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Dec. 31, 2004
    Enjoy your fireworks tonight! Duck the one that looks like a dragon!

    Beginning list for full members for 2005. If you're not on here in green, email Varda (see top of page for email link). Black means I'm not sure you're active and may have to drop the listing. If you're not listed at all, email fast before the list is finalized and you lose your current name to a new recruit. All you need to be included is to email and tell me you're still interested in sticking with us. I may not have your current email or it may not be going through for some obscure reason.

Dec. 28, 2004
    WarCraft3/ The Frozen Throne/ Clan Vala branch
      Letter from Eonwe, the Chieftain of the WC3/TFT Clan Vala branch of the Valar Guild:

Let it be known that on this day, December 28, 2004, the Warcraft 3 Branch
of the Valar Guild came to an end, after 1 year and 5 months of existence, due to inactivity.
The will of the membership has spoken.

If at any time we have 10 members with unique Warcraft 3 accounts such that
these individuals wish to play Warcraft 3 together and have a desire to
reform the Branch, then at such time we may reform.  Until such a time, my
duty as Branch Leader is complete, though I will gladly take up the mantle
again should it be necessary.

In losing the Warcraft 3 Branch, we do not lose our ability to play together
in Warcraft 3.  We still have the Warcraft 3 section of our Forum, and I, as
Webmaster for our Games Pages, still desire knowledge of who plays this
game, so that those who do may find a friend at times.

    Welcome to Maeglin-(TV)! He is joining the Tolkien-only members of the Valar Guild with an article on "Roverandom" for the Books and Reviews page of the Encyclopedia, handled by Lungorthin-(Valar). Maeglin is ten years old, from England, and has read much.

    Belated Welcome to Indis-(TV)! She is joining the Tolkien-only members with her poem, "Melkor".

    From Varda: My apologies for late News posts and other web page delays. My web working computer is in the shop and this is being done by sneakernet, that is, carry a floppy between various computers with the correct programs, some of which are so slow that it takes me five minutes to type this line.  We persevere against adversities and win! The comp went out on Christmas Eve, and the shop may get around to it on Wednesday.

Dec. 26, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript: team Arathorn and Varda
    Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Gelmir/Shaggyjoe, Gwaihir, Menelvagor, Meriadoc, Orodreth, Varda (presiding) 
Membership :
    Sweep will be starting: meaning the removal of disinterested members. We will be starting the list of members for 2005. Please contact Varda and let her know if you would still like to be with the guild. Those who came to a meeting in December or are otherwise shown on the News in December are considered active for 2005. 
         Fladrif still interested.
         Grimbold out of town.
         Ardamire in WoW Lothar says is old member with unknown primary name; need to check that out.
         Faramir seen in WC3, but unresponsive.
         Boromir emailed, still interested.
         Tulkas back in D2X Valar games.
        Menelvagor updated the Fader at the top to show Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Check it out. :)
            MerryV signed the WoW guild charter today, bringing the list up to seven of ten. Eonwe/Auros still has the original charter.
        Valar Channel:
            Pre-guild channel: Type /join Valar. A number is assigned., usually "4", local to the character and not global to the server.
            To see who is there, type /chatwho Valar. to chat, type /4 with a space after. The 4 may be replaced by whatever number was assigned. When another person joins, your number may be changed. This channel may be given its own window, same as any other.
            /raid is created from the party. Can't do individual quests there.
        Incomplete areas:
            Blizzard has not completed certain areas. If you see npc's called "Guardians of Blizzard", keep out of that area. Let them code in peace and get the game set up. Some non-guild folk think it's cute to try to go in those places. It can also be done by accident, so let's try to keep the accidents down. If they kill you, take the durability hit and rez at the graveyard to avoid the 72-hour ban.
        New racing map out.
        Please bring your character into the guild channel for this month, even if just a minute or two, to keep the Clan Vala channel usable and the branch alive.
        Faramir has been seen but does not answer Eonwe's hails.
        Boromir emailed, still with us but very busy with "real" life, including school and wrestling. Sometimes in TFT, considering WoW in a  few months, funds permitting.
        Caranthir/Morifinwe has been playing in WC3 as "Add". This does not count as guild activity nor help the guild branch survive. There is nothing wrong with it, but for folks doing that please also jump in monthly as your guild character in the clan channel.
        Ar-Pharazon plays.

Dec. 25, 2004
    Merry Christmas to all!

Dec. 21, 2004
       Grimbold will probably still be out of town during next Sunday's meeting.
       Good luck to everyone hoping for World of Warcraft under the Christmas tree!

Dec. 19, 2004
Sunday Meeting: 5pm AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript:This week's team: Ar-Pharazon and Varda
    Arathorn, Ar-pharazon, Ecthelion (after-meeting), Eonwe, Eowyn (WoW), Finarfin, Fladrif (before-meeting), Galdor (after-meeting), Gil-galad (after-meeting), Gilraen, Grimbold, Lungorthin, Farmer Maggot, Menelvagor, Scatha (after-meeting), Thorondor, Varda
    Over the shoulder: Elwing-(V)
    Fladrif sends greetings.
    Farmer Maggot is grounded again.
    Tolkien-related Books and Reviews page:
       Lungorthin requests help with finding books to list and for reviews, as he is drowning in real life commitments. Please check to see what the page already has, then email him the new books you find. A cc to Varda would not hurt. :)
    We started out by chatting Tolkien:
    Flame of Udun
    The balrog in Moria was much more powerful than balrogs in the very early BoLT stories.
    How did Gollum escape Moria, or for that matter how did the Orcs chase the Fellowship? The only bridge out, the Bridge of Khazad-dum, was destroyed. And if Gollum was following the Fellowship, how did he pass Balin's tomb? Gollum was working with the orcs. The orcs put small bridges over the fire according to FotR.
  WC3 - told about a game. Fun being saved by Eowyn.
  D2X  - 23 new runewords. List on Arreat Summit
    After the meeting, one group of us went to play D2X (including Finarfin and Thorondor) and six others went to WoW.
 World of WarCraft (aka WoW):
    Today WoW folk tried to buy the guild charter.
    We plan to show up for the regular AIM meeting 5pm EST, then break into the branch creation on WoW. The AIM can help us coordinate, as well as set precedent for gaming after meetings. AIM can be up the same time as WoW, going back and forth by alt + tab.
    In WoW, we plan to meet on Lothar server at Cathedral Square in front of the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. Escorts will be provided for those who need it. Gryphons make fast safe transport.
    The guild charter is (10 silver) and requires 10 accounts to sign it to form our Valar Guild branch. A tabard with the guild symbol is one gold apiece. The plan is for each signing member to pass one silver to Auros (aka Eonwe-(Valar) aka branch leader) to pay for the charter as a group, although several members can pay the whole thing on their own. A number of members will have difficulty paying for the tabard, if you want to help them.
    Only six accounts showed up. We need at least four more to start the guild. The accounts that came belonged to: Arathorn, Eonwe, Grimbold, Gwaihir, Maglor, Varda. So we had six accounts with eleven members. Some of our European members would like to join us, but have to wait until that is supported by Blizzard.
    We also found we needed more gold for tabards. 10 to unlock the tabard, and one for each character. We spent the 10 silver to try to buy a charter, and are now down to five silver. Let's start collecting now. Eonwe is holding the money for the branch.
    After the guild is started, new members can be added by the leader (Eonwe/Auros) or officers.
    More folk are now able to come to the main meeting area by the fast gryphon route, and to act as escorts next time.
     Using a Raid channel for getting together for the charter helped a lot, but can't do individual quests meanwhile. Type /raid or click on the raid channel

Dec. 12, 2004
Sunday Meeting: AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace 5pm EST
Transcript: This week's team: Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Varda
    Members have been scouting for new potentials on WoW. We've already found a few worth sending to our web-site.
    Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Finarfin, Gil-galad/Xseanzee disco, Gwaihir, Maglor, Menelvagor, Olwe/Fallen Glory, Theoden (Theoden Valar as new AIM name), Thranduil (gamatzgamatz), Varda
    Beregond tried to enter the meeting but his sn was blocked. Attempt made to figure out what the difficulty was.
    Over Gwaihir's shoulder: Gilraen
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
       Poetry: "Melkor" by Georgia Stone
       Mellonath Daeron - Tolkien linguistics
       Card game Nazgul
    WoW: (World of WarCraft MMORPG)
       Official guild server: Lothar
        Eonwe is branch leader with the last word in case of confusion, and to organize. All of us are expected to pitch in of course!
        Maglor is operating the WoW branch page. Once again, he should be receiving help from us all, such as letting him know our WoW names for the page so we can add each other to Friends list.
        Guild branch creation:
        Guild charter: Next weekend, we will get together in WoW around meeting time and sign our guild charter. We need  a minimum of ten people altogether. Stormwind, Cathedral Square just in front of the Cathedral of Light is the chosen meeting place. It shows on the map (press M for map). Escort help is being provided.
           Ten silver for guild charter. One gold for tabard. It was agreed that each character at the charter signing would try to toss in one silver to the pot at least, although some are rich enough to do the whole amount.
       Tabard symbol:
            Tabard list: click for example of its being worn, which looks a little different.
            Tabard viewer
             Update: currently considering: Icon 40 with color 3, Background 34, Border 2 with color 3
        Icon: At this meeting, we tentatively chose the flaming sword 40 as it looks like the Secret Fire of Eru, plus it's a reminder of such items as Gandalf's sword. We also considered the mountain (doesn't look like a mountain when worn), book 9, white tree with leaves 11, eagles 31, "athelas" 13.
            Colors were not settled, but here are tentative suggestions, with updates:
        Background color: Probable sky blue background to show allegience to Manwe, such as 34 (less clashing) or 36 (more definitely sky blue while less clashing than 33), probably 36. Blue of some sort.
        Icon color: possibly yellow 3. Blue has been suggested, but would not work well on a blue background.
        Border color. If we use blue background: probably Yellow 3. If we don't use blue background, possibles: Darkest purple 15. Light blue 13. Dark blue 14.
        Border style: possibly 2, 4, or 5. Number 6 is skull and bones on closer look. 1 is very plain. 3 is perhaps overblown.
    Guild name may be the full title of Valar Guild rather than just Valar, after a sporadic discussion going through the meeting and on into many hours of gaming. Not decided, might still be just Valar. The position of the name already shows it is a guild or clan or something and could be redundant, but adding the word "Guild" leaves no doubt of what we call ourselves, a problem we have seen in other games where others called themselves a version such as Valar Clan.
           For practice, we tried getting together in Stormwind after today's AIM meeting and had enough characters and silver to make the guild then, but decided to wait as we said we would at the meeting to give the maximum number of people the chance to make history by being founding members. We even had several night elves come in all the way from Teldrassil, escorted by GrimboldV and Kanafinwe (Maglor), via hippogryph (south end of Teldrassil) and gryphons, with only two deaths on the entire road. Eonwe and Arathorn pulled out of gaming to show the night elf tourists around. Guests were Fosco (potential member later on) and Wymor (Eonwe's brother).  Gaming happened.  :)
    Game Battle for Middle-earth is out. If you try it, please email review to Eonwe for the Games page!
    Did Frodo ever slay anything? by Ar-Pharazon-(V)
    Elf-healers usually abstained from killing. by Eonwe-(Valar)
    Colors for the Istari, by Thranduil-(V)

Dec. 8, 2004
      Languages, Names, Runes, Dictionaries:
       The Nine, The Terrible, The Nazguls of Mordor - Names and biographies of the Nazgul, a little from Tolkien but mostly from the game by Iron Crown Enterprises, well-done and appearing real. The card game names and histories are often used online where needed since Tolkien did not fill this in much. Caveat: some of the information is incorrect, as saying that Gollum escaped on his own. Adunaphel as a female is not suggested in any way in Tolkien, who said all nine had been kings of Men. This site is very helpful in understanding the heavily used non-Tolkien ringwraiths. by Jonas Astrand et aliud. Link suggested by Elatan-(Valar)
        Mellonath Daeron - the language guild of Forodrim. They study the elvish languages Quenya and Sindarin, and the writing systems Tenwar and Cirth

Dec. 7, 2004
Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          Melkor by Georgia Stone

Dec. 5, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST. AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript:by Varda 
     Eonwe, Gilraen, Lungorthin/sauronjag, Maglor, Menelvagor, Olwe/FallenGlory, Varda
    Ar-Pharazon - visiting grandmother
    Tolkien Encyclopedia: new article "Halls of Thranduil"
    Games page. Updates will be made after last final Wednesday. Be sure yours was sent to Eonwe.
    World of WarCraft page, aka WoW page. Updating player names.
    WoW: Eastern Lothar is official server.
    D2X: Gilraen and Arathorn
    Death as a theme
    English Myth
    Silvan elves as they would be now, in Tolkien's mythology
    Beorn in the myth
    Trolls in books vs movie
    Weapons in Tolkien

Nov. 30, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia
        Places, Thranduil, Thorin:
            "Halls of Thranduil" by Varda-(Valar)

Nov. 28, 2004
Sunday Meeting: AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace. 5:00 pm EST
Transcript: Team Ar-Pharazon, Varda
    Tulkas-(Valar) is back, playing D2X ladder as account AstaldoV.
Attending (20 of 127):
    Aerandir/mordacil, Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Arwen, Bombur, Ecthelion/suilenroc01, Elros, Eonwe, Finarfin, Gil-galad/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen, Grimbold (after-meeting), Gwaihir, Huan/LiberalHound, Farmer Maggot, Menelvagor, Orodreth, Oropher/MJKeenan123, Tulkas/WrestlTulkas, Varda (presiding)
       Game is out, guild members are coming online.
        Lothar server is the official guild server.
       Coordinate on the guild's main Forum, WoW section.
       Maglor needs names for buddy lists for the Valar Guild WoW website. Please email him.
       We still have people gaming in D2X and four then five of us went into games at the end of the meeting.
       Fangorn, Eowyn, and Sauron were re-tagged.
       Ulmo and Bilbo teamed up last night
    Console games:
        A large number were mentioned during the Before-meeting.
    Discussion of the Vala Tulkas.

Nov. 25, 2004
    Letter from Arathorn:

This seemed to help Ar-Pharazon so I've added this section to the QuickAim page to help any newcomers or people wanting to clean up their AIM Buddy lists for the Guild. There's a new link at the top of the page that goes to the section called "Download Buddy lists for Valar Guild: Can load lists right into your AIM! ":
QuickAim Page:

Nov. 24, 2004
    Tulkas-(Valar) is back! He is playing D2X on a brand new computer: 2.8 Gig Pentium 4. Look for him! Previously vying for the Lord of Lag title, he is now zipping along quite nicely.

Nov. 22, 2004
D2X Ladder:
       Arathorn's Hardcore Barbarian just shattered the previous top Hardcore score with a 60!
Names page
       New link on Guild index for updated Names page

Nov. 21, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST in AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript: team of Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Menelvagor, Varda
    Turgon-(V) passed his Maia test and is henceforth known as Menelvagor-(Valar)! He tested with Elatan, Eonwe, and Varda during the meeting. New AIM name: Menelvagor Valar
Attending (17):
    Aerandir/mordacil, Arathorn-Valar, Ar-Pharazon-V, Arwen-V, Celebrimbor-V, Elatan-Valar, Eonwe-Valar, Finarfin-V, Gil-galad/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-V, Grimbold-V/HearNoEvil80, Gwaihir-Valar, FarmerMaggot-V/Musics4Me2, Orodreth-V, Thror-V/Chugin Chub,Turgon-V/Menelvagor-Valar, Varda-Valar (presiding)
    WoW about to come out. Valar Guild is focusing on Alliance first. When we know our server etc we will post to the Forum's WoW section and News; current plan is not to use a server that forces us into anything such as PvP or RP for the most freedom of action, allowing us to do anything. We need to get together on the same server to create the guild branch there, and to try to use names as close to our guild names as possible for recognition. Eonwe is branch leader for WoW, coordinating efforts.
    Elatan's topic: What forces caused the young White Tree to appear just when Aragorn needed it?

Nov. 14, 2004
    Forum: Thanks to Eonwe: Trivia Round 2, LotR Thread has begun :}  See Community/ Tolkien Discussion and jump in!
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST in AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript: team of Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, and Varda. Pieces quilted together by Varda Nov 22.
Eonwe presided.
    Elros-(V) - new full member! For details, see Nov 10. Unable to enter meetings apparently due to some setting
    Fladrif andGrimbold sent greetings. Grimbold had to work. Fladrif hoped to come late.
    Varda and Fangorn will be on vacation for a week starting Monday, far far from computers.
Attending (17):
    Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Arwen, Ecthelion/suilenroc01, Eonwe (presiding), Galdor, Gelmir/Shaggyjoe, Gil-galad/Xseanzee disco, Grimbold/HearNoEvil80, Mablung/DemonicHorde69, Maglor, FarmerMaggot/Musics4Me2, Olwe/FallenGlory, Orodreth, Thranduil/Gamatzgamatz, Turgon, Varda
    Forum: New Tolkien Trivia thread for H & LotR started by Eonwe!
    Names page turned back over to Varda from Irmo, updated, but is not yet linked into the other pages. Linking will have to be done next week.
    Tolkien Encyc: Elves page now has all subjects listed on separate pages linked to Elves page.
    Games page still being worked on. Be sure to send in your info to Eonwe for the big update!
       13 members under the 28 day limit, 2 just right outside, so we're ok currently.
       Thranduil-(V) joined into this branch during the meeting.
         Open Beta started this week. Some members are in it.
         Please be sure to send in your Ladder character scores to Varda to be added to the Guild's ladder web page, separate from Blizzard's.
         Sven Coop working with Steam
    What kind of relationship do the Beornings and Mirkwood have?
    Specific discussions on Beorn and Legolas.
    Beornings and Rivendell.
    Legolas' age  
    More Tolkien discussion, including Fatty Bolger disguised as Frodo and the attack on the house at Crickhollow.
    Some Middle-earth Online rp discussion.

Nov. 10, 2004
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Elros-(V)! He contacted us by email and met Varda by AIM. He passed his entry test with Varda 5/5! He is 24 and just had a birthday Nov 1. He's from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and recently graduated from Towson University with a degree in Business Administration and Political Science. He now works at a bank. He was born in Ft. Hood, as an "army brat". He's been a sailor: charter teacher and a six-pack captain, meaning he taught sailing to rich folk.  AIM: DJMcFlessan (10-5 EST), Louiekiskowski (most of the rest of the time). He's read the H, LotR, Sil, UT, BoLT 1&2, Lays of Beleriand, (not the entire Histories, yet), Farmer Giles of Ham, Smith of Wooten, and probably some others we didn't get around to. His favorite character from LotR was Gandalf, who was like a Don of a family as he led by caring.

Nov. 9, 2004
    World of WarCraft: Forum post by Maglor:

As of 9:43 AM I am officially Kanafinwe in the WoW Open Beta!!
I downloaded the installer last night so I could be playing as soon as it is installed. The only problem is I have classes at 11:00am.
Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until I get home.


Nov. 7, 2004
Sunday Meeting: 5pm EST, AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript not made this time: team Ar-Pharazon, Varda. We have the complete transcripts preserved, despite difficulties, but not enough new business came up (and the chat was short) to warrant using the server space. The summary should be enough.
    Members (17): Aerandir, Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Arwen, Bombur, Eonwe, Finarfin (after), Gil-galad, Gilraen, Gwaihir, Huan, Lungorthin, Farmer Maggot, Olwe/Fallen Glory, Orodreth, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Guest: Maximus FOTL (contacted Lungorthin, interested in joining, looking for a gaming "family". That's a good description of us.)
Most important part of the meeting was to make the monthly contact with the guild. All in the above list have it in the Activity page now.
Games chat in after-meeting:
    LotR Risk game, tried by Ar-Pharazon gaming with Fladrif and Fladrif's lady, and Maximus FOTL. Pharazon said the expansions of Gondor made it better, but concentrated the game into the south, especially Minas Tirith. Link from Pharazon.
    Halo: Report by Aerandir
        Aerandir V: there is a game on microsofts xbox called halo, there is a program for playing it online called xbox connect: we get together in a place like blizzards battle.net to play together.
        Eonwe added that it is an fps game.
AIM Training:
    After the business meeting, we ran training for the group on inviting others to an AIM chat room. Some accidentally invited their "bad" list, so we had some real learning on how to invite correctly.
    Transcript of Tolkien chat with non-Tolkien threads edited out. LiberalHound is Huan-Valar:
VardaValar1: Why would the Valar only allow Huan to speak three times?
Bomburv: Three strikes?
LiberalHound: I wish I knew, it's quite a hinderance
VardaValar1: lol
GwaihirValar: to ensure that he had to be very careful with what he said...
VardaValar1: Made him speak only important things
Eonwe Valar: well, that's 2 down Huan :}
VardaValar1: Maybe he was chatty in Valinor : )
GwaihirValar: lol
VardaValar1: They may have wanted him to appear to be a normal hound, better hiding
GilraenV: or he spread some gossip the Valar didn't want known
ArPharazonV: lol
VardaValar1: Hmm, wonder what that would be. no no.
VardaValar1: Won't waste his last words
Eonwe Valar: Maybe it was to encourage Huan not to talk too much,.. he was allowed 3 times before he died, so once he got done with the third, he knew the end was near :}
ArPharazonV: exactly how long were those times supposed to last?
ArPharazonV: the times he talked, I mean?
ArPharazonV: basically, he could have talked for days on end, and it could still count as 1 time...
VardaValar1: But he would have been tuned out for too much talk : )
Eonwe Valar: eventually Huan would've run out of things to say, and thus would end one time for speaking :}
VardaValar1: Huan, the Filibuster Hound
Eonwe Valar: aye :}

Nov. 4, 2004
    WoW: Blizzard announcement:

November 4, 2004 - Blizzard Entertainment® today announced that its eagerly awaited massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft® will be in stores in North America on November 23, 2004. World of Warcraft will launch simultaneously in Australia and New Zealand, and is planned for release in Korea, Europe, and other countries throughout Asia shortly following. With a monthly subscription, players in these regions will soon be able to experience the epic adventure of the Warcraft® series in an immersive and continually evolving online environment.

Nov. 3, 2004
    Forum: Letter from Turgon-(V) (admin):

As per request on last meeting, I asked on the Proboards support board how many PM's someone could have on the Message Board. I have already posted the reply under MB Announcements. There is no maximum, however, the more the slower the page will load.



Oct. 31, 2004
    Happy Halloween!
    Valar Standard Time (Eastern Standard Time) changed last night at midnight. The meeting is now one hour later. Sorry, Europe. We will continue to try to have "Before-meetings". Scariest thing for this Halloween!
    Atomic Clock

Sunday Meeting 5pm EST in AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace. You can invite yourself by Inviting person, type in your name, and type in the room name. If it's a version that asks if you accept the invitation, just say no.
Transcript: team of Ar-Pharazon, Turgon, and Varda
    Letter to Tolkien Encyc showing some problems. Worked on and solved some.
    Hobbit: map confusion and solved it
Membership News:
    Arathorn - active again, but not making it to meetings
    Embla-(TV) - reports on New Zealand's LotR filming sites
    Fladrif - in contact
    Luthien - playing now as Tindomeral-V in TFT
Web News:
    Beren's Lore Book: down
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          Fellowship. New general section. Could use input
       Help locating bad links needed while Encyc is undergoing re-build, all articles and authors getting their own pages. Gilraen and Eonwe have been helping.
Gaming News:
    State of Valar Gaming Report
    Azure Dreams. In After-meeting
    BroodWar: Orodreth. In After-meeting
    Gilraen's Role-playing game. New characters can now enter.
    Guild Wars Beta finishes today.
    Interplay: included LotR games. In After-meeting
    Middle-earth Online Role-playing game on our Forum. Good spot now for Mirkwood Elf characters to join our party.
    WarCraft/The Frozen Throne: new map
    In Before-meeting: Hobbit: Map confusion and solved it
    In Tolkien section: Gondolin's betrayal
    Forum: number of pm's we can store is quite high, a hundred or better known
    Forum Middle-earth Online rp discussion
    Computer talk

    Tolkien Encyclopedia

Oct. 30, 2004
    Letter from Embla, ending travels in New Zealand:

I have always wanted to work on a ship. But I'm not very big or strong, so
can't really see what use they would have of me:) Maybe I could work in the
kitchen or something...

I have made it to the south Island now. Almost more beautiful then the
north, but you can't really compare. Yesterday, we drove from Christchurch
to a small town called Springfield... On the way we turned of the main road
and followed a smaller one between beautiful mountains and hills, and there,
in the middle of a valley, was Mount Sunday/Edoras. It was beautiful.
Although none of the buildings were there it was still worth the look of it.
Maybe I can scan some of the photos later when I get back so I can send you

And today we drove by the big fields where the last battle was held in ROTK.
I don't rellay remember the name. And we drove by the part where they filmed
Arwens ride to Rivendell with Frodo. You couldn't see the exact film
location because it is on private property, but It was in there somewhere:)
And In the in the backround I could see the mountains used for the Misty

There are so many places I want to see, but they are all so scattered on the
Islands, that I won't have time to see them all. And many of them you can't
get to by car. But I'm happy with the few I have seen.
I'm sotired now. I haven't slept in the same place for two weeks now. Since we
don't have much time we want to see the most we can. Today, Queenstown,
tomorrow somewhere else...but I'm happy. I can rest in Thailand.


Oct. 29, 2004
State of Valar Gaming, Report by Eonwe-(Valar):
Hail all Valar of the Valar Guild!

I've finished putting together the results from the Games Page Mass Update.
Here they are.
At the beginning of the GPMU, there were 104 members listed on the Games
Page.  Of those,
SC/BW -12 = 11%
D2/Lod- 20 =19%
Wc3/TFT-26 = 25%
ME mod- 5 = 4%
EQ- 4 = 4%
DAoC- 10 = 10%
WC2- 2 = 2%
D1- 3 = 3%
NWN- 2 = 2%
HL- 5 = 4%
Other- 17%
Nothing Listed- 48 = 46%

After the e-mails were sent out, I adjusted the membership numbers based on
the Activity page.  By my count, we have 116 members  Of those, I recieve
gaming info for only 34.
SC/BW- 8= 7%
D2/Lod- 17= 15%
Wc3/TFT- 12= 10%
ME mod-  1= 1%
EQ-  3= 3%
DAoC- 5 = 4 %
WC2-  1= 1%
D1- 2 = 2%
Other- 17 =15%
No response- 82 = 71%

HalfLife and NWN no longer have a following large enough to put up a
separate page.  WC2 and D1 may have their separate pages taken off as well,
as they have not had alot of support since before last update.

Oct. 28, 2004
    Guild Wars: Letter from Arathorn:

Grimbold and I are going to try out the 'Guild Wars' beta this weekend since my internet is back. I'm just wondering who else is going to? I know Ar-pharazon brought it up a few times from the meeting transcripts I read, so I imagine he will, but who else is interested?

Oct. 25, 2004
    Traveling in New Zealand, continued: Letter from Embla-(TV) of Sweden:

You know, today, I went to see the locations of rivendell. It is located in
a park outside Wellington. (where I'm staying at the moment.) You couldn't
see very much except for a sign where it stood that this was the place. It
is so sad they have removed all the bulidings. It had been bulid down by a
river and I almost broke my ancle jumping down just to get a closer look:) I
had a really hard time climbing back again. My friends, who are not sharing
my interests, just looked at me with a you-should-know better look. But I
don't expect them to understand.

And after alot of searching, I find the locations of the fampus tree, where
The Hobbits hide from the Nazgul. The tree had been removed, so it wasn't
much to see there either, but it felt good just standing there.

Tomorrow we are travelling to the south island with a cargoship. We are
staying at one of my dads friends house tonight, and he knew the captain of
the ship for tomorrow so we can travel really cheap. How are things with

Oct. 24, 2004
    New Tolkien Encyclopedia section for everyone to add to: Fellowship

Sunday Meeting 5pm ESDT
Transcript Team: Ar-Pharazon, Varda
Member News:
    Embla-(TV) is in New Zealand touring movie sites.
    Eonwe-(Valar)'s comp's memory went bad, but he will be repairing it. Using another comp meanwhile.
    Farmer Maggot-(V) will be 15 tomorrow
    Orodreth-(V) working on Latin homework, passed his hello through Gilraen-(V)
    WoW :
       Maglor updated page. Turgon helping.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Poetry: 2 new poems from He that Walks Unseen-(TV).
          The Muse and the Boy of the Blue Fountainby He that Walks Unseen-(TV). Tribute to JRRT.
          Laden Trees in the Circle of Fire by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
        Maps: Shire Post
       Shire Post
       Blizzard Fan Art
       World preview event 29-31 this month.
    WoWreport by Eonwe
       Servers may split up guild guys. Europe and N. America on different servers.
    How far-reaching were the results of the cry of the gull heard by the Fellowship as they approached the Corsairs of Umbar?

Oct. 22, 2004
       Maglor-(V) has updated the Valar Guild's WoW website.

    Letter excerpt from Embla-(TV) of Sweden, now traveling in New Zealand, communicating by internet cafes:

I have visited three LOTR locations so far. The place where the Weathertop
was, and River Anduin and where gollums swims in the river and catches a
fish with Sam and Frodo, it amazing!! New Zealand is a must go. If you ever
got money this is the place to go.
Skip Europe, I have never seen any country so beatiful. Not even the films
can show all the beautiful things here.

The landscape changes all the time. Like yesterday, we were driving aaround
a big beuatiful lake callaed Tapou, a couple of kilomteres away it turns in
to grren hills with sheeps, just like Scotland, and minutes after its a
djungel, and after that snowy mountians. We drove up one of the volcanic
mountians and I went out of the car just to feel the snow. It was so strange
to see the changes in nature.

It sounds like a fun meeting:) Maybe I come and join you someday...

To day, I think we gonna se the location where they shot parts of Osgiliath.


Oct. 21, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:

          Laden Trees in the Circle of Fire by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)

Oct. 19, 2004
    Links page:
       Shire Post - coins and stamps inspired by fantasy and science fiction, includes Tolkien. Includes maps of the Shire and areas nearby. Message board including role-play style stories. Link emailed by D. Johnson   (Shire Post is also listed under Maps in our Encyc.)

Oct. 18, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          The Muse and the Boy of the Blue Fountainby He that Walks Unseen-(TV). Tribute to JRRT.

Oct. 17, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm ESDT, AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcriptfrom Ar-Pharazon, Farmer Maggot, Varda
        Ar-Pharazon, Arwen, Caranthir/MoriFinwe, Celebrimbor, Elwing, Eonwe (presiding), Finarfin, Fladrif, Gil-galad/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen, Grimbold, Gwaihir, Huan/LiberalHound, Mablung/DemonicHorde69, Farmer Maggot, Orodreth, Oropher/MJKeenan123, Turgon, Varda

Oct. 15, 2004
    Letter from Arathorn: <mikenowo(AT)yahoo.ca>

Well, just bought a hard drive last week to backup my stuff and go
figure, now my other one is dying. Unfortunately I can`t ghost it
because of bad sectors so looks like my Linux is lost. I`m reinstalling
Linux on the second drive I bought and hope to restore some stuff from
a previous backup (have to be IN linux to restore of course *sigh*.

Going to buy another new drive next month to re-install windows on and
restore whatever I can from the failing one (again can`t ghost windows
off of it either so will have to restore what I can later). Internet
should be up by then so will be checking in periodically until my
system is back to snuff.

Oct. 13, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          The Shadows Within by He that Walks Unseen-(TV). Frodo's thoughts in Mordor.

    Farmer Maggot is grounded from comps for not doing homework most of September, so we've just lost two major guild programmers for the month of October at least.. Guild folk, please don't get yourselves grounded! Here's Farmer's blog aka journal:

Oct. 12, 2004
    Alatar-(Valar) has kindly increased the space available for the guild web pages, as we were approaching the limit.
    He is playing in not one, but two, betas! World of WarCraft (accepted into) and EverQuesters II (now gaming as Alatar on the Beta 2 server)! Way to go, Blue Wizard!
    We know he must be a wizard to manage all his interests. Other games are DAoC in two guilds, and City of Heroes. He still drops in with his D2X characters just enough to prevent them from expiring.

Oct. 12, 2004
    Letter from Arathorn: (and yes we were wondering :)  )

In case you’ve been wondering, I’m without internet this month because
of financial reasons. I hope to be back next month. Just sending this
message to inform you. No point in answering since I won’t be checking
email again until then (my other email is temporarily suspended).


Oct. 10, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm ESDT in AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript : team of Ar-Pharazon and Varda 
    Aerandir, Ar-Pharazon, Caranthir/Morifinwe, Celebrimbor, Eonwe, Gil-galad/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen, Gwaihir, Orodreth, Oropher/MJKeenan123, Thorondor, Thranduil/gamatzgamatz, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Orodreth is setting up a Diplomacy MUD game. Check it out at this site.

Oct. 8, 2004

       Our group uses Battle.net channel Clan Vala in USA, East.

    WC3/TFT: Letter from Eonwe:

Hail all Warcrafters!

For the second time in two months, our Warcraft 3 Branch is in danger of
deletion due to too few members logging in. We can only keep this WC3 clan
set up as long as we have members willing to log on at least once every 28
days. If we want to keep the WC3 bnet clan, as well as the channel, each of
us needs to try and follow through with this. We need each of you to try
and log in sometime soon. We can only keep this feature so long as we have
members who want it.

Take care and hope to catch you sometime on bnet or in AIM at a meeting.

    WC3/TFT: Letter from Gwaihir:

Our WC3 branch is, again, in danger of expiring... we've only got 7 members
under the 10-day mark. If you'd put an alert on the news page, it'd be
appreciated! And if you'd put in an appearance on wc3 yourself... that'd
help ;)



Oct. 5, 2004
    Fladrif tested DOSBox on Lemmings for the PC while we were holding the chat open, and was very pleased. It's a DOS emulator to help games run on later Operating Systems such as XP.

Oct. 4, 2004
Happy Seventh Anniversary, Valar Guild!!!
    Miruvor served at the Isle of Balar.
    AIM chat: We will attempt to keep the meeting chat room open for the Fourth, with help from any members around the world who are willing.
    Among those who helped with the Chat Challenge, holding it open from the time Arien went from one side of the world to the other for all of the Oct 4's, were:
everyone at the meeting Sunday (when Oct 4 began in Europe):
    Aerandir, Ar-Pharazon, Beregond, Elatan, Elwing, Eonwe, Fladrif, Gil-galad, Mablung, Orodreth, Theoden, Thorondor, Thror, Turgon, Varda
    and afterwards helping with the long haul:
    Ar-Pharazon, Arwen, Celebrimbor, Eonwe, Finarfin, Gelmir, Gil-galad, Gilraen, Gwaihir, Lungorthin, Olwe, Oropher, Turgon, and Varda.
    Tourney games: listed on the Tourney page on the Games page, may be played all week, results emailed to Eonwe with a cc to Varda.
    Encyclopedia: If you send in an Encyclopedia entry this week, please mention whether it will be in honor of the Anniversary. This is for articles, poems, stories, translations, humor, art, or anything else you wish to add.

    SpaceShipOne won for the prize with its second flight this morning! Flight coverage on http://www.space.com . This is also the 47th anniversary of Russia's Sputnik 1 launch that started the "space race".

     Forum letters for the Anniversary! :)  Read and put in your two cents!

Letter from Finarfin:

Happy Seventh Anniversary of the Valar Guild !!
    I cannot believe that soooo much time has gone by so fast.  I have enjoyed the company of so many guild members over the years. I just feel the need to say thanks.
By the grace of the Vala:
PS.  Glad to see disscussions on "Letters" in the meetings.  such a wealth of knolwedge and insite there..

Oct. 3, 2004
Sunday Meeting: 5pm ESDT (GMT-5). AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript: Team: Ar-Pharazon, Varda
Attending: (15)
    Aerandir/mordacil, Ar-Pharazon, Beregond, Elatan, Elwing, Eonwe, Fladrif, Gil-galad/Xseanzee disco, Mablung/DemonicHorde69, Orodreth, Theoden, Thorondor, Thror/Chugin Chub, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
Finarfin: working during this meeting. Letter is on Oct. 2
Gil-galad's birthday was last Friday. Happy 17th!
Mablung made a second AIM screen name for the guild: MablungV
Thror turns 18 today!
     Games page:
       Eonwe is collecting info for the great Games page update.
    Guild Wars:
        Fladrif and Ar-Pharazon report that the game, Guild Wars, will be free to download and play the last three days of October.
        Eonwe-Valar: "Last week's meetings notes said the US beta was over.  I wanted to clarify that the US closed Beta is not over, just the 7-day stress test beta. Also, they've let in some more guys from the initial closed beta signups."
        Ar-Pharazon: European beta starting this coming week.
    Biography game, short character bios when tagged: Fladrif and Beregond.
    Letters of Tolkien: JRRT's discussion of the Ring, Gollum, and Frodo. Partial quote of Letter 246, p. 330.
    Arwen, Eowyn, Gelmir/Shaggyjoe came by.

Oct. 2, 2004
    Letter from Finarfin:

Aiya Varda!. (et all)
         just a short note to infrom you that i will not be able to join you in the meeting this sunday.  worked 72 hrs this week and looks like another long week next week. (lots of functions).  Please give my warmest regards to all and sundry at the meeting.  I hope to be gaming again within the next two weeks or so.
  By the grace of the Vala

Sept. 29, 2004
    SpaceShipOne! Go to Space.com for breaking news on the flight of SpaceShipOne and its carrier, the White Knight, private spaceplane from the US team headed by Burt Rutan,  going for the first flight by a private group for the Ansari X ten million dollar prize for suborbital spaceflight.  Live webcasts!

    SpaceShipOne goes faster than Mach 3, with Mach 1 being the speed of sound. The pilot is Mike Melvill, test pilot and vice president and general manager of the company that built the ship, Scaled Composites, LLC.
    The prize is set up by Peter Diamandis. To win, they have to reach the required altitude of 62 miles/ 100 km, with a three man crew, then repeat a successful flight within two weeks. This is the first flight actually intended for the competition.
    SpaceShipOne made it to the required altitude!
    Tip to watch came from Meriadoc-(V).

    The Canadian da Vinci team is preparing for its own flight.

    A new contest is being set up for an orbital vehicle that can carry up to seven astronauts to an orbital outpost by the end of the decade. The America's Space Prize is 50 million dollars. The winner also gets options to service inflatable space habitats under development by Bigelow Aerospace, which is putting up half the prize money.

    Return of the King Extended DVD due out Dec. 14.

Sept. 26, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5). AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace. You can invite yourself to the room or request an invitation. List of AIM names on Quick AIM.
Transcript team for Sept 26:
    Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Farmer Maggot, Varda
Attending (21): roll from Arathorn, Eonwe, and Varda
    Members: Aerandir/mordacil, Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Arwen, Caranthir/MoriFinwe, Elatan, Eonwe, Eowyn, Galdor, Gilraen, Grimbold/HearNoEvil80,  Gwaihir, FarmerMaggot/Musics4Me2, Olwe/FallenGlory, Orodreth, Oropher/MJKeenan123, Thorondor, Thror, Turgon (after-meeting), Varda (presiding)
    Includes translating "Belthronding"
    Arathorn's Maia promotion announced
    Discussion of use of V or Valar as a guild tag
    Turgon: laptop problems one and two
    Orodreth: now on 56k connection, less access to internet
    Tolkien-only: membership requirement 
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
       Poem: "Revenge Lives in the House of Ransom" by He that Walks Unseen-(TV). Mim the Petty Dwarf's point of view.
       Upgrades started. Articles and individuals have separate pages for sections: Animals, Dwarves.
    D2X Middle-earth mod: Arathorn's pages updated with items
    BZ Flag: Fladrif's server up again
    EverQuest: Sighted Earendil as Gelondil
    Rubies of Eventide: Good for those suffering WoW beta withdrawal or to get a taste of the game.
    WoW Beta USA: over
    WoW Beta Europe: will be starting
    Translation: Belthronding. "Strong bow".
    Game: tell a little about the Tolkien character whose name you bear, then tap another person to tell about his or hers. Descriptions made by:
       Varda, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Arathorn, Farmer Maggot, Arwen, Eowyn, Grimbold, Olwe, Oropher
    Continued with more about Oropher and his kin in the books
    Programming talk
    Turgon showed up late, laptop buggy.

Sept. 21, 2004
    Fladrif says his BZ Flag server is up again.
    Turgon said his friend needed the laptop during the last meeting.

Sept. 20, 2004
    Letter from Orodreth-(V):
Hello all,

As most of you know, on on August 24, my grandmother was walking on a
hill near her house and fell. This caused a skull fracture, her brain
to swell, and a blood vessel to burst, bleeding on the brain. This in
turn caused her to have a stroke. She was taken to the hospital, and
the doctors were not optimistic. However, she made it through the
night, and was moved into hospice, as per her wishes for no life

On September 5th she slipped into a coma, and again, she was not
expected to survive the night. On September 7th, she passed away.

However, on August 27th, my uncles and aunts on my mother's side got
into it all. Betweent he four of them there has been much chaos and
discord. words have been thrown, and no one came out happy.

As of today, my grandmother's house, which has a total sq footage of
1710 ont he lakefront is going for nearly $400,000.

Now as to my situation:

Currently, I have computer access through my mother's computer on her
56K. While I still have my laptop and everything on it, I have no
internet connection. I can use AIM through my mother's computer and
account, which is DuckWithMuscles every so often, as well as access my
e-mail once a day or so. I am currently in school 5 days a week

If you all could pass this on, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd
mostly appreciate an announcement in the Valar Guild and at Syn-Real
in the world dev section. I don't know if anyone from TfG remembers
me, but perhaps a few are wondering. If someone who knows these
communties could get the word out, that would be one of the best
things you could do.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          "Revenge Lives in the House of Ransom" by He that Walks Unseen-(TV). Mim the Petty Dwarf's point of view.

Sept. 19, 2004

    Congratulations to the Maia, Arathorn-(Valar)! He passed his Maia test from Elatan-(Valar), Eonwe-(Valar), and Varda-(Valar) during the meeting, thanks to chairing by Thorondor-(Valar). Arathorn elected not to take the name change, as he has a great many programs and accounts listed under his current name.

Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5). AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace. You can invite yourself to that room or request an invitation from anyone there. AIM name list on QuickAIM.
Transcript Transcript team this week:
Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Farmer Maggot, Varda
  Arathorn-Valar, Ar-Pharazon-V, Arwen-V, Beregond-V/VBeregond, Celebrimbor-V, Elatan-Valar, Eonwe-Valar, Eowyn-V/DaeTPringl, Gelmir-V/Shaggyjoe, Gil-galad-V/Xseanzee disco, Gilraen-V, Grimbold-V/HearnoEvil80, Gwaihir-Valar, FarmerMaggot-V/Musics4Me2,
Paladin Took-V/MyLifeforAuir/ThainPaladin/Took, Theoden-V, Thorondor-Valar (presiding), Varda-Valar
  Folco-V-ex/AgentPuma21 Email needed.
  Tolkien Encyclopedia:
    Poetry: by Turgon-V and He that Walks Unseen-TV
    Humor: new link in Hobbits Live . Suggestion: check out the many other parts on the site such as Elvish language and the beautiful fan art with a lesson in how one brilliant artist does it.
    WoW beta over.
    www.rubiesofeventide.com Game similar to WoW. Free but accepts donations.
  Discussion about Eru Iluvatar, badly tangented out of Tolkien in many places, but veering back on topic here and there thanks to Thorondor's powerful efforts. Suggested by Ar-Pharazon and Thorondor.

Sept. 17, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia
            Down the Tunnel in Erebor by He that Walks Unseen-(TV). Bilbo seeks out the dragon, Smaug.
            Gorthaur the Cruel by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
Hobbits Live - Comics section. Plenty of other goodies here too.

Sept 16, 2004
    D2X Ladder:
Arathorn's assassin hit 87, new top guild score!

Sept. 14, 2004
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, He that Walks Unseen-(TV)! He's from Nicaragua, now going to Princeton in New Jersey for his PhD in Population Studies. He currently holds a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Population Studies. He joined us with four poems, listed on the News Sept 13. His name refers to a riddle used by Bilbo when talking to Smaug.

    Letter from Arathorn-(V): Farewell to World of WarCraft Beta, link includes news on next Beta. Post is also on Forum:
On Sunday (Sept 14, 2004) Grimbold and I said farewell to the WoW Beta Stress Test and all the fun we had playing it over the past week and a half. Here's a site I put up with a review and snaphots of our escapades:



    Letter from Arathorn-(V): new free game!:
Found this WoW type game that's actually free (they run through donations):

It's not as elaborate as WoW but has the same aspects. I just registered an account at their site (again free) and went into a couple of the worlds. Mouse moving doesn't apply except in battle (you can adjust view using the middle mouse/wheel though) but it has the same look and feel as WOW, even some of the same commands (from what I saw). You can set guild teams like in WoW too. Looks like they're trying to emulate the WoW world and are just starting out, but HEY for free it's worth a shot!
I created an Elf and Dwarf char in each of the 2 worlds that are up more often (QUITE a lot of options/skills to choose from!):
Server: Pegasus
Char: Haran Baradun

Server: Phoenix
Char: ArathornV (no last name)

ONE big drawback is that the game will close itself when you try to go back to windows. They have doene this BY DESIGN so that the game doesn't crash (memory leaaking) and to stop hacking, etc. (they have no intention of allowing swap to windows).
In any event, Grimbold and I will be trying it out to see how it fairs up (we have WoW withdrawal since the close of the WoW beta stress test on Sunday :-P). Let me know if anyone else will want to try it. I'll post something on the Forum once I know a bit more about the game.

Sept. 13, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
Of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad by Turgon-(V). The Battle of Unnumbered Tears. 
          Galadriel by HethatWalksUnseen-(TV) fka Danilo
          Mithrandir by HethatWalksUnseen-(TV)
          Morgoth by HethatWalksUnseen-(TV)
          Tinuviel by HethatWalksUnseen-(TV) 
       Medieval Times - restaurant around an arena giving a show with knights using live steel and Andalusian horses.
New requirement:
    To become a Tolkien-only member, an applicant now needs to email at least one small contribution to the Tolkien Encyclopedia to show interest. Let Varda know what guild name you would like to have for your credit and other recognition

Sept. 12, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5) AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Turgon, Varda. We got it covered this time! Yay us!
Attending: roll from Thror
    Aerandir, Ar-Pharazon, Celebrimbor, Eonwe, Lungorthin, FarmerMaggot, Finarfin, Fladrif, Gilraen, Thorondor, Thror, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Games page
       Eonwe is sending out emails tonight for update. This is one way we check for activity, so please respond. He is running into a lot of "undeliverable" emails, so if you don't receive one, please email Eonwe with which games you play.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia/ Poetry:
       "The Green Lady in the White Dress" by Elatan-(Valar).
In praise of Yavanna for the forest in winter.

    MacMerc page  Free gaming. URL from Farmer Maggot-V
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
       Celebrimbor is playing this, would like to see a guild branch there.
    Why did Legolas and Boromir travel to Imladris alone, considering their stations?

Sept. 8, 2004
    Embla-TV says Hi from Sydney, Australia! She's using internet cafes to keep in touch by email, even though suffering from jetlag and missing most of her sleep the last three "nights". Let's hope Irmo sends her quality dream time! Next stop by bus: Cairns.

Sept. 7, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia/ Poetry:
       "The Green Lady in the White Dress" by Elatan-(Valar).
In praise of Yavanna for the forest in winter.

Sept 5, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5) in AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript. I was out of town and missed the meeting, so I don't have a transcript or even notes. No one sent in a transcript, apparently agreeing with Ar-Pharazon that it was pointless since someone else would send one in. Guys, I make a patchwork quilt out of what is sent in to cover the whole thing. It is a big help. Also, we never know when someone who is saving will accidentally crash, or we come in at different times. This seems to be an object lesson to prove how important our transcript savers really are!
  Continuation of the missing Transcript saga: Turgon tried to email a transcript, although missing the first fifteen minutes. The attachment didn't attach, and his mainboard fried again. He is trying to stay in contact with us anyway, thanks to a very kind friend loaning him a laptop, but it doesn't have the transcript. Does anyone else have it?
  Arathorn's new AIM program crashed so much that he couldn't make a transcript. Anyone have one?

Sept. 2, 2004
    Letter from Eonwe:

This applies for FULL MEMBERS of the Valar Guild only. No one else need worry about it (For information about joining the Valar Guild as a full member, follow the link).

The Games Page Mass Update is in process. I will be sending e-mails shortly. Anyone by chance not recieving a mail will still need to contact me.

I ask that you respond by September 30th so that I may have the page (and the State of Gaming report that I give after the update) ready shortly after.

I've also decided that these will be added to the Forum Calendar so you can look up there as well in the off-chance you don't want to read :}

Take care :}


Aug. 30, 2004
    Welcome to the Tolkien-only Members of the Valar Guild, Franco Manni-TV! Franco is a teacher from Italy and a member of the Tolkien Society. He has been emailing for quite some time, and has already contributed his
review of The Uncharted Realms of Tolkien and of The History of Middle Earth, translated from the Italian by a kindly Australian visiting teacher.

Aug. 29, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Arathorn, webwork (as usual) by Varda (AIM lag crashes means it is a good thing we had several trying to save!)
Membership: full members: 126 listed. Tolkien-only members: 24 (adding Franco-TV who is name-choosing)
    Attending: (18)(5 ladies, a record!)
     Aerandir-V/mordacil, Arathorn-V, Ar-Pharazon-V, Arwen-V, Celebrimbor-V, Elwing-V, Eonwe-Valar, Eowyn-V/DaeTPringl, Fladrif-V, Gilraen-V, Grimbold-V, Gwaihir-V,  Mablung-V/DemonicHorde69, Oropher-V/MJKeenan123, Thorondor-Valar, Thror-V/Chugin Chub, Turgon-V, Varda-Valar (presiding)
    Elrond-V says hi from the Forum, his only way to contact currrently.
    Embla-TV: back in Sweden from Finland, about to go to Australia and may not be able to reach us for a while again. Could not reach internet this summer in Finland, grandmother died, uncle and aunt have cancer.
    Gwaihir-Valar now in Toronto, Canada with  Eomer-V and Luthien-V.
    Orodreth-V: moving in with parents while grandmother is in the nursing home. Will then be on Dial-up.
    See News between meetings, as it was accidentally left out of this meeting.
Gaming: (see transcript for details)
    AoH: report by Oropher
    EQ: report by Oropher
    Fellowship of Middle-earth: report by Ar-Pharazon-V
    LotR: The Third Age: report by Celebrimbor
        Turn-based RPG from EA Games. Link to trailer 
    Magic the Gathering Online: report by Fladrif-V
    Middle-earth Online rp in our forum: discussion by rp'ers
    WC3/TFT: report by Turgon, Eonwe, Pharazon
       All members with accounts in WC3 or TFT need to drop into channel Clan Vala this week. Clan is in danger of expiring from member inactivity.
    WoW: report by Eonwe
    Topic by Elwing-V: communication with animals in Middle-earth.

Aug. 26, 2004
    Orodreth-V will be back on dial-up so his internet connection will not be quite as fast. His grandmother is very ill, and had to go to a nursing home, so he had to move back in with his parents. Good luck, buddy!
    Embla-TV emailed that she lost her grandmother over the summer, and her uncle and aunt have cancer. She's from Sweden and has been spending time without the Internet while in Finland. She's back home for a short while, where summer is already disappearing, then off to Australia.

Aug. 25, 2004
    Letter from Boromir-V:  Rome: Total War Demo
Hey just emailing to tell poeple they should go download the Rome: Total War Demo, off of fileplanet or another site. It gives you a tutorial battle and the battle of Trebia, where its Hannibal vs the Roman Army, It's really fun and it shows how good they game is going to be in terms of the battles. It's made me even more excited for the release of of the game. Its going to have a 3d map where you can station your armys between mountains and stuff. And the battles are in real time with only troops, and you take turns building up your citys and towns with improvments and new buildings and then recruiting welli could keep typing a bunch but poeple should check out this game

Aug. 23, 2004
  Links page:
    Simplicity: For those who would like to make their own medieval and/or LotR costumes, Simplicity catalog has a nice batch of patterns to order. If nothing else, the pictures with live and drawn models are nifty. Thanks to Arwen-V for the link. Now on Links page under Live Gaming.
    Tolkien Music List 
Thain's Book - Hobbit and LotR encyclopedia, Third Age.

Aug. 22, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST in AIM's Valar Guild Meetingplace
Send yourself a chat invitation to the chat named above to enter. If you have difficulty, ask someone to invite you. See QuickAIM for AIM names for your Valare buddy list.

Transcript from Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Varda
Attending: 18
    Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Arwen, Celebrimbor, Eonwe (presiding), Eowyn/DaeTPringl, Finarfin (after-meeting), Fladrif, Gilraen, Grimbold/HearnoEvil80, Gwaihir, Lungorthin/sauronjag, Mablung/DemonicHorde69, Olwe/FallenGlory, Orodreth, Thror/ChuginChub (after-meeting), Turgon, Varda
    Ar-Pharazon-V's comp is now able to handle the bigger games again.
    Arwen-V just arrived at the University in Lubbock - meeting us online from there

    Celebrimbor-V was off from working at the movie house for this Sunday and is hoping this will continue.
    Dreamlord-TV is now in the United States at the University of Wisconsin studying English. He has a new email:
    Elwing-V's birthday was Aug. 19!
    Eonwe-Valar is back after repairing his modems blown out by lightning. He had to leave just before the Tolkien chat due to another storm coming.
    Turgon-V has been accepted into college, studying to be an English teacher.
    Games page:
       Eonwe is updating the page, so expect an email in September asking what games you currently use. If you don't receive an email, be sure to send him one, as it means he does not have your correct email. You have a month after the email to respond. This counts as a contact versus the activity sweep.
    Tolkien Books and Reviews page:
       Lungorthin has added the review for all twelve Histories of Middle-earth written by Franco Manni, translated from Italian by a kind person visiting at his school from Australia. The review may also be found under Special Papers in the Tolkien Encyclopedia.
    Fellowship Festival 2004:
       This live event will be held Aug 28 in London, at Alexandra Palace. The two main event partners are the Tolkien Society with Tolkien workshops and a quiz, and New Line Cinema with much from the movie, along with many folk from the cast and crew including artists Alan Lee and John Howe! Gaming folk will be giving presentations as well. 
       Guild members who may be present in England that weekend are Eru-Valar, Finrod-V, and Gilraen-V.
       Aug 17 Festival link now repaired. Please email Varda when you find a bad link!
    Magic the Gathering, online: report by Fladrif-V
       Online gaming, card-making.
    WC3/TFTreport by Eonwe-Valar , Ar-Pharazon, Fladrif
       New map for TFT: "Excavation Site"
       Ar-Pharazon and Fladrif tried the map. Pretty nice. Small fast map. Tavern in the center.
    Eonwe's topic: Matrix Reloaded quote from the Oracle: "You're not here to make the choice. You've already made it. You're here to understand why you made it."  Does that apply also to the Valar? Have they already made all their choices?
    Chat, late arrivals, many LotR-related links
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle-earth  Orodreth recommends as a movie site
    http://www.theargonath.cc/  "Uruviel's Argonath". Ar-Pharazon recommends as a movie site
    www.figwitlives.net "Figwit Lives". Located by Gwaihir.
     http://www.dino-rama.com/sharku.html  Ar-Pharazon located this collection of LotR dioramas.
    http://www.patriotresource.com/lotr/characters/sharku.html Ar-Pharazon located this LotR site while looking for Sharku. The movie Sharku is the Orc who knocked Aragorn over the cliff, not Saruman in the "Scouring of the Shire" as the book had.
     http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00008YSI7/102-9032258-3374502?v=glance&s=toys&me=A3UN6WX5RR O2AG&vi=pictures&img=14#more-pictures  Ar-Pharazon also ran across this one hunting Sharku.
Aug. 19, 2004
    Letter from Dreamlord-(TV):
I came in via Chicago's O'Hare Airport, then by bus to Madison. Still plenty of time till school starts, so right now I'm just getting settled in my little apartment, checking in at the various university offices, doing orientation days and city tours. It's a lovely place and I'm
full of optimism. I'm still in English/American studies and rhetoric, but music/singing is a passion I hope to continue developing while here.

By the way, it's close to Milwaulkee where (as you know) Marquette University boasts one of the largest Tolkien collections in the world... In October, I'm attending a conference on Tolkien studies in honour of the 50th anniversary of the publication of LotR. All the published, well-known JRRT experts will be there, so stay tuned for some breaking news on that...

Take care,

Aug. 17, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
       Special Papers:
          "J.R.R. Tolkien, The History of Middle-earth, 12 volumes" by Franco Manni (editor of the Tolkien fanzine, Endore. Teaches ). Translation from his original Italian to English by a kindly Australian, a visiting Fellow at the school.
            Can anyone in the Valar Guild translate Italian? We could really use your help. Contact Varda.

    The Fellowhip Festival 2004
       Three day event held Aug. 28 (Sat.) through Aug. 30 (Mon.) at Alexandra Palace in London. (see Travel for how to get there.)
       Event set up by All Areas Event, Ltd.
         New Line Cinema and The Tolkien Society are their two main event partners. Others listed with their site links including Games Workshop.
       The Tolkien Society will be holding workshops and seminars over the books, also a Team Quiz. - see the Talan.
       New Line Cinema will have some of the cast and characters. The two hosting are
Craig Parker (Haldir) and Mark Ferguson (Gil-galad).  Many more are planning to guest, including Karl Urban (Eomer), Bernard Hill (Theoden), John Noble (Denethor), Sarah MaLeod (Rosie), and Lawrence MacKoare (Lurtz, Witch-king, Gothmog).  Crew includes artists Alan Lee and John Howe, and senior prosthetics advisor Gino Acevado.  Large list keeps being updated, see site.
       EA Games will preview their upcoming LotR games: "Battle for Middle-earth" and "The Third Age".

Aug. 16, 2004
    Letter from Dreamlord-TV (first Irmo-Valar) excerpt:
Since I'll be loose in the halls of the University of Wisconsin at Madison for the coming academic year, here is the new address that's been assigned to me: abrahamsen(AT)wisc.edu

(note from Varda: please insert @ for (AT) used to confuse bots crawling the web in search of emails)

Aug. 15, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5) AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending: (13)
    Aerandir-V, Arathorn-V/mikenowo, Ar-Pharazon (way after-meeting), Arwen-V, Ecthelion-V/suilenroc01, Eru-Valar/Eru68 (after-meeting), Finarfin-V (after-meeting), Gilraen-V, Grimbold-V/hearnoevil80, Gwaihir-Valar, Farmer Maggot-V, Turgon-V, Varda-Valar (presiding)
    Eru is having problems with the fan on his graphics card, came anyway. He GM's and the game tends to run through the first part of our meeting: Rolemaster/Spacemaster.
    Gilraen-V and Gwaihir-Valar became engaged Monday!
    Grimbold has internet again and is back! He was at the meeting and plays D2X. (see letter below)
    Osse got married a few weeks ago!
    Ar-Pharazon and Fladrif were at a birthday party during the meeting.
Letter from Grimbold:
  Great news!!! I'm finally on Internet in Missouri! I've been trying
my best to get up in the ranks for ladder...I now have a lvl 42 paladin
(zeal, fanat, holy shield, and possibly salvation). Looking forward to
being at the meeting.
  The only way I may not be able to make the meeting is if one of the
clients we're waiting to hear from calls on a emergency. Possible horse
C-section this afternoon if the horse has not delivered. Other than that
  I hope to be on here chatting w/ the rest of the guild.

May you alwasy find food and shelter at the end of your journeys.

Fellowship of the Word-Smiths - English and French versions for this website. Prose and poetry in any JRRT language. Examples of Elvish vocabulary and grammar. Elvish and other Tolkien languages from the Peter Jackson movie. By Ryszard Derdzinski (Galadhorn Elvellon), helpers: Tomasz Gubala, Boris Shapiro, Gildor Inglorion. Associated with E.L.F. website
       Humor page
             The Lord of the... whatever -  in their words: "Now those who refuse to purchase J.R.R. Tolkien's epic novel The Lord of the Rings in print form, but are seeking an electronic copy to download instead, can get exactly what they deserve!" So beware.  ;)
             Secret Diaries - Diaries of people in LotR. Caution: includes gay jokes as well as manly stubble and zits.  By Cassandra Claire
    AD&D: report from Turgon
       Now gaming online Friday nights
    BZFlag: report from Arathorn
        Arathorn's server is up now and then. He suggests catching him on AIM.
    WC3: report from Gwaihir
       WC3 beta for patch 1.17 includes 2 new neutral heroes
    Battle for Middle-earth: report from Aerandir
       Grimbold planning to play it
    War of the Rings:
       Grimbold asking for a review of this game.
       Aerandir suggests Gamespot for online reviews of many games.
    DAoC: emailed report from Irmo
       Valar Guild branch was too small to be viable, merged with Stormwolves and is now Wolves of Valinor.
    Middle-earth Online:
       Varda will be heading up the branch for the Valar Guild here.
    Worlds of Warcraft:
       Eonwe will be heading up the branch for the Valar Guild there.
    "On Fairy-stories" essay by JRRT

Aug. 9, 2004
    News from Aule:
       Osse-(Valar) got married a few weeks ago!

    Letter from Irmo: Council letter concerning DAoC. A letter was sent out a week ago to the Council which I somehow missed, maybe during a spam cleanout. *cough*. Not a branch, but a place we can go.
Valar on DaoC became a bit too small for comfort. Many of the old members
are hardly active. A befriended Guild called Stormwolves suggested a merger.
The resulting Guild is called Wolves of Valinor and is very much
flourishing. As you can see by looking here:
I would have preferred Hounds of Valinor <grin> , but this is a nice name
too. It is still a reference point for any Valarmember seeking a nice place
to play DaoC.
Cheers, Irmo.

    BZFlag server info from Arathorn:
Okay, I now have a new DNS name set up for my BZFlag server, so that you no longer have to use my IP anymore (a pain since it was dynamic and changed at every boot). I found a program that keeps it current on the dyndns.org website (both for free :-D)
So, IF I have the BZFlag server running use:
    (on port 60005)
Course if you can't connect, it's obviously not up <heh>

    Letter from Grimbold:
Things are going well here. I
finally got a new computer and will be on my way back to Missouri after
visiting my folks, today (monday). I apologize for not making the meeting
yesterday, I should've been able to but thanks to the road crews in front of
my folks house that are widening the road, they cut the phone line in the
process. So this is the first time we've had phone/Internet all week. I
will be getting internet as soon as I get back to Missouri and I look
forward to rejoining the meetings and gaming. Take care and may you always
find food and shelter at the end of your journeys.


Aug. 8, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Farmer Maggot, Varda. We make a kind of patch-work quilt from the different parts we have.
    Aerandir-V, Arathorn-V, Ar-Pharazon-V, Eru-Valar/Eru68 (after-meeting), Gil-galad-V, FarmerMaggot-V, Finarfin-V (after-meeting), Orodreth-V, Turgon-V, Varda-Valar (presiding)
    Ar-Pharazon-V going back out on the archaeological dig for another five days, digging up the city of Oss.
    Eru-(Valar), our founder, put in a surprise visit during the after-meeting. See Pharazon's transcript.
   Fladrif-V on holiday for a week, but his BZFlag server is still up.
    Gil-galad-V hopes to have his computer back soon and be playing with us again.
    Grimbold-V should be returning soon.
    Orodreth-V going into a new school.

    Tolkien Encyc see Aug 2 
    Farmer Maggot-V has a quotes section and requests input. These can be much longer quotes than the ones at the top of the News page. (Also, here's his Blog with his Tolkien section and a Tolkien quote. )
    DAoC: report by Turgon
      The DAoC branch merged with Stormwolves, to form Wolves of Valinor. This would mean that we no longer have a DAoC branch.
    WC3/TFT: report by Ar-Pharazon
      New TFT maps up:
stone cold mountain - official blizzard melee-map (bad URL)  (Here's the Battle.net WC3/TFT map page, leads to other map pages as well, Stone Cold Mountain is the first one listed. -Varda)
       pirate battles - cool custom game, a little small (bad URL) (I found Pirate Battles on the authors' page The Patton Crew, and Pirate Battles in another location.-Varda)
       water war, tower offense, hurricane - not played yet by us (good URL)
    Doom 3report by Arathorn
        New Doom 3, not a clone, seems to be out.
       Some of the players, some played during after-meeting on Fladrif's server: Arathorn, FarmerMaggot, Orodreth, Turgon,
    Arathorn-V spoke about the Sam quote, "I won't have it and that's flat." It comes from when Bill was to be turned loose outside Moria.
    Aerandir-V started a topic about JRRT's "The New Shadow", and another topic: the Numenoreans as relates to Atlantis.
    Varda-Valar started a topic about Maiar found in Middle-earth, such as Melian, Osse, and Uinien. Mention made of Istari, possibly Tom Bombadil, Goldberry, and Ungoliant.
    Ar-Pharazon started a topic on the Fourth Wall.

August 2, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          Elfling Lullaby by Elwing-(V). Where did "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" originally come from?
          Objects - added "Mithril", "Mithril Shirt" by Varda. Place-holders added for the bows of Legolas, mace Grond, ram Grond.
          Orcs - updated "Orc Types and Gear" by Varda
          Trolls - updated "Trolls" by Varda 
            Added Arathorn-(V)'s quotes between Frodo and Aragorn about looking or feeling foul.
            Another quote for Gandalf, added from TT.
       Fladrif-(V) is going on a holiday for a week. Have a great time!

August 1, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5) AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Membership: 126 full members on Member page
    Attending: (9)
        Arathorn (afk), Aerandir, Ar-Pharazon, Celebrimbor, Fladrif, Mablung (dropped by, had to work), Olwe, Turgon, Varda (presiding)

    Tolkien Encyc:  Elves: "Elmo"
    News page: Quotes added to top, changes each time the page reloads. Members invited to add their own by emailing Varda. Please make it a comment by a character from any of Tolkien's works and say who.

       Fladrif set up a page in English as well as Dutch, doing the work during the meeting.
       He put his server up for use by the guild, also during the meeting, now named:
    Ar-Pharazon's topic: orc women. Discussion turned into the nature of orcs.


July 31, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          "Elmo" by Varda
    Folks, we really need an article about Thingol.

July 30, 2004
    Quotes: New feature for the News page: quotes at the top change randomly every time the page is reloaded/refreshed. At Varda's request, Eowyn located a JavaScript code that then Varda adapted. Today's 14 are all from the The Fellowship of the Ring.

July 27, 2004
    D2X Ladder 2: Letter from Arathorn:
I was in a game where Uber-D showed up again, but then Bnet promptly crashed the game and then it no longer existed to go into. Seems the ladder server is riddled with problems these days. Lots of crashes, etc. :-/
Don't think they anticipated how popular it would be second time around <chuckle>
July 25, 2004
Sunday Meeting July 25. 5pm EST (GMT-5). AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Ar-Pharazon and Varda
Attending: (13)
    Aerandir, Ar-Pharazon, Caranthir/Morifinwe, Eonwe, FarmerMaggot, Finarfin (after meeting), Fladrif, Gilraen, Gwaihir, Mablung/DemonicHorde69, Orodreth, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Gwaihir went to England today to see Gilraen.
    Letter from Gwaihir:
Aiya Varda, Gwaihir here....

just writing to tell ya that I'm on my way to England soon... less than an hour now :)
Figured I should say so it can make the news ;)
Gilraen and I hope to be back in time for the meeting Sunday, but no
guarantees :)


    New AIM names added today: Aerandir for mordacil, FarmerMaggotV for musics4me2
     Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          Ungoliant's Origin by Varda-(Valar)
          Names of Ungoliant by Varda-(Valar)
    Links page additions
       See July 21 News
    D2X Ladder gamers and bankers have been very active.
    WoW closed European Beta sign-ups mostly, may start in a month.
    D&D Turgon starting up his online Dungeons & Dragons game again. 
    Return of the Dragon 
    Middle-earth Online Names can't be primary LotR characters. Discussion of how we have been handling this.
    BZ Flag:
        Farmer gave a link to the game BZFlag.  
        BZ Flag game: Letter from Farmer Maggot:

GenevaBZFlag is, as summarized by their website, a free multiplayer multiplatform 3D tank battle game.
URL: http://bzflag.com/ Downloads: http://bzflag.com/wiki/Download Screenshots: http://bzflag.com/screenshots/
Fladrif has set up a server for Valar Guild people. Information is as follows:
Host: wolbeestje.cjb.net Port: 60005
And because it is his server, I can't guarantee it to be up, heh. Please, use your guild name for a callsign!
    Fladrif's topic: JRRT's mythology for England. Better shown in the Sil than in the LotR.

July 21, 2004
    Links page:
       Writing How-to:
On Thud and Blunder - Poul Andersen's essay on writing Heroic Fantasy, where many new writers go wrong.
             Science Fiction Writers of America - home page
             wjduquette.com - book reviews plus, unpaid. Includes Tolkien, and that LotR is the reviewer's favorite book since he was ten. Also old and new text games.
       Writing Research References/ Space:
Stephen Hawking's Home Page - Stephen Hawking's bio, lectures, books, news, next public appearances.
          Gaming/ Non-Tolkien. also under Writing Research References/ Space:
             Tarun Biswa's Physics page: physics. Includes free games involving quantum mechanics, in an attempt by this Doctor of Physics to teach his students painlessly. Hunt the elusive quarks in Quantum Focus! Dare the Quantum Duck Hunt!

July 18, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5). AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Ar-Pharazon-V and Turgon-V

July 17, 2004
    Letter from Ulfang-V:
My fiance and I got our Tolkien wedding bands yesterday for our wedding on July 30th.  Here's a picture!  It says, "One Ring, One Love, One Life" and it's etched on the inside and the outside.  It was made by the kind folks over at www.ringdesigner.com.
Send a hearty cheer to the others; I will not be at the meeting on Sunday as my bachelor party is this weekend.

    D2X Ladder:
    Letter from Arathorn:
Who-hoo! I made the Assassin ladder <heh>. First time I've ever seen my name on it <snortle!>
Proof is in the attachment! (not shown on News, sorry - Varda) I'm number 171.
Still not showing on the FULL ladder, that's at 90 min already, but still... (pats self on back.. <pat, pat!> :-D)
Gads, really doesn't take much to make me happy :-P

    D2X Ladder (cont.)
    Ladder Bank: Arathorn made an interim "miscellaneous" unique weapons holder character (ValarLUMisc-V) under the existing account ValarLUniqW2-V to hold weapons.

July 16, 2004
    Thorondor made this web page, including a Tolkien bio. It's nicely done and in Finnish. Check out the frog:
    Eskon Sivusto - Schoolwork page including Tolkien. In Finnish. by Thorondor-V.

    D2X Ladder and Regular Banks:
    Arathorn-V reports that he brought up all the Regular Bank characters for this month to prevent expiration. He also swapped all old Ladder Set items to the regular bank, along with any cubes. Arathorn suggests that we don't need so many ladder banks and that we have a miscellaneous bank for Sets and Uniques. This bank could be a separate account from the specialized bank and unload into them as needed. 
    Thank you to all the folk who have been working on the banks, even if you don't report!

July 14, 2004
    The Diablo 2X Ladder 2 players are going strong! We still have a lot of slots open where a level one character can be the top guy, so jump in and have a good time. Rune bank is burned in for Ladder 2. More Ladder 1 banks need unloaded into regular.

    Diablo2X Tolkien Mod.
       Updates from Arathorn:
WOOF! Took a while but I finally finished the SETS updates.
I used the MOD excel files (and my programming ingenuity :-P) to figure out the current MOD version values/properties and FULL set 'extra' values
(so you may see some differences vs. what you had on some of the old set pieces).
    Arathorn and Eonwe between them have completed collecting 14 of the 18 sets.
     Arathorn is now working on updating the Uniques pages.

    Grimbold says Hi from Rohan! Since he says he's been reading the News page, Hi back! His good news is that he should be getting a wireless Internet connection installed about the second or third week of August and will be able to play again. He's been having trouble reaching the library connection he's been using, thanks to being busy and to emergencies. May he be a-saddle again and spear ready!
July 12, 2004
    Lungorthin-Valar emails his Hi! Lots of news from him. He's back from two weeks in Europe, took a summer job, and moved from Marquette University to Illinois University, which changes his email. It is now: <jagazia(AT)ilstu.edu>  He is having trouble reaching games but is looking into doing more webwork for us. He has the 
DaoC front page and the Book List and Reviews for Tolkien Subjects if you'd like to help him update those.

    I've been changing @ to (AT) in many places to try to foil spam spiders, sorry for the inconvenience to the cut/paste.

July 11, 2004
    Aerandir-V, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Aerandir has been among us for quite some time as a StarCraft/BroodWar player although he plays less now, and has come to meetings in AIM as mordacil. He comments that he's noticed a great drop-off in members showing up in our main Battle.net channel where he has often enjoyed chatting with us. He found us through Akhoril-V. Mordacil tested with Eonwe and Varda after today's AIM meeting for a perfect 5/5! He's read H, LotR, Sil, UT, BoLT 1&2. He has drawn Tolkien places and characters for fun. He's made a trebuchet and suit of armor and refuses to be bored. His favorite LotR character is Aragorn, because he can support himself in the wild without much civilization, is self-sufficient and a good leader, and is a well-rounded "rennaissance man".

Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5) AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Arathorn and Varda
    Members: Arathorn-V, Ar-Pharazon-V, Eonwe-Valar, Orodreth-V, Oropher-V, Theoden-V, Varda-Valar (presiding)
    Visitor: mordacil (joined after meeting as Aerandir-V)
    Later: Orodreth, Thror

    New member: Aerandir-V
    New D2X Ladder 2 page.
    D2X Ladder 2 has started. Eonwe was leading with a 21 paladin. Turgon went ahead with his 23 amazon. Gwaihir is said to be around that level as well. Varda's 18 amazon and Sauron's 10 paladin are in there too.
    WoW European Beta sign-ups are underway.
    MeO Beta: 50 random people attending the Turbine convention will be given beta sign-ups.  Also, the first five kinships who sign up and meet the correct guidelines will be featured. The guidelines were not given, but your MeO leader did email and put our kinship in for possible featuring. Eonwe told me about it during the meeting, so I took care of it.

     Favorite characters from any of the books. Some mentioned: Beleg, Feanor, Finrod, Luthien, Tuor

July 8, 2004
    New D2X Ladder season has begun on Battle.net and in the Valar Guild.

    New Ladder Two page, by Varda-Valar. Please email Varda your character's account name, character name, class, level and update often.

    Ladder One results:
    Thorondor has both the overall score win at 93 and the hardcore win at 81. Both were paladins! Congrats!
    Individual class standings may be seen on the Ladder One page. Please be sure yours is updated by email, and tell me to which ladder you are referring.

    Amras-(V), enjoy your camping trip!

July 6, 2004
    D2X Ladder: Letter from Galdor:
the end of ladder will be 07/08/2004! with
realm down at approx. 1130 udt (uct?). I am mobile but
i have posted a link in our forums. Namarie, Galdor

July 5, 2004
    Thror-V says hi! He's been having internet connection problems and is hoping to change to cable or DSL soon.

July 4, 2004
Happy July 4, USA!

Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5) AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Arathorn and Varda
Attending: roll from Arathorn and Varda
    Members: Arathorn-V, Ar-Pharazon-V, Bombur-V (during After-meeting), Eonwe-Valar, Finarfin-V (during After-meeting), Fladrif-V, Gilraen-V, Orodreth-V, Turgon-V, Varda-Valar (presiding)
    Visitor: flyingunicorn113 (wishes to join)
    Gilraen-V said her few words of introduction. She will be on vacation 2 weeks starting July 7, probably back around July 25.
    Gwaihir-Valar, Celebrimbor-V are working during meetings.
    Links: updates from Varda
    Games page - Eonwe updated the Games page with guild page gaming websites and new members.
    America's Army - new page for our Valar Guild branch in America's Army. Made by Arathorn-V.
    D2X Ladder and Regular: report from Varda
       Ladder will be shutting down in the reasonably near future. Please email your character's level to Varda for the guild's ladder pages.
       Ladder characters will become regular characters. Items from ladder banks are to be transferred to the regular banks.
       New characters, banks, and pages will be made for Ladder 2 after it starts.
     D2X Middle-earth Mod: report from Eonwe
       Patch version 1.92 is out.
    WC3/TFT: reports from Eonwe and Ar-Pharazon
       Patch version 1.16 is out. No change to Night Elves or Maps.
       New TFT map "Rolling Hills" shown on B.net pages, but has not been downloadable for past two days.
    WoW: report from Ar-Pharazon
       Europe Beta sign-ups tomorrow 
    New Forum rp: report from Ar-Pharazon
       Making new role-playing game on the forum. It's based on a WC3 forum idea, but we are Tolkienizing it. Changes being made in names and some regulations to fit us.
    Middle-earth Online: report from Eonwe:
     At Turbine Nation 2004, held this year in Providence, Rhode Island, attendees will have a chance to win one of 50 Middle-earth Online beta spots.

    Each person was asked to give an example of a possible Valar or Power influence that may have affected events and people in the LotR.

July 3, 2004
    Links page:
        Medieval, Ancient, Fantasy Sales:
Monsterhedz.com - heads of monsters sculptured and mounted like trophy kills. Ex: Orc head mounted on a dwarven shield.

June 30, 2004
    Links page:
Tolkien Movies.com - P.J.'s LotR movies, talk about upcoming H movie. News, gallery, forum
        America's Army:
            Arathorn has a quick version of a potential front page web site for the guild branch in America's Army. Suggestions being taken.

June 28, 2004
    Grimbold-V says hi! He's found a house now and is in the process of finding an internet connection. He's also keeping busy with 12-15 hour workdays as a Veterinary Technician. Go Grimbold!

June 27, 2004
    Gilraen-V, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Meeting-goers know her as Lady Fallun, also played with us in D2X as a guild-friend. Gwaihir scouted. After picking up a set of the books, she refreshed her memory and tested with Varda in AIM during the meeting, showing herself to be one of our best spellers! She plays D2X, and hopes her PC will be out of the shop soon so she can join us there again. She has played with us before as a guild-friend.  She has read the LotR, Sil, UT, BoLT 1&2, and part of the H. Her favorite character is Arwen, for the romance; she was beautiful and graceful, willing to give up anything, her life even, for her love.

Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5). AIM  Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Arathorn
Attending: roll from Arathorn
    Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Caranthir/Morifinwe, Eonwe, Gilraen/Lady Fallun, Orodreth, Oropher/MJKeenan123, Turgon, Varda (presiding)

June 25, 2004
    FarmerMaggot-V is on vacation, probably back August 1. Have a good time!

    D2X Ladder News , thanks to Galdor-V:
        Battle.net says the Ladder will be finishing up "soon". Ladder characters will then move into 1.10+, and a new Ladder will begin a little later.
        Now is the time for the last minute gaming and especially rune collecting and cubing!  
        The guild will start its new Ladder at the same time as Battle.net does.
            Ladder 1:  Bank items for Ladder 1. Arreat Summit seems to be saying now that Ladder will become Regular at the end of the season.
            Ladder 2:
We will make a new set of bank storage characters for Ladder 2, help for burning them in will be needed. If old banks go to regular, we will probably  use the same names from the first ladder.
            Regular: These will continue as always. We will need help keeping them from expiring, especially less used ones.

            Guild banks need members willing to pop into bank storage for their play area (and others) and keep them from expiring. This helps the entire Diablo branch group and your Valie who handles web pages for the banks.

June 24, 2004
    Gaming: America's Army
        Caranthir-V is looking for fellow players of America's Army. The game is a free download.  If enough interest is shown, we can start a Guild Branch there. America's Army website . AAO Tracker lets a person know if a friend is online, located at www.aaotracker.com. Qtracker is available on the site, according to Arathorn. Galadriel and Arathorn have the game. Getting together on AIM has been suggested.
Known players (please register with Eonwe's Games page!):
Caranthir, using Caranthir-V. Plays weekends. Works 9-5 EST M-F.

    Letter from Thorondor:

Just informing you that I'm off for the weekend. Going today to the
summer cottage. Ah, midsummer fest in Finland, midnight sun, aka
nightless night. Traditionally we burn huge bonfires near the lake and
grill sausages and other meat. I just love that day!

I'm coming back on Saturday or Sunday, prolly Sunday.

June 23, 2004
    Middle-earth Maps:
    In an unpleasant move claimed to be by the Tolkien estate, a "lawyer" is emailing people with Tolkien maps telling them to remove them. A great many have been lost to the internet community due to this, including maps made by our own people. I sent an email to the Tolkien estate asking if this is actually their will and hope for a reply.
    Apparently the lawyer is for real, according to a check by another Vala by snail mail. A sad day for Tolkien fans.
    Elatan-Valar has applied for a limited license. Good luck!

June 20, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5) in AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Varda and Arathorn
    Members (): Arathorn-V/mikenowo/ArathornValar, Ar-Pharazon-V/ArPharazonV (presided Tolkien discussion), Boromir-V/MadHattaMayer, Eonwe-Valar (late), Erestor-V (late), Fladrif-V/FladrifV, Mablung-V/DemonicHorde69, FarmerMaggot-V/SirG3 II, Orodreth-V/OrodrethV, Thorondor-Valar/ThorondorV, Turgon-V/TurgonjustTurgon, Varda-Valar/VardaValar1 (presided business meeting)
    Visitor: mirkwood hunter (joined as Amras-V) 
Membership News:
    Erestor-V changed his name back to Finarfin-V.
    Amras-V , Welcome to the Valar Guild! Amras-V joined in AIM at the meeting today. He is 14, from Maine, USA. EST. He plays D1, WC2, and would play BW except that it has a nasty virus that keeps re-spawning. He plays about 1-4 hours most weekdays, and 5-10 hours most weekends and hopes to make it to meetings. He's read the H, LotR, Sil, BoLT 1&2, Lost Tales of Numenor, Tolkien Handbook. He found us by doing an internet search for Valar and located the Gaming page. He tested with Varda for a perfect 5/5. His favorite LotR character is Aragorn, because he's brave, powerful, and loyal, never abandoned his friends even when they had to fight at the gate of Mordor.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Stories :
             Arawen and Luthien Part One: A Heavenly Treasure by Laurelin Caline-(TV)
            New Links section under Community. Collected links from all over the Forum. It will be used to help update the Valar Guild and Tolkien Encyclopedia Links page.
    Emails: Orodreth is offering his spare Google emails (Gmails) free to fellow Valar Guild members. Email him about his offer at Alasseo(AT)gmail.com
    Poll on who preferred the meeting as Transcript only, Summary only, Summary plus Tolkien-only transcript. Now trying Summary with low-link Transcript.
    D2X aka D2:LoD aka Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction:
        Ladder score : Thorondor raised the top Ladder score to beat!
        Set banks for Ladder . Arathorn has been raising the low level Set banks so that they can use the sets they store. His next goal is to raise the set bank for Sanders which needs level 28. Helpers to raise the ever higher levels are welcome.
     D2X Tolkien mod: report from Eonwe by way of Orodreth
        New M.E. mod version 1.92
    WoW aka World of WarCraft:
        WoW European beta sign-ups starting soon.
        WoW movies for intro for each of the eight races now available from www.worldofwar.net Link located by Ar-PHarazon    
    Ar-Pharazon led discussion while Varda handled an entry test.
        Do Balrogs have wings?
        What's the origin of Orcs?
        Was Ungoliant a Maia?
        Gandalf is a keeper of the secret fire; what fire?
        Is a main Orc leader mentioned other than briefly in the Hobbit? 
D2X after meeting:
    Tourney game: Quest for Four. All participants begin as untwinked Level Ones, play one hour, then add up the team score against all other team scores. Levels are the main score, experience points are for tie-breaking. If we have fun, we win. This group tried level-clearing rather than zipping to the next quest.
        Team score in levels: 34 .  
        Team total exp 194,598
        Participants and individual scores:
            Arathorn: druid lvl 8 at 42,858
            Fangorn: barbarian lvl 8 at 42,426
            Finarfin: amazon lvl 9 at 54,047
            Varda: amazon lvl 9 at 55,267

RP discussion
    After Quest game, transcript on Forum, new thread under M-e Online forum.

June 18, 2004
    Story page:
  Arawen and Luthien  by Laurelin Caline-(TV)
            Part One: A Heavenly Treasure  © June 18, 2004
            Arawen and Luthien II: daughters of Aragorn and Arwen. Tolkien never named the daughters nor told about them. This story helps fill that hole.
                Work in progress

June 13, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST (GMT-5) AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace  
Transcript of Meeting : from Arathorn-(V)
Attending: from Arathorn-(V)
    Members (17): Arathorn-V, Ar-Pharazon-V, Celebrimbor-V, Celegorm-V/ MaritimeMan5 , Elwing-V, Eonwe-Valar, Fladrif-V, Gil-galad-V/Xseanzee disco, Gwaihir-Valar, Mablung-V/DemonicHorde69, FarmerMaggot-V/musics4me2/SirG3 II, Olwe-V/ FallenGlory , Orodreth-V, Oropher-V/MJKeenan123, Thorin-V/Thorin7623, Thorondor-Valar/ThorondorV, Varda-Valar/VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Visitor (1):
Lady Fallun (guild friend) 

June 9, 2004
    The Encyclopedia received a request for information on the Palantiri. Anyone willing to do an article, please email Varda.

June 7, 2004
    Links page:
"What's New" section dropped; new links listed on Valar Guild's News page as they come in.
Elvish Linguistic Fellowship - E.L.F.: special interest group of the Mythopoeic Society. Link contributed by Elwing-(V)
               Langmaker - "the art of language making", Tolkien included . Link contributed by Elwing-(V)
               Learn Elvish -  Learn Elvish.: by Tina, Cody, and Taylor. Link contributed by Elwing-(V)
          Star Trek:
               Klingon Language Institute - how to use the Klingon language. Art. Other resources. Link contributed by Elwing-(V)

June 6, 2004
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Khamul-V ! Khamul is 16, from Tennessee, USA. EST.He plays WC3, NWN, and Age of Mythology. Celebrimbor, his real life friend, scouted. Eonwe and Varda tested and he made 5/5. He's read LotR. His favoritie character is the Witch-king, as he is a faithful servant and can strike fear into the hearts of men.

Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Eonwe-Valar
Attending: Arwen, Caranthir/Morifinwe, Celebrimbor, Elwing, Eonwe, FarmerMaggot/Musics4Me2, Fladrif, Grimbold/HearNoEvil80, Halbarad/Micopsor, Orodreth, Thorin, Thorondor, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
After meeting included Bombur

June 4, 2004
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Arwen-V! Arwen is 23, from Texas, USA. CST. She plays D2X and BW, and used to play CounterStrike and EQ. She's read the H and LotR. Her email is confidential, but her AIM is Wind of Hyperia, for the guild ArwenV1. She's a good rl friend of Eowyn-V's who has scouting credit. Varda tested 5/5. Arwen's favorite LotR character is Fangorn. She said he's very old and wise, and that he didn't like being "hasty". He had the most unique perspective of all the LotR characters. She also enjoys his hoom hom's.

June 3, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
Avari Song of Heartening Before Battle by Turgon-(V) . Song of the Avari elves.

June 1, 2004
            Stories of Arda - all characters and books. G-R ratings only, non-slash. Many authors and stories. Marked if complete or not. Site by Nilmandra and Rorrah


May 31, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
        Poetry :
            Re-did entire Poetry section. Now has frames or no-frames option, all poems separate, individual author pages with their poetry listings, and character listing even of those barely mentioned in the poems.
        Languages :
            Re-did Tolkien Languages site navigation (no frames), added Sindarin area.

May 30, 2004
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Thorin-V !  Arathorn scouted Thorin from a D2X game and helped him join us in AIM for the meeting. Gwaihir and Varda tested. Thorin is from Missouri, USA in CST, 30 years old. He plays only D2X after work until bedtime generally. He's read the H, LotR, Sil, and Farmer Giles of Ham. His AIM name is Thorin7623, no other messengers. His favorite LotR character is Sam for his unswerving loyalty and devotion, hard work and dedication.

Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT. AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
from Arathorn
Attending report from Arathorn:
    Members: Arathorn, ArPharazon, Bombur, Celebrimbor, Mablung/DemonicHorde69, Eonwe, Gwaihir, Orodreth, Oropher/MJKeenan123, Thorondor, Turgon, Varda (presiding)
    Visitors: Alabastadapimp, flyingunicorn113, thorin 7623 (joined after meeting as Thorin-V)

May 26, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
Toiling Song for Young Dwarves by Arathorn-(V)
May 24, 2004
    Happy 22nd Birthday, Eonwe, back on May 17th!

May 23, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT, AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript : from Arathorn, webwork by Varda  
Attending : report by Arathorn :
    Arathorn, Eonwe (presiding), Fladrif, Gil-galad, Huan, Lungorthin, Mablung, Orodreth, Paladin, Varda 

May 21, 2004
    Interesting if true: a house where JRRT lived is for sale? Link from Tim Morris. Here's the walk-through:

May 19, 2004
    Grimbold is back, after being out for three months. Welcome back to gaming in D2X!

         Galdor reports that D2X has three new rune words , found on www.diabloii.net:

May 17, 2004
    Letter from Turgon:
Hello everyone!
I got great news! If I am correct, I should regain full connection in a week, maybe 2. I will rejoice upon my return.
Namarie, elen sila lumenn omentielmo!
May 16, 2004
    I'll probably miss today's meeting, as we are going to see the nearly three-hour movie, Troy, across that time. We have other able chair-persons who will be keeping things going, possibly better, hehe. This coming week I and most of my family will be gone across the state to visit Fangorn's parents. But your respite is short. We'll be back!

Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT, AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript sent by Arathorn
Attending report by Arathorn :

    Members at the AIM meeting : ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, Mablung/ DemonicHorde69 , Eonwe Valar (presiding), FladrifV, GwaihirValar, Oropher/ MJKeenan123 , Orodreth V, ThorondorV

May 15, 2004
    Lots of updates have been added to the Folklore & Mythology page on the Trojan War, just in time for the Troy movie. The movie is more historical, but if you'd like to check out the various mythological versions, this is a place to start. If you're interested in adding to this sort of thing, email Varda. This is not a Valar Guild site, but mine personally, started from my notes while researching. Contributions are very welcome and will be credited. Suggestions are also welcome.

    Letter from Farmer Maggot :
5 week reports got home, and I'm good and grounded. So, unfortunately I
won't be around anymore :(. I'll try to check the forums and read the news
as much as possible from school.

May 13, 2004
    Arathorn made his screenshot page for the Diablo Clone battle! or Uber D as he calls him. :) Have a look! He sent it the 10th, sorry about my tardiness in posting it to the News!

May 10, 2004
    D2X: Letter from Arathorn:
HA! Erestor, Gwaihir and I fought Uber D...!! I got a few snapshots and will set up a page.. I'll send you the link when I'm done..
 Heh... Gwaihir was in one game and Erestor and I were in another, so Gwaihir got to fight U-D twice in 10 minutes... lucky birdie!
 ...and here Erestor and I were only going to play for 20 minutes then quit for the night... one last run <chuckle>... what are the odds... 3 guild members bring down the Evil One!
    D2X: Letter from Erestor:
Aiya Varda!!
     Just a quick note:
 my paladin is now lvl 81
 ah... and btw... WindLord, Arathorn and I fought Big D reborn in the den just a bit ago... soooooo exciting..
 hope to see you some time...
 ps.. look for screen shots from Arathorn...  :)
    Galdor made a list of the Guild members we know of who have battled the Diablo Clone in a guild game (includes our special game for guild friends).:
The Clone Slaying Fellowship:
Gwaihir (three times)
    Praise to SamWise for his hard work on the D2X Ladder banks! Three new accounts with new characters, some new characters in an old account . See ladder banks page under Rares for more info.
New  bank accounts:
New characters in old account:

May 9, 2004
    Happy Mother's Day!

    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Fladrif-(V) ! Fladrif has been visiting meetingsin AIM as alwin0, but now has the AIM name of FladrifV. Email for guild is now Fladrif at lycos.nl. I'm purposely typing the @ funny to be meaner to spiders hunting email. Fladrif would like to play TFT daily, but due to a lack of people to play with it is more like weekly. He hopes to be in WoW when it comes out. His birthday is May 10. Since he was in Europe and I was in N. America, he was 22 in his time zone and 21 in mine. Happy birthday! Fladrif is from the Netherlands, GMT+1 (W. Europe Standard Time). He's read the H, LotR, and Sil. His main interest is in the Istari. Yet his favorite LotR character is Sam, for his loyalty and sticking to his task even when his master becomes confused by the Ring.

Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT in AIM room Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript : from Arathorn and Varda Problem with making links, hoping to figure out what bug is causing and fix.
Attending: AIM roll taken by Arathorn
    (AIM names) : alwin0, AragornValar, ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, Bomburv, CelebrimborV, DemonicHorde69, Eonwe Valar, FallenGlory, GaldorV, GwaihirValar, HuanofValar, LuthienV, MrMonkey2002Blah, Orodreth V, SirG3 II, ThorondorV, VardaValar1, wolverinepcrew, Xseanzee disco
    Members (translated from AIM names) (19): Aragorn, Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Bombur, Celebrimbor, Elladan/ wolverinepcrew , Eonwe, Fladrif/ alwin0 , Galdor, Gil-galad/ Xseanzee disco , Gwaihir, Huan, Luthien, Mablung/ DemonicHorde69 , FarmerMaggot/ SirG3 , Olwe/ FallenGlory , Orodreth, Thorondor, Varda (presiding)
    Visitor : MrMonkey2002Blah popped in for a few seconds, didn't stay or talk.

May 8, 2004
Emyn Arnen - Eowyn and Faramir fanfic site, includes book info, art, links. Link from The Rose of Ithilien, fellow Tolkien fan. by Maggie

May 7, 2004
    Letter from Turgon:

I am glad to report I have regained partial access to the net.
Due to the "partial" part, it is still very slow and limited to AIM and may
yet fall out at times.
I hope I will be able to make it to the sunday meetings again.
If this partial access won't hold up, I am in good hope that I will regain
full access in a matter of months.

To my friends and family in which I call home, the Valar Guild,


May 5, 2004
    Diablo Clone battle screenshots - screenshot index from Galdor. Cold Plains, Hell difficulty, guild-friend game. More on the participants in the News May 4.

May 4, 2004
    Welcome back to the Valar Guild, Bilbo-(V) ! Bilbo is a returning member. He was our first Bilbo, then became the Maia Fingon in the Eru promotion. He plays EverQuest, D2X, and BW rpg maps. On AIM and some games, he uses Gotta Scratch. He's Fangorn's and Varda's younger son brother to Sauron and Eowyn, nephew to Meriadoc. He's 21 years old from Texas, USA, CST. He goes to ITT Tech for the CAD program. He's read the H and LotR. His favorite character is Bilbo.

    D2X Letter from Galdor:
Aiya Varda! I have defeated the clone and gotten an
anni charm. Thanks to Thorondor and guild friends
*uncleanspirit and *warloff3 for the assist in the
battle. Further details and screen shots at Sunday
meeting! Namarie, Galdor
May 3, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
       Story page :

            By Eonwe-(Valar) , two new stories. "Parting Ways" is older, but both were emailed to the Story page May 3, 2004.
Parting Ways
Elrond and Elros make the Choice of the Half-Elven
596 words. May 3, 2004

Beyond Regrets
The Witch-King goes to make an unpleasant report to Sauron concerning Frodo, and encounters the Mouth of Sauron.
787 words. May 3, 2004
May 2, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT: AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript of meeting, from Arathorn-(V)
    Members : Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Gwaihir, FarmerMaggot, Varda
    Visitor : alwin0 (friend of Ar-Pharazon's, might join)
    Arathorn afk but saved the transcript for us. Today was his first year anniversary with the Valar Guild!

News that came available after meeting:
    Arathorn said he probably couldn't make the meeting. He sent a Tolkien URL for a Tom Bombadil essay:

    Ar-Pharazon sent this fun link for 8-bit Theatre Comics:

    Meriadoc sent this link for comics. At the time of sending, the front page comic was about a hobbit's dilemma, probably archived by the time you see it, by Scott Willis and Jack Ohman:

    Letter from "Eol the Lost":
That should probably be my name these days.  I do have a good excuse...
several in fact. I changed jobs... started a home business... and got

The good news is that things have started to settle down now... and I hope
to be visible again in the coming weeks. My new email is mfloyd@kjrh.com.
Best wishes to all!


The URL to the page for Eol's new business as a Commercial Producer is under construction, viewable here and listed on the Guild's Index page under Member Pages. His wife's name is Karen!
    Galdor reports that he checked the non-Ladder D2X banks and found at least some are expiring. Guild help is needed to put some time on them before more expire.

April 23, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Arathorn-(V)
Attending : from Arathorn-(V)
    ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, Bomburv/MrMonkey2002Blah, Thror/Chugin Chub (after meeting ajourned), Eonwe Valar (presiding to start, handed off to Huan-(Valar)), Olwe/FallenGlory, GwaihirValar, HuanofValar (presided for Gaming and Tolkien), Orodreth V, ThorondorV, V Idril V
    Arathorn brought up a topic Erestor mentioned while online yesterday (Erestor works during meetings): If Frodo (or even Samwise) used the ring and ordered the ringwraiths to jump into the fires of doom would they be vanquished?
After meeting: tried to gather to make guild on Westfall. Needed 10.

     Varda's DSL has been intermittently working. Here's some catch-up uploaded during the few minutes it works, and thanks for all the input, gentle-folk! Eonwe and Huan, thanks for chairing the meeting. Arathorn, thanks for sending the transcript and roll.

    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
       Maiar :
        "Langon" - fallen Maia? from Eonwe-(Valar)
          New link found by Ar-Pharazon:
Teemings Extra   - Large collection: What if the Lord of the Rings had been written by someone else? 592 parodies at the time of this link. Page made from the Straight Dope Message Board to prevent the excess server usage this generated. Original thread . Thanks to Ar-Pharazon-(V) for locating this link.

    Letter from "Eol the Lost":
That should probably be my name these days.  I do have a good excuse...
several in fact. I changed jobs... started a home business... and got

The good news is that things have started to settle down now... and I hope
to be visible again in the coming weeks. My new email is mfloyd@kjrh.com.
Best wishes to all!


    News from Irmo:
       Members who were only seen in DAoC who have left the guild, so that the names are now free:
    Adunaphel , Amarie , Celeborn , Folco Boffin , and Tuvo .

April 19, 2004
    Celebrimbor-V , Welcome to the Valar Guild! He's 21, from Tennessee, USA. EST. Psychology major. He plays Sorren. He's on AIM a lot as Ithrin Luin. He's read the H, LotR, Sil, started UT. His main interest in the guild is the Tolkien part, but he opted for the tougher full membership. His favorite LotR character is Gandalf because he provides wisdom, counsel, help; only wizard to complete his task; sets out from home on a great journey, does great works, then after all his hard work gets to go hom e.

April 18, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT. Held in AIM at Valar Guild Meetingplace.
You can invite yourself to the meeting . From AIM (which you downloaded free and found more about from the Quick AIM page), send yourself a Chat Invitation and type in the name of the chat room, which is case sensitive Valar Guild Meetingplace. Then refuse your own invitation and you'll be in the chat room. Please use a screen name helping us to recognize you, such as your guild name and tag, with a number added if necessary. Thus: UglukV
Transcript of today's meeting, from Varda. Got so involved in the discussion, forgot to save last part. Arathorn emailed it!

Attending : list from Arathorn-(V):
ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, Chugin Chub,Eonwe Valar, GaldorV, GwaihirValar, HuanofValar, Lady Fallun, MaglorV, Orodreth V, sauronjag, Shaggyjoe, SirG3 II, ThorondorV, V Idril V, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Passwording: Activity page gives further info for each member.

    Barahir-(V) left the guild, very busy in real life. Good luck in your endeavors!

    WC3/TFT Beta Patch info: Letter from Ar-Pharazon:
Also, in response to Eonwe's letter about the patch beta/competition, I
have some news. It seems (so I have read on forums, haven't got the patch
beta myself, yet) there are some problems many users have, about the game
crashing when they log in or do other activities while having the patch
beta downloaded. I have also found a solution of it, but am of course not
sure if it really works, some way down on the same page
" To make the patch work simply go to the properties of your warcraft 3
 shortcut, the shortcut only, and type in -opengl in the target box after
everything else inlcuding the ". "

April 17, 2004
    Password(s) changed. Emails have been sent to all members whom I have an email for. Check your email box. If you don't have one, email Varda.

    Letter from Eonwe to all WC3 players, here's info quoted from Blizzard:
Warcraft III Beta Patch Competition
A beta version of the upcoming Warcraft III patch is now available on Westfall, our new Beta Patch server. This patch adds several new features including clan ladders, the highly anticipated Goblin Tinker, and many balance adjustments. A complete list of additions, fixes, and changes can be found here.

In order to participate, you must own a copy of the English version of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and be patched up to version 1.14b. Next, you simply need to connect to the Lordaeron (U.S. West) gateway, and your gateway list will be updated to include Westfall (Beta Test Server). Then, simply choose Westfall as your gateway, and you will be patched up to the English-ONLY beta version of the patch. Once you have patched up you will be required to create a new account. Please make sure you register a valid email address. The Beta Patch server is located in the U.S. on the West Coast, but players from anywhere in the world are invited to participate, provided they are using an English version of Warcraft III. You will be able to revert back to 1.14b at any time by reconnecting to any of the other public servers. We expect this beta test to run for the next couple of weeks, with our primary focus being the new clan ladder functionality.

As additional participation incentive, we will be running a clan ladder, Random Team, and FFA based competition where winners will be awarded spots in the World of Warcraft Beta. The competition will officially start on Tuesday, April 20 at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) and end Tuesday, April 27 at 6:00 PM PST. The competition will work such that the ten (10) highest experience contributors of each victorious clan will be awarded spots in the World of Warcraft Beta. Clans can compete in all four of the different ladders (1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, and 4 vs. 4). However, clans and individuals can only win once. We will also award the top five (5) Free-For-All and top five (5) Random Team players a spot in the World of Warcraft Beta. Winners will be chosen at Blizzard Entertainment's sole discretion. Any griefing or perceived cheating by individuals or clans will be cause for disqualification. Additionally, we reserve the right to reset the beta ladders as required. Full tournament rules can be found here.

The competition will start Tuesday evening, so take some time this weekend to learn the clan ladders and prepare a plan of attack to win a spot in the World of Warcraft Beta. We are excited to see the new clan ladder and updated Automated Matchmaking systems in action, as well as listen to feedback regarding the new Goblin Tinker. Thanks for your interest and participation.

- Blizzard Entertainment

April 16, 2004
    Tolkien Languages page: Working on new navigation. Adding a Translations area, moved from section that used to be under Poetry. Translations between Tolkien languages and English (or other) may be sent to Varda.

April 14, 2004
    Welcome to our new Tolkien-only member, Idril-TV of Thuringia, East-Germany! Name changed to Arien-TV.

    Letter from Eomer:
Since I'll be out of school for the summer (and working-- fun fun co-op!), I'll probably be able to show up more often on battle-net and to meetings!
Just thought I'd let you know.

April 12, 2004
    Idril-(V) , Welcome to the Valar Guild! Idril found us through the website. She is 15, from Pennsylvania, USA. EST. Her main game is D2X, in which she had a 99 that came and tested with Varda on B.net, as the amazon MelkortheGrim(eveolution). She games about once a day. She started to read the H, but became distracted by using the runes. She read the LotR, Sil (preferred), BoLT 1&2, part of Shaping of Middle-earth. Her favorite LotR character is Aragorn.

April 11, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT
Transcript from AIM. We also had people in Valar channel as go-betweens, since we didn't have the AIM Bridge this time.
Attending :
    AIM: Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Eonwe, Galdor, Gwaihir, Mablung, Farmer Maggot, Meneldil, Ulfang, Varda (presiding)
    AIM visitor: Lady Fallun
    B.net: Raukoluin-Valar@Azeroth, Fingon-V, others were also in AIM. Including Arathorn, Meneldil, Varda

Member News :
    Erestor working during meetings, sent regards.
Web :
    Link from Orodreth: Ringbearer's Day
    Glittering Caves of Aglarond , the guild Tolkien art page, has passed from Elatan to Varda and Eowyn, and will be active again. Moving to Alatar's valarguild.org server, and is partially transferred. Having some problems locating credits, then will probably be up.
    DAoC : Lungorthin hopes to be updating page, correcting links. Said this from B.net
    Google report by Meneldil-V
       Will soon be offering 1GB of email.
       Farmer Maggot plans to rewrite the program for the AIMBridge to improve it.
Gaming :
       Eonwe: New Easter map up called Egg Hunt. Ar-Pharazon's review: "It's great!"
       Meneldil: idea for new WC3 map, "Weakest Link" doing Tolkien trivia. Needs help with map making, such as triggers, and quiz questions, would like to reach 1,000. Email him.
       Lungorthin/Raukoluin installed TFT.
       Lungorthin and Meneldil need flags.
       Eonwe: New developer diary up
    MeO rp on our forum:
        Fluffy translated to Sindarin, aid from Eonwe, Helvian meaning furry.      
    Total Annihilator:
       Pharazon: He and Orodreth played it, fun.
       Arathorn: mods, info on forums

Tolkien :
    Translation into Sindarin for MeO rp.
    Eonwe's topic: quoted from Elrond's final decision about what the Fellowship members were charged to do, and how he forestalled Gimli's desire for an oath to fulfill it. (Perhaps Elrond remembered the Oath of Feanor? - Varda). Discussion.
     Tangent: Would Sauron bow to Melkor after having been master of Middle-earth?
After-meeting - went long!

April 8, 2004
    Link from Orodreth:
       Ringbearer's Day - event taking place at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City, Saturday April 10.  If anyone can go, this looks to be fun!

April 5, 2004
    Glittering Caves of Aglarond: Elatan-(Valar) can no longer reach those pages to work with them, due to Yahoo's inability to help him after their big shift. He is now busy with other hobbies in his tiny amount of spare time, such as making long bows, leatherwork, and figurines. Varda is willing to set up an art page, but could use helpers. We also could use new original Tolkien art or photos of your sculptures and other nifty stuff. We especially could use art that can be linked to for our Stories, Poems, and Encyclopedia articles. Email Varda if you want to help with a new page or have art to add to it.

April 4, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT.
AIM was very laggy, so we shifted to Battle.net, channel Clan Vala, in the way we did meetings before AIM. Therefore, we have no AIM transcript, but we have our usual summary.  :)
Attending :
    AIM: Ar-Pharazon-V, Eonwe-Valar, Lady Fallun (guild-friend), Gwaihir-Valar, Olwe/SirG3 II, Orodreth-V, Thorondor-Valar, Varda-Valar
    Battle.net channel Clan Vala: Arathorn-V, Ar-Pharazon-V@Azeroth, Eonwe-Valar/Fionwe-Valar@Azeroth, Lady_Fallun, Gwaihir-Valar@Azeroth, Olwe-V, Varda-(Valar) [presiding]

Membership :
    Grimbold is still with us.
    Earendil should be listed as Maia honor on the Activity page. (Correction made.)
    Olwe plays less CounterStrike now, but does some WC3 and another game which I somehow didn't jot down.
Web :
    Tolkien: JRRT two links for article and pic:
          March 24: Marquette University Library article from San Francisco Times, by PJ Huffstutter. Contributed by Tulkas-Valar. Added email at the bottom from Dreamlord-TV (original Irmo-Valar).
         March 21: " Works of Literary Giants ." Books painted on the Kansas City Public Library garage. Picture credit goes to Chicago Sun-Times. Picture from Galdor-V.

    Link: Sword House added. We were the only Tolkien link on their page. Sells swords, armor, figures, collectibles, including Tolkien goodies.
       Sword House -   Link made to the Valar Guild.  Real, historical, fantasy (including LotR), and movie swords, other weapons, armor, figurines, collectibles. By Sword Sales House.
    Forum/Message Board: picking up traffic from Middle-earth Online and the nearly defunct Discussion Board of Yahoo. May cause naming confusion, which we are now trying to avert. Actual Maiar and Valar are now so marked. TV members are supposed to mark their display names so we know they are part of us, as Dreamlord-TV.
    Blizzard made April Fool jokes. Some mentioned at the meeting were for WoW: two-headed ogre as the 9th playable race; WC3's Goblin Tinker.
    Morrowind: Ar-Pharazon reports that the excellent site, http://www.uesp.net , disappeared. We hope it returns, and is only down for maintenance.

Gaming :
    Sacred Game: pix of demo from March 24 News:
      Sacred Game Demo: Letter from Arathorn:
Have some pics up temporarily for you to take a look at (I played the 'Seraphim' character).
  Here are 2 pics of her wearing different "wings":
On horse:
Off horse:
  And this pic... YOWZA! .. we thought the spiders were big in D2X!?
    Half-Life mod "Condition Zero" now has single-player as well as multi-player.
    EverQuest - Varda's EQ is working again after the last patch, and the long dry spell is over. :)

Tolkien :
    Some discussion of the Tolkien role-play in the guild forum, under Middle-earth Online. Eonwe researched and suggested "Gulfuin" or "Gulhuine" as a name for the magic smokes coming from Dol Guldur, meaning "gloom darkness sorcery".
    Unfortunately, my DSL crashed and did not return until after Eonwe left and the chat had shifted to purely kidding around with an rp parody (fun). I suspect the DSL modem is overheating.

April 1, 2004
    Links page:
Sword House -   Link made to the Valar Guild.  Real, historical, fantasy (including LotR), and movie swords, other weapons, armor, figurines, collectibles. By Sword Sales House.

March 29, 2004
    News updates :
          March 24: Marquette University Library article from San Francisco Times, by PJ Huffstutter. Contributed by Tulkas-Valar. Added email at the bottom from Dreamlord-TV (original Irmo-Valar).
         March 21: "Works of Literary Giants." Books painted on the Kansas City Public Library garage. Picture credit goes to Chicago Sun-Times. Picture from Galdor-V.
         March 24: pix from Sacred Game demo
         March 27: Half-life mod
    Letter from Grimbold-V:
    I finally got a chance to find a computer w/ Internet where I'm at.  I am currently doing an internship in MO and I do not have Internet access where I live at nor do I have any place where I can play online while I am here.  I will be here til approx. mid-April.  I would like to still be considered part of the guild if I am still eligible to be in it.  I just wanted to let you know so I don't get swept off if it isn't too late.  Hope things are well within the guild and on your end.  Give my Greetings and regards to the rest of the Guild, I miss playing and chatting w/ you all.  Take care and may you always find rest, food, and joyful company at the end of your journey.

(Note from Varda: Grimbold's name is in absolutely no danger. He's good about emailing when he has to be gone for a while.)
March 28, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT
Meeting Transcript from Arathorn-(V) 

    Arathorn-V/ArathornValar, Ar-Pharazon-V/ArPharazonV, Eonwe-Valar/Eonwe Valar, Olwe-V/FallenGlory, Gwaihir-Valar/gwaihirvalar, Huan-Valar/HuanofValar, Maglor-V/MaglorV, Meneldil-V/MeneldilValar, FarmerMaggot-V/musics4me2/BnetValar/AIMBridge, Lungorthin-Valar/raukojag/sauronjag, Ecthelion-V/suilenroc01, Thorondor-Valar/ThorondorV, Varda-Valar/VardaValar1 (presiding)
   Daylight Savings time starts in Europe. That anyone from Europe made today's meeting is a miracle. Congrats! Starts April 4 in the US and Canada.
    Lungorthin had ID problems in AIM, came in as sauronjag until able to come in as raukojag.
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Celegorm-V! Celegorm came to us through the web pages and contacted by email and AIM as MaritimeMan5, then made CelegormV. He's 19, from Massachusetts, USA, in EST. He goes to a maritime academy where the LAN firewall only lets him in to play D2X or CounterStrike 10 hours a month. He tested on AIM with Gwaihir as the main asker, Lungorthin as note-taker and one question, along with Varda for one question, and Eonwe. He read the H, LotR, Sil, and started BoLT. His favorite LotR character is Aragorn, and he greatly likes Fingolfin in Sil. He is a fan of the House of Feanor.
     Ithrin Luin started testing in AIM with Varda and Eonwe but had to leave before completing prelim.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia/ Maiar/ "Istari", by Thorondor-Valar
    Links: Tolkien Library
    Movies: Voted on whether members wanted a section under the Links for movies coming out or even old ones that had LotR movie cast. Result was negative.
    Games: Updated by Eonwe with javascript. Links up to D2X Middle-earth mod Set and Uniques pages, D2X ladder pages, D2X regular and ladder bank pages.
    Uniques and Sets pages for D2X Middle-earth mod have new items.
    World of WarCraft:
       Naming guidelines posted. No Tolkien primary names, but we can use the same set-up we're doing for Middle-earth Online with a name built from our character's name, such as Haran/Arathorn, Auros/Eonwe. Those with names in MeO can directly transfer them to WoW for easier recognition. Those with more obscure Tolkien names should have no problem.
        RP in our forum: still going strong, called "Scouting Ahead". Read, lurk, and/or join in. You can even add a post or two for atmosphere. It's a running group story, not a D&D game.
     Game links: Galdor and Arathorn gave links to games. See March 22 and 23 News posts.

    Eonwe-(Valar)'s topic: The nature of Ea. See meeting transcript

March 27, 2004
    Half-life mod, part of a letter from Arathorn:
The Half-Life mod has a new release out "Counter-Strike: Condition Zero". Came out yesterday as a single (and new multiplayer) mode. Used to be just a multiplayer mod.
 Anyway, here's the link if you want to post it:

March 25, 2004
       Tolkien Library: partial but amazing listing of Tolkien's works. List suggested by page creator, Pieter Collier.

March 24, 2004
     Tolkien Encyclopedia:
             "Istari" - New paper by Thorondor-(Valar)

    "Troy" - upcoming Warner Brothers movie epic of ancient times with a beautiful site and videos, 2 of the LotR movie guys from the Fellowship but against each other this time: Orlando Bloom (Legolas) as Paris, Sean Bean (Boromir) as Odysseus.
    Sacred Game Demo: Letter from Arathorn:
Have some pics up temporarily for you to take a look at (I played the 'Seraphim' character).
 Here are 2 pics of her wearing different "wings":
On horse:
Off horse:
  And this pic... YOWZA! .. we thought the spiders were big in D2X!?
March 23, 2004
    Letter from Arathorn:
heh... been trying out a demo that's very Diablo like. You can even buy a horse and ride and fight from it. Interesting. Here's the link in case anyone wants to try it:
March 22, 2004
    Letter from Galdor:
I saw this hosted on d2.net, and only works with
single player (non-realm, non Me-mod) chars.


    Games Page: Letter from Eonwe:
I've updated the Games Page, so hopefully it's all looking good.  I used the javascript command since it meant fewer filler pages.  Links to the Sets and Unique Pages are up, as well as to the ladder page and bank pages.

Let me know if you see any problems.

Take care.

March 21, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5 pm EST, 22:00 GMT AIM Valar Guild Meetingplace (case-sensitive)
Transcripts from Maglor, Farmer Maggot, Arathorn, Varda (special thanks to all since I crashed out of AIM)
Attending: from Arathorn
    ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, ElatanValar, Eonwe Valar, GaldorV, Gamatzgamatz, Good Times695, GwaihirValar, HuanofValar, MaglorV, MeneldilValar, MoriFinwe, musics4me2, Orodreth V, Shaggyjoe, suilenroc01, ThorondorV, VardaValar1, Xseanzee disco
    Two new Tolkien-only members:
       Manik Raina-(TV)
was sighted on MSN
    Tolkien Encyclopedia
whole new map site from T.J.-(TV)
       Poetry page:
2 new poems from Manik Raina-(TV)
       Story page: completely redone. Each story has its own page. Listings by author, title, character.
       Farmer Maggot's Quotes page suffered mishap. He is requesting new quotes, especially Tolkien. Arathorn aided greatly with backup.
    Links page:

Henneth Annun - Tolkien Fanfic and essays. by the Henneth Annun Writers Group
      Movie Mistakes - page located by Ar-Pharazon-(V)
         FotR Mistakes
         TT Mistakes
         RotK Mistakes
     MeO Forum rp:
        Today: ArPharazon/Calion, Varda/Fainan
    World of WarCraft - links from ArPharazon
    D2X Middle-earth mod Uniques page updated 
    D2X Ladder page dressed up a bit, some updates
    WoW Beta came out this week
    Half-Life 2 is aimed for summer release.
    MeO RP in our forum going strong, can still use people. We are creative enough to add  more in all along.
    A bit of run-over from Tolkien quotes for Farmer Maggot; would be fun to do more
    Maglor-(V)'s topic: How did movie popularity affect the Tolkien community?
    Tangented to fanfic
Trivia for ArPharazon: (you were noticed!)
    Revamp: 1. Renovate, reconstruct. 2. to work over: revise.
    Vamp: to provide a shoe with a new vamp: revamp. The vamp goes over the top of the foot, sometimes as far as the toe and or heel.

March 20, 2004
        "The Ruinous Thoughts of the Orc Master", revised for greater depth by Manik Raina-(TV)
     MeO Forum rp:
        Posts by Eonwe/Auros, Elatan/Dusksinger staff wielder, ArPharazon/Calion, Varda/Fainan, Arathorn/Haran.

March 19, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          "The Ruinous Thoughts of the Orc Master"
, by Manik Raina-(TV)
          Site revamped. Each story has its own page and may  be looked up by Author, Title, or Character. What's New page added.
    D2X Ladder page:
       New look: a bit more color
       Galdor updates
       Does your ladder character need updated on the ladder page? Please email it to Varda
     MeO Forum rp.
        Posts by Arathorn/Haran dwarf axe user, ArPharazon/Calion silvan throwing dagger user.

March 18, 2004
     T.J.-(TV) joined as a Tolkien-only member today. See his Middle-earth map site, also linked to the guild Maps page in the Encyclopedia: Carte de la Terre du Milieu. Site includes maps in several languages. T.J. is from Moselle, France and valiantly sends emails using a French/English dictionary.
       Middle-earth Online starting role-play. First post up by Varda/Fainan - silvan bow user. Lurkers welcome. No, the game won't be out until the end of the year. This is a running story, not a Dungeons & Dragon style.

March 17, 2004
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
Carte de la Terre du Milieu - huge map of Middle-earth, much detail, during the time of the War of the Ring, very useful. English version. Links to French Tolkien fan sites: by T.J.  I wish I could read French!! Link sent in by TJ

March 16, 2004
     Manik Raina-(TV) joined today as a Tolkien-only member! See his poetry in the Poetry section of our Tolkien Encyclopedia.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
          "Downfall of Darkness Commences"
, by Manik Raina-(TV), Tolkien member.

March 14, 2004
Sunday Meeting in AIM, Valar Guild Meetingplace, 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT. In Battle.net if your AIM doesn't work, go to the channel named Public Chat Valar to use the AIM Bridge by Farmer Maggot. It lets you and our meeting group hear each other.
Transcript: from Arathorn. Webwork, as usual on transcripts, by Varda

    AIM:  Arathorn-V/ArathornValar, Ar-Pharazon-V/ArPharazonV, Beregond-V/V Beregond,  Gil-galad-V/Xseanzee disco, Gwaihir-Valar/GwaihirValar, Mablung-V/DemonicHorde69,
FarmerMaggot-V/musics4me2/SirG3 II, Meneldil-V/MeneldilValar, Orodreth-V/Orodreth V, Thorondor-Valar/ThorondorV, Thror-V/Chugin Chub, Varda-Valar/VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Public Channel Valar:  AIMBridge
    Eonwe had a birthday party for his mom to attend, so he could not make it to the meeting (real life mom, not me  ;). Happy Birthday, Eonwe's Mom!
    Well of Souls: Elvondel
    D2X Middle-earth mod:
       Setting up the mod. Arathorn put instructions on the forum.
       Sets and Uniques page: email updates to Arathorn
    Morrowind mirror URL from Ar-Pharazon-V
    Guild's index page: New link colors, hopefully easier to see.

    Emule: used to speed up games, downloads.
    D2X Middle-earth:
       Arathorn now playing this instead of D2X ladder
       Gwaihir and Ar-Pharazon playing
       Ar-Pharazon won his first solo ladder game!
       Arathorn liked this game in demo form
    Hobbits - origin. Topic from Arathorn-V. See meeting transcript/ Tolkien

     LotR DVD Easter eggs (hidden clips). Extended edition.
       FotR: (info from Varda who found it from theonering.net )
         Disk 1:
             Scene Selection
             Council of Elrond
             Go down one more and a Ring appears. Press Enter or Play on remote.
             MTV movie awards clip - intercut into Council of Elrond. Jack Black of MTV and Sarah Michelle Geller of Buffy. Yep, it's MTV alright.
          Disk 2:
             Scene selection, go to the right to the numbers.
             48 Official Fan Club credits (not us, we're unofficial)
             Down one more until image of towers appears at the bottom right hand corner, select.
             Christmas trailer for the Two Towers.
       TT: (info from ArPharazon)
             Under "Gollum"
    (March 21 update: Sauron looked for it on TT. It's on the first disk. Scene Selection shows "Gollum and Smeagol" at the top, then "Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit". Go down again and see the acceptance speech for the MTV award by Andy Serkis and Gollum/Smeagol, filmed by PJ's group instead of the MTV group. Very funny!)

March 11, 2004
    Varda has internet connection again.  Woot! Heavy rains wiped out DSL all over Houston and outlying areas, came back in patches. Being in an "outlying area", mine came back among the last.
    Updated Feb 29 meeting transcript with Eonwe's save. That transcript had been missing a large chunk of the first part due to transcripter's crashes.
    Letter from Galdor:

On my way home from work last night, I spotted a
billboard in a downtown video store.

ROTK comes out on DVD/VHS on 5/25/04 !

 March 9, 2004
    Varda's internet connection is intermittent and short. Please pardon the tardiness of uploads and emailing. Hardware problems plus viruses.

March 8, 2004

    Diablo 2 X Middle-earth mod:
        Arathorn made a new page for ME Sets! Each set has it's own page. Please email ME item pictures to Arathorn, asking first if he needs that one
        Thorondor sent in a straight-in URL for Nathalia's Page for M-e items: Der Welt der Spiele . Nathalia's page is back up again, link to the main page  is on our Games page. It's in German, but we can get the gist.

March 7, 2004
Sunday Meeting in AIM 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT
Transcript by Varda
Attending: roll by Arathorn, Varda 
    AIM, members: Arathorn-V/ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, EonweValar (presiding), ErestorV, GaldorV, GwaihirValar, FarmerMaggot-V/musics4me2/bnetValar, Orodreth V, Oropher-V/MJKeenan123, Thorondor-Valar/ThorondorV, Thror-V/Chugin Chub, UlfangV, VardaValar1
    AIM, visitor: BookMaster JMV (tested and became Meneldil-V after the meeting)
    SamWise-(Valar) has been seen by Erestor and Arathorn. He plays D2X regular early in the morning, like around 6am. Keep an eye out for him if you're up then!
    After the meeting, Meneldil joined the guild. He visited the meeting as BookMaster JMV and still wanted to stay! Amazing!
    Meneldil-V, Welcome to the Valar Guild! He's 18, about to turn 19 on March 27. Happy soon-to-be Birthday! He's from Nevada in the USA, PST. He is studying History, with Library Science next on the menu, with an eye to becoming a professional librarian. He's already well on his way picking up experience, working in a library and having passed from Shelver to Circulation Technician. He plays mostly StarCraft, his BW CD mislaid at the moment. Favorite maps are LotR v Last Alliance; LotR v Nimloth Battle. He also plays on the Shimlar RP (see www.shimlar.com). Gaming tends to be from 10 pm PST until falling asleep exhausted M-Thurs, most of the day Friday and Saturday. He posts in random trivia rooms and on a LotR messageboard. Meneldil has read the H, LotR, and Sil and might be willing to contribute to the Encyc. Tested by Eonwe, Varda; observer Erestor. Meneldil's favorite LotR character is Gandalf.
    Links page:
       No Man's Pity - Eowyn fan site, includes links. Located by Eowyn-V
       Eonwe got his coding help. Yay forum!
       D2X Middle-earth mod:
          Arathorn updated the Uniques page and started the Sets page. Updates are made from member discoveries to make it the most fun possible.
       Farmer Maggot suggests a section for programmers, not just the HTML already present.
    Tolkien humor site URL from Ulfang-V during meeting. Some members checked on it during the meeting, some recognized, some reported that it's really funny.
       LotR DVD Capture, by monkeycrackmary on livejournal.  Bakshi movie stills with horrified captions and reader comments.
     All-Hobbit College Bball team
    D2X Middle-earth mod:
        Eonwe found another batch of goodies for Arathorn to put on the pages.
        Players 8 command is good for making the game harder.
        Gwaihir is back to level 11 on the Ladder.
        Orodreth jumped rapidly in WC3 from 0 to 7
       Useful for speeding up, as everyone doesn't jam just into one server, but across many.
       Lots of new info on the main web page, including transportation and new mounts.
    Oscars - the great LotR: RotK history-making Academy Award sweep!
    After-meeting chat with Ar-Pharazon while the Valar went to do a test.

March 3, 2004
No Man's Pity - Eowyn fan site, fan fic, pics. by Azar, archivist
       Eternal- Legolas fan fic collection. site by Amie.

Feb. 29, 2004 (Leap for joy day)
    Check Oscars on:
  Netscape - 2004 Academy Awards
  New Line Cinema 
and Erestor suggests:
  Internet Movie Database
    Oscar awards for LotR:
report by Galdor and Varda, updated while Galdor typed in B.net what was happening on the Oscars on TV and Varda (no TV coverage available) wrote it on this page. We kept ahead of some of the professionals this way.  ;) 
    11 wins ties the highest number of Oscar awards for a movie ever received at one time
       Art Direction
       Costume Design
       Film Editing
       Original Music Score
       Best Song: "Into the West"
       Sound Mixing
       Technical Effects/ Visual Effects
       Adapted Screen Play
       Best Director: Peter Jackson

Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, 22:00 GMT. AIM chat in Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript -
partial, due to crashes, has part of Gaming and all of Tolkien and after-meeting.
Attending: partial list between crashes, from Varda
    AIM: ArathornV, ArPharazonV, EonweValar (presiding), ErestorV, Gil-galad-V/Xseanzeedisco, GwaihirValar, FarmerMaggot-V/bnetValar/AIMBridge/Musics4Me2, OrodrethV, Oropher-V/MJKeenan123, Thror-V/chuginchub, VardaValar1
    Bnet: Thorondor-Valar/Sorontar-Valar via AIMBridge
    The AIMBridge had a leak overloading memory. Bug being worked on.
    Varda kept crashing, due to a script running and taking all the memory, possibly from one of the Instant Message icons accepted just before the crash. Eonwe stepped right in and ran the meeting, with no pre-warning for preparation. Thank you!
Member News:
       New D2X Middle-earth mod Uniques page by Arathorn
       Search engine under logic repair by Farmer Maggot
       New Middle-earth Online roleplay section added by Eonwe
       New link: "YaTT: Yet Another Tengwar Tool"
     D2X Guild Ladder:
       Regular Ladder:
Thorondor's 91 paladin at last edged out Arathorn's long-standing 90 amazon
       Hardcore Ladder:
Thorondor's 81 hardcore paladin retains the lead.
       Thror was back playing  in D2X
          Hearthglen Hills: new map from Blizzard
          Gwaihir and Ecthelion had a great WC3 match, didn't save the replay.
    Transcript of Tolkien chat, from Varda, since the crashes finally stopped.
    Ar-Pharazon-V bought a huge Middle-earth map for his wall.
    Eonwe-Valar saw a wall map for sale at Suncoast, but only for Rohan and Gondor.
    Chat topic from Varda: In the Silmarillion, Melian the Maia stops Thingol from returning to Valinor with his people. Why did she stop him? This would be speculation.
    Most probable speculation: Melian may have acted alone originally, then foresight by Melian to stay in M-e, or by a Vala or Valar who wanted her to stay. Doriath would be needed, as would Luthien. This meant not just the exiled Noldor and Avari would have been in Middle-earth, and a way would be provided for the Noldor to be redeemed.
    Which Valar and other Maiar would be behind that?
    Other odd unions, such as Bombadil/Goldberry in M-e, Luthien/Beren, Aragorn/Arwen, Tuor/Idril, Nimrodel's maid/man of Dol Amroth, Dior/Nimroth
    No known dwarf/other race cross, although Bombadil had dwarfish traits.
    Hobbits and Woses were some version of human.
    Tal-Elmar was a half-Druadan (Wose): father was Druadan, but mother was Easterling or Dunadan.
     Mortals in Valinor:
    Tuor was the only mortal man to go to Eldamar, to be counted among the elves.
    Earendil's Vanyar blood was not mentioned in debates about what to do with him.
    Ar-Pharazon lies in the Caves of the Forgotten.
    Erestor-V quoted the poem that starts: "Hail Earendil, of the mariners most renowned..."
Feb. 28, 2004
     Links page:
YaTT: Yet Another Tengwar Tool - tool to type in and transcribe documents in Tengwar. By BLiZZARD, Daniel Steven Smith, Måns Björkman, Harri Perala, and Josh Griffing

Feb. 26, 2004
    D2X Guild Ladder:
      Regular Ladder:
s 91 paladin took the long-time lead from Arathorn's 90 amazon.
      Hardcore Ladder:
81 hardcore paladin continues to keep the lead.

Feb. 25, 2004
       Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction Middle-earth mod
          Uniques page, webwork by Arathorn, working with Eonwe

Feb. 22, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) in chat room Valar Guild Meetingplace
from Arathorn, Varda
Member News:
    Elatan is back from vacation, posted to our forum and our guild's MeO thread. Plays DAoC.
    Orodreth got a new laptop Tuesday, now playing WC3! Got his WC3 guild flag from Eonwe during the meeting. Birthday April 22
    Turgon offline for a while, intends to be back. Letter on News Feb 18.
Attending: reports from Varda
    Members in AIM: Arathorn-V/ArathornValar/mikenowo, Ar-pharazon-V/ArPharazonV, Eonwe-Valar, Erestor-V/ErestorV, Finrod-V/sidviscious01858, Gil-Galad-V/xseanzeedisco, Grimbold-V/HearNoEvil80, Gwaihir-Valar/GwaihirValar, Huan-Valar/HuanofValar/ThrorofDwarves, Mablung-V/DemonicHorde69,, Maglor-V/MaglorV, Farmer Maggot-V/bnetValar/Musics4Me2,  Orodreth-V/OrodrethV, Oropher-V/MJKeenan123, Thorondor-Valar/ThorondorV, Thror-V/chuginchub, Varda-Valar/VardaValar1
    Visitor in AIM: mordacil (guild-friend) mor=dark, dacil=victor
     B.net Valar channel: Fingon-V@Azeroth popped through the b.net Valar channel frequently. B.net Valar helpers present: Arathorn, Orodreth, Varda
    Public Chat Valar in B.net: AimBridge, Arathorn, FarmerMaggot. This channel allows Bnet and AIM people to talk to each other as if all were in AIM. Farmer and Arathorn operate it, Farmer coded it.
    Tolkien Encyclopedia: report from Varda
       Poetry: "The Cry of the Orc"
       Story: "Legolas Reborn"
       Hisweloke's Sndarin Dictionary
       Hobbits Live
    World of WarCraft: report from Maglor
       New section: name list of Valar Guild members who plan to play WoW. Please email Maglor, with a cc to Eonwe and Varda if possible.
    Diablo 2 Expansion Tolkien Mod:
       Eonwe requested a person or team to make a new web page for mod uniques and sets including stats and set bonuses. He is willing to give the web space
          Arathorn is willing to do the web work, may be back to playing it more as he's burning out on D2X hardcore. Need members to send in the info to any of the following: Varda (general contact for anything, will forward), Arathorn, Eonwe
    AIM secretary aka doorman: letter from Arathorn
Here is the info for the device I mentioned in the meeting to allow you to send IMs to people when they're offline (right now you can't in AIM). They'll get the message when they sign on. Can be useful. All you do is add 'DoorManBot2' to your buddy list, then send a message to that screenname (DoorManBot2) using your friend's screenname in the message separated by a ":"(colon). Their server acts as a 'secretary' of sorts (or answering machine if you like) that relays the message to you when you sign on.
AIMBuddyscreenname:Call me when you get this
 More info at their website:
    Diablo 2 Expansion:
       New banks for unique weapons and charms, started by Varda. Some have been given enough time to stay up and some haven't, time donated (that I know of) by Arathorn, Erestor, Varda
    World of WarCraft:
       Beta applications now being processed, invitations not yet sent out. Please email Varda if you make it so we can put it on the News. Eonwe (project head) and Maglor (WoW web work) would like to know also so a cc is appreciated or Varda can forward.
        Forum has planning in a WoW section. Please make yourself known there.
       WoW plot info, link from Ar-Pharazon:
    Ar-Pharazon hosted a map, the de-bugged last version of LotR Ring Wars now available from the creator:
    Orcs, how origins made them different, such as ones made from elf (or man) by Morgoth, ones born as orcs from those originals or later from other orcs, and the orc crossings for Uruk-hai by Saruman. Topic by Varda
    Where do orcs go when they die?
    Who led orcs?
    (Discussion in transcript)

Feb. 21, 2004
     Hisweloke's Sindarin Dictionary - Sindarin dictionary project in English and French. Includes a word search. Link sent in by Arathorn-V.
         Hobbits Live - includes English-Elvish. Tolkien art, movie photos, fan-fic, humor including comics, AIM icons. Link sent in by Arathorn-V

Feb. 18, 2004
Letter from Turgon:
     I thought I should let you all know that due to personal affairs (of which I made an inidication before), I will not be able to come online for possibly a very long time. I hope I can stay in contact by emailing once in a while. I'm gonna miss you all and hope I will be back sooner rather than later.
     For the WoW-site, I'll leave things to Maglor, who has handled it quite superbly until now.
     For the Message Board, things will continue as usual, with Eonwe at the helm.
     For WoS / Elvondel sorry I can't be around any longer to help build the world, only thing I can promise is to try and log into the board once in a while and put in some ideas.
Elen sila anwa lumenn omentielmo.
A star truly shines on the hour of our meeting.
Meaning of Aiya in Cantonese: URL sent in by Arathorn: San Diego Chinese Women's Association

Feb. 17, 2004
    Story Page:
       "Legolas Reborn",
by Varda. If Glorfindel of Gondolin was reborn, how about Legolas of Gondolin?

Feb. 16, 2004
    Poetry Page:
       "The Cry of the Orc", by Laurelin Caline.
An elf turned orc remembered....

Feb. 15, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace. On Bnet, Farmer Maggot has an AIMbridge running in channel Public Chat Valar, in case you can't get on AIM, for instance, on a cell phone. It runs the conversation back and forth between AIM and B.net. He has an /ignore feature in case of weirdos.
Transcript from Arathorn, Farmer Maggot, and Varda
    AIM: Akhoril/PhoenixLord264, ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, Eonwe-Valar, Erestor-V (after-meeting), Gil-galad-V/Xseanzeedisco, GwaihirValar, Huan-Valar/HuanofValar/ThrorofDwarves, FarmerMaggot/Musics4Me2/bnet Valar, MaglorV, OrodrethV, TurgonjustTurgon, VardaValar1 (presiding)
    Bnet drop-bys: Ancalagon-V@Azeroth, Oropher-V
    Quick AIM:
       Arathorn updating
    Humor Page:
       Ar-Pharazon-V sent in the entire trilogy of condensed parodies by Molly Winter:
            Condensed Parody ScriptsFellowship  Two Towers  Return of the King : Links suggested by Ar-Pharazon-V and Scatha-V:
                on  Mollyringwraith's page, and Lemonlye's also for Two Towers. Author: Molly Winter aka Mollyringwraith aka Lemonlye
       Thumbnail Guide to RotK
    "You know you're in Valar when..."
    Links page:
       Council of Elrond - a movie site with parts that also work for the book fans: languages, Elrond's Library which is and includes an encyclopedia, art. Site reported by a member of the Manwe realm of the communities, Matt Knutson.
    Worlds of Warcraft page:
       Maglor-V made a flash version of his guild WoW page. Still working on sounds. May have a future problem with overworking the server.
    D2X Ladder updated
    Well of Souls Tolkien mod work
    BroodWar - looking for organizers. Could start by listing that you play BW on our forum and what name to put on friend list.
    Half-Life: - could also use organizers, especially for CounterStrike. Same as above.
    Cremation: topic by Eonwe-Valar
    Arwen's death: topic by Gil-galad
    transitioned to Aragorn's death, Legolas and Gimli's sailing to Valinor, and more. See transcript for details.

Feb. 11, 2004
    Tolkien Humor page:
       Links: Thumbnail Guide to RotK.
Suggested by Arathorn.
    "You know you're in Valar when...":
        New joke by Galdor

Feb. 8, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript from Varda
    Full Members: ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, VBeregond, EonweValar, Finrod-V/sidviscious01858, Gil-galad/Xseanzee disco, HuanofValar, Farmer Maggot/Musics4Me2/bnetValar AIMbridge, MaglorV, Lungorthin-Valar/raukojag, OrodrethV, TheodenValar, ThorondorV, Thror-V/chuginchub, TurgonjustTurgon, UlfangV, VardaValar1 (presiding)
Akhoril/PhoenixLord264 was away when invited.
    Tolkien-only Members:
    Visitor: loblo
    Earwen dropped for inactivity
    Arathorn moved his guild pages to Alatar's valarguild.org server.
    MeO forum: we announced that the Valar Guild would have a branch on Middle-earth Online
    D2X Ladder:
       Top standing: Arathorn's javazon 90
       Top hardcore: Thorondor's paladin 81
       See Ladder page for standings for each class
    Dungeon Siege:
       Ar-Pharazon-V reported a new official bonus pack has been released. Legends of Aranna.
    WoW beta signups closed. Report by Ar-Pharazon.
    Frodo's life may have been saved by Gollum's taking the Ring.
    Which Valar did the various Istari work with?

Feb. 4, 2004
    Earwen dropped for inactivity.
    Arathorn has moved his guild pages to Alatar's valarguild.org server:
       Lord of the Rings Downloads
       Setting Up Open Bnet on Router/Firewall

Feb. 1, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT. AIM chat room: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript  from Arathorn
Attendingby Arathorn and Varda
    Members: Alatar Valar, ArathornValar, ArPharazonV, DemonicHorde69 (Mablung-V), Eonwe Valar [presiding], FallenGlory (Olwe-V), GaldorV, HuanofValar, MaglorV, Orodreth V, ThorondorV, ThrorofDwarves, TurgonjustTurgon, Xseanzee disco (Gil-galad-V)
    In Valar channel: Ancalagon-V, Arathorn-V, Huan-Valar, Colossus (unknown)
    Visitors: Lady Fallun (guild-friend). Mlautens (unknown popped in and out)
    Alatar now has AIM working and hopes to be coming to meetings more now that it's off B.net.
    Erestor didn't answer Eonwe's AIM call because he was at work with his AIM left on.
    Thranduil online during meeting but afk.
    Varda out of town for weekend, back Monday.
Web News:
    Quick AIM - new location, updated and now handled by Arathorn
    Games page - updated by Eonwe
    Message Board/ MB/ Forum page - updated by Eonwe
    D2X tips - links on forum D2X section - by Galdor
    WoW Site update - by Maglor
    News from 2003 moved to News Archive. Jan 2004 News moved to 2004 Archive. Speeds loading current news. - by Varda
    D2X Tolkien mod - Eonwe told about new items he found in the latest patch
    WoW branch setting up - Eonwe
    Role-Play servers, explanation of and how we will be handling the problem in two future MMORPG's, WoW and MeO. RP servers are used in  MMORPG's (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) such as Dark Age of Camelot, where we are currently on an rp server.
        Advantage: usually better behavior by all players, great for pure role-playing.
        Disadvantage: a person has to be only the character he is currently playing, nothing out of character, doesn't fit well with a lot of our guild behavior, such as accidentally calling the character "Auros" by the guild primary name "Eonwe", which is how we know the player. We would only do that when acting OOC (out of character), but rp servers don't allow OOC.
    Comment on RotK movie
    Which is the best Tolkien book?
Quick adjourn to watch SuperBowl

Jan. 29, 2004
    Quick AIM has a new URL and handler, the amazing Arathorn! Check out the nifty programming he's done to make it easier to find names.
    Varda will be out of town starting early Friday, returning Monday.
    If you send an email during that time and the mailbox is full, don't panic. The virus guys are loading my mailbox with junk that I unload daily, and may become very large on the server before I can clear it Monday. It's not hard to clear, thanks to filters.
    Meanwhile, Testers for rejoiners and new guys are needed. Please watch for Aldor-V's return and mordacil among others.

Jan 28, 2004
    D2X Ladder:
       Ladder page re-done. Each regular ladder and hardcore ladder now has a list of those on it.
        Update yours by email to Varda, or it has to be updated if she jots it down while gaming with you. Reminders help!

Jan. 26, 2004
    Farmer Maggot is working on a bot bridge between AIM and Bnet. So far it can send the AIM talk to Bnet. Arathorn and Orodreth helping with program, Varda with experiment and getting people together to work on it.

Jan. 25, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT, in AIM chat room Valar Guild Meetingplace
    AIM members: Arathorn (ArathornValar), Ar-Pharazon (ArPharazonV), Beregond (VBeregond), Elatan (ElatanValar), Gil-galad (Xseanzee disco), Grimbold (HearNoEvil80), Gwaihir (GwaihirValar), Huan (HuanofValar), Mablung (DemonicHorde69), Maglor (Maglor V), Orodreth (OrodrethV), Theoden (TheodenValar), Thror (chuginchub), Turgon (TurgonjustTurgon), Varda (VardaValar1) (presiding)
    AIM guests: Lady Fallun (Gwaihir's friend), sausage ninja (Galdor's friend), mordacil (used to be member)
    B.net, could not make it to AIM: Beleg. Fingon sent greetings from BW, had to go.
    Elatan will be on vacation in Norway the next two weeks, no comp.
    Annals of Arda:
       Elatan reports that he has a new helper with his English: Jack, retired IT man in USA.

       Orodreth found a new variant besides the complicated Downfall types.
           Page includes Middle-earth map. The Embassy - Home of South African Diplomacy
       Turgon reports that the guild branch is more active now, thanks to Irmo's new policies.
        Also reports that they are reconsidering the alliance, members now information-collecting.
    Half-Life 2:
       Demo shows awesome graphics. Interactive, lighting, AI's. (Left out of meeting. Info from Varda)

    If a book were to be written after LotR, what should it include?
    Role-playing Tolkien story
trying to start up on the forum, probably in two weeks when Elatan returns from vacation.

Jan. 24, 2004
    Welcome home, Rog! Mahtan reports that his nephew, Rog, is still with us. He's back from the Airborne Rangers. He moved to Michigan and is currently without a comp, email, or IM. He hopes to have comp access in the future and start all over again with Diablo in the guild.
    Tolkien Humor Page:
       New section: "Adjusting to People Not of the Same Type". Eowyn and Varda teamed up for a couple. Think of some more for members of the Fellowship trying to work together, other residents of any of the books, or even the baddies! Email your ideas to Varda to be put on the page.

Jan. 21, 2004
       Now on the Valar Guild index, tentative front pages for the upcoming MMORPG's:
          Middle-earth Online: by Elatan-(Valar)
          Worlds of WarCraft: by Maglor-(V) and Turgon-(V). Probably moving to Alatar's valarguild.org server later.

    Tolkien Encyclopedia:
             Bows: "Belthronding", by Finrod-V
             Swords: "Glend": under "Swords". By Finrod-V.

       Tolkien Languages:
            Irmo's Quenya Role-playing Guide: now on it's own page with tables.

Jan. 24, 2004
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Thranduil-V! He emailed Varda, tested on B.net in D2X as Tareldor. Tested by Varda. He played with a group of us in a guild D2X ladder game after the test. He's 16, from California, USA. PST. He plays D2X and D2classic, Savage, BattleField1942, Call of Duty, WC3 (not TFT). He's read the H, LotR, Sil. His favorite character is Legolas, because of his sense of intelligence, friendliness, and kindness. In the movies, he had most of the great fighting scenes. Great co-ordination, able archer. Helped Fellowship a lot.
Son of the King of Mirkwood. Also because Thranduil-V likes elves for their immortality, the ruling guiding race, protectors of Middle-earth as in Elond's effort to destroy the Ring.

Jan. 20, 2004
    Welcome to the Valar Guild, Finrod-V!
He found our site while looking for WC3 maps. He emailed Varda, talked on B.net as finrod_thebrave@Azeroth, then came to yesterday's AIM meeting as sidviscious01858. Even after that, he was willing to join, tested by Varda. He plays only WC3/TFT at this time. He's 16, from England. GMT. He's read the H, LotR, Sil, BoLT 1&2, Lays of Beleriand, Farmer Giles of Ham. He writes in Tengwar and knows basic Elvish. He has sent in several articles on weapons for the Tolkien Encyclopedia, which will be added soon. He chose Boromir as an interesting character, commenting that he was important to show that the Ring could corrupt even an honorable, decent man temporarily.

Jan. 19, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT. AIM chat room Valar Guild Meetingplace, relay from B.net channels Valar or Clan Vala.
Transcript Link of AIM meeting: sent by Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Turgon, Varda (crashed partway through) for the parts in which they were present and pieced together.
    AIM members: Anarion-TV, Ancalagon-V (war999999), Arathorn-V (ArathornValar), Ar-Pharazon-V (ArPharazonV), Elladan-V (wolverinepcrew), Eonwe-Valar (Eonwe Valar), Erestor-V (ErestorV), Galdor-V (GaldorV), Gwaihir-Valar (Elrohir16), Lungorthin-Valar (raukojag), Maglor-V (MaglorV), Theoden-V (TheodenValar), Turgon-V (TurgonJustTurgon), Ulfang-V (rhaated), Varda-Valar (VardaValar1) presiding.
    AIM guest: sidviscious01858 (wants to join, also on B.net as finrod_thebrave@Azeroth)
    B.net only: Caranthir-V/ Morifinwe
    After meeting, saw Mahtan-V in D2X ladder guild game with Maglor-V, knocking off Duriel.
Member News:
    Coming to the chat room:
        Members need to invite themselves into the AIM chat so we don't spend so long trying to collect them. To do this, in your buddy list menu, click People, Send Chat Invitation, type your screen name (preferably your guild name for recognition by all), write over the default chat room name at the bottom with Valar Guild Meetingplace. You will pop into the chat room. A box comes up asking if you want to accept your invitation, click No or you will crash out of the chat room.
    We will continue trying to invite members we see online who haven't managed to come to the chat room, but it really eats a lot of time. We would like to make business meetings shorter and smoother, as they are currently too chaotic and eat into our Tolkien time.
    Galdor's grandmother passed away.
    Erestor's birthday was Friday, Jan 16. He's 51. Happy Birthday and many more!
    Humanities Review : Anarion-TV added a new essay to his page, on the struggle for women's rights during the French revolution. It's in French, but will have a translation later for the non-French speakers.

    Battle.net News:
            Huan-Valar reports that his bots can no longer enter guild channels. It appears to be the work of Battle.net itself.
       WC3/ TFT:
             Gwaihir sent a tip on doing WC3 clanmail, News Jan 13, and added more information in the AIM chat. It can only be used if your email is attached to your WC3 account. You can also email any member by looking up their email on the Members page, kept for us by Elatan.
          Erestor has gone through all the banks, regular and ladder, working them so they won't expire, and reports that every one of them is now burned in. Incredible effort! Thanks from all of us in D2X!
       DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot pay-MMORPG)
          Irmo has been re-structuring the DAoC guild, so that it is now growing and doing well. It includes a level for guild-friends to play in the guild, allowing much-improved gaming and growth. Alatar reports finding, to his delight, a full group of guild guys operating. Way to go, Irmo! Irmo credits Melkor and Orome with their steadfast support keeping him going in this very difficult re-build. To everyone's delight, a number of missing members have returned. For instance, Gerontius Took's health seems to have improved and he is back with us.
       WoW (Worlds of WarCraft pay-MMORPG):
          We are continuing to set up for the upcoming WoW.
            Eonwe-Valar is branch head, co-ordating efforts, and has final approval.
            Maglor and Turgon have started a front page for the WoW branch, which will probably be moved onto Alatar's valarguild.org server soon.
            The Valar Guild forum has a section for WoW discussion. It's a good place to let the guild know you are interested in coming into this guild branch, and giving your input, as well as seeing what is going on.
       MeO (Middle-earth Online pay-MMORPG):
          We continue to set up for MeO, expected out in the last quarter of 2004.
          Varda is branch head, project co-ordinator.
          Elatan has started a front page for the MeO branch, still a work in progress, but coming close to completion.
          The Valar Guild forum has a pre-release planning section for the MeO branch. Please let us know if you are interested in coming into this game and if you'd like to be part of an ongoing story we will be starting on MeO's board. We are currently working out a flexible plot line for all to jump into. The News and Valar Guild forum will let you know when it starts. This will be our way of introducing the Valar Guild to the MeO community and letting us have fun with a guild story.
    Varda's topic: We are all familiar with the huge amounts of physical action in the LotR. What examples do you notice of mental action?
    A great many were cited by numerous members, with little need of going into detail since all knew what was meant.
    Tangents of course wandered into the other books and into actions between physical and mental such as song.
    Also, what did different ones mean by "magic".
    Middle-earth trading cards
    See AIM transcript for details.
    Included chat in the main room, private chats discussing upcoming games, and people going into games.

Jan. 17, 2004
    Letter from Galdor:
Hail Varda. I have lost my grandmother. I may not be
active for a few days. Namarie. Galdor.
Jan. 16, 2004
    Bots: Huan-(Valar) reports that neither bot is able to enter the channels now, apparently done by B.net.

Jan. 15, 2004
    Erestor turned 51 today! Happy birthday!

Jan. 13, 2004
    WC3 tip from Gwaihir:
Any clan member who has registered an e-mail address with WC3 can be contacted through 'clanmail'... allowing
you to contact at least me (I registered mine) over bnet when I'm not online.
          Maglor downloaded AIM and has the account name:  Maglor V

Jan. 11, 2004
Sunday Meeting 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT. AIM chat room Valar Guild Meetingplace.
Transcript Link. Varda crashed. Thanks to ArPharazon and Scatha, we have a working transcript of the AIM meeting. Thanks, guys! We have the best "bad" guys around.  ;)
Request by some members at today's meeting that we keep the meeting transcripts rather than over-writing. This will be starting now. Links on transcripts added by Varda.
Meeting Summary below:
    AIM: AnarionTV, Arathorn, Ar-Pharazon, Caranthir, Elatan-(Valar), Elladan, Eonwe-(Valar), Galdor, Gil-galad, Gwaihir, Huan, Scatha, Tulkas-(Valar), Turgon, Varda-(Valar)
    B.net only: Bombur-V. Maglor-V joined after meeting.
Member News:
    Sweep of inactive members is complete, so we should be seeing new passwords for February. Make sure your email is updated as they are only emailed by Varda, (Eonwe emails if Varda should be run over by a truck or otherwise unavailable) letting other members off the hook. Passwords are your main security, leaving a compromised area for one of our zillion others is your other security. Email Council if you run into any security problems.
    Maglor, Welcome back to the Valar Guild! Maglor rejoined after the meeting, using a Hardcore D2X character named Sinecure. He's from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, MST where he moved from British Columbia. He first joined June 9, 2000 after finding us surfing for Tolkien poetry when he was 16. He's now 19. Maglor hopes to be playing D2X with us and then to join us in WoW when it comes out. He's read a great many of Tolkien's books including H, LotR, Sil, Mr. Bliss, Leaf by Niggle, Monsters & the Critics, and a good many of the Histories of Middle-earth.
    Valar Honor members: four showed up at one meeting, a record for quite a while back. One had been having too many comp troubles to be stable on B.net, and one doesn't use B.net now. AIM is helping. :)
    Galdor's grandmother is doing worse. Good luck to you both!
    Ulmo seems to be having problems with an email virus. He is, however, alive and well in EverQuest.
    Manwe's hotmail email doesn't work.
    Oropher (fka Grimbold) continues to be very active in EverQuest, often plays with one of Varda's sons.
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    See Web section for possible AD&D startup info.
       Ar-Pharazon reported that WC3's Frozen Throne now has patch 1.14b.
       Turgon was downloading a DAoC patch.
       Scatha enjoys this game and wants to know if anyone else plays it. Be sure to update the Games page by emailing Eonwe.
       Galdor enjoys this game.

    Gwaihir-(Valar)'s topic: Did anyone else notice how similar the Ents are to Hobbits?
    Tangent topic, by Gwaihir: Did the Valar abandon Middle-earth? During the War of the Jewels, were Yavanna and others around, such as Orome?
     Tangent topic, by Gil-galad: Melkor
    Topics suggested for next meeting by Varda-(Valar):
        Visions, Foresight, Prophecy.
        Role-playing words and phrases, many set down by Irmo on our language page.

Jan. 8, 2004
    Humor Page/ Other Tolkien Humor Sites:
Two Towers Condensed Parody Version. Link suggested by Scatha-(V): by Lemonlye

Jan. 5, 2004
    Letter from Galdor:
Aiya Varda & Happy New Year!

I am back at work BAH!

Anyway, GaldorII-V is now level 70 and in act 3 hell.

Incase anyone has noticed that the runes in the rune
bank have vanished, I am the guilty one ! I have
begun a project where I am trying to upgrade them as
far as I can get them to. I am trying for a Lem at the
moment & a Cham later. I have pooled all of my runes
togther as well as those from the bank. I'll dump them
back to the bank when I get a chance.

I am eventually going to not use my old public
accounts as all my time is spent in guild. (things are
so much better than plain old public nonsense games.

I may not be at many meetings in the near future and
will only be on at random times as my grandmother has
gotten worse and may not be with us in the very near

Namarie for now,
    Dropped for Inactivity:

Aldor: email went through, no reply
Amras: email went through, no reply
Amrod: email went through, no reply
Amlaith: email went through, no reply
Balin: no contact since March
Bard: email went through, no reply
Beregond: email went through, no reply until after drop. Rejoined Jan 6.
Beruthiel: no reply
Bilbo: email went through, no reply
Celegorm: email went through, no reply
Dain: no contact since January
Denethor: email went through, no reply
Durin: email went through, no reply
Edrahil: email went through, no reply
Elendil: email went through, no reply
Fladrif/Skinbark: no contact since Sept 2002
Finarfin: email went through, no reply
Finglas/Leaflock: email went through, no reply
Gloin: no contact since Dec 2002
Gorbag: email went through, no reply
Grima: might be comp problem, no contact
Ingwe: no contact 2003
Khamul: contact problem. Planned on WoW. Rejoin fast, Khamul!.
Peregrine/Pippin Took: email went through, no reply
Smeagol (Fladrif's son): no contact since Sept 2002
Thorin: last contact Sept 2002
Thranduil:  Joined Jan 2003, email apparently wrong, I know of no further contact

Jan. 4, 2004
Sunday Meeting  5pm EST, 22:00 GMT. AIM: Valar Guild Meetingplace
Transcript by Varda
    B.net: Eonwe/Fionwe, Finwe, Gelmir, Turgon, Varda
    AIM: Anarion-TV, ArPharazon, Eonwe, Finwe, Gelmir (discussion of name meaning), Gil-galad, Gwaihir, Huan, Lungorthin, Orodreth, Turgon, Varda.
    AIM visiting: Lady Fallun (friend of Gwaihir's); the soon to be Barahir.
    On B.net after the meeting: Eomer, Thror.
     Arathorn's good computer's hard drive fried.
    Barahir, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Barahir emailed and came to a meeting, then tested with Varda afterwards. His account name is Barahir-V. He's 14, from the USA, in EST. He plays on B.net in BroodWar from 9pm to 10 or 11pm EST, preferring the maps: Snipers; Pelennor Fields; and Snowball Wars. He has an email and AIM but it is not for the public pages, so you'll have to meet him in AIM for that. He's read the H, Lotr, and Sil, with the Hobbit his favorite. His favorite character is Gandalf, whose leadership and dedication he admires, as when he spent years searching with Aragorn for Gollum.
    Elladan, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Elladan, as valantar@Azeroth, heard about us from Caranthir-V, who gets scouting credit, and grabbed the opportunity when he found me testing in a channel, which he and others use. Varda tested. Elladan is 15, from Louisiana, in CST. He plays SC, WC3/TFT, Call of Duty. His AIM name is wolverinepcrew for the Michigan Wolverines, and he also happens to have enjoyed the X-Men movies. He does not currently have an email. He's read the H and LotR. His favorite character is Legolas, because he shows the people of Middle-earth that different races can get along as he does with Gimli, and he shows courage following Aragorn into the Paths of the Dead without questioning his reason for not turning back.

    Letter from Erestor:
I wanted to let you know that I will not be able to attend tonight's meeting as I am working...and I looks like I am going to be married to a Sunday pm schedule...
(heavy sigh)..
 Please give my regards to all.
thanks and bows from:
    Turgon is very happy to be back in the computer world with a new mainboard, processor, and RAM.
    Ulfang, by email (see News, Dec 28), requested places to order wedding rings with Tengwar script. Request made for him at meeting.
Web News:
    Poetry: "Renewal", by Elwing
    WoS by Orodreth: Web hosting for WoS players, found by Orodreth, so he started a WoS page.
    War of the Ring: strategy LotR game for computers. Gwaihir reported. Much like WC3 in game play and graphics. No hero hotkey, or walking attack hotkey. Very high system requirements. Campaigns may be run on the side of good or evil. Played by Gwaihir, Lungorthin, Turgon. Eonwe offered to give it a place on the forum, high up since Tolkien-related.
    Worlds of WarCraft: we have a pre-release section on the forum. ArPharazon is interested.
    Loss, Varda's topic. (Attempt made to put threads together)
    JRRT's personal losses:
       Orodreth: His entire family as a young boy
       ArPharazon: Almost all his friends died in WWI.
       Orodreth: He couldn't see his sweetheart until he was 21.
    Losses JRRT wrote about, and coping:
       Varda: Aragorn was separated from his sweetheart.
       Gwaihir: Turgon lost his wife
       Orodreth: Elrond lost his wife, and became very protective of Arwen.
       Turgon: Thingol lost his only daughter
       Varda: Feanor lost his father and did not cope well
       Orodreth: If you consider going on a mad rampage to control the world "coping", then I suppose he [Feanor] did well enough.
       ArPharazon: Melian lost Thingol
       Turgon: Melkor lost a bunch more

       Gwaihir: Eol coped not well when his "bride" left him with his son
       ArPharazon: Turgon had the murderer of his sister thrown off the walls
       Gwaihir: Eol lost his wife and son, so he went hunting them

       Orodreth: Elrond and Elros lost their parents
       Eonwe: Elrond and Elros lost each other
       Eonwe: Elrond and Elros turned to the task at hand, organizing and leading their respective peoples
       Eonwe: finding love along the way.
       Orodreth: Elrond lost his wife, and became very protective of Arwen.
       Varda: Elrond did a good bit of protecting, had children, adopted Elros's descendents.

       Orodreth: Aragorn never knew his father, so I don't know if that would be a loss per se
       ArPharazon: Theoden lost Theodred

       Gil-galad: Didn't Orodreth lose Finduilas?
       Orodreth: Orodreth also died within months.
       ArPharazon: I thought Orodreth died before Finduilas?
       Orodreth: I believe Finduilas was first.
       ArPharazon: I thought Orodreth died in battle, and after that Finduilas was taken by the orcs?
       Orodreth: She was with a party escaping to the north, so, yes, you're right Phara, my bad.

       Barahir: Denethor lost Boromir and that really hit him.
       Varda: Denethor thought he was losing his stewardship and his last son
       Eonwe: Denethor thought he lost Faramir and that sent him over the edge with other things.
       Gil-galad: Denethor was mad. He didn't care if Faramir was alive or not, he was just insane.
       Orodreth: Insane with loss for Boromir, perhaps
       Varda: Denethor wanted company in death
       Barahir: Faramir also had to cope with his brother's death
       Lady Fallun: Denethor...did he want company... or not to outlive both his sons?
       Gwaihir: Actually...that's something I hadn't thought of...and there's also the fact that he was desperately insane
with the seemingly impossible war put against him.

       ArPharazon: Gollum lost the Ring      
       Eonwe: Gollum lost the Ring and coped by hunting down "Bagginss, the filthy thief"

       Gwaihir: Turin lost more than anyone though, and he dealth with it by constantly changing his identity.
       Orodreth: Turin lost quite literally everything

       Turgon: Galdor lost Gelmir (who was executed before his eyes) and rushed headlong to the Orcs who had done so, starting the Nirnaeth too soon,
becoming one of the reasons why the Nirnaeth was lost
       Orodreth: Hurin lost his mind, I think
       Orodreth: Being trapped by Morgoth for how many decades can do that to you.
       Gwaihir: Elrohir and Elladan lost their mother to the orcs.
I really liked the line Gandalf spoke when he was about to leave Minas Tirith to go help the Rohirrim on the Pelennor, right after Pippin begged him to help Faramir: "If I go to Faramir, others will die". Did Gandalf have that much foresight?
       Barahir: What about Maedhros, being pinned up on the mountain like that?
       ArPharazon: He lost his hand
       Varda: Beats what else he would have lost. And he learned to fight with the other hand.
       Gil-galad: That guy's a trouper
       Barahir: Yeah, but inside what did he lose?
       Orodreth: I don't think he lost much
       Varda: But he passed on his inheritance.

       Gil-galad: Olwe lost a lot of kinsman because of the Noldor

       ArPharazon: Frodo lost both his parents

       Orodreth: Frodo lost them [both parents] when he was rather young
       Varda: Frodo lost all of Middle-earth too
       Gwaihir: I don't think the loss of Middle-earth hurt him as much as the loss of the Shire
       Orodreth (looked up the dates): Frodo was 12 when his parents died. He would definitely remember.

       Barahir: Sam, Merry, and Pippin lost Frodo when he went to Valinor
       Varda: And they lost Gandalf and most of the high elves.
       Gwaihir: Gandalf lost his home for a long while when he was asked to go with the Istari.
       Gil-galad: The men under the mountain lost their gift of death when they didn't fulfill their oaths to Isildur
       Varda: Aye, they wanted to die
       ArPharazon: Saruman lost his army to a few hundred humans and a bunch of trees
       Lady Fallun: Elrond finally lost Arwen, after protecting her for so long. And Arwen lost all of her family
       Varda: Elrond took huge losses, yes. Elladan and Elrohir remained behind.
       Gil-galad: They did? So what became of the Grey Havens? Were they just deserted after Cirdan and his kin left?
       Gwaihir: I thought they went later
       Varda: Celeborn stayed behind too.
       ArPharazon: Celeborn went later.
       ArPharazon: Celeborn left, and with him the last living memory of the First Age
       Varda: There must have been some ships left for Celeborn to go
       Gwaihir: and Sam.
       Varda: I don't know if the twins went with him then.
       ArPharazon: And on what ship did Legolas and Gimli go?
       Gwaihir: Legolas and Gimli sailed on a small white boat
       Varda: Legolas made the ship they went on
       Gil-galad: So was Aragorn dead when they took Aragorn to Valinor? or was he on his death bed?
       Gwaihir: Aragorn didn't go to Valinor; he was lain between the bodies of Merry and Pippin
       Varda: Aragorn chose to die
       Varda: Legolas and Gimli didn't leave until Aragorn died
       Gwaihir: Aye
       Gil-galad: If Legolas could build one, Celeborn could too
       Gwaihir: Legolas and Gimli were given special privilege
       Varda: Some argument about if Legolas's boat made the trip
       Gil-galad: Lobelia lost Lotho
       Varda: and died soon after.    
I would say in general, the ones that lost someone or something went either very protective of what they still had, or went berserk
    Elven monetary system, Orodreth's topic. (After most had left)
       Orodreth: I wonder if elves had any currency or even a bartering system?
It seems like the Noldor at least could each make their own swords.
       Lady Fallun: They must have. In the Sil it says that they traded with the dwarves so they must have bartered at least.
       Orodreth: They used pearls that were found in plenty at shores of the Isle of Balar.
       Varda: Barter tends to lead to money.
       Orodreth: Thingol was cheating those dwarves.
       Lady Fallun: Yes, I know ^_^
       Orodreth: Well you never hear of an elven inn or shop of some sort.
       Lady Fallun: But that doesn't mean they don't exist
       Orodreth: True. I don't think they had time to develop that too much in the First Age, except perhaps the Sindar.
       Lady Fallun: Well they wouldn't have needed to really.
       Orodreth: No reason to in Valinor. Everything would be in plenty there
       Lady Fallun: That's what I mean
       Orodreth: Plus there being only one city for most of the time
       Lady Fallun: And everyone being happy and willing to share knowledge and wealth. Yes, a generalisation, but one that mostly holds true.
       Orodreth: with exception of Feanor
       Orodreth: Perhaps the Sindar introduced them to trade/barter, but 600 years of nearly continuous war does not bode well for a civilization.
       Lady Fallun (looks up in books): Olwe to Feanor, Of the Flight of the Noldor: we will neither give them (the boats) nor SELL them for any league of friendship.
       Varda: Settled that
       Gwaihir: Methinks my lady may well outshine me
       Varda: [referring to a conversation being held on Battle.net at the same time]. Looking for the meaning of Gelmir. We have "mir" as jewel.
       Gwaihir: Could "gel" be a variation of the word "gil"?
       Lady Fallun: Gel mir...I'd say gil too. So star-jewel
       Varda: Now Gelmir wants to meet you folks.
       Orodreth: Never been able to find the meaning of Orodreth.
       Lady Fallun: Isn't "orod" mountain?
       Orodreth: "eth" is dimunutive, I believe
       Orodreth: My real name in Quenya is Ondollo. Little rock.
       Gelmir enters.
       Lady Fallun: I use a word-list. I've been meaning to take a look at Elftown's Quenya tutorial though.
       Lot of discussion on other authors, then gaming.
       Gelmir goes to look for his paper on Tolkien and send it in.

Jan. 3, 2004
    From Meriadoc, an amusing link to a thread intended for ladies who watch the movies.

Jan. 2, 2004
    Tolkien Encyclopedia: Poetry:
       "Renewal", by Elwing-(V). A new year's poem with a Tolkien theme for the guild. Thanks, Elwing!