join, friend of Haldir and Beleg rl) had to leave early
    Discussion Board chat room: Eonwe

Membership: 152 full members listed on the Member page by Elatan-(Valar)
    Boromir dropped by the channel after the meeting in WC3, says hi!
    Draugluin emailed and hopes to be back with us sometime. See News June 18.
    Ecthelion came by after the meeting. He has an outsider character named Melodius@Azeroth. He thought he'd been dropped by now from the guild since he'd been away. After school he's been practicing four hours at percussion, his favorite being the marimba which looks rather like a giant xylophone. When he found out he hadn't been dropped, just had a question mark after Active on status, he made his Ecthelion-V@Azeroth character. He plays random. Ecthelion corrected the email I had for him. It's really Suilenroc01@hotmail.com.  That's Cornelius backwards with a zero one.
    Elrond came in after the meeting in WC3 and chatted. He's been working with the White Council guild and added a forum to the site he built for them.
    Gwaihir has a new comp on order, complete with desk and chair. It's supposed to come in middle or end of this week! Gwaihir reminds us that his icq address on AIM is Elrohir16
    Orodreth said he would have trouble typing in the meeting after a wild one on one game of basketball with his Dad and since he was eating at the comp (common practice in the guild). But he managed to type plenty anyway. Go, Orodreth!
    Turin has a new icq address on AOL:  TurinLDL 

    Tolkien Encyc:
        Need more Encyc articles, stories, poems, art. Orodreth hopes to make an article about Orodreth, Beleg hopes to make an article about loyalty. Beleg reminded that we need birth/death dates in the Encyc where applicable.
        Blizzard Support (Chad Jones) suggested two good sites for removing Trojans:
        Gaming patch news in a transcript from the Blizzard site:
            Transcript from Fan Site chat
    Counter-Strike's Half-Life:
        Arathorn-V said he's been trying out "Sven Coop" and enjoyed it. This mod allows for cooperative play.

    Turin's topic: Did Frodo actually complete his quest.
        Turin said that Frodo did not complete the quest, according to what he had heard from the Letters.
        Others said JRRT kept changing his mind.
        Others said Frodo did not complete the quest directly, but did so indirectly due to the oath he'd made Gollum swear on the Precious.

Dark Age of Camelot Meeting Report
: by Irmo-(Valar) aka Yrmo
  June 22, 2003 Sunday 3:30 pm ESDT, Percival/Hibernia
Members present:
    Alatar/Alatarch, Gerontius Took, Irmo/Yrma (pres.), Lungorthin/Raukov, Melkor/Morgothv, Turgon/Gondolinv.
Welcome to our new members:
    Lashus, Jauncy, Pavender and Odernia!
Amnon is on holiday in the USA for two weeks and not near a computer.
Irmo is working on a new ranking system which will soon be mailed to all members.
Raukov is now the Valar character with the most RvR points. Congratulations!
Fantura (tailor) has followed Yrma to the status of legendary crafter, Ontius (imbues) and Austi (weapons) are now seniors!
Guild Fund:
    Donation of 400 g by Turgon!
Guild Hunt:
    As Orome and Ettoip joined in, we went to Innis with the idea of hunting banshees. Alas, it took of time a bit to gather, and by the time we were set some had to leave again. So no banshees, but the far darrigs and dreamhances were fun enough though.

June 18, 2003
    Letter from Draugluin:
    I am merely writing to apologize for my excessively long absence from the guild. Real life has been getting in the way constantly, as I have a summer job and am helping my parents refurbish their house so they can move. Just a funny circumstance of life- I had more time for the guild when I was in school than I do now. :) Well, give the guild my best, and hopefully, I'll return to the guild soon.
    -Draugluin Wolfsire

June 16, 2003
Blizzard Support recommended these programs, June 2003, to handle Trojan viruses that hackers use as backdoors to your computer, found at these sites:

June 15, 2003
Sunday Meetings: Battlenet, Dark Age of Camelot

Sunday Meeting 5pm ESDT, East, channel Clan ValarGuild
Attending: report by Thror
    Members (12): Aragorn-V@Azeroth, Arathorn, Beleg, Bombur, Elrond, Eonwe/Fionwe, Erestor, Gwaihir, Haldir, Orodreth, Thror, Varda (presiding)
    Over the Shoulder hellos (3): Eowyn, Fangorn, Sauron
    Visitors (2): Centuriate (friend of Orodreth's, potential member), AoC-TyRaNiD@Azeroth (friend of Aragorn's)
    Discussion Board chat room: Eonwe
Membership News:
    Quickbeam-V account has been stolen by *leafieslover who also came to the meeting as *1Lov3_v4rD4 so don't blame Quickbeam for that ugly language. If you squelch *leafieslover, the so-called *Quickbeam-V is also squelched.
    Boromir visited his grandparents for the day but emailed a hello to those at the meeting.
    Gaffer, Alatar's son, is now playing in Dark Age of Camelot as Gaffersong.
    Gwaihir is hoping for a new computer soon.
    Haldir will start school tomorrow, taking Spanish and band. Go for it, Haldir! This is also true for Beleg and a friend who would like to join.
    Thingol is back to gaming. He earned his Associate of Arts degree and has more time now.
    Thror will have less time. He started his new job at a video store. Congrats  :)
    Turgon had to miss the meeting but emailed. Real life got him. Also, he's having web and email problems since Swirve is no longer free. He is temporarily using thewouds@hotmail.com
Web News:
    Nothing new reported.
Gaming News:
    EverQuest: report by Varda
        Both Taglos/Aule and Ulmo are at level 65!
        Taglos is in Crusaders of Plilo, Ulmo is in Alliance of Hope, Oropherv is in Beneficium Decem, and Elberethv is in Sacred Knights of Hearts. Sacred Knights is good for starting characters if you have any, and the others are good for high levels if you have those.

    Well of Souls: report by Orodreth
        Orodreth-V is working on a Middle-earth world for the guild to play in, barely started at this point and he could use input from those interested. Well of Souls is a free rpg, created by Dan Samuel. It is 2.5D, meaning 2D with shadows. It allows 15-20 people on one server together, as if it were one game. A character can move between servers using the same world, but not between those using different worlds. A character maxes at 88. It has a guild system including uniforms. WoS has no central chat area, so emails and Battlenet and maybe the DB are being used to help co-ordinate. WoS has a small page listing members and some info about guilds. The zip file is about 10MB, with each added world about 5MB more. Data is stored on your computer. Many hack detects. No compatiblilty issues between servers.
 WarCraft: Frozen Throne: report by Eonwe
    Out in a few weeks. "Clan" name will be Valar Guild. Tag will probably be Vala, as it prevents confusion with other V guilds, and only 4 letters are allowed.

    Thror-(V) says the the Two Towers movie video is due out in August!
    Centuriate says the band, "Blind Guardian", uses LotR references and has 3 CD's out.
    Thror-(V)'s topic: What other wizards did great deeds besides the constantly spoken of Gandalf and Saruman?
     The brown wizard, Radagast, took care of animals and plants, meant well.
        The blue wizards, Alatar and Pallando, made cults in the East. After the fall of Sauron, it is to be hoped they used the cults to improve mankind, but it is not very likely.
    Thror-(V)'s topic: Who got rid of the Necromancer from the Hobbit?
        Elrond-(V): The White Council
        Gwaihir-(Valar): Frodo eventually.
        The Necromancer was Sauron in early form. He moved from Mirkwood to Mordor once his Ringwraiths finished setting it up, making it appear as if he had been forced out.
    Orodreth-(V)'s topic: The world we live in is in what Age?
        Speculation that an age is about 3,000 years. If is is 2 ages since Elessar's time, he reigned about 4000 BC.
        Elrond-(V) guessed that we are only 7/8 through the age starting with Elessar.
        Others said we are still in the Age of Man.
    Erestor-(V)'s topic: If Turin had not been cursed, he would have been a different kind of hero.
        Speculation ensued.
    (I missed who came up with this topic, Beleg or Thror, perhaps) Bay of Balar refers to what?
    It refers to the Isle of Balar, which is the Sindarin name for Tol Eressea, the island used as a boat to haul elves to Valinor, but which was stopped part-way in the bay and placed on a pillar under the water, grounding it.
    Turin-(V)'s original elvish:
Lome tulin ar en nar laiqueni na tampe ta, 
nan ava anta ama ilya estel an aure enteluva. 
Nan ana nte man nar voronda i cala selma calta i yonta 
June 14, 2003
    Turgon emailed that Swirve is no longer a free service, meaning his email etc will be shifting to a new home. His temporary email will be:  

June 11, 2003
    Thingol is back gaming. He attained his Associates of Arts!
    Thror starts a new job tomorrow, the same day as getting his driver's permit. Now that's brinksmanship game-playing!

June 10, 2003
    Boromir says hi to everybody! He'll be missing the meeting this upcoming Sunday for the pleasant reason that he'll be spending the day with his grandparents.

June 9, 2003
        Battlenet's comments on the upcoming D2X patch and on how about removing hackers. Click here.

June 8, 2003
Sunday Meetings  Battlenet, Dark Age of Camelot:

Sunday Meeting Battlenet, 5pm ESDT, East, channel Clan ValarGuild
Attending: 15 + 2
    Members: Aragorn, Arathorn, Bombur, Bregalad/Quickbeam, Eonwe/Fionwe, Feanor, Finglas/Leaflock, Finwe, Gwaihir, Haldir, Huan, Lenwe, Orodreth, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Visitor: mwhiteFG (friend of Turgon's), LotR-Melkor-
    Discussion Board: Eonwe

Member News:
    Special kudos to Huan for excellent botwork, keeping undesirables out of our meeting! Way to go!
    Hello from Aule, as Taglos in EverQuest, who was chatting there with Varda just before the meeting. His StarCraft CD is broken and he no longer has D2 loaded, so he is having some difficulty reaching us on Battlenet. He hears fairly often from Oropher and Ulmo on EverQuest.
    Accounts: If your account is stolen, immediately change the passwords to your other accounts. Notify Varda so that the intruder's actions won't be thought of as yours. Notify Blizzard's support so they can get your account(s) back; Varda can help you with this if you are uncertain what to do. Don't let it go!

    Bombur's pages:
One is Mendeleev's Miracle and the other is the Uranium Atom. Be sure to click on that uranium atom!
    Turgon offered to help guild folk with HTML scripting.
    WC3: Eonwe
        1.06 patch came out June 2. More on Blizzard page.
    D2X Tolkien mod: Arathorn
        Arathorn and Lenwe have been fighting the forces of Mordor.
    Dungeons & Dragons: Turgon
        Friday games still going, action about to get hairy at last. Some availability issues, some new players.
    Dark Age of Camelot: Turgon
        Mythic, which produces DaoC, has a new patch.
        Our Percival server was designated, "underpopulated", so massive numbers of new characters popped into Hibernia. They tend to be rude, crude, and uncouth, but our group is now sifting through some of them for the gold nuggets, much as we do on Bnet.

    Varda's topic: What was the purpose of the eagles?
    Gwaihir: Manwe needed no spies
    Eonwe: Manwe's representatives in Middle-earth, much like Yavanna's Ents and Aule's Dwarves.
    Turgon: Eagles lived with Manwe on Taniquetil, sent them to Middle-earth after the Noldorin Exile.
    Eonwe: Eagles lived in mountains guarding Angband/Utumno before moving to the Ecchoriath.
    Turgon quoted from the Sil, "Of the Return of the Noldor", from the section after Fingon found Maedhros hanging high on the outside of the wall of  Thangorodrim. His prayer was answered swiftly by Manwe, to whom all birds are dear, with an eagle who took Fingon up to the rescue of Maedhros.
    Discussion shifted to where the dwarf kingdoms were located.
    Discussion shifted several times and, unfortunately,  I didn't manage to jot all of them down, but another one was an attempt to discuss elven magic. The attempt as usual was blocked by semantics about what "magic" means, but went forward better after switching to the word "power". All sorts of power use came under discussion, including fire, the combination effect of Manwe and Varda on sight and hearing, song, and items.

June 6, 2003
    Bombur put up some pages you might enjoy. One is Mendeleev's Miracle and the other is the Uranium Atom.

June 5, 2003
        If anyone else is having a problem with an account being stolen, please email Varda.
    Guild tag:
        Ancalagon reports that there is another guild using the -V after their names, so don't be confused. The guild is called Xvelocity.

June 2, 2003
        Patch 1.06 is up! More on Blizzard's page.

June 1, 2003
Sunday on Bnet and DAoC
Sunday Meeting: Battle.net, East, 5:00 pm ESDT, channel Clan ValarGuild 
    Members: Beleg, Bombur, Caranthir, Eonwe, Erestor, Feanor, Finglas/Leaflock, Finwe, Gwaihir, Haldir, Huan, Thror, Turgon, Varda (presiding) 
    Visitor: Hal (joined after meeting as Orodreth)
    Discussion Board: Eonwe

Member News:
    Orodreth, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Meeting us as *Hal on BroodWar, he found the Valar Guild from a link on the Encyclopedia of Arda. He has a group of friends he organized loosely into a clan called Lord of Elves on West, but came to check us out and joined. He is now online 7 days a week, about 16 hours a day. He's 13, from Minnesota in the USA, CST. He mostly plays BroodWar, sometimes Well of Souls, which is a free MMORPG 2.5D, very open. He has AIM: Halhundo   and MSN: Halhundo@aol.com and thelifeof dark@aol.com  and ICQ and IRC which he did not give names for, not used as much. He's read the H, LotR, Sil, and part of UT. He prefers the Sil over the LotR. Eonwe and Varda tested, perfect score. Orodreth's favorite character in Lotr, which he says could be different next time he's asked, is Faramir. He said Faramir is the kind of person he's always liked. He's not in the spotlight, but he can pull off some great things in need. He's the silent guy who you make fun of, then get whupped by.
    Eol can now come online one night a week at his parents' house. Watch for him!
    Gwaihir works every other Sunday at meeting time.
    Thror will be out of school June 12.  

Losse Alqua - fan site starting up.     
Lord of the Rings - Download of the Fellowship's original movie promo. Page by Arathorn-(V)  
        Haldir's paper on the Return of the King, now under Special Papers. He wrote this for school and made an A.
    WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne, should be on sale in stores July 1! This will be for multiple languages. Pre-sales hit gold.
        We intend to start a guild branch there and need to grab our name as quickly as possible. If you think you might be playing this game, email Eonwe so he can call you to the special meeting to create the guild. We will need at least 10 members. More news on Blizzard.  
        Patch due out between June 9 and 12.  Report from Gwaihir.
        We have a hacker with a bad case of garbage mouth. He has hacked at least the accounts of Bombur-V, Finglas-V and Quickbeam-V. He is a real-life acquaintance of poor Finglas. If you hear a member using disgusting language, please don't be upset with him as it is probably this creepazoid. Please report any such stolen accounts to Varda and/or Huan. We are taking steps. You personally can type /squelch *name which will stop his messaging you for that time on Bnet. In channel Clan ValarGuild, he generally can't enter if the bot is present. If he finds a way in, any member can ban him. I reported his continuing harassment and theft to the Powers That Be of Blizzard.
    Haldir's Topic: Did Merry or Eowyn really kill the Witch-King?
        Varda quoted from Return of the King, "Battle of Pelennor Fields". Shows Eowyn kills the beast the Witch-King rode, Merry distracted and brought the Witch-King's head in range for Eowyn to remove. Thus they were both needed, but Eowyn actually did the deed.
        Finwe quoted Glorfindel's prophecy from Return of the King, Appendix A, subsection iv, "Gondor and the House of Anarion".
    Then we moved to quotes that make us feel good:
        Haldir quoted from the Hobbit's opening: In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.
        Turgon quoted from Fellowship, Bilbo's gift to Lobelia of spoons, she took the point and the spoons.
    Serious Valar moment quote from Turgon:
        Unfinished Tales, "Of Tuor and His Coming to Gondolin". Tuor is revealed as the messenger of Ulmo.

Sunday Meeting on Dark Age of Camelot, report by Irmo-(Valar), the italicized are notes added by Varda:
    Valar-DaoC Report Meeting June 1, 2003
    Percival server, Mag Mell, 3:30 PM EDST
Members present:
    Ettoip (Gorgenhad Oldbuck), Gerontius Took, Gondolin (Turgon), Raukov (Lungorhin), Yrma (Irmo) (presiding)
Discussing Guild hunts:
    The age difference between main characters is rather large, which prevents well-formed groups. Should we all make starting characters, specifically meant to hunt together at the Guild Hunts? Obvious advantages, but these would disappear when members do not frequently attend the Guild Hunts (the age difference would soon grow again). Besides it will take a long time before such a group could gain funds for the Guild. Best would be if members would attend frequently: then we could form two or three  groups of different age.
    Long time since we had new members. The entree test is sometimes considered a reason not to apply for Valar. It is indeed a procedure unheard of in DaoC (either invite a player or not, but test?).
    Conclusion: The entree test does not have to be taken right away. People can enter at Guild Rank 9, to see if they feel good with us (and we with them). If all goes right, people will want full membership (test), if not they will want to leave  anyway.
    At higher season all nice people are already in one Guild or another. Could be an argument to do Guild Hunts with young characters (meet yet unguilded nice people).
Next Saturday
    (June 7), 3:30 PM EDST,  will be held a Tolkien chat in Mag Mell (postponed from May 17). Gerontius is organizing this. The membership will be notified by mail as well.
Guild Fund:
    Previous (May 25): 741 g
    Since then:
        Stipendia spellcrafting 666 g (Ontius) and weaponcraft 440 g (Austi).
            50 g Gondolin
            150 g Rauko
            900 g Yrma.
        New (June 2): 747 g
Guild Hunt:
    We tried for Darkness falls, but it closed as we headed there.
    Went to Treibh Caillte instead, with Gondolin, Ontius, Fedelone and Maigan. (two enchanter + two bards)

May 29, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Language section added. Currently has Quenya and Sindarin role-playing phrases. Needs your help. Would prefer words and phrases to show research that says where the info is in the books, for instance, Silmarillion's Appendix.
    Links page:
Lord of the Rings - Download of the Fellowship's original movie promo. Page by Arathorn-(V)  Listed in Links page under Tolkien/ Movies

May 28, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia
        Haldir wrote "Impression of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King". He made an A on this for school and it is now included under Special Papers.
        Repaired Danish paper
"Kampen mellem Godhed og Ondskab i Lord of the Rings" links, so you should be able to access it now. English translation underway, which he says is very difficult.

May 27, 2003
    Eol now has limited computer access one day a week at his parent's house and hopes to be gaming with us again. Welcome back. :)

May 26, 2003
    Links page:
Losse Alqua - fan site starting up. Articles on Tolkien, elvish, the books, the movies. Site hosted by Rem Tolkienna, made by dunadan JHS, aided by Orodreth Elensar, Grigory Deepdelver, Shorty, and Mayur.  Listed under Tolkien/ Groups, Fan Sites

May 25, 2003
    Sunday meetings: Battle.net, DaoC  
Sunday Meeting Battle.net 5pm ESDT, East, channel Clan ValarGuild
    Members: Arathorn, Beleg, Haldir, Gwaihir, Turin  
    Late - "aftermeeting" held about 2 hours after regular meeting. Eonwe/Fionwe, Haldir, Turgon, Varda, with Beleg dropping by before he had to leave. Gaming afterwards in D2X included Eonwe/Kalmo, Erestor,  Haldir, Turgon, Varda, with a howdy from Turin who was playing BroodWar.

Membership News: 147 members
    Eonwe had a birthday last Saturday and is now 21. He had family business during the regular meeting time, coming late to the meeting.
    Fangorn had a birthday today, 50th, and the family including Varda went out to celebrate, coming late to the meeting.
    Gildor Inglorion, Elros' brother, is back in D2X.
    Finarfin is back for D2X, has been buried under schoolwork and other rl.
    Fingon has internet again and hopes to be around.
    Khamul's computer is working again. He's playing Shadowbane now, rather than WC3. 
    Mablung has been grounded a long time, contacted us by the Discussion Board, and expects to be returning to us soon.
    Gorgenhad Oldbuck/Ettoip and Merleau of the DaoC players passed their Tolkien tests for full membership in the guild on May 6, Merleu has yet to choose a guild name.

Web News:
    Handy Elvish Words and Phrases has new contributions from Irmo and Tuvo, although unintentionally. Now all we have to do is get it online and see who will be handling the webwork. Varda has a start on it but Tuvo may be handling it, lightening the load.
Gaming News:
    D2X, BW, WC3, DaoC, and EQ seem to be the most popular games at the moment with the group, or at least the ones that contact each other.
    Khamul mentioned Shadowbane as his current favorite.
    Azaghal was playing Planetarion and Baldur's Gate 2 (firewall problem) 
    Bain plays NeverWinter Nights, as well as D2X and WC3
    Remember to use our Bnet playing channel and meetings to help you contact others who would like to change suits and meet you for a game. Also tell us about the new games you enjoy during the Games section of the meeting (whisper the chair to take your turn speaking; nobody wants to hear just the chair!).

Meeting report
Valar/DaoC Sunday May 25, 2003 Mag Mell, 3:30 PM EDST Report by Irmo-(Valar)
Members present:
    Alatarwarden, Amnon, Ettoip, Gerontiustook, Yrma (pres.)
    Irmo (Yrma) has assembled a list of Quenya role-playing expressions. All members have received the list by mail, also published on the EZBoard.
    Amnon (Tuvo) has written a story by which we have introduced our Guild to the Anam na Eireann Alliance. It has met with courteous response.
Guild Fund:
    Old (may 18 ) : 261 g
    Since then:
        Donation Gerontius Took: 100 gp
        Donation Amnon 200 gp
        Donation Turgon 80 gp
        Donation Ettoip 100 gp
        New: 741 gp!
    Cheers to the gracious donators!
Guild Hunt:
    After these announcements and their discussion members present joined in a hunt in Darkness Falls. We met with a member of Anam na Eireann, with which we had a jolly good time. 

May 24, 2003
    Tolkien Discussion on Dark Age of Camelot, 3:30pm ESDT. Held in mag mall, same as normal meetings. This is the second trial meeting, to determine if enough people will show to make this a continuing DaoC guild feature.

May 23, 2003
    Varda's back (that's me). That means Fangorn, Eowyn, Sauron, ex-Fingon aka Gotta_Scratch, and Meriadoc are also back, ready to come out from under computer withdrawal. Updates from the mass of emails are listed below according to their dates.
    To prevent writing this same letter over 200 times (we have folks who aren't listed on the full Members page), here it is now:
    My mother died and needed to be buried on the other end of Texas in Alpine with her parents and brother.
    Meriadoc took Eowyn and Varda in his plane and we had adventures flying around a cloud over Ozona, which was loaded with hail,and watching jets detour it above us at about 60,000 feet leaving big L's in the sky. We had haze all across Texas due to smoke blowing in from Mexico, where they were doing their yearly burn-off before planting. Below us in Ozona, golfball-sized hail and rocks from a cliff hit Eowyn's car, in which Fangorn, Sauron, and ex-Fingon were traveling, causing less damage than gravel from trucks. Past Ft. Stockton where there is little traffic, the transmission in Eowyn's car self-destructed so that ex-Fingon (whose turn it was to drive) had no brakes but pulled neatly onto the shoulder and stopped. The car had to be towed to Odessa and required a week to repair since the only shop handling the warranty (only on the transmission, not motel, towing, or rental car) was short three people, all on medical leave.
We had a nifty time flying over the end of the Rocky Mountains to land at the airport in Alpine, then rented a car and picked up the family stranded on the road between Ft. Stockton and Alpine. Meriadoc never gets away from doing search and rescue missions!
    This time also being Fangorn's two-week vacation, we took a rental car and visited with Fangorn's parents in Plains. Meriadoc, Eowyn, and ex-Fingon flew to Plains airport, the airport's first visitor in a long time, as they are used to crop dusters and cloud-seeders, so a bunch of people came running out to watch him land. We also visited Fangorn's uncle and aunt in Lubbock and, in the same town, enjoyed seeing X-Men 2 along with our nephew and visiting with his wife.
    On the way home in Eowyn's repaired car, we took a side-trip to walk through the Caverns of Sonora for the two-mile tour. It's a warm cave at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with helictites including the only known "butterfly", a double helictite pictured on their site. It has pools so pure, testing at 99.0%, that what appears to be about 3 feet deep is actually 6 and 8 feet deep, reflecting back with a blueness much as the sky does although completely clear.

May 21, 2003
    Finarfin emailed. He's been working very hard on schoolwork and other real life, but is able to draw breath again and is back with us, hearing the call of D2X! 

May 18, 2003
  Khamul emailed. He's got his computer working again, but instead of playing WC3, he found himself addicted to Shadowbane! Have fun, Khamul!

Sunday Meeting:  Bnet,  DaoC:
Battle.net 5pm ESDT, East, channel Clan ValarGuild. Report from Eonwe.

    Bombur (after meeting), Caranthir (popped by), Eonwe (presiding), Feanor (after meeting), Haldir (after meeting), Tulkas, Turin, Turgon
    Gwaihir sent his regards, had to work during the meeting time.
    Tulkas told a memory about the early days of the guild.

Meeting report
Valar/DaoC Sunday May 18, 2003 Mag Mell, 3:30 PM EDST Report by Irmo-(Valar)
Members present:
    Alatarwarden, Amnon, Ettoip, Gerontiustook, Gondolin, Merleau, Raukov, Yrma (pres.)
    Last week we saw the return of Amnon, this week we saw the return into our midst of Valinduil/Argon. Hurray!
    The meeting minutes will hence forward be printed on the Valardaoc Homepage by Lungorthin. More power to him!
    Gerontius called attention to the Tolkien chat saturday 24, 3:30 PM EDST. (NOTE: Later in the week it turned out that the chat had to be postponed because both Gerontius and Yrma have real life obligations at that date and time).
Many of us are presently experimenting with using a few elvish expressions to embellish our (role)play
    Amnon and Yrma will introduce the Valar Guild to the Anam na Eireann Alliance. The members present repeated their commitment to choose honor and gallant role-play above power and powerplay..
    Amnon has posted a list of available alchemy services on the EZBoard. Impressive indeed! Be sure to take a look there.
Guild Fund:
    Spending: 666gp spellcrafting and alchemy. Donations: Amnon (100 gp), Merleau (40 gp), Gerontius (100 gp), Yrma (600 gp).
Guild Hunt:
    After these announcements and their discussion members present joined in a hunt in the Coruscating Mines. We had a full group all Valar! The Mines were overcrowded, and we did not find any gallantry there. Looking for a place to hunt, we were soon prey ourselves and suffered a few deaths. Not much “exp and loot”, but a learnable adventure in more ways than one. 

May 15, 2003
    Turgon is back in DaoC, his account now re-opened.

May 14, 2003

    Tuvo/Amnon is back to DaoC, and we hope his health will be good.
    Argon/ Valinduil/ Isil is back to DaoC, having managed to re-open his account.

May 12, 2003
    Letter from Fingon:
At long last I have returned to the world of internet and will be able to join once more with my brethren.
    Welcome back, Fingon!  :)

May 11, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet East, 5pm ESDT, channel Clan ValarGuild. Report by Eonwe
    Beleg, Eonwë/Fionwë(presiding), Gwaihir, Arathorn
    Coming in during meeting: Turgon, Thror, Haldir, Shagrat

    Passing through :Fëanor, Caranthir
Membership News:

    Varda will be away for two weeks on family business.  If you have
 something that must be addressed immediately, feel free to e-mail me (Eonwë).
    Welcome to
Gorgenhad Oldbuck, a friend of Angrod’s of Melkor’s family (yes, we have almost entire families in the guild :})  He joins us from DAoC.
    Draugluin sends his regards, as he was attending the Mother’s Day Mass at the
basilica at Notre Dame with his mother.  What have you done for your mother lately? :}
    Irmo also sends his regards via Turgon, who made it to the meeting and is apparently now
playing DAoC :
was spotted by me in the main channel  when I did a /who command :}
Web News:

DAoC page is up under Lungorthin’s maintainence now.  Check it out :}
    Irmo sent in a link for the Tolkien Online Art Gallery :}
Eonwë (me :}) is looking for images of the Two Lamps Iluin and Ormal.  I have seen the one of Iluin by Ted Nasmith, and while it is nice, it is inadequate as it has no matching Ormal :} I need pictures of matching quality (both image and artistic).  If one can be found to match Nasmith’s work, that’s great.
    I am also looking for images of all the Valar.  These too must be of good quality.  I have images
of Ulmo and Melkor, but need ones of the other Valar, as well as the “Lost Valar” such as Eonwë and Salmar if possible.  Check out images of Ulmo and Melkor by artists such as Ted Nasmith and  you’ll have an idea of the quality I’m looking for. Thanks in advance for the help :}
Gaming News:

has revealed some of their intentions with the 1.10 patch.  Check them out! They’re pretty cool :}
Tolkien Discussion:

has been reading the Silmarillion, and was inspired to ask, “What happened to all the Balrogs between LotR and the Sil?”
    Chances are, most were slain in the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age.
    Two were killed in the Seige of Gondolin (Gothmog Lord of Balrogs among them) and one is known to have survived until the Third Age (the Balrog of Moria). 
    A brief discussion was
held on what the name of the Balrog of Moria may have been.  I suggested perhaps calling him “Moria” after his realm would suffice similar to calling the Witch-King “Angmar” after his realm.  “Balrog” also works :}
asked “What happens to Elves after death?”  They go to the Halls of Mandos and wait. From there, they may eventually be released into Valinor and given a new body.

    DaoC: no report currently available

May 10, 2003
    Mablung contacted us by the Discussion Board (#1165) and hopes to be around again at meetings, after having been grounded a long time. His email is

May 9, 2003
    I'll be out of town for possibly the next two weeks on family business. Check out Eonwe's Games page for News meanwhile! Also watch for the new look he's planning to put up and let him know how you like it! Happy gaming!
    Eonwe is needing pictures of both the Lamps, not just that one. He also needs pictures of all the Valar. If you find any such, please email him the URL.

May 7, 2003
    Irmo emailed us this link to Tolkien pictures: Tolkien Online: Gallery

May 6, 2003
    Gorgenhad Oldbuck, welcome to the Valar Guild! He's a real life friend and colleague of Angrod's of the Melkor family. He plays DaoC, and has been playing with the group there as Ettoip before passing his test with Irmo and choosing a name.

May 5, 2003
    The new DaoC page by Lungorthin is up! Beautiful job by the White Balrog.

May 4, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet, East Realm, channel Clan ValarGuild, 5pm ESDT
Attending (6): Arathorn, Draugluin, Eonwe, Gwaihir, Haldir, Varda (presiding)
People who show up to meetings automatically have their names protected from being handed out to new members, as we are sure they are active. Even just a few minutes is enough if we have time to jot down your name.

Membership: 146
    Arathorn, our newest member, said his "few words".
    Gwaihir has a new job and starts this Wednesday.
    Tuvo is back from the hospital.

    Valar Guild domain name (www.valarguild.org) now has links to make fewer clicks to find our way to the desired section.
    DaoC web pages are currently found on the main Valar Guild index page, under Gaming/ Dark Age of Camelot. It has links to the EZ Board and the Camelot Herald.
    Computer Consulting Services, Arathorn's page, is now on the Guild index under "Other". If yours isn't up, email the URL and your guild name to Varda.
    Games Page: Eonwe has updated the links for the mod page by V&K; Mod users page; Tourney info; Gaming News.

    D2:Lord of Destruction:
         is looking for a programmer. Maybe you. They need one to help with the 1.10 patch.
        The patch, among other things, has a new unique jewel, which causes a level 47 chain lightning blast all around you if you die.

    D2: LoD Tolkien Mod:
        Arathorn found that it works to use batch files to switch between D2X and D2X-T.
    World of WarCraft:
        WoW now has 5 player races, with the addition of the Night Elves.
        The WoW beta should begin somewhere between August and October. If you get into it, feel free to use your guild name so other guild members can recognize you. Also email Varda to be put on the News so we can all go "woot!", and so other beta players know to look for you.

    We considered phrases for opening and closing the meeting and may use:
        "A star shines on the hour of our meeting." - Varda-(Valar)
        "Freely ye came and freely ye shall depart." - Eonwe-(Valar)
    We considered greetings.
        "Pedo" is a Sindarin greeting, used on the Gate of Moria to Hollin.
        "Aiya" is the Quenya greeting, used by Galadriel.
    We mentioned how to say "friend". This tense problem may be why Gandalf had difficulty at first in understanding how to enter Moria.
        "Mellon" is singular, "Mellyn" is plural.
        "Mhellon" is the objective form singular, "Mhellyn" is the objective form plural.

May 2, 2003
    Arathorn, Welcome to the Valar Guild! He found us while trying to locate the place to download the D2X Middle-earth mod. He started playing D2X a few weeks ago, but has played many other games including D2. He came in as Stryder5, also having Stryder55 and plays daily since he's been off work with a back injury. He just turned 40 so happy birthday!, and lives in Quebec, Canada. EST. He's read the H and LotR, first chapters of the Sil. Varda tested and he had a perfect score. He can be cajoled into using ICQ for an emergency, number 971456, but since he was hacked through it once, he's not happy with it. His home page is Computer Consulting Services. Besides computer work, he did comedy sketches onstage a few years ago. His favorite character is Strider, for his mystery and his great treks in the wild. Also, Aragorn looked dangerous, like an anti-hero, but willing to die for the right reason as in his fight with the ringwraiths, like a hero.

    World of WarCraft update, brought to us by Eonwe-(Valar), copied from the Blizzard page:
World of Warcraft Update: THE NIGHT ELVES ARE IN!
It’s official: Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce that the Night Elves are now a playable race in World of Warcraft, our upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game. See them for yourself in these exclusive screenshots, which include glimpses of their architecture and lands. For a thorough first look at this colorful race, check out the current issue of GMR magazine, which goes on sale in early May.

Also on sale in May, the latest issue of Computer Gaming World will preview some of the features that we’ll be showing in greater detail at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (May 14-16), including trade skills, transportation, and the all-new Warlock character class.

We will be updating our World of Warcraft Web site with information about the Night Elves and more soon, so check back often. And, for those curious about when the World of Warcraft beta test will start, we’ve recently added an item to our F.A.Q. about this.  

April 28, 2003
    Tuvo, welcome back from the hospital! May you be back to swinging your sword vs gaming and real life soon.
        Dark Age of Camelot will be having a new main page. Since ex-Lindir, who was handling that, left the guild, the old link now goes to his new guild, Darkness Before Dawn. It is friendly to Valar.
    Lungorthin-(Valar) will be the new DaoC branch web person when he again has access to a computer. For now, the EZ Board is still operating, as is the Camelot Herald. They are both on the Valar Guild index page under Gaming/Dark Age of Camelot. The list of players so as to understand the Camelot Herald report is on the EZ Board /Introductions /Member List . Meeting reports, written by Irmo/Yrmo, were on the EZ Board's "Announcements" (March 10) and then moved to EZ Board's "General" (March 31, April 20).

April 27, 2003
Sunday Meeting: Battlenet, Dark Age of Camelot
Sunday Meeting: Battle.net's East Realm, channel Clan ValarGuild, 5pm EDST
Report from Eonwe:

    Members: Gwaihir, Turgon, Draugluin, Eonwë(presiding), Lenwë, Caranthir, Feanor, Haldir
    After Meeting: Bombur, Varda
    1 new member this week: Lenwë
Lenwë's few words:
"Found the Guild looking for ME mod players, e-mailed Varda and visited a bit.  Came to the meeting Last week, took the test, and that's how I got here.
20 years old from California, first fell in love w/ Tolkien's works when I was a junior in high school."
Web News: none
Gaming News:
    D2X Tolkien Mod:
        Reported by Gwaihir- "Varda, Lenwë and I played a Quest for 3 in the ME mod.  No record, but hey! Great fun :)
We discovered a very annoying bug concerning tomes.  They were reduced in size from 2 inv boxes to 1, but still take up 2."
Lenwë added:  "Varda and I had problems with the Fëanor's Cube when joining another game.  It disappeared.  When I went to get mine again in the Halls of the Dead, I found all my stuff was still in my cube."
    Eonwë and Draugluin report that we have never experienced this problem.  My tomes work just fine, and so does my cube.  My first suggestion was to make sure the filepath was correct.  It should look similar to this :
"C:/Program Files/Diablo 2/Game.exe" -direct -txt
    Remember also that the mod is only playable on Open and Single Player, never on realms.  These things being correct and noted, my only other suggestion is to try reinstalling the mod (deleting it from your diablo 2 directory then reinstalling it) or at the very extreme reinstalling Diablo 2 in its entirety.  Hopefully just reinstalling the mod helps.
    Gwaihir tells us a friend of his has written a big paper on how the movies differ from the books.
    Topic:  Fëanor noticed that we discussed the Blue Wizards at last week's meeting.  He wished us to repeat some of what we said, more specifically whether we think Alatar and Pallando caused some problems in the Fourth Age.  
    Many thought it was possible.  Speculation that they would've caused Eldarion, Elessar's son, problems during his reign.  Some mention of the armies sent to deal with the Eastern and Southern foes left from WotR, led by Elladan and Elrohir.
    Some discussion on orcs and their dwindling.  I suggested that the Orcs, being originally Elves, would suffer from the same fading as the Elves (perhaps a good discussion for next week).
Organizational note from Varda:
    On who chairs the meeting, the current set-up is Varda, then Eonwe. The other Valar are unable to attend the meeting at that time but would have been next. So our third chair is the Maia Gwaihir who shows up regularly, is familiar with the proceedings, and has shown himself to be good at handling the channel. We may be having him do some chair training in the future.

April 21, 2003
    Tip from Gwaihir for messaging on Bnet: Your friend list is numbered. Instead of typing the whole name, use just the number this way, if your friend is number 8:   /w %f8 Aiya!
    Lenwe, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Lenwe has visited and emailed with us for the past year as direwolv in D2X, although he has mostly been playing on West. He is 20, from California in the USA, PST. He plays Diablo 1, Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction, and the D2 LoD Tolkien mod. He has CounterStrike but his computer isn't up to playing it. We all know that feeling! He uses MSN messenger as direwolf_27@hotmail.com . He's read the H, LotR, Sil and part of BoLT 2. His favorite character is Legolas, not because of the movie, but because direwolv started playing a MUD seven years ago as an elf ranger and has identified with such characters ever since.  He came to the meeting yesterday. Today we played the Tolkien mod with him.

    Quest for Three, Tolkien mod Tourney game. The team was of Gwaihir, Lenwe, and Varda. Scored 20. This did not beat the record of 22 by Beleg, Glaurung, and Turgon back at the Fifth Anniversary, but was great fun!
    After we got our characters started with the Quest game, we continued to play for hours.  We learned about the Tome of Town Portal bug. The book in the mod appears to be shrunk to one space, potions pop into the space just fine. But the books remember each other as the old size of two spaces, so the tomes must have a "space" left between them or the character is frozen. To escape, alt + tab to the task bar and use the task manager to close the game. Then return. A disappeared book may return on re-entry. Gold also put in a re-appearance on re-entry.

April 20, 2003
Happy Easter!

Meetings: Battlenet, Dark Age of Camelot
Sunday Meeting  Battle.net, 5pm ESDT, East Realm, channel Clan ValarGuild
Attending: (many sent regards, said they had Easter family things they needed to do)
    Members: Alatar, Aragorn, Eonwe, Gwaihir, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Visitor: direwolv
    Discussion Board: Eonwe

    Collecting info for a page on Handy Elvish Words and Phrases, not yet uploaded, but started. Email Varda
    Elatan's Member page has not been updated for a while. We suspect comp problems.

    D2X Tolkien Mod:
        We're locating people who want to play. Direwolv, Gwaihir, Varda, and Eonwe are interested. Eonwe has to wait for his new computer. Direwolv suggested another way to switch between regular and mod play, but it takes a fair bit of room on the hard drive. Very fast. Install D2X twice, including connecting for Bnet patches, then make one the mod. Have two icons on the desktop, one for mod and one for regular.
        Alatar and Turgon dropped by. They said they were in a cave waiting for a rez during the Sunday Valar DaoC raid.

    Varda-(Valar) How did Tolkien use the idea of rebirth in the LotR?
    Listing his uses took a good half hour without even going into any of them in depth! Then we digressed into what probably would have happened to the Blue Wizards, Alatar and Pallando, after the end of the War of the Ring.

Sunday Meeting Dark Age of Camelot 3:30pm ESDT, Hibernia on the Percival server.
Report from Irmo-(Valar):
Meeting report Sunday april 20, 2003
Members present:
    Alatar/Alatarv, Angrod/Aurgus, Ettoip, Gerontius Took/Gerontiustookv, Irmo/Yrma, Melkor/Morgothv, Merleau, Turgon/Turgonv.
A great attendance on this Easter Sunday!
Alatar and Gerontius received their emblemed cloak and shining armour for reaching 20th season with their first characters today. Congratulations!
We discussed the possibility of joining a befriended Guild - Lema en Estela - in a renown alliance in the future. Irmo and Melkor will do some research and chats to explore.
After the meeting tradeskill services were exchanged. Then we all joined together in a hunt in the dungeon Treibh Caillte and had a jolly good time at it

April 17, 2003
    We may be starting a page on handy elvish phrases. If any of you would like to contribute, please email Varda and include references.

Letter from Feanor: Sindarin for Thank you
Well my searches have been fruitful! Now I have not taken apart the words yet, but I found a website that had quotes from The Two Towers movie. One of them had "Hannon le". That is thankyou in Sindarin. I assume "Hannon" means thank and "le" means you. I hope this comes of use and let me know if you need anymore phrases or etc.

April 16, 2003
Letter from Feanor: Quenya for Thank you
     I have taken up a search on "thankyou" in Quenya. Now I am not suer this is right, but this is what I got. Based on information from our own Quenya page and Ardalambion, I have deduced that thankyou that is courteous would be "Hantalyë" or just "Hantal". These are both hypothetcial, but I will explain how I got them. On Beren's High Elven Page, "hanta-" is a root meaning thank. It is from "hantalë" meaning thanksgiving. Now on the Ardalambion site and the Beren's site, the suffix "lyë" means familiar you. Now I guess a thankyou to somone that is familiar would be "hantaccë". The suffix "-ccë" being you formal. As for the Sindarin thankyou, I have not begun searching because Quenya is my favorite :). Well I hope this information can be of some use. When I find the Sindarin equivalent to thankyou, I will let you know.
April 13, 2003
Sunday Meeting Battlenet, East Realm, 5pm EDST, channel Clan ValarGuild
    Members: Beleg, Caranthir, Curufinwe, Eonwe, Gwaihir, Haldir, Huan, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Early: Lungorthin dropped by briefly to let us know he exists, although grounded for the present. It's tough being a balrog.
    Visiting: CorsairOfUmbar (would like to join, friend of Beleg's and Haldir's), alonebymyself (briefly), fatman84 (fast pop in and away)

    Gerontius Took is ill. May he feel better soon.
    Tuvo/Amnon of DaoC has been back and forth from the hospital. Our best wishes attend him.

    Links page:
Middle-earth Mythology - a not-Encyclopedia and not-Discussion Board allowing readers to click on a name to add information and comments, whether from the books or movies, with or without research. It also lets the reader add characters. This can be quite a bit of fun, although not particularly reliable. He has a link to both the Encyclopedia and Annals. Page made and suggested by Morten Goodwin Olsen.
        Curufinwe reports that he is new come to the game of WC3. Have fun!
        Eonwe reports that the WC3 map contest ended today.
        Eonwe reports the new patch 1.10 is out. You'll notice a short, automatic download if you don't have it already.
    D2:LoD aka D2X:
        Eonwe reminds us that Tom Bombadil's Trading Board is available to help pass along unwanted piles of mathoms (spare items). It might also be handy for rpgers, such as EQ and DaoC members. Be sure to list your game and server if on an rpg.
        Turgon reports that the AD&D gamers were unable to meet the last two Fridays, but should be going again this Friday. Email him if you would like to enter before it has gotten far into this game. The group meets on MSN, 8pm EST. His web page is Turgon's Tolkien Site. See Online AD&D Game. Current players are Gerontius, Gwaihir, Cirdan, Turgon, and Meatloaf.

Tolkien chat:
    Topic 1:
    Curufinwe-(V): What is "Thank you" in Quenya elvish? Sindarin would also be good to know.
    We would like to set up a page of handy elvish phrases. Please email them to Varda with your reference, translation, and the language the phrase is in.

    Topic 2:  (abbreviated notes)
    Varda-(Valar): In "The Hobbit", why did Gandalf choose Bilbo Baggins instead of a Brandybuck or Took?
    Eonwe-(Valar): A Took would not have been so cautious.
    Turgon-(V): Bilbo's wits and childhood dreams of adventures. Bilbo only was cautious because he had changed, which nearly ruined Gandalf's plans.
    Gwaihir-(Valar): Had he picked someone who was more adventurous naturally, might not have worked as well. Bilbo dreamed of adventures but wasn't adventurous...sort of. Someone adventurous would not have had the caution to succeed.
    Eonwe-(Valar): Good old Bilbo and his plain hobbit sense.
    Varda-(Valar): The Valar seemed to have chosen Bilbo through Gandalf. Is this why they picked him also?
    Haldir-(V): A Took or Brandybuck may have carelessly died before the quest was finished.
    Gwaihir-(Valar): Could have been because of Frodo. Mandos had some insight into the future. and would have known Frodo needed the guidance of his adventure-tested uncle. Also, they were influenced by Gandalf's high opinion.
    Varda: and mithril coat.
    Turgon-(V): Bilbo's torll adventure resulted in finding Glamdring and Orcrist. Also, he made a delay in the Battle of Five Armies.
    Varda-(Valar): Aye, he affected the outcome of that battle, including the peace.
    (At this point, Varda/me had to leave, hospital called.)

April 9, 2003
    Links page:
Middle-earth Mythology - a not-Encyclopedia and not-Discussion Board allowing readers to click on a name to add information and comments. It also lets the reader add characters. He has a link to both the Encyclopedia and Annals. Page made and suggested by Morten Goodwin Olsen.

April 6, 2003
    Daylight Savings Time starts in the US. Our meeting on Bnet will be 5pm ESDT, which was 4pm EDT, so it's an hour earlier for those not changed.
    I have visitors, as my mother has double pneumonia and people need a place to stay while seeing her. I will try to make the meeting, maybe bring in a visitor with luck. No luck, didn't make it back from the hospital early enough. Thank you, Eonwe, for chairing the meeting!

Sunday Meeting Battle.net 5pm ESDT Meeting minutes from Eonwe:
: Tulkas, Gwaihir, Eonwë (presiding), Turgon, Haldir
Coming in during meeting: Huan via Valarguild, Elrond, Fëanor
Coming in After meeting: Varda (:})  Alatar
Guests: alonebymyself, fatman85, Cheese
Membership: 146
 Gandalf was removed from the Guild for violating our Code of Conduct.  (Some minor discussion of our Code of Conduct and what it allows followed.)
 Varda had to miss the meeting because she was visiting her mother who is sick.
 Haldir reports Beleg had to miss the meeting due to Disneyland :}
Web: The Pages were down for some reason.  For some other reason, I could not access the Yahoo DB.
    Note from Varda: Alatar accidentally deleted his folder which contained my folder which held the guild pages. I have backup files, Alatar set up the server so I could put them up (during the meeting when he heard we had a problem), humor page pictures I didn't have were sent in by Elros. We are operational again. Email if you spot where I missed! I also put up a new page to handle many emails: "Joining the Valar Guild".
    Note from Varda: DaoC: Lungorthin is now handling the DaoC web pages. Lindir is letting us keep the EZ Board
    Gerontius is now playing Dark Age of Camelot.
    Turgon tells us he hopes to be getting DAoC soon.
Tolkien chat:
     From Tulkas-  Tulkas told us he had seen on one of those entertainment shows that many movies, including Return of the King, were being rushed out sooner than originally planned due to the earlier date for the Oscars, which are set in January of next year.  This sparked his question:
  "Do you think the 3rd movie will be affected by an earlier than planned release date?"
Most seemed to agree it would not affect it much, and discussion diverged into aspects of the movies and books.
    After this was exhausted we ended up in a series of comments that led to another discussion :}

April 1, 2003
    Melkor, welcome back from vacation!
    Balin, welcome back to you too! Balin now has a new computer and finds WC3 addictive. He's also back on D2X aka D2:LoD with much less lag, also thanks to the new computer.


March 30, 2003
Sunday Meetings: Bnet, DaoC
    Bnet: Eonwe chaired. Varda was painting her house with a time limit problem.

Sunday Meeting: 5pm EST  Report of Bnet Minutes from Eonwe
Gil-Galad, Draugluin, Tulkas, Gwaihir, Eonwë (presiding)
After-meeting: Erestor
Web News:
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Kampen mellem Godhed og Ondskeb i Lord of the Rings by Nicki T. Hansen, who is working on the English translation
        Encyclopedia- "Ungoliant" by Turgon
        Tolkien Music List: all recorded or composed Tolkien inspired music
    Beta Testers for WC3:TFT  are Elros, Boromir, and Gorbag
    WC3 Map Contest
Tolkien Chat: none


    Gandalf has been removed from the Valar Guild for continuous breaking of the Code of Conduct and guild mission statement in DaoC, even after repeated warnings. This was agreed upon by the Council after evidence was presented and with a great deal of discussion.
    In DaoC: Lindir and Aredhel,  full members, quit the guild over the discord with Gandalf. Nireis also left. Lindir and Nireis are setting up a new guild, friendly with the Valar guild.

March 27, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
"Kampen mellem Godhed og Ondskab i Lord of the Rings" by Nicki T. Hansen, aka GWiZ. He is working on an English translation from the Danish now.

     WC3: Eonwe reports news from the Blizzard page, contest starts today!
Warcraft III Multiplayer Map Contest
    Attention map designers. The opportunity to have your multiplayer maps included in the retail version of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne has arrived. The final Contest winners will have their map added to The Frozen Throne CD-ROM, along with a grand prize package that includes a signed copy of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, inclusion in the game’s online credits and more.
    Click here for further details on the contest -- which will be ending on April 11th -- and click here to read the official rules. Good Luck!
    Beta testers:  Elros reports that he too is a beta tester for Frozen Throne! Elros, Boromir, and Gorbag are those we know of, for those asking how to meet each other on the beta and need names for the friend list. Go guys!!
    Boromir uses Boromir(V) in the beta. Aim MadHattaMayer  , Msn  shire12@abe.midco.net   , Emailed from: shotgun225@abe.midco.net
    Elros beta tester in the second wave.  Emailed from:
    Gorbag  Emailed from: gorbag@swirvemail.com

March 25, 2003
    Boromir, congrats on being accepted into the beta test for WarCraft 3's Frozen Throne! Have a great time! Here's his letter:
Can u give me the accounts that some of the valar use if they have the
beta.i would like to play with them. I use Boromir(V) and where can i find
peoples msn and aim. I dont know where to look it up. Or if you could just
add me my aim is MadHattaMayer msn is shire12@abe.midco.net

Email is:shotgun225@abe.midco.net thats mine shires my dads. just msn is
under his thing.

    Links pageTolkien Music List -  all the recorded or composed Middle-earth inspired music he could find, even listing bands just for having Tolkien-related names.: by Chris Seeman

March 24, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
            "Ungoliant", by Turgon-(V)

March 23, 2003
Sunday Meetings  Battle.net, Dark Age of Camelot

Sunday Meeting Battle.net, East realm, 5pm EST, channel Clan ValarGuild
    Members: Alatar, Eonwe, Beleg, Caranthir, Feanor, Glorfindel, Gwaihir, Haldir, Imrahil, Khamul, Thror, Varda (presiding) 
    After-chat:  Oropher, Tulkas/Astaldo, Turin, others.
    Briefly spotted: K4th/Elenwe
    Visitors: Turin(AoI), Cronos

Membership: 147 on Members page by Elatan
    Eonwe was operating from his friend's computer to reach the meeting. Thank you, kindly friend!
    Khamul is having internet connection problems, but managed to come to the meeting via laptop.
    Tulkas has found a way back onto D2X, even making it to the meeting! He hopes to be able to upgrade the necessary things so as to go back into EQ in the future.
    Imrahil is back! He says he has been playing in Europe with the Greeks, mostly in BroodWar's Lost Temple.
    Gerontius Took is very active now in DaoC.

    DaoC: Lindir has set up the website on what should now be a stable location, and has decided to stick with the EZBoard forum. Fine job!
    AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons text game): Turgon reporting
        Characters have been started, with a short run at playing to try them out. Since it's still early, you can easily join up as well.
        Play is Friday in MSN, starting around 6-7 to 12 EST.
        The story is recorded afterwards to Turgon's page.
    WoW (World of WarCraft rpg):
        Eonwe needs email from you if you are planning to join this group, so that he can begin the administration needed. Later is fine too, but this could be a big help. Khamul has volunteered to help.
    WC3 Frozen Throne:
        Gorbag is beta testing and found the info showing how to make a channel and guild set-up as it is currently figured. The clans/guilds will be cleared after the beta testing and the regular gaming clans will then set up.
        Eonwe is our chosen chieftain, co-ordinating the project and paperwork. When the game starts, we will have to act fast to grab our name.
At the meeting, Gwaihir and Khamul volunteered to help Eonwe. Email Eonwe if you're also interested in helping. Also, we will need a group of us gathered at the same time to take the guild/clan name.
    DaoC (Dark Age of Camelot):
        Alatar gave a discussion explaining how to join the guild without as much difficulty as he went through. Type /who Valar to find the guild and ask for help. He also told how it is played and answered questions.

    Tolkien chat started very late, in the after-chat group.
    Turin's topic: What is Bombadil? The group in the channel at the time agreed that Eru and the Valar were highly unlikely. Maia was much more likely. It was also possible that he could be one of Yavanna's protectors of the forest, similar to the Ents' function, as a life form originating at the beginning of the world.
    Turin: Did Frodo complete his quest? His answer was yes, because Frodo required Gollum to swear on the Ring not to harm him or Sam or take the Ring, on pain of jumping off a cliff or into fire. When Gollum bit off Frodo's finger, he harmed Frodo and tried to take the Ring, so the Ring enforced the oath both ways, by having Gollum fall off the cliff into the fire of Mt. Doom. It may not have realized that it was held by Gollum at the same time, since it was still on Frodo's finger leaving him the master of the Ring still. Thus it accidentally doomed itself fulfilling Frodo's command. Also, a part of Frodo, his finger, did indeed complete the quest.

March 22, 2003
    WC3 Clan Creation:
        Gorbag sent nifty screenshots of the beta version of how to build the guild branch. We are nearly there! Eonwe is the chosen chieftain and will be co-ordinating that project. Please email him with your ideas!

March 21, 2003
        The DaoC website has moved to its new location.

March 18, 2003
    Khamul sent an email letting us know he's still okay, but is having problems reaching the internet. He says to keep his name active and he'll be back as soon as possible.

March 17, 2003
    Gerontius Took's daughter had surgery today, so expect him to be less active in the guild for awhile. Good luck!

March 16, 2003
Sunday Meetings: Battlenet, Dark Age of Camelot  

Sunday Meeting Battlenet 5pm EST, East Realm, closed. Channel Clan ValarGuild
    Members: Ancalagon, Beleg, Caranthir, Daeron, Elrond, Eonwe/Fionwe, Glorfindel, Gwaihir, Haldir, Turgon, Turin, Varda (presiding)
    Visitor: Kor-Masterbarb aka Gotr-Uldor, looking for a duel and not getting it as the guild doesn't duel

Membership: 147 active, full members listed on Members page
    New members since last meeting: Aredhel and Elladan joined on DaoC. Beleg and Haldir joined on Battle.net.
    Beleg and Haldir said their "few words".
    Huan had to miss the meeting, to visit his grandmother, a worthy reason! He has started on the Middle-earth mod of D2X.

Web: nothing new reported
        Guild hunt now each Sunday after the regular meeting on DaoC.
        Turgon's group is starting Friday March 21 or Saturday March 22. It will begin on Bnet and intends to eventually move to MSN. Watch his web page for more info.

    Turin wrote in Quenya and gave us the translation of this original work:
        Night has come and no one can stop it
        but don't give up all hope
        for day shall come again
        and to those who are faithful
        the light shall shine more greatly.

    Topic from DaoC group: Did elves participate actively in the Third Age?
        Turin - helped Arnor against Angmar.
                 - role in the Battle of Five Armies
        Gwaihir - Legolas.  (That one word was enough to cover a ton of discussion!)
        Elrond - elves sat, didn't fight Angmar. Elrond didn't help or house the dwarves and Bilbo on their mission. Wood elves and Lorien didn't fight Dol Guldur in the war.
        Gwaihir - Elrodn helped organize and supply the Fellowship.
        Turgon - Lothlorien threatened Sauron so gondor didn't have to pull more weight.
        Turin - they sat somtimes for sure.
        Turgon - they suffered three attacks from the remains of Dol Guldur.
        Gwaihir- Galadriel constantly angered Sauron by being unreadable.
        Turgon - as was Elrond in Imladris.
        Elrond - Gildor didn't scare the nazgul away.
        Gwaihir - Glorfindel saved Frodo's life. Elrond saved his life as well.
        Turin - Elrond fostered heirs of Isildur.
        Ancalagon - elves were active just in more supportive roles.
        Turgon - Cirdan gave Narya to Gandalf.
        Ancalagon - elves didn't have numbers to field large armies.

    Topic from Eonwe: What continuing Valar influence might be likely in the Fourth Age, if any?
        (Since I got into this one a good bit, I didn't have time to jot down the comments. It was quite lively and interesting.)
March 10, 2003
    Aredhel, Welcome to the Valar Guild! She is from Canada, EST. She joined the DaoC branch, but also has EQ, SC, and Diablo. She's read the H, LotR, Sil, and UT. Her score on Irmo's test was an impressive 5/5. Her favorite LotR character is Sam, because he gives hope for common folk of good heart and loyalty.
    DaoC announcement from Irmo:
From now on we will have a Guild hunt each sunday starting at 3:30-3:45 =
PM EST, depending on the amount of Guild announcements. All members are =
welcome to join. Depending the attendance we can form multiple parties =
from different seasons
March 9, 2003
Sunday Meetings:  Battlenet, Dark Age of Camelot

Sunday Meeting Battle.net East Realm, channel Clan Valarguild, 5pm EST
    Members: Caranthir, Eonwe (DB), Feanor, GerontiusTook, Gwaihir, Gorbag, Turgon, Varda
    Visitors: FingolfinlLotrl, FeanorLotR (both joined)
    DB: Eonwe, Turgon
    After meeting: Shagrat

    Haldir-V, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Haldir is 13, from California, USA in the PST. He is also FingolfinlLotRl. He plays SC/BW, D2X, sometimes Age of Empires, and plays nearly daily. He has AIM, using MagicBaller21. He's read the H and LotR. His favorite character in LotR is Eowyn because she killed the Witch-king. He completed his test March 8 with Varda, chose his name March 9 after the meeting, a name suggested by Caranthir-V.
    Beleg-V, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Haldir scouted, bringing his friend FeanorLotR. Beleg is 13, from California, USA in the PST. He plays mostly SC, sometimes D2X, mostly on weekends. He uses Aim as jingohunter. He's read the H, LotR, and Sil. His favorite character in LotR is Gwaihir, because he is so above everything, almost invincible. Beleg joined the guild after the meeting, Varda testing.
    Elladan, Welcome to the Valar Guild! He met the DaoC folk where he joined, tested by Irmo after the DaoC meeting. He is 17, from the USA, PST. He plays DaoC, SC, and Diablo. He has read the H and LotR. His favorite character is Frodo, for his courage to take on difficult challenges, and to not take the easiest paths.

    Argon joined this week also, see his report on March 8.
    Boromir had to take a course, missing the meeting, but sends his regards.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia: Non-human Intelligences: "Draugluin" by ~Maglor-V
        Eonwe will be the Chieftain for the guild, assuming we and Blizzard manage to make it. We will need to make it right away, with Eonwe and nine other players to be sure to grab our name. Currently Blizzard is only offering us a 4 character name. We might use V or Vala, waiting to see. Vala is the singular of Valar.
    AD&D: report by GerontiusTook and Turgon
        Three people are confirmed to play, another said by email he would also like to play. Players don't have to be from the Valar Guild. Gerontius will be making his character Thursday, playing Saturday.
        We now have a name for Guild members to play public cow games, CowRaid1, CowRaid2, etc. This is much more fun than the impersonal, strictly public games. It works best for just a few members. If we have a lot of members, some can be left behind, so it is best to play in the regular guild games or add a -C to the game name. We had a suggestion (please remind me who) that we could also have a special passworded game for outsiders to join us. If they are potential recruits, we can use the game we already have for them.
        Caution: While testing the CowRaid out, we found a public player who went hostile, then without our member agreeing to it, killed that member and stole the poison resist charms out of his inventory, not bothering the items on his body. This has to be a hack. He did not manage to kill the other member since that one instantly left the game when the player went hostile, having seen what happened to the other only seconds before. It all happened very fast.
Tolkien:  chat held in Bnet
    Feanor-V's topic: Who is Gil-galad's father: Haldir, Orodreth, or Fingon?
    It is interesting to note that although the definitive Silmarillion has Fingon clearly as the father, Tolkien had other thoughts about who it could have been instead. Feanor also gave an interesting discussion about how Ereinon and Gil-galad could be two different people.

March 8, 2003
    Argon, welcome to the Valar Guild! Argon aka Arakano, is 19, from Canada in EST, read the H and LotR, and joined the guild from Dark Age of Camelot as member 21. He speaks a little Quenya. Gandalf scouted, Irmo tested. Argon plays DaoC, Anarchy Online, and EQ. His favorite LotR character is Fangorn, old and uses simple logic.

March 7, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Non-human Intelligences:
            "Draugluin" - new article by ~Maglor
            "Lungorthin, Names for Role-playing" by Irmo-(Valar).
Accidentally put in the wrong place earlier, now in its own location.

March 2, 2003
Sunday Meeting BattleNet, Yahoo Chat, DaoC

Sunday Meeting Battlenet East Realm 5pm EST channel Clan ValarGuild
Attending: report by Turgon
Alatar, Cirdan, Draugluin, Elenwe (came in as K4th), Eonwe, Thror, FarmerMaggot, GerontiusTook, Gwaihir, Huan (through Valarbuddy), Irmo, Turin, Turgon, Varda (presiding).
    After meeting: Gildor, Thror (Bain's account was actually being used by Cirdan)
    Visitor: Ex-Irmo honored us with a visit as Dreamer_79
    Discussion Board chat room: many tried to come in, but the board was buggy. Eonwe, the many-times dropped, came up with this list:
Amillo_v/Elatan, bunbunminilop, Celeborn-v, draugluin_v,  Eonwe_Valar, Farmer_Maggot_v, gandalf_valar2003, gerontiustook_v, Irmo_v, Turgon_v, Varda_Valar, chubchub_02, Dreamer_78 
Membership: 142 full members listed on the Members page by Elatan
    Amlaith has made it back online after moving to a new home. We enjoyed his company in D2X after the meeting.
Web: see gaming
    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons online text game is being set up. Email Turgon if you'd like to play, and check his web page for more info.
    NeverWinter Nights LotR map, on a web page utilizing some of Elatan's Annals of Arda material such as his text and drawn map, needs players.
    WarCraft3 Frozen Throne beta testers, 10,000 of them, have been selected and will be recieving email notification shortly.
    We adjourned to the Yahoo chat, after one of the shortest Bnet business meetings in history, to join the DaoC and any other non-Bnet Tolkien or full members for what we hope to be a monthly get-together for a Tolkien chat. A great many members had difficulty entering, or once there, found the chat very buggy. At least some members under 13 were blocked from the chat. Those who could chat had some really good Tolkien talk.
    So we are considering another means, perhaps a chat or IRC from Mirabilis, now called ICQ.com perhaps using the old MiRC script from Beren/Tulkas or another method. Experiments and suggestions for an easy PC/Mac supporting well-nigh bug-free meeting spot are welcome. Email Varda with suggestions.


Feb. 28, 2003
    AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) online: Turgon and Gerontius Took have set up this page on Turgon's site for those interested.
     Amlaith's real life move is complete and he emails that he is trying to come back online with us.
    For those in the USA interested in model rockets, help is needed to correct the Homeland Security Act. Link from Meriadoc-(V). 

Feb. 26, 2003
    Lindir's DaoC page is now the official Valar Guild branch Dark Age of Camelot home page.
    Tolkien Chat Sunday:
        The DaoC group intends to be in the Yahoo chat room this coming Sunday for Tolkien. Battlenet will try to make their business meeting very short and move to the chat board right away. DaoC group's suggested topics so far are:
1. How are the books of Tolkien (LOTR/SIL/HOME etc.) related? In what order can they best be read?
2. Why did the High-elves of Middle Earth not participate actively in the War of the Rings? Why did they limit themselves to defending their homely regions? (With the explainable exception of Elrond's sons)
3. The Eldar and the Numenorean-related humans sometimes have the power of foresight and hindsight, seeing what is hidden both in future and past. Do we have examples that even hobbits can have that ability?

Eonwe of Battlenet also suggests this topic for one of our chats:

What form do you think the guidance of the Valar will take in the future, or do you think mankind will be on its own until the End?

Feb. 25, 2003
    NeverWinter Nights:
        A new Tolkien map for NWN is available on Lands of Arda. The map and Lands of Arda site was created partly copying Tolkien info from Annals of Arda, the companion encyclopedia by Elatan fka Amillo to our Tolkien Encyclopedia, and Elatan kindly sent us the URL.  I hope they give Elatan credit for his work at some point; at least we can do so! The map continues to have more add-ins, the nazgul module most recently.
    We need beta-testers to send in reviews to Eonwe to remain on the Games page; if a copy is also sent to Varda, I can also put in a mention on the News.

Feb. 24, 2003
    Tolkien book:
     Turin told about a new book he had bought, Tolkien's World from A to Z, the Complete Guide to Middle-earth.  He hopes it will help him do Tolkien articles, with ideas and leads to where the original info can be found. It's sometimes entertaining when doing the original research with such books as leads to catch the errors that tend to creep in such books.  With luck and our hundreds of eyes, may we continue to keep adding to and correcting our own Tolkien Encyclopedia

Feb. 23, 2003
Sunday Meetings: Battlenet, DaoC  
Sunday Meeting Battle.net 5:00 PM EST
Attending: Report from Gwaihir
    Alatar, Bain, Beor, Draugluin, Cirdan, Elrond, Eonwe (DB), Erestor, Eru, FarmerMaggot, GerontiusTook, Gwaihir (roll), Huan, Isildur (popped in and out), Maedhros, Thror, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
Membership: Members page by Elatan shows 142
    New Members since last meeting: Faramir of DaoC, Caranthir of Bnet.
    Haleth changed his name to Angrod.

    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Dwarves: "Bombur" by ~Maglor

    World CyberGames: Includes Blizzard games. See Draugluin's report Feb 17  We somehow sidetracked and did not get to discuss this as we had hoped.
    D2X: First successfully completed D2X Quest for Four game.
    NWN: no report
    DaoC: See DaoC  

    Gerontius Took's topic: What were the large statues on the river, and the small statues at the entrance to the Paths of the Dead?
        The Argonath: Isildur and Anarion. They were Numenorian kings, ancestors of Aragorn's.
        Pukel-men, also called Druadan, Woses. The people of Ghan-buri-ghan.
    Erestor's topic: The making of the dwarves by Aule. His error, Eru's reaction, Aule's response, Eru's response. The fate of the dwarves. In the Letters of JRR Tolkien, the mates of the dwarves were present as well, treated the same.
    We worked some more to help members go into the Yahoo Discussion Board chat room. More are making it in.
    Those who made it into DB that Eonwë jotted down are: Varda, Irmo, Eru, Elrond_v_peredhil, chubchub_02, crazy_jackrabbit_stoopid_weezal, Aragorn_valarguild, bananakid225
    A number of these are the email names of members, which showed up instead of their guild names. chubchub is Thror, crazy jackrabbit is the old Cirdan, bananakid is Khamul.

Meeting report Valar/DaoC Sunday februari 23, 2003

Members present Gandalf/Olorinv, Irmo/Yrma (pres.), Lindir/Raime, Lungorthin/Raukov.

Membership: Yojimba chose Faramir as his Guildname. Our Valarguild member of honour Rose Cotton joined with her DaoC-character Arowenv. Big welcome to her, being the RL daughter of Orome. (For those that are unaccustomed: “members of honour” in the Valarguild – like Falathar and Rose Cotton, are members – sons/daughters of older members – who are young enough not to be a regular member (at the discretion of parents).
We now have 17 members at Valar-DaoC!

Funding: Due to expenses for advancing various tradeskills  we now have 200 g left in the Guild bank.
About 9 characters are in their mid-twenties now and will soon be needing new equipment. Level 30 equipment easily costs 200 g. Until now, the Guild has had no financial worries, thanks especially to Melkor and Orome sponsoring. Of course, at a given moment - being now - the Guild has to try and stand on its own two legs.
The following measures were proposed to further improve Guild economy:
- Members are asked to “buy locally”. If you buy from Guild crafters it is cheaper for you, while the crafters can advance their skills that way.
- Members are asked – especially from 25th season onward – not to sell any armour or weapons they find to the NPC’s (if the item will not be used), but to sell/give them to Yrma for salvaging.
- Services of Guildcrafters like Gandie (Gandalf), Yrma and Austi (Melkor) have until now been mostly free for members, this policy however can only be sustained for members whose main characters are younger than 20th season.

We agreed that everybody is free to follow their heart as to tradeskills, but the Guild cannot support all crafters.
We agreed on the following list of “main” Guildcrafters, whose skills will be supportable by Guild financing:
- Spellcraft:     1. Gandie (Gandalf), 2. Aldaronv (Orome)
- Alchemy:     1. Tamoin (Tuvo), 2. Aziriphael (Lindir)
- Fletching:    1. Raime (Lindir)
- Weapons:    1. Austi (Melkor)
- Tailor:        1. Olorinv (Gandalf), 2. Chrysophilax (Nireis)
- Armour:    1. Yrma (Irmo), 2. Almaen (Lindir)
The list is based on present skills and commitments.
If your crafter is not on this list, but should be, please holler. If your crafter is on this list but should not be, please holler <chuckles>.
If you want to exercise a tradeskill, but are not on this list (which contains 2 crafters per skill maximally), you would do wisely to advance the skill in such a way that it does not cost you money, but actually earns you an income (by doing craft consignments). For now, it would be rather inefficient, if for instance we were all starting on alchemy/spellcrafting (no tasks: devours your income).

Next meeting: Sunday march 2, 3:30 PM EST, followed by the Tolkien chat, in the Yahoo Discussion Board Chat Room, at 5 PM EST.

Feb. 20, 2003

    Letter from Michael Bowman of Vivendi Universal, concerning our use of Tolkien book names in Dark Age of Camelot and elsewhere, for characters and websites:
Bowman, Mike wrote:
> Houghton Mifflin is the exclusive U.S. publisher for these line of 
> books. I am sorry, but I do not know who would be able to grant you
> license (if
> anyone) to use the names.
> Check this site for more info
> http://www.houghtonmifflinbooks.com/features/lordoftheringstrilogy/
> We only do some of the software games for these titles. EA also has a line.
> I would assume there are many, many places where this is broken up and I
> don't know if you will ever find the proper person who can say for sure if
> you are allowed to use the names for non-profit or not.
> Michael Bowman
> Manager Online Support
> Vivendi Universal
    Note from Varda: The above Houghton Mifflin link also has bits of Tolkien info.

    Caranthir, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Caranthir was scouted by his real-life friend (and now father!), Feanor.  He came in on BroodWar as Finwe_ and tested across two different days with Varda. He is 15, from Louisiana, USA, in CST. He's read the H, LotR, and some of the Sil. He plays SC/BW. He used to play Age of Mythology, but is not currently. He has been on from once to three times a week in Bnet. His favorite LotR character is Legolas.

    D2X report: from Varda
I have the pleasure of reporting the first successfully completed Quest for Four in D2X:
Team Score: 35
Tie-breaking number if needed: 203,224

Bain's assassin (lag, dropped a number of times, but completed!): 8 with 38,000
Gelmir's druid: 9 with 56,792
Thror's sorceress: 9 with 50,880
Varda's amazon, found bow early: 9 with 57,552

Feb. 17, 2003
    Gaming Contest: Letter from Draugluin:
  A bit of gaming news to pass along, and I didn't want to forget it before next Sunday. The World Cyber Games, a kind of Olympics for video games, are about to begin signing up entries. In fact they may have already started. The world finals are being held in Seoul, South Korea next November, and the grand prize is $20,000. The point is, Brood War and Warcraft 3 are two of the "events" in this year's games, along with other games like Counterstrike and Age of Mythology. Thought I'd send this along, since maybe some of our guild's game masters would like to take a shot at this. 50 or so countries participate, so pretty much everyone can enter. Finally, the web site is http://www.worldcybergames.org/. Hope to see some Valar members there!

Namarie, Draugluin Wolfsire

Feb. 18, 2003
    A Yahoo chat problem solution? Letter from Scatha:
    I just tried it, and I think I have found the problem people are having.
    They are running WindowsXP and need to have Java installed.  Microsoft does not offer a download for this (although there was a court injunction against them on this particulare issue)
    Java can be downloaded from here: http://java.sun.com/webapps/download/Redirect/25697325/5847479377282807053505607246086069333228071972022813600060132859339008063305596058473206-3865/j2re-1_4_1_01-windows-i586.exe
    I'll install java before I format.. having some puter problems 8-/

    His follow-up letter:
I installed java from the Sun microsystems site and it doesnt want to work with yahoo's java chat client.  Go figure.
Heres microsofts java page: http://www.microsoft.com/java/
And microsofts java resources page (download their version): http://www.microsoft.com/isapi/gosupport.asp?TARGET=/support/java/default.asp
They sure made it interesting on how to get java to work on WinXP.. 8-/


Scatha continues on the Discussion Board.

Feb. 17, 2003
    Caution: Varda's computer may be infected with a virus, probably Worm-Klez. I do not send attachments of programs, screenshots, or anything else. If you see such a fake email, please do not open the attachment! Delete it right away, even out of your trash.
    Haleth-(V) has changed his name to Angrod-(V).
    Isildur has a new email. He's been moving to a new home, working overtime, and getting his high-speed internet connection  going. Good luck drawing a deep breath!
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Dwarves: "Bombur" new article by ~Maglor.

Feb. 16, 2003
Sunday Meetings: Bnet, DaoC

Sunday Meeting Battle.net 5pm EST East Realm, Clan ValarGuild
    Members (21):  (report coming from Raukoluin) (partial report here from Varda): Aragorn, Beor, Daeron, Dior, Draugluin/Raukoluin, Elrond, Eru, FarmerMaggot, Feanor, Finwe, Gwaihir, Huan, Irmo, Khamul, Lungorthin/Nimraug, Shagrat, Thingol/Singollo, Thror, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Visitors: Elquesodebarabo/the)cheese, Finwe_, Riddermark (last two interested in joining)
    Discussion Board chat room:  (report coming from Thror)

Membership: 141 on Members page by Elatan
    Gerontius Took emailed to say he'd be on the road during the meeting.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Elves: "Haldir" by ~Maglor 
    Story Page:
        "Keeping Faith", a Valentine's Day story from Eonwe-(Valar) 
    Guild-Wide Story:
        Now in frames. Eonwe has added How-to helps.
    Second Discussion Board:
        Shagrat made a new Discussion Board, simple and no ads, which he is offering. This is the early version while we consider it. It shows no chat, so we would have to stick with the Yahoo chat, but could be easier to work with on typed messages. Comments on whether you would like to use it, please send to Varda. If you want to join it now, go to
the site and register. Shagrat is the current moderator.
    WC3: Frozen Throne:  Sign-ups for beta continue through Friday.
        Letter from Khamul:
     Not sure if you have heard yet but the Frozen
throne beta testers may not release any information
about the game. Im sorry to tell you about this but it
is in the contract if you sign up, so the guild will
not beable to write out any story about this without
being sued by the state of california. Also my
computer crashed thursday and i cant get it fixed till
probably monday. Hope to see you on b.net soon..
    NeverWinter Nights:
        Email report from GerontiusTook-V:
    This is only a suggestion but it will help guild members get together on NWN.  What Turgon-V and I did was make Game Arda and use guild password on action tab and would suggest that be the format for any guild members playing on NWN.  I.E. use same names as Guild Diablo 2X games and same password.  Hopefully this will help us to play together more often.
Gerontius Took
        Ulmo-(Valar) has reached level 61 and been accepted by Alliance of Hope. He is willing to help guild members who come into EQ. Please help keep our EverQuesters page updated so we can find each other with friend lists. Taglos is also willing to help out.

    Dungeons & Dragons:
        Turgon is trying to start up an online D&D game, working out details. He needs to know if there is interest. The amount of interest will influence how it is set up. Email him if you would like to do this.

The Experiment:
    The news part of the business meeting was brief, so that we could work on an experiment. We need to see if we can get all our battle.net members into the Yahoo Discussion Board chat. It was a mess. Some had never used the DB, some had problems with the applet. Please practice to see if you can get in during the week. We would like to try to conduct Tolkien chat there to include Tolkien members who do not come on bnet or whose CD's are broken and other disasters. The chat is a place we can reach from any computer without a CD.
    Using Explorer, we can use a microphone and have voice capability. Eru demonstrated during our chat.
    I did not find a voice capability on my Netscape browser, but the newer one might have it. Tell me if you know.
     To reach the Discussion Board, go to the index for the guild pages/ Tolkien/ Discussion Board. Then sign in. If you need an invitation, email Varda.
    Be absolutely sure to uncheck the advertising boxes on Yahoo! They send a huge amount of spam otherwise. Do this by clicking Account Info found in the top right. Then go to Membership Information and uncheck all those boxes. Also note the Newsgroup link, go there, and unclick all those boxes.
    Turgon and Raukoluin: applet for chat would not download.
    Daeron: chat screen came up too small to read.
    Please email Varda with solutions to chat problems (including ones you solved) to post on News. 

Meeting report Valar/DaoC Sunday februari 16, 2003
Report from Irmo-(Valar), the Incredibly Hard-Working 

Members present:  Angrod/Aurgus, Gandalf/Olorinv, Irmo/Yrma (pres.), Lindir/Raime, Lungorthin/Raukov, Orome/Aldaronv, Tuvo/Amnon, Yojimba.

Membership: A warm welcome to Yojimba, who was invited into the DaoC Guild by Lungorthin and passed the 5 entry questions! Yojimba will yet choose his Guildname. And a warm welcome to Lady Nireis, who was invited to Daoc-Valar by Gandalf, and is currently reading LOTR.
Amnon reached his 20th season and was ceremonially handed his emblem-engraved cloak and shield during the meeting. We agreed this ceremonial will from now on be customary for all characters upon reaching 20th season. Reaching 20th is not only momentous because of emblem rights, but also because at that age members start being able to defend the realm.
We now have 16 members at Valar-DaoC!

Web page: Big cheers went out to Lindir the Formidable, whose new Valar-DaoC www-page is a very beautiful site indeed! Lindir told about his plans for further augmentations. Please send him your screenshots!

Tradeskills:  Be sure to type [ /webdisplay trades on ] for your crafter, when in game! Everyone is free to follow their hearts regarding tradeskills. But, after reaching 650, specialization is necessary within the Guild. Advancing from there is very expensive, and is in need of Guild support. Alchemy and spellcraft need support from the start as it is, though tasking might be implemented at a next patch. As yet, only Olorinv (Tailor) and Yrma (Armour) are beyond level 650.

Funding: Due to expenses for advancing various tradeskills  we now have 330 g left in the Guild bank.

Topic: How do we organize our Tolkien commitments?
Discussion treated 3 dilemma’s: preparation (prepared in advance or spontaneous), frequency (weekly vs. monthly), place (DaoC/B.net/Yahoo Chatroom). We reached the following agreement to be put to the b.net community as a proposal: Monthly Tolkien chats, well-prepared in advance, in the Yahoo chatroom. Let’s see if both the DaoC and B.net communities are prepared to leave their worlds and go there for discussing Tolkien. Time: 5 PM EST, with the request to the B.netters if they would hold their business meeting after the chat. If that is not possible we could for instance choose 4 PM EST. First combined Tolkien chat would be March 2nd, to be prepared by one DaoC-er and one B.netter.
Business meetings for DaoC-Valar will continue to take place every sunday in Mag Mell at 3:30 PM EST. To be kept short and to the point. “Oromesque” so to speak <grin>.
Suggestions by Amnon were discussed: to organize a tutoring of new members by experienced members, both regarding Tolkien and gaming, and to stimulate reading Tolkien by giving out “research” consignments for those who would like to advance Guild-ranks that way. Members present agreed on these suggestions, but how to organize this? Will be further discussed by mail.

Next meeting: Sunday februari 23, 3:30 PM EST.

Feb. 16, 2003
    Faramir, Welcome to the Valar Guild!
Faramir is a real-life friend of Lungorthin's who joined us from Dark Age of Camelot.  He's on DaoC around five times a week. He's 19, but celebrates his 20th birthday on Feb 18. He's from the USA, in CST. His ICQ is 140222253  He's read the LotR. Lungorthin scouted, Irmo-(Valar) gave the entry test. Faramir's favorite LotR character is Legolas.

Feb. 15, 2003
        Lindir has his new DaoC page up.

Feb. 13, 2003
    Story page:
        "Keeping Faith":
I've been mulling this story over in my head for the last couple of weeks, and as time passed it only seemed fitting that it should be typed up and ready to be posted for Valentine's Day.  I hope I have done justice to the tale from which this is extended. Well, Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers in the Guild :}Take care :} Eonwë
    Guild-Wide Story:
        Now in Frame format. Non-frames is also an option.
    WC3: Frozen Throne: report from Eonwe
        Beta signups
for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne begin tomorrow (Friday 14th) and run through next Friday :}

Feb. 11, 2003
        Web: The DaoC guild is now listed on its own page in The Camelot Herald  listing members and their stats, picked up directly from the game with a slight delay.
        Ulmo has found a spot in The Alliance of Hope, and is now a level 61 wood elf  Warder. The group is not yet listed on Guild Magic.

Feb. 10, 2003
    NeverWinter Nights:
        Tip from GerontiusTook:
This is only a suggestion but it will help guild members get together on NWN.  What Turgon-V and I did was make Game Arda and use guild password on action tab and would suggest that be the format for any guild members playing on NWN.  I.E. use same names as Guild Diablo 2X games and same password.  Hopefully this will help us to play together more often.
Gerontius Took

Feb. 9, 2003
Sunday Meetings:  Battlenet and NWN; Dark Age of Camelot

Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, East Realm, Battle.net, channel Clan ValarGuild
Attending: roll report by Turgon sent Tuesday
Alatar (late), Bain (after meeting), Beorn, Curufin (came in before meeting, had a hockey game, couldn't stay), Dain (after meeting), Draugluin, Elenwe, Elrond, Eonwe (was also on DB), Erestor (late), Eru, FarmerMaggot, Gerontius Took, Gil Galad, Gwaihir, Khamul, Lungorthin (came in after meeting, was also on DaoC), Thingol, Thror, Turgon, Varda (preciding).

Gotr-Uldor, Ibun (was quite a nuisance), Telchar, ThesilverDragon (didn't stay for whole meeting).
    (Varda notes):
    Telchar would have been banned, had he stayed longer, for channel misbehavior.
    Ibun and Gotr-Uldor are the same person, his BW character has been muted before he met us. He is trying to join the guild and working on getting members to recommend him. Chair and co-chair considered him to be currently unsuitable for guild material, but he might learn.
    TheSilverDragon was polite.
    DB chat room: Eonwe, Thror 

    New members:
        Celeborn (DaoC) Feb. 1, 2003
        Bain (D2X, NWN) Feb. 2, 2003
        Cirdan (D2X, NWN) Feb. 2, 2003
        GerontiusTook (D2X, NWN)  Feb. 6, 2003
    DaoC hobbits:
        Two new folks are now playing with the guild in DaoC, Ettoip and Kirryn
, with hobbit status. Good luck to them on their tests!
   GerontiusTook-V, new member playing in D2X and NWN, said his few words.
    Elatan, welcome back from your ski trip!
    Curufin dropped by before the meeting and said hi. Time won't allow him to stay for the meeting, so he does this. Good thought.
    Bain-V came to the meeting too late to give his few words this time, but we'll catch him yet. Cirdan was not home during the meeting.
    Shagrat dropped by after the meeting in the meeting channel, in D2X. He says hi and that he has sax lessons during the meeting. He is in three bands. He is doing his part by keeping the Music going! He hopes to be on a lot for the next few days, so be sure to look him up!
    Melkor will be vacationing to warmer climes from Feb 12 to March 30 and asks us to hold all emails until his return He gives Orome his proxy.. Have a great time!

    Server space:
Shagrat kindly offered free server space to the Valar Guild web pages. With Alatan, Bombadil, and Shagrat all giving space, we are a very lucky guild indeed!
    Guild-wide story:
        Now in progress. Please be sure to email Eonwe, coordinator, to let him know you would like to participate. The first two installments are up.
    Humor Page - New Links:
        Messages that Two Towers characters might have left on their answering machines. Link suggested by Meriadoc-(V) via email
        Engrish the Two Towers Captions: Captions garbled as if translated between Japanese and English as so often used to occur in service manuals. Link suggested at the meeting by Gelmir-(V) Good movie photos.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
            "Hama" article by ~Maglor
            "Legolas" article by Varda-(Valar)
            "Arda" article by Varda-(Valar)
            "Wargs" article by Varda-(Valar)
    Names and Encyc: massive additions by Eonwe-(Valar). He's been taking notes while re-reading:

    NeverWinter Nights:
        Gerontius asked the question a number of us were wondering about. How do we get together for a NWN game? It seems you have to know the name of the game you want to play, then that particular game has a channel. I suggest getting together in a bnet channel, agreeing on the game name there, then changing suits to go to that game on NWN where the next game name can be agreed on. Also, use the NWN friend list. Names mentioned in the meeting as operating on NWN or about to were:

    Dark Age of Camelot will soon be operating its own News page, since Elatan-(Valar) has returned. He and Lindir-(V) are doing linked sites, in time-honored Valar Guild tradition. No DaoC folk dropped by bnet after their meeting.
    Topic from Varda: What influences from the Valar can be found in the Lord of the Rings?
        Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, and Frodo was meant to inherit it legally.
        Actions by the Istari, who were Maiar, especially Gandalf.
        Visions: Sent, among others, to Faramir, Boromir, Frodo  

Dark Age of Camelot - Sunday meeting:
Irmo's introduction:
Hail ye all!
A very warm welcome to Ettoip and Kirryn who joined our ranks this week, invited by Melkor and Haleth.
And a very warm welcome to our maia Lungorthin, who joined us in game in Hibernia yesterday with his eldritch-to-be, Nimraugv.
We now have 13 members at Valar-DaoC, all of them very active, check the attachments:
The meeting report - attached - gives you a nice impression of how incredibly well we are all doing for a Guild that is not even a month old! Thanks to you all for your fantastic commitment! Be sure to check the links to the Camelot Herald, where our Guild now proudly appears on the official DaoC pages!
The list of members - also attached - has mostly been updated by me taking notes in-game. It is therefore bound to be full of mistakes and omissions:). Please send us your updates folks! Cannot have enough of them!
I am deeply grateful to Varda and Eonwe, who are so kind as to update the Valar Motherguild pages with our news and results. Even when keeping us organized on B.net takes so much of their time as it is. <bows deeply>
Poor Elatan will have tons of page-updating to do when he returns form skiing. I hope Lindir's page is coming along too. The screenshots from our Thidranki adventure are great, Lindir, thanks! Lots of laughter by Almaen's head on the bottom of the Albion river:). For those of you that don't have it: to open Lindir's screenies, goto http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm, and download the free program winrar3.11.
Hope to greet you all soon again,

Main Meeting:
Meeting report Valar/DaoC Sunday februari 9, 2003

Members present:  Haleth/Aurgus, Ettoip, Irmo/Yrma (pres.), Lindir/Raime, Melkor/Morgothv, Nain/Nainin, Orome/Aldaronv.

Membership: A warm welcome to Ettoip and Kirryn, who were invited into the DaoC Guild by Haleth and Melkor! Kirryn is the rl wifemate of Haleth/Aurgus, while Ettoip is a rl friend of Haleth.
Amnon is back from Australia and was seen in a group with Irmo/Yrma and Melkor/Andr. Welcome back! Elatan is coming back from skiing monday 10. Melkor will be going on holiday and will be away from computer starting wednesday 12 until late in march.
Lungorthin came in later during the day with Nimraugv, who was properly invited and set at his due rank of maia! That was when most Valar were in Thidranki (more about that below), but we will meet again mellon!
We now have 13 members at Valar-DaoC!

Tradeskills:  With Olorin (Gandalf, cloth, 650), Yrma (Irmo, reinforced, 650) and Almaen (Lindir, scale, 555) we now have the armour pretty much covered. Nainin (Nain) and Azriphael (Lindir) have started on alchemy, both at about 400. Gandie’s spellcraft is nearing 600, and he rocks, imbueing for all of us. Andr’s weaponcraft is now at 555!
All in all an incredible result for a Guild that is less than a month old!
Be sure to set [ /webdisplay trades on ] for your crafter, when in game! Yrma, Almaen and Raime now are shown proudly on the Camelot Herald ranking! Thanks to Lindir for the tip. Check it out here: The Camelot Herald

Funding: Melkor donated yet another 100 g this week, so we now have 500 g for Guild funding!

1. Technical game discussion on rams, siege, siegecraft and siegemaster’s. We have no expert in the Guild. Nain kindly suggested a friend of him could prepare a lecture for us. We also will look into what is on the websites about this.
2. Should friends who are invited into the Guild be allowed to wear the emblem, while they have not done the 5 questions (yet)? A question with many aspects, many of them discussed at meeting. We agreed that the Guild leadership will prepare a proposal for next meeting.

Muire quest:  Gandalf, Irmo, Lindir, Melkor, Aurgus and Kirryn have finished this challenge during last week!

Thidranki adventure: After the meeting Haleth/Aurgus, Ettoip, Irmo/Yrma, Lindir/Almaen and Melkor/Andr went together into Thidranki, the 21-24 battlegrounds, to defend the realm against Midgard and Albion. We succeed in forming a Hibernian main force of – in the end – two fighting groups (16 players), and 5 scouts. Even then we were massacred by huge numbers of enemies. Hibernians were lead by Yrma and Andr. Goto The Camelot Herald: Guild Registry, and see the result for Valar!
Almaen already sent you his delicious screenshots.

Next meeting: Sunday februari 16, 3:30 PM EST

Feb. 7, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
         Elves: "Legolas", article by Varda-(Valar)
         Places: "Arda", article by Varda-(Valar)
         Animals: "Wargs", article by Varda-(Valar) 

Feb. 6, 2003
    Gerontius Took, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Gerontius, the Old Took, found our web site while looking for a NeverWinter Nights group. NWN guys, take note! He liked the Tolkien and legitness of our group and found us in the play channel on D2X, passing his test with Varda 5/5. He's 46, from Georgia, USA, in the EST. He currently plays NWN and D2X daily or ever other day. His favorite character in LotR is Gandalf, the smoke-ring blower who both enjoys himself and helps.
    We had a Menelvagor sighting! Congratulations for your new internet connection (or friend's connection), in your new California home.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Mankind: "Hama" - new article by ~Maglor (not guild).
      Additons to Names and/or Encyc mentions or articles of characters by Eonwe-(Valar) (some repeats):
            [Men]: Eomund, Eorl, Eothain (article, especially needed after movie played around with name), Erkenbrand, Gamling, Garulf, Hama, Thengel
            [Orcs]: Ugluk, Grishnakh, Lugdush, Snaga, Mauhur,
            [Hobbits]: Gerontius Took,
            [Ents]: Beechbone, Fimbrethil
            [Plants]: Rowan trees   
            [Elves]: Legolas
            [Animals]: Felarof, Firefoot, Snowmane
            [Maiar]: Gandalf 
        Hobbit page: Varda added an ABC bar at the top for navigation aid, now that this page has gotten so long. This seems to have worked ok on the Elves and Men page. Feedback on this navigation system is requested. If it is not good enough even with the browser's Search at the top, I will begin work on something more space-intensive for the server using more frames and splitting into multiple pages.

Feb. 2, 2003
Sunday Meetings: Battle.net, Dark Age of Camelot
Sunday Meeting Battle.net 5pm East Realm, Channel Clan ValarGuild. Report from Eru-(Valar)
    Members: Beor, Draugluin, Elros, Erestor, Eru (presiding), Gwaihir, Huan, Nimraug, Thingol, Thranduil, Turgon
    Visitors: Ennor

As suggested by Thingol, a minute of silence was held for the seven shuttle astronauts who died Feb 1.
    (Note from Varda: Varda (Houston) and Eonwe (near Dallas), both from Texas not far from the accident with the astronauts, especially appreciate Thingol's bringing this up.  Varda was out of town during the meeting, and Eonwe had intended to take the chair, but real life called him away immediately before meeting time, so we didn't have time to call in another. Thanks, Eru, for being there for the guild!)

    Ennor was operated by two people, a father/son duo who took the test with the team of Lungorthin (emailed recruiters' report), Draugluin, and Gwaihir, with Turgon observing. Congratulations to both for passing the entry and joining us!
New Members: reports from Lungorthin

    Cirdan, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Cirdan is 12, from the USA, EST. He's read the H and LotR. He plays D2X, WC3, NWN, on bnet about once a week. His favorite LotR character is Legolas for kindness and immortality.
    Bain, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Bain is Cirdan's father. His birthday is tomorrow when he will be 40. He's from the USA, EST. He's read the H, LotR, and Sil. He also plays D2X, WC3, and NWN, and is on bnet about once a week. His favorite LotR character is Tom Bombadil.

Meeting report Valar/DaoC
Sunday februari 2, 2003 report emailed by Irmo-(Valar)

Members present: Gandalf/Olorinv, Irmo/Yrma (pres.), Lindir/Raime (late), Nain/Nainin.

Cheers to Celeborn (aka Caressas fka Ellemirev), who passed his 5 questions this week! He chose Celeborn as his guild character because Ellemire is mistakenly on the names page as a male eldar. Ellemirë, who made the Lament of the Two Trees, is a lady of the Vanyar. Celeborn, of course, is the Elvenlord of the Galadhrim in Lothlorien, husband of the Lady Galadriel.

Tradeskills:  With Olorin (Gandalf, cloth, 624), Yrma (Irmo, reinforced, 610) and Almaen (Lindir, scale, 555) we now have the armour pretty much covered. Nainin (Nain) and Azriphael (Lindir) have started on alchemy.

Funding: Melkor donated yet another 200 g this week and with help from Gandalf Irmo raised another 200 g by doing craft tasks. So we now have 400 g for Guild funding!

Names: Mythic is one-sidedly changing character names, apparently for no sound reasons. Melkor and Gandalf were victims of Mythic’s zeal. We will see how this develops and whether measures have to be taken.

Muire quest:  Following Gandalf’s suggestion we teamed up for the Rest in Peace quest, requiring to beat the whole infamous Muire family. Team were Gandalf (Incanusv/Tharkuun), Irmo (Yrma) and Lindir (Raime), at the start helped by Nain’s Breniriu, then by Orome’s Durgil , and in the end by new group members called Hogold and Marceli.
Beare went down fast, then we had to search for a long time for Alsandair, who did not spawn where he should.  But in the end he did. We then beat the Conaire group for about 7 times, dying when trying to reach the stairs behind Conaire to go to Shyena. Shyena was less of a problem. Returning we – again – died at the stairs, but in the end made it to Kasey. Then came disppointment. Kasey went down fast, but she did not drop the required charm. It appeared that it has to be taken from her using stealth. And none of us were stealthers. We agreed to try again next week, and then grouped with a nightshade or ranger.
We had fun though, and altogether it was a very instructive experience.

Next meeting: Sunday februari 9, 3:30 EST.
Additional note from Varda: I have asked the owners of the LotR text copyright about naming and websites. They said as long as we are not making real money from our activities, they have no objection. I must add that we are also giving them free advertising 

Feb. 1, 2003
    Celeborn, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Celeborn comes to us from DaoC. He was invited by Gandalf, and tested by Irmo. He's 34, from Tampa, Florida, USA, in EST. He's read the H and LotR. He used to play EQ but shifted to DaoC. His favorite character is Tom Bombadil.

    Please observe a moment of silence for the seven astronauts of the space shuttle Columbia, who died this morning in the service of peaceful exploration and learning.

Jan. 31, 2003
    New link: Messages that could have been left on answering machines by Tolkien folk, if they had answering machines. For the Two Towers only. You may add your own joke to this message board. Link from Meriadoc-(V).
    We can do a message machine joke section on our jokes page, not restricted to Two Towers. Email it to Varda to put up.

Jan. 27, 2003
    DaoC ranking system, report by Irmo:
The ranking system is as follows:
Hobbit: (DaoC nrs 6-9): Invited, not yet passed entry questions
Rohirrim: (5): Member
Gondorean: (4): Member, after a few weeks, if active
Numenorean: (3): Member, after a few months, if active
Firstborn (2): Member, after specific merits to the Guild
Maia: (1): Maia in Motherguild
Vala: (0): Vala in Motherguild

DaoC, report from Irmo:
RIP Muire Quest:
“Rest in Peace”
(copied from http://camelot.allakhazam.com)

This quest is given by Gogarty Muire in Connacht, close to Muire Tomb entrance, at loc: 37k, 41k.

Talk to him and he will tell you the story of his family and ask you to get rid of the curse before he goes mad.

When you accept the quest you receive a Gogarty's Journal, which is the main tool you will be using for this quest as it has all the instructions to finish it, remember to check it often, it will update after each step is completed.

All family members are located inside Muire Tomb, so a good map is also very recommended, I used this one: http://home.iprimus.com.au/fraggle/maps/muire.GIF (ed. note: or you can click link in menu box for multiple map/guide options)

Now, the quest...

Step 1: Kill Beare. Very easy, no surprises here.

Step 2: Kill Alsandair. You receive a Dueling Sword, keep it!

Step 3: Kill Conaire. You HAVE to kill him using the Dueling Sword you recieved from Alsandair or quest will not advance.

Up to this point can be done by two persons (We did it as 24 Druid and 24 Nightshade), but from now on you will need more people.

Step 4: Kill Shyene. Be aware several of her Guards will spawn as soon as you attack Shyena and most of other mobs in the room are linked to her.

Step 5: Kill Kacey. This is a bit more complicated. First, you have to kill her to get Kacey's Charm. This is a magical charm that protects her from permanent harm. Second, you must destroy the charm by using it at the foot of the stairs, then you can kill Kacey again and quest will advance.

Step 6: Kill Quillan. Nasty mob, be ready.

Step 7: Return to Gogarty Muire and give him the journal.

You receive nearly 1,000.000 xp and 2 gp.

Now you have several rewards to choose from. Note that after you pick one, you will be able to choose what material you want it made of (cloth, leather, reinforced or scale).

Beare's Seashell Belt - Empathy and Strength
Alsandair's Wading Boots - Constitution and Hitpoints
Conaire's Dueling Gloves - Dexterity and Quickness
Shyena's Gossamer Veil - Charisma and Dexterity
Kacey's Soft Sleeves - Intelligence and Dexterity
Quillan's Chest Armor - Constitution and Strength

Dueling Sword Beare's Seashell Belt Shyena's Gossamer Veil

Jan. 26, 2003
    We have two separate meeting reports, the motherguild on Battlenet 5pm EST, and an earlier one on Daoc (Dark Age of Camelot) 3:30pm EST. Pick your link or enjoy both. This way of reporting will change when the DaoC web folk are set up a bit better. Elatan is away skiing and Lindir's page is not quite ready.

Sunday Meeting on Battle.net: 5pm EST. SuperBowl at 6 report by Varda-(Valar)
Attending: report by Lungorthin-(Valar)
    Members (18):
Ancalagon, Beorn, Daeron, Dain, Draugluin, Elenwe, Elrond, Eonwe, Eru, Feanor, Frodo, Gwaihir, Huan, Khamul, Lungorthin/Nimraug, Maedhros, Thror, Varda (presiding)
    Over the shoulder: Frodo (with Lungorthin)
    Discussion Board chat room: Elrond, Eonwe. Dark Age and EverQuest folk are welcome to come here also. If we have more on the DB than bnet, we may move a lot of bnet folk there as well. If you need a new invitation (as they expire in a week), please email Varda including your guild name, please.
    Feanor dropped by just before the meeting and said hi, but had to leave. Boromir also sent a hi before the meeting, had a SuperBowl get-together.

    Thror was our new member this week, Jan 23, and he graciously said his "few words" at the b.net meeting. Huan, the old Thror before promotion, offered him help.
    EverQuest Members:
    Taglos and Ulmo have left their guilds in EverQuest. Taglos's old guild is dissolving due to the leadership deciding to go on to another game. Taglos's character is 63; Ulmo's is 60. Taglos says he is looking for a new guild where he can have fun now rather than waiting on one to build up for 6 months, nor does he want to lead. For Valar Guild members coming into EQ, however, he says, "I don't mind bestowing my lack of knowledge and wisdom to new people." Ulmo has given aid to folk from the guild in every kind of way. Ulmo needs a guild that can support his high level character, but has no unhappiness with his old guild.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Stories: Two new stories by Irmo: "Anticlimax", "A Blessing and a Curse"
        Mankind: New article by Daeron: "Folca"
        Non-human Intelligence: New article by Irmo: role-playing names for Draugluin, also on the Names page.
    Names page:
        Updated by Irmo, with input from Eonwe and Varda
    Guild-Wide Story:
        Eonwe-(Valar) is the coordinator for this project. He had to put it on the back burner due to real life last time, but is starting it up again for this February. The first two installments are on the Story Page. It is set in the First Age in the East, so it has plenty of potential for conflict. Eonwe is working out a general story line. Varda and Eowyn suggest also picking out two or three story arcs (sub-plots) to run as well. Eonwe has sent out emails to all members asking if they would be willing to add 200 words (that's not much). If you haven't received such an email, it means we are having problems with your email and you need to email Eonwe to have it corrected, even if you will not be contributing to the story.

We were considering an EQ branch but are running into problems not present in DaoC due to the ranking system and current guild members not communicating.
    Dark Age of Camelot:
        Irmo-(Valar) is coordinating this. Please email him your suggestions and questions on how to hook up with the official Valar Guild branch on Percival/Hibernia. Members of the "Motherguild" on battlenet automatically can join up if they let the signer-upper know! Use your guild name with a v on the end, such as Irmov.
    WarCraft 3 Expansion: Frozen Throne:
        Beta Testers will be needed in February. Let us know if you get signed up! Sign-ups are currently planned to be on www.blizzard.com
    World of WarCraft:
        This will be an rpg, a persistent world, quite probably a pay service as DaoC and EQ are, and we intend to have an official Valar Guild branch there. Eonwe-(Valar) has the job of coordinating that, so be sure to contact him when the time comes and give him your suggestions.
    Elrond-(V) found a 12-page book called Bilbo's Last Song. It is a poem written as if by Bilbo at the Grey Havens before his departure.
    Varda's topic: Tolkien has recently been accused by critics of showing racism in his works. What are your thoughts?
    The general answer seemed to be some sexism perhaps, but not really racism. Ancalagon and Khamul said it had some sexism. Some of us felt there was no sexism or racism except as it was shown by characters, not Tolkien, to illustrate points and because that was the way it was in ancient times. The reaction of characters against sexism can be shown by Eowyn's adoption of the Dernhelm disguise, and against racism in the Legolas/Gimli friendship. Tolkien himself refused a good deal of money that would have led to racist use of his work by the Nazis. Darkness was a way of showing uncertainty, fear, and evil since ancient times and is used that way, not to go against any particular race. Sam is horrified by the fighting between humans in Ithilien and wonders about the dead human enemy who falls by him. Nature of good and evil slipped in as usual in our discussions. (Ever try to participate and scribble down a transcription of fast typists? hehe)
    Irmo adds from the Discussion Board and email: Any character in the stories who shows racism is proven wrong by the author, whether elven guards of Lorien or King Thingol of the Sindar. It is Saruman the White who fell to evil, and Radagast the Brown who withstood. It is Feanor, fair of form and best in crafts of all the elves, who caused the Bane of the Noldor and the Kinslaying. One has to read beyond the superficial to see what Tolkien is really saying. Many natives around the equator envisioned evil spirits as white, and the white men reinforced this by being slavers, but Irmo's dark-skinned friends don't speak of giving a white look when they mean a bad look at someone. Day was safe; night was insecure for all people, and so is associated with fearsome things. See Irmo's DB statement for more depth.

Dark Age of Camelot Meeting:
report by Irmo-(Valar)
Meeting report Valar/DaoC Sunday januari 26, 2003

Members present: Gandalf/Olorinv, Irmo/Yrma (pres.), Lindir/Raime,  Melkor/Burl, Nain/Caressas.

Elatan is skiing in Norway (until feb 10), Tuvo is down under in Australia (coming back this week), and Ellemire, Haleth and Oromë were occupied by real-life obligations.
Caressas chose Nain as his Guild name. Nain followed Durin I and II as King of the Dwarves.
Gelmir’s computer problems are solved and tells he will join us now soon, Lungorthin and Alatar are rumoured to join us soon as well. Which is altogether great news!

The Guild now has an emblem! The Valinorean Tree with green chevron on light blue background. Very distinctive and true to type. The emblem can be worn by characters older than 20th season or higher than 400 tradeskill, by members who are higher than hobbit rank (t.i. “full” guild members, who have passed the entry questions).

Tradeskills now represented in the Guild:
Gandalf has Olorinv (624 tailor) and Gandie (504 spellcraft); Lindir has Aziriphael (255 alchemy), Raime (armourer) and Almaen (fletcher); Irmo has Yrma (511 armor); Noin has Caressas (255 weapon), Melkor has Austi (405 weapon), Tuvo has Amnon (tailor). We are looking good here!

Funding. After buying the emblem (and losing some gold in the effort, appeal outstanding), the Guild is almost penniless. Buying the emblem and advancing the spellcraft was made possible by donations from mainly Melkor and Oromë, and to the extent of their smaller purses by Gandalf, Irmo and Lindir.
Irmo/Yrma is treasurer, donations are voluntary and welcome:).
A regular report of income and expenses will be made.

Muling.  As in keeping items for the general benefit of all, instead of selling them. Is as yet manageable by individual mules, but we hope that the introduction of Guild Houses will make it possible to store supplies and items for the benefit of the Guild. If that is not the case, then we might want to look at Gandalf’s suggestion of a separate Guild account (shared password).

Muire quest. Gandalf suggests to form a group to do the challenging Muire Quest (lvl 18 minimum), which requires wiping the entire Muire Tomb family,  giving great rewards (million exp, nice items).  Gandalf will organize for us a date and a time to do this together! The quest requires a group of at least 4 players around level 18-20, preferably more. Two players at 25 can do it, but none of our Guild characters are level 25 yet.

Meetings will be – as a rule – every week on sundays, 3:30 PM EST in the Hibernia zone (Town Hall Mag Mell if you want to see who is talking, hehe). Meetings are to be kept short and to the point. The Valarguild Council is looking at possible ways to organize combined Tolkien chats for the DaoC membership and the Battle-net community.

Jan. 23, 2003
    Thror-(V), Welcome to the Valar Guild! Our old Thror passed his Maia test to become Huan. *Gimli_02@Azeroth remembers Thror as the first person he met after his scouter and so often present in the channel if only with a bot. *Gimli spent three months reading LotR and visiting with us, then today passed his entry test with Varda. He went on to play WC3 with Sauron-(Valar). Thror is 16, from Pennsyvania, USA; EST. He plays WC3 almost daily, but has SC, BW, and D2. Maybe someday he will find the CD-key that would let him play D2X again as well.  He's read the LotR and is starting on H, with ambitious plans of adding the Sil and The Adventures of Tom Bombadil after that. He uses AIM as chuginchub. His favorite LotR character is Gandalf, for being wise, powerful, and making him laugh a little.
    WarCraft 3 Expansion: Frozen Throne. Thanks to Eonwe and Gwaihir for this link and comments. Registered guilds might even have special consideration with permanent channels and other goodies; if so, we will sign up. Also, Blizzard could use beta testers! About 5,000 from the public! They will be signing up Feb on www.blizzard.com.
    World of WarCraft: Possible characters are now up. It's fun to see their ideas of such things as orcs and dwarves. Thanks to Eonwe for the link.

Jan. 21, 2003
    Discussion Board: whoops! I didn't look at it for a little while since it seemed quiet, but then it took off! I especially recommend this article Thranduil-(V) located defending Tolkien against the insane charge of racism:
"Quickbeam's Out on a Limb: The Shadow of Racism"

Jan. 20, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Non-human Intelligences: "Draugluin, Role-Playing Names", by Irmo-(Valar)
          Mankind: "Folca", by Daeron-(V) 
          Stories: 2 new stories by Irmo-(Valar): a funny one not yet named, and "A Gift and A Curse"
    Varda's comp is back. It needed a new power supply and had a Trojan virus/worm/nasssty removed.

Jan. 19, 2003
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST East realm, channel Clan ValarGuild, and the Discussion Board chat room.
    Members (14): Balin, Daeron, Dain, Elrond, Eonwe/Fionwe, Erestor, Eru, Frodo, Gwaihir, Huan (late), Legolas/Greenleaf, Maedhros, Turgon, Varda (presiding)     Visitor: TheCheese (considering joining, had to leave)
    Discussion Board chat room: Eonwe
    More members probably were present, but these had the luck of being jotted down. :)

Membership: 136
    Eol: comp problems. Emailed his hello, see News Jan 15.
    Irmo: emailed hello and said he needed to get up early so he had to miss the meeting (Netherlands).
   Varda: email and web page comp in shop. Hope to have it back Monday afternoon.
  Letter from Lungorthin:
Long time no see... :(
    My fault, of course!, because real life has been taking away my time. I'm incredibly busy with what we call "Academic Bowl", its like a trivia contest basically (I got a question about Bilbo last weekend!!), and debate which takes countless hours to research. Between these two, and my other homework and friends, I have virtually no time on the computer. What time I DO have left, I spend with friends.
    However, debate is letting up since academic bowl is taking up more of our time. FYI, our entire debate team is on the academic bowl team, and most of us chose academic bowl. So we're putting all our effort into that right now, which is a bit easier and less time consuming than debate. On top of all that, we've started our research paper!! I'm doing mine of globalization. I haven't picked a thesis yet though...
    So, needless to say (as of right now), my weekends are officially gone, my weekdays are spent at home studying or doing research, and all the time left is spent doing something I didn't have time for.
    I know how you told me about all the maiar that attained the honor, then fell into inactivity. Rest assured that I am still checking the site everyday for all the current news, and am have my fingers crossed that all this hectic stuff will be over soon.
Take care,
Web Report:
    Tolkien Encyclopedia: 3 poems by Turgon; 2 Plant page articles by Varda in response to questions from artist who found our page.
    DaoC: Last Sunday, the DaoC Valar Guild branch became official on Percival/Hibernia! Irmo is guildmaster. Members of motherguild may join the guild branch since they've already fulfilled requirements. Use your guild name with a v on the end: Irmo would be Irmov, and email Irmo on how to join.
    EQ: considering setting up guild branch. Currently we use a friends list to keep together on Zebuxoruk server, nothing official, but may have enough people now. Is anyone interested? Email Varda. The v at the end of the guild name also works for EQ.
    Bnet: Gaming meeting. Is anyone interested in setting up a time during the week and/or weekend to meet for games? If you have days and times you play regularly, these can be listed on the Games page to help others join you. Email Eonwe and/or Varda.

    Maiar name question: Should Landroval be considered okay as a Guild Maia name? How about all eagles? Should we consider ents in the future to be Guild Maiar names or just the leader Fangorn? All 7 Dwarf fathers although we only know Durin's name?
    Tolkien chat topic: from Eonwe-(Valar):
        Concerning this quote from "The Black Gate is Closed":
        Frodo to Smeagol: "'Give it back to Smeagol', you said. Do not say that again. Do not let that thought grow in you! You will never get it back. But the desire of it may betray you to a bitter end. You will never get it back. In the last need, Smeagol, I should put on the Precious, and the Precious mastered you long ago. If I, wearing it, were to command you, you would obey, even if it were to leap from a precipice or cast yourself into the fire. And such would be my command. So have a care, Smeagol."
    Topic: Frodo arguably sets up conditions leading to Gollum's demise and the destruction of the Ring. However, did he also set up a condition where he succumbs to the Ring?
    Eru: No.
    Erestor: Agrees with Eru.
    Eonwe: Does it show insight into the future? Discussion continued on the first and second question.
    Look carefully at the quote, gentle reader, as Eonwe does make a very interesting point.
    The topic shifted to the ability to resist the Ring, hobbits having it to the greatest degree. The hobbits were by and large disinterested in power which was the Ring's main purpose. Talk was lively.

    Nain, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Nain came to us from Dark Age of Camelot, where he was invited by Gandalf and tested by Irmo. He's 19, from the USA in the CST time zone, one hour earlier than Valar Standard Time. He's read the LotR. He tried the Sil but was unenthusiastic about it. He has also played D2 and EQ, but is now settled in DaoC. His favorite LotR character is Gimli, since he has more depth and less stereotype than your average dwarf.

Jan. 16, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Poetry page: New poem by Turgon-(V): "Fingolfin's Arrival" 

Jan. 15, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
       Poetry Page: Two new poems by Turgon-(V): "Gondorian Battlesong", "Gil-Estel"
       Plants Page: Two new articles by Varda: "Elanor", "Niphredil"

    Letter from Eol:
Just checking in with my friends at the Valar Guild.  I regret that my online absence continues, however plans are in the works to fix this problem.  I will continue to check out the webpage whenever I can.
Jan. 14, 2003
    Dark Age of Camelot: New updated page for the branch now that it's on Percival/Hibernia. Great job, guys!

Jan. 13, 2003
    Hey Finrod! If you can read this, LotR Online's Jeff Ledoux is looking for you, would like to have you around again, and can't reach you by email.

Jan. 12, 2003
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, East Realm Battle.net and the Discussion Board chat room and DaoC (5:30pm and listed in DaoC section of Gaming, building own web page).
Attending bnet:
    Members (13 of about 136): Daeron-V, Eonwe-(Valar), Erestor-V, Eru-Valar, Feanor-V, Finwe-V, Gil-galad-V@Azeroth, Gwaihir-Valar, Huan-Valar, Irmo-Valar, Maedhros-V@Azeroth, Turgon(V)@Azeroth, Varda-(Valar) (presiding)
    Visitor: Gimli_02@Azeroth (reading books and intends to join)
    Discussion Board: Eru until switching to StarCraft; Eonwe

Membership Report:
    New members are Lindir (see Jan 11), and Tuvo (Jan 12) from Dark Age of Camelot.
    Thranduil's corrected email is
blizzard@verizonmail.com He joined Jan 5.
Web Report:
    Tolkien Encyc and Names pages: Eonwe sent 36 short entries Jan 10, 26 on Jan 11.
    Tolkien Encyc: Elrond sent in an article on "Elladan and Elrohir" for the Elf page.

    Games page: Eonwe asked if anyone could help him find a picture of the Two Lamps standing and giving off light. He has Iluin, but needs Ormal. He also needs good pictures of Valar besides Melkor and Ulmo of which there are plenty.
    EQ: Eru is on the Prexus server. His characters are listed on our EverQuesters page if you would like to drop by there. Zebuxoruk is the official guild server.
    Dark Age of Camelot (DaoC): 5:30 EST the DaoC group met to officially form a branch of the Valar Guild on Percival/Hibernia, the most Tolkien-like of the areas offered. Report by Irmo follows:
Aiya All.
Yesterday, sunday januari 13, at 5:30 Guild Time (EST), the Valar Guild has been officially founded at Dark Age of Camelot, on the server Percival, realm Hibernia!
For this joyful occasion the following members were assembled at the Guild Registrator in Tir Na NoG:
Elatan, Falathar, Gandalf, Haleth, Irmo, Lindir, Melkor, Orome and Tuvo.
These will now forever be remembered as the founding fathers of Valar at DaoC!
The occasion brought old friends and new friends togther, together we toasted many merry chats and hunts to come.
May the Guild prosper on DaoC as it has been prosperous in so many virtual worlds since 1997!
      Tuvo, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Tuvo joined in Dark Age of Camelot (DaoC), recruited by Irmo. His outside name was Amnon. He's 26, from Belgium in Europe. He's read the H and LotR. He's played MMORPG Mushes, EQ, Asheron, and AO before DaoC. He helped Valar establish the new guild branch in DaoC Jan 12.

Tolkien Chat (bnet):
    Turgon recited an original poem. He will be emailing this one and another for the Tolkien Encyclopedia's Poetry section.
    Varda's topic: What or who is Caradhras? It seems to be alive. How can this be?
    The chat was lively and I had to leave after a couple of hours. Here is a part, sentences and areas often abbreviated in my scribbled hand notes. Some of us played Devil's Advocate here and there to keep us all thinking:
    Erestor: Trees seem to be alive.
    Eru: Need to establish what we mean by it seeming to be alive. Did anything happen that might not be explained as natural?
    Varda: Sudden demarcation of snow, timing.
    Erestor: Gandalf spoke of Caradhras as entity.
    Varda: It had done this before.
    Eru: "There are fell voices on the air"
    Erestor: Call it the wind.
    Eru: 1. Saruman calling down a storm.
            2. Natural storm, Orcs or Trolls casting stones.
            3. Mountain is an earth elemental.
            4. Gandalf made storm to force them through Moria and face the Balrog.
            5. Valar forced them into Moria to face the Balrog.
    Elrond: Or stone giants throwing stones.
    Erestor: Legolas listened to the ground in Hollin, which seemed to speak to him.
    Turgon: Thought stone giants were found only far north of Rivendell.
    Eru: Why aren't all mountains alive? Rumor made by dwarves that it's alive to keep people from crossing it?
    Elrond: Elves hear voices in all things.
    Turgon: Both Saruman and Caradhras.
    Finwe: Manifesting Balrog's will, not Saruman's.
    Turgon: Balrog didn't know they were there until Pippin and the well.
    Finwe: Balrog may have known but Orcs didn't.
    Elrond: It was Caradhras. In days of old dwarves made him beautiful, then Orcs ruined him. Angry.
    Erestor: His hand has grown long indeed.
    Eru: Orcs on the pass working for Saruman wouldn't necessarily converse with Balrog's troop
    Daeron: Doubt orcs on pass
    Elrond; No one wants to help Caradhras; Caradhras won't help anyone.
    Erestor: Orcs in mountain, why not on it?
    Daeron: If Orcs above, company would know.
    Eru: If too far above, Sting and Glamdring wouldn't glow.
    Turgon: Caradhras having grudge against dwarves seems weird though. meaning Khazad-dum existed in First Age.
    Elrond: Not grudge against dwarves but all people.
    Daeron: If orcs so far above not even an elf could see, how could orcs see Fellowship?
    Erestor: Aragorn said when sun goes down, hills would be alive with orcs. Why not mountain too?
    Turgon: Natural storm enhanced by Saruman.
    Eru: Moria is actually under the Silvertine, not the Redhorn (Caradhras). pass between the two mountains, Redhorn to the north.
    Elrond: But why would Saruman halt? Storm stopped but clouds hung with threat.
    Daeron: Maybe casting storm takes a lot of energy.
    Elrond: Saruman would've killed them and taken Ring.
    Eru: Saruman wanted them to go for the Gap of Rohan.
    Turgon: Might be showing will of the Valar. Maybe Saruman didn't want to get his feet cold.
    Elrond: Force them back. If didn't make it, orcs would find bodies. If they did, conveniently go through Moria.
    Elrond: How did Balrog get deep and trapped? What is Balrog down there for? (Digression begins, Silmarillion tale of Melkor's fall, evils fleeing Thangorodrim, Balrog and nameless evils hid here.)
    Eonwe: Melkor dug deep, could've fled and let wrack of Thangorodrim cover tracks.
    Elrond: Balrog could've used shadow as disguise.
    Erestor: may have been trapped with the changing of the world.
    Eru: TA 1980 dwarves uncovered deep chasm while mining for mithril. Sound could have traveled and alerted dormant Balrog. No reason to be stealthy. Might not have appeared immediately.
    More discussion.
    Digressed into talk about movie treatment of subject.  

Jan. 11, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia, Names: Eonwe added more names or versions to the Names page, most of which were also included in the Encyclopedia:
        Dwarves: Fundin, Narvi, Floi, Frar, Loni, Nali
        Hobbits: Families: Banks, Brockhouse, Longholes, Mugwort, Puddifoot, Sandheaver, Tunnelly
        Mankind: Bain, Brand, Grimbeorn, Meneldil, Ohtar, Valandil, Witch-King/Morgul-Lord
        Human: Families:  Appledore, Goatleaf, Heathertoes, Rushlight, Thistlewool

Tom Bombadil/Forn/Orald. Caradhras might be a possible Maia name, could be discussed.
emailed. He says he plays on Prexus server where his real life friends play and where he was before the guild got into Zebuxoruk. His characters are now listed on the EverQuester Member Page.
    Lindir, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Lindir is the first person to be recruited into the guild from outside Battle.net, setting the precedent for many more to come. Members who don't have Battle.net are welcome to come to the Discussion Board for chats during the regular meeting where Eonwe keeps a double presence. Irmo tells us a bit about him:
Invited by Gandalf/Olorinv on DaoC, tested by Irmo/Yrma Loriena. He was Oloriin on DaoC. His main character in the Guild on DaoC will be Raime, the ranger. He is 31 years old, lives Oklahoma USA, used to play UO and EQ. He has read LOTR and is committed to starting on the Silmarillion and the Histories.

    Dark Age of Camelot: STARTING OFFICIAL GUILD! Be sure to come help the start-up if you're on DaoC!  Percival/Hibernia. You can drop into bnet to say hi briefly for the regular meeting at 5pm EST, then skip over to DaoC before 5:30pm EST. Use your regular guild name with a v on the end,. For instance, Orome would use Oromev. Details below.

DaoC Letter from Irmo fka Salmar:

Aiya all!
First of all, a warm welcome to Lindir, who has joined the Valarguild and will be joining us at Valar on Perc/Hib. His main character will be Raime the Ranger.
Then to Amnon, we all wish you a safe journey. Enjoy your trip to the other end of the world, and may your path be clear and protected. Return to us healthy and well!
Establishing Valar on Percival/Hibernia will be tomorrow, sunday 11th, 5:30 PM EST as planned. This is 23:30 PM for our NW-European members. We will be assembled at the Guild Registrar in Tir Na Nog. You are kindly requested to move your characters there before this time in time.
Thanks for your feedback on our Code of Foundation. I have edited your comments into the text, which is now the following. (Nothing decided yet, so throw me your Boo's and Cheers, *grin*)
1. The Valar Guild
The Valar Guild was established on october 4, 1997, and is a worldwide interactive community of Tolkien fans, students and scholars. Membership has been steady around 150 members. We have our web site at http://www.valarguild.org, with an interactive Tolkien Encyclopedia. Many of our members come together to play online games, where we advocate mutual friendship, comraderie and honorable behaviour. Originally founded as a B.net community - specifially Diablo 1/2/LoD - the Valar Guild has been spreading over many online games. On januari 11, 2003 the Valar Guild is officially established in the world of Dark Age Of Camelot, on server Percival, realm Hibernia.
2. Who we are on DaoC
We are a group of friends who do not strive to be the strongest or the biggest or the most powerful on DaoC. We share an interest in the world of Tolkien, not only his literature, but also and especially his definition of honour and light. We advocate altruism and courteousness and chivalry.
Foul language is unaceptable. Some of us like to fully role-play, others have their own fine ways of expressing themselves. But we all chose a roleplaying server for good reasons. 
Powerleveling is not supported by our Guild. We strive to group with players of comparable levels, if you cannot contribute to the performance of the group than you should not be in it. Put otherwise, it is unlikely we will have players grouping being "grey" or "purple"" to eachother. 
Between friends, especially Guildfriends, we give and exchange gifts without looking at reciprocity. We seek always to help eachother. Our greatest joy is bringing joy to eachother.
Trading betwen friends means that in principle only the costs of production - including material loss and invested time - will be asked.
With players unknown to us, trading will mean asking for reasonable current prices, but we will not be a merchandising Guild.
2. How to invite new members.
Anyone coming from the motherguild is - of course - very welcome. New members we will only invite for good reasons.  We will invite players who strike us as very honorable and whom we have had great pleasure hunting or speaking with. We will never offer money to enlarge our community. We will only seek alliances with Guilds who share the principles of our Code.
Our Guild has the tradition of asking aspirant new members 5 simple questions ("entree test") to ascertain that they have at any time read The Lord of The Rings.
With the above in mind, any member is free to invite a player into the Guild. Entree tests however can only be given by members who have the position of Maia or Vala within the Valarguild. See http://www.valarguild.org/varda/guild/recruit.html for reference.
3. Meetings and organization.
Meetings will be held regularly in Guild chat. Attendance of these meeting is voluntary. For the future we will seek a method of occasionally combining meetings with the Motherguild meetings, especially for discussing Tolkien topics.
Irmo and Elatan are willing to start as Guildmasters to get the Guild on its feet, with Irmo responsible for organising the Guild in general, Elatan as his back-up and being a DaoC - especially RvR - expert.
4. Naming
New members will be asked to choose one of the Tolkien names that are available to new members (see our names page, http://httpd.chello.nl/d.berkhout/ for further reference).
Any DaoC member - new or old - is required to have or to make a character with his chosen Tolkien name within the Guild, ending with the extension of v or V for Valar. Within the motherguild he or she will primarilly be known under that name. How much and how often (s)he will play that character - or any character at all for that matter - is solely his or her business. There can be no question of a minimum time investment and if members like to play other characters than their Guild ones - even in other Guilds -, or on other realms, then they are completely free to do so.
Members are free to choose other names for characters at will, and to tag them as Valar. Members are free to roleplay within the Valar Guild whomever they want, as long as the character is honourable and has an honourable name. It is not advocated to use other Tolkien names - t.i. not related to our primary character name - for Valar Guild alternates, for those names could be names that other (even future) Guildmembers consider their own. This could obviously cause confusion.
Hoping to see you all tomorrow, 5:30 PM EST, in Tir Na Nog,

Jan. 10, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia, Names: Eonwe's been re-reading and came up with 36 short, new goodies for us from the Fellowship for the Names page and the Encyc:
        Hobbits (27): Adelard Took, Angelica Baggins, "Blanco" (and "Marcho") first settlers; Daddy Twofoot, Dora Baggins, Esmerelda Brandybuck, Everard Took, Folco Boffin, Fredegar (Fatty) Bolger, Gorbadoc Brandybuck, Gorhendad Oldbuck, Hal, Holman; Hugo Bracegirdle, Lotho, Melilot Brandybuck, Milo Burrows, Mrs. Maggott, Mugwort family, Noakes, Nob, Odo Proudfoot, Otho, Rory Brandybuck, Sancho Proudfoot, Ted Sandyman,
        Mankind (7): "Barahir", grandson of Faramir II; "Bill Ferny", "Bob"  the stablehand, 
"Findegil", the king's writer; " Harry" the gatekeeper, "Tim", "Tom"
        Animals (2): Merry's ponies, Fatty Lumpkin
Jan. 6, 2003
    Tolkien Encyclopedia: "Elladan and Elrohir", new article by Elrond-(V). Listed under Elves/Elrohir. 
    Thranduil, we need a correction on your email address. Please email Varda at varda@sbcglobal.net. Thanks!
    Letter from Menelvagor on Jan 1:
The vertigo site is down for the time being cause the project is on hold. I
unfortunately have not had access to the internet for the last four months
due to the costs of setup and my living arrangements in San Francisco.
However I along with my new buds have moved out into a fantastic 3 bedroom
apartment in downtown san fran and they are fortunately avid gamers. When i
return to my apartment on the 17th at which my new dsl should be installed
our hope is to begin playing diablo2 on my return. A note coming this spring
i may be a part time employee at a game development company upon review of
my portfolio i will keep you posted upon my return to battle.net. The last
four months have been hectic and crazed but I think things are finally all
put together so that i can do some online gaming. AND GOOD LORD DID U SEE
Anyway if i get any free time to myself (pshht right!)i plan on trying to
launch my own website this spring showing my continuing work on my own
projects. If u can offer a chat client that i can use to get on battle.net
this sunday id greatly appreciate it cause they don't seem to exist anymore
(Im in CHicago right now and dont have access to any blizzard games). Well
back to modeling and drawing.

Menelvagor A.K.A. Kingfisher

Jan. 5, 2002
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST East Realm, bnet channel Clan ValarGuild, some on Discussion Board also
    Members: Alatar, Aragorn-V@Azeroth, Beregond, Dain, Draugluin, Elrond, Eonwe/Fionwe, Erestor, FarmerMaggot, Gandalf/Stormcrow, Gwaihir, Irmo, Khamul, Oropher, Thorondor, Thror, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Later: Bombur, Gil-galad
    Visitors: *randomperson (joined after meeting as Thranduil-V!), *EFH-HellWarrior (Gwaihir's friend)
    Discussion Board: MerryPippin, Tolkien member, visited with Eonwe

    Beregond is now using a military internet service for meetings and gaming, but has to get up early in the mornings, so don't be keeping him up too late!
    Khamul is back after being off since Christmas, having had a birthday so that he is now 15!
    Gil-galad is having comp problems when trying to play WC3, keeps crashing.

    No news
    Dark Age of Camelot:
        Gandalf reported that he's been playing for five days now. He said the best part was meeting old guild buddies he hasn't seen for a while. He played with Melkor, Haleth, Haleth's new wife, and Irmo. The second best part is the graphics. He says guilds and co-op are a big thing there. He also says the learning curve is very steep and there are lots of commands, guild buddies being a big help there or he might have been tempted to quit. Irmo told of the partying they had done today including the above list.

    We started off talking about eagles for a short bit.
    Varda's topic: What were the rangers like? We speculated from the little bits of information scattered around the books, the conversation being quite lively.

Tolkien testing:
    Maiar test: Thror tested with Eonwe, Irmo, and Varda and is now the Maia Huan! He and Bombur went right out into WC3 to recoup the 200 human wins he dropped with the Thror name, which are being immortalized temporarily here.  :) Congrats!!
    Entry test: Welcome to the Valar Guild, Thranduil-(V)! *randomperson was scouted by Feanor and met Kalmo at that time. His test was after the meeting, the honor done by Thorondor. His favorite character is Thranduil, so he was lucky that the name was free! He's 15, living in Virginia, USA, EST. His email is said to be blizzard@verimail.com, but isn't taking emails "recipient isn't recognized". [Correction to email Jan 13, 2003:
blizzard@verizonmail.com]  He's read the H, LotR, and Sil. His AIM name is blizzard370. He was in a StarCraft/BroodWar suit, so we presume he plays BW.
    Funny detail: report from Irmo: Histoire se repete:  :) . I who was once Huan co-tested Thror who became Huan; Thorondor who was once Thranduil tested randomperson who became Thranduil  :)  .

Jan. 1, 2003
    Happy New Year!!

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