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Dec. 31, 1999
Welcome to our new member, the dragon Chrysophilax from Farmer Giles of Ham. A pleasant 16 year old Netherlander, he's read an impressive amount: Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion , Letters, Atlas of Middle Earth, Farmer Giles of Ham , and Smith of Wooten Major. He also plays a lot since he joined a couple of days ago, team recruited by Makar and Aule.

Dec. 29
Check the VirusAlert page for a setting you need to fix NOW for Windows to change from its default date setting to one that works for the year 2000.

Dec. 27
Welcome to our new member, Glaurung! He came to our channel and passed the test from Aule with 5/5! Ulmo, Makar, and Hurin helped them find a name with the Names page down, and Glaurung showed amazing patience. They had a good game of SC afterwards. He is 14, plays SC, is from Illinois, USA, read the Hobbit, LotR, and Silmarillion. Unfortunately the email I have for Glaurung did not work (gaziano@cim.net.com), returned as undeliverable by a Mailer Daemon.

Varda's email suffered a "new mail" wipe out last night. Please re-send all letters concerning Varaya and Khan's Tolkien mod or anything else you may have sent, but this time to Varaya and/or Khan . The letter to Varaya and Khan concerning what was said at the meeting has been sent, with a note that there should be a follow-up with more specifics from your emails.

Khan has answered the letter:
Ok. First of all we have decided to base the mod on the Final II because it
is the one we use and it is in our opinion the best one. It is thus not
possible to use the 9/8.
If you tell us many people prefer to have 2-H weapons give AC we can do
Just tell us what EXACTLY it is you want to have.
We will definitely cap the mages Str to a very low value, effectively
disabling any form of "Tankmage". We also won't redo the class-specific
requirements as restrictions are generally bad (I admit it adds atmosphere
but since you need every bit of variety and options in this game to keep it
interesting we want to radically restrict the use of certain itemcombos -
you never know how people plan to play).

I'd recommend mailing us any suggestions rather quickly as we are nearly
finished doing pre/suffs and base items.
If anyone has suggestions to Uniques, that's fine but a good, new idea
regarding pre/suffs or baseitems or spells would be better. Uniques, their
names and capabilities are easy to think of but a new line of pre/suffs is
more difficult.remember though that they are limited to existing effects
(those of uniques too - like "life stealing 0-12,5%") and a single effect
too. The possibilities of inherit abilities of base items is very limited
too. The possible ones are: infravision, constricting, thieves, knock back,
steal life, steal mana, readyness-haste, balance-harmony, fast block,
thorns, corruption, +200% vs demons, res=0.

Again, better send us any suggestion fast. If someone has a really great
idea, he should perhaps suggest a name also :)

Dec. 26
Sunday Meeting: (5pm EST, 6pm CST, 11 GMT)
Attending (11): Amillo, Aule/Taglos, Balin, Gildor, Irmo, Luthien, Makar, Thingol, Tom, Ulmo, Varda. Visits from Xiuhcoatl, Magister, and Tanja (sorry for mangling your names) who helped us in the Tolkien mod discussion; and Master~Moo who tried the test and may try again later.
Membership Report:
    New members: Gildor, who even made it to the meeting.  :), and Beleg (returning after an internet crash)
    Currently missing but will return: Namo has pneumonia. Smaug is vacationing in Costa Rica.
Web Report:
    Virus Alert page: Pics4You is the latest virus to have a report.
    Members Page: Non-working emails on Members page (please correct yours!):
    These are the non-working emails Varda hit during the recent Varaya Khan Tolkien Diablo modification request. If you know the correct email, please inform Amillo and/or Varda:
        Arathorn <arathorn@mindspring.com>
        Balin <lg88_weegee@hotmail.com>
        Earendil <linxu@sprint.ca>
        Finarfin <legalos@pop.prodigy.net>
        Luthien <o_galadriel@hotmail.com>
        Radagast <ToiletFish@gotnet.net>
        Ulwarth <gauthier@planet-int.net>
    Tolkien mod:
        Major discussion held with guild members, independents, and rep from another guild not named. Agreement seemed to be a preference for the 9/8 mod over the 10/28 which was considered less balanced. Please email Varda with specific reasons why 9/8 was better so that it may be included in the Tolkien mod. The mod has been nearly completed but is based on the 10/28 version and they need to know which specific corrections to program.
    Letter from Varaya on the Tolkien mod:
I just read in a mail by somebody from your guild that apparently you all
prefer the version of our mod which is from September, that is, not the
current one. Since we based everything we did so far on the current version of our Diablo mod, we really would like to know WHAT you prefer about the older mod version, so we perhaps can put it back in in the "Tolkien" mod, if possible.

We have so far put in lots of monsters, prefixes/suffixes, base items.
Unique and spells will be the next thing we modify. Not that much longer :)
Bot Demo:
    Makar made a bot as a channel greeter with a handy menu, and demonstrated it for us. After a few tweaks, it seems ready for use. Hopefully we will soon be trying it out in the channel. The bot's name is ValarBuddy. (A tip of the hat to Manwe.)

Dec. 25, 1999
Merry Christmas!!

Dec. 24, 1999
Welcome to our new member, Gildor! Orome scouted, Varda tested. He's from Oklahoma, USA, 18, read the Hobbit and LotR. :)

Dec. 23, 1999
Letter from Khan to Varda:
I just wanted to "officially" inform you that we are currently working on a
Diablo Mod with the Middle Earth theme. This will not be a total conversion.
It will be based on our current Final Version of the Diablo1.07 mod and we
will keep some things that cannot be adopted to ME and is already fine as it
is. We will also try to create this as a whole, so no morphing or other
serious changes should happen once it is released.

Right now we have begun building up the new monsters (including Balrogs,
Orcs, Trolls, Nazgul, Mumakil etc).

Feel free to mail suggestions

Khan alias Fingolfin

Posting on the DSF made by Khan, copy sent to Varda by Xi:
Subject: Any ideas for a Middle Earth Mod?
 From: Khan
 Date: Wed Dec 22 16:09:02

Varaya and me are currently working on a mod for Diablo based on
J.R.R. Tolkiens Middle Earth (you know Aragorn, the Silmaril,
Balrogs etc).

Since it will be about 6 months until D2 we figured we could do
another mod and revive the interest in the best game ever created.

If you have any suggestions either mail me (Khan@s.netic.de) or
post them here.

Khan(VK) alias Fingolfin

Additional comment from Xi:
I suggest you get together with your clannies and brainstorm some ideas so
that you can give VK your best ideas for a new mod =). Cheers!

Dec. 22, 1999
    Welcome to our new (returning) member, Beleg! He was a member of the guild a year ago by the same name. He's from Oregon, in the PST time zone. Tom Bombadil recruited.
    Namo/Mandos is down with pneumonia, unable to stay up more than about 20 minutes at a time. He hopes that he will be able to finish buying computer parts after Christmas and rejoin us actively.
    Smaug will be in Costa Rica for Christmas vacation, but expects to return to at least emailing us afterwards.
    Thank you to the members who have already emailed Varaya and Khan!

Dec. 21, 1999
IMPORTANT! We need you to answer Varaya of Varaya and Khan who made DiabloVK! Varda asked if they would be willing to make a Diablo mod with an even stronger mod. Here is the reply:

Sounds like a good idea :-) In fact, we have thought about it
ourselves, but then we did not create such a mod, simply because we got a bit bored
with Diablo. I just talked to Khan about it, and it looks as if we might
(might !) do it next week, because then we have a bit of spare time. But only
if there really are some players who really, really want something like
that mod :-)

Virus alert - do not open email attachment on an email with no subject line that has an attachment called Pics4You.exe
More details on our Virus Alerts page.

Dec. 19, 1999
New Tolkien poetry for the Poetry page: Eru wrote "The Lord of the Mark" and "Boromir".
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST, 11 GMT)
Attending (15): Amillo, Anarion, Aragorn/Thorongil, Aule/Taglos, Balin, Eowyn, Eru, Irmo/Desirer, Luthien, Maedhros, Melkor, Thingol, Tom, Voronwe, Varda. Hi to Haleth at Melkor's house!
    No new members this week.
    Anarion has been having comp problems (made it to meeting!)
    Thorongil will no longer have access to a comp or bnet until after Jan 1st.
    Encyc's Poetry page: New poems by Eru: "The Lord of the Mark" and "Boromir".
    DiabloVK: Ulmo, Lord of the Seas, found Nenya, the Ring of Water and of Adamanta
    Varaya and Khan are planning on closing their site. Varda sent them a letter requesting a mod with more Tolkien.
    Tolkien Moment:
        From Thorongil: Eru makes elves and men with a different emphasis - the elves are the most beautiful and make beauty, and Arda is their mansion. Mankind's heart seeks beyond the world, unable to rest there, and can shape its own fate rather than having it restricted to the fate of the Music.
    Tolkien Discussion:
        Do humans stop off at Valinor? Result was yes, they stop there and recollect. Only Mandos and Manwe under Eru know exactly where they go from there. This is found in "Of Men" in the Silmarillion.

Dec. 18, 1999
Letter from Anarion:
Heya Heya!
My connection and network settings are messing about + yahoo mail etc. has
given up on me.
Not sure wether I'll be around for a while.
Cya as soon as possible,

Dec. 14, 1999
Ulmo found the Ring of Nenya (Ring of Water and of Adamant)! How appropriate.  :)  It was in a Hell/Hell difficulty VK game, taken from the evil Gothmog (no not our guild guy!).

Dec. 12, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST, 11 GMT)
Attending: Amillo/Malina, Aragorn/Thorongil, Aule/Taglos, Daeron, Elros, Eru, Irmo, Isildur, Makar, Tulkas Astaldo, Ulmo, Varda, Voronwe
Membership Report:
    New members this week:
        Isildur and Thrain, bringing us to 97 says Amillo (the guy who knows!).
        Tulkas will be at sea until around Jan 20. Good luck out there!
        Gimli and Saruman hope to have a new email acct for guild mail.
        Murezor's comp's power supply went out.
        Turgon is trying to find a way to squeeze real life for time to join us.
Web Report:
    Anarion's page: The Council of Istari, is now moved onto its new server and updated a great deal.
    Encyclopedia: Great article on the Origin of Orcs by Amillo, plus nifty items on Ringwraiths from
        Tolkien's Letters.
    Tolkien Moment:
        Tulkas Astaldo quoted the death of Turin, a truly sad moment well told.
    Tolkien Chat:
        Aragorn gave us a topic on the Discussion Board: Although Feanor died, can he still claim the Silmarils? This gave us over an hour of good chat, including some great side topics. Aragorn suggests that since Feanor created the silmarils, he should be able to reclaim them. Eru had the show stopper when he said "Possession is 9/10ths of the law." Some comments were that Feanor could no longer touch the hallowed stones because of his evil deeds. Eonwe told Feanor's sons, Maedhros and Maglor, that they lost claim to the stones as heirs for evil deeds, especially the murder of Dior and the slaughter of the Teleri, and it was proven to them when the stones burned their hands. Feanor led the attack on the Teleri, one of those same deeds but worse, plus many other things such as abandoning his followers at the Helacaraxe (Grinding Ice), so he could not have held the silmarils. Melkor had the silmarils, even though he could not touch them, but they were taken from him. Earendil carries one as the Morning Star in the heavens, one fell into the fiery chasm and was taken into the heart of the earth, and the last fell into the depths of the oceans. Feanor will not be released from the Halls of Mandos so he cannot reach Arda, let alone those inaccessible places. It is also improbable that Earendil, Aule, or Ulmo would turn them over to him.
     We also discussed what happened to spirits after death, as they went various places according to race, but not always.
    Also, we discussed the form Sauron took during the Lord of the Rings. It could not have been a giant (or other sized) eyeball, as Gollum saw that his black hand had only four fingers!

Dec. 11, 1999
New member! Welcome to the group, Thrain! Thrain is from south Holland, 15, and an experienced Diablo player (now discovering VK). He's read the Hobbit, LotR, and Sil, making a score of 4/5. Maedhros scouted, Varda and Ulmo tested.

Dec. 10, 1999
New Encyc articles! Amillo wrote a paper, The Origin of Orcs , linked to from the Orcs page. He also wrote a note in answer to a question about Ringwraiths , source Letters of Tolkien, place on the Men page.
Turgon is still with us, sent email.  :)  ISP problem, according to Aule.

Dec. 9, 1999
Murezor writes:
Heya! My power supply went poof :-\ On a bud's comp now, my own is being
repaired now. Everything should be hunky dory by end of next week, hopefully
I'll get start working on the that guide thing then :)
"Guide" refers to his SC/BW strategy guide. He has the first installment up already.

Dec. 7, 1999
Gimli and Saruman, the brothers, are still with us! They have been tied up with school and sports and hope to learn to manage their time better. That is a lesson we all need to learn!
For those of you waiting for Diablo2 to come out, it is always being delayed. While waiting, please join us in games of DiabloVK, a free and quick download from our Software Files section by Aule, 9/8 version. Sauron's challenge of a race to find the One Ring and three Elven Rings in VK, evil vs good characters, still stands. If you find it, please email the date, difficulty level, floor, and monster(s) you took it from.
We also have members playing WarCraft2 online.
Please email Varda for game names for these two games if you don't already have them.

Dec. 6, 1999
Welcome to our new member, Isildur! He's 46 from Chambersburg, PA, USA.  He has read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, and Lays of Beleriand.  He plays Diablo pretty frequently, so look for him there.

Dec. 5, 1999
Sunday Meeting 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 11pm GMT
Attending (19+1): Amillo/Malina, Anarion, Aragorn/Thorongil, Aule/Taglos, Daeron, Elrond, Elros, Eru, Irmo, Luthien, Maedhros, Makar, Orome, Smeagol, Thingol, Tom Bombadil, Ulmo, Varda, Voronwe; visitor Gilraen from a Dutch guild.
Membership Report:
    Amillo reports that after drops and adds, we are still 95 strong.  :)
    Drops are not completed, but we also have requests to join us coming in as well so we seem to be stable in number.
Web Report:
    Members are still actively updating their pages, please bear with the reconstruction and enjoy the new goodies.
    Please make a description or article on your character for inclusion in our online Tolkien Encyclopedia, if you have not already done so.  If you wish to update your article, feel free!
    Tolkien Moment:
        Irmo: from Appendix, a conversation between Aragorn and Arwen concerning death.  She said death is a bitter gift. He replied that they are not bound to the circles of the world and beyond is more than memory.
    Tolkien Poetry:
        Amillo: original poetry - a good night prayer
    Tolkien Chat:
        Orcs:  Origin of orcs, said best by a quote from Voronwe on the original ones coming from elves.  Later they seemed to have been mixed with possibly Southrons, as Eru said.
                   Sunlight: This plus special breeding seems to have helped bring about a strength to walk under the sun.  Discussion suggested that Melkor made the orcs in the time of starlight before the sun, and was not set up for that light.  Sauron (and Saruman) had walked in the light, so they put it into their calculations.
        Compassion: one of the defining features in Tolkien's system of good and evil, found only in the good.  Bilbo's compassion for Gollum saved the world, as Eru said.

Dec. 4, 1999
Turgon is still with us, but is having evil ISP trouble.  We commiserate!
Finglas too is with us.
Thanks to Aule for finding out for us!
Saturday Chat
    4pm EST chat had a good attendance, especially by about 5pm.  :)  Amillo/Omar, Anarion (late but had plenty to contribute), Aule/Mahal, Luthien, Makar, Varda, others later.
    Amillo told us about Hobbit birthday (Ribadyan) customs from information found in Tolkien's Letters, on who gives gifts to whom, Byrdings (baby hobbits), and Faunts (age they first walk and talk). Hopefully we can look forward to an article.
    Anarion started a spirited discussion of Feanor, which went into Feanor's great abilities and failings.  This too should bring about an interesting article from Anarion in time, as he already has another article in the works.

Dec. 1, 1999
Welcome back to Eru! Congratulations on your new PC!   :)

Nov. 30, 1999
New link to audio clips from the animated Lord of the Rings movie (not the upcoming live Peter Jackson movie). Thanks to  Irmo for the address!
A thanks also to Bilbo for letting us know Gloin is still with us, grounded temporarily while he brings those grades up. Hang in there, Gloin!

Nov. 28, 1999
New member! Maedhros found us through the web pages, tested by Elros at the meeting.
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST, 11pm GMT)
Attending (14): Aule/Taglos, Boromir, Daeron, Elros, Irmo, Luthien, Maedhros, Melkor, Murezor, Tom, Turin, Ulmo, Voronwe, Varda.
Membership Report:
    New members this week are Maedhros, Theoden, Arathorn, and Voronwe.
    Welcome back to Manwe Sulimo who came by after the meeting, his phone line working this week at long last.  :)
    Azog had to leave the guild due to real life problems.
    Elensari of the Discussion Board had to move back up north and will be out of touch a while.
    Some Members are in danger of losing a name during the sweep. Please email Varda if anyone has been in touch recently in guild activity with: Alatar, Amras, Bregalad, Durin, Earendil, Elladan, Faramir, Feanor, Feathalion, Finglas, Gimli or his brother Saruman, Gloin, Grima, Imrahil, Pippin, Saruman or his brother Gimli, Turgon
Web Report:
    Amillo alphabetized the Members page table and has the thanks of all for that effort!
    Tom Bombadil is redoing his pages into Tom's Ring.
    New Encyclopedia description on Melian.
    New link to the Grey Company.
    New FAQ channel command:  /dnd <name> for "do not disturb" preventing all messages
    Discussion Board has been very busy. Check it out and see which threads you wish to jump into. If you need an invitation to the Discussion Board, please email Varda .
    Irmo at the meeting gave us new links to audio clips from the old LotR movie (I must've copied wrong, please email it) and a clip of the Prof's own voice reading about Gollum . Added the reading to the Encyc's Hobbit page and the Links page.
    Tested member.
    No real chat due to business discussion of who had been seen lately on the list of possible drops, some of whose names were saved by this talk.

Nov. 27, 1999
    New Member! Theoden joins us from Ohio, USA. He's 19, passed his test from Ulmo with a flying 5/5, and read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion.  Good start!
    New Member! Arathorn from New Hampshire, USA, 13, read the Hobbit and LotR, and plays both Diablo and StarCraft.  Thanks to Elros for scouting and testing.  This Arathorn is replacing the old one whom no one has ever seen in the channel and whose Members page email apparently doesn't work and is the only address we have. The old Arathorn is welcome to return as we hear that he has communicated with Aule by ICQ, but will need to pick a new name.  Everyone be sure your own email is updated!
    Tom Bombadil is reorganizing his web pages drastically, so they may be down when you check them off and on for about 1-2 weeks. Trouble is not in your set.  :)
    New link to the Grey Company sent in by Eomer, tells about a growing role-playing language based on Tolkien's.

Nov. 25, 1999
Happy Thanksgiving!
Varda and the rest of the host will be back Sunday, hopefully in time for the meeting. Have a great time, all!

Nov. 23, 1999
New Member! Voronwe has joined our ranks, 33 years old from Statesville, NC, USA. Scouted and recruited by Varda, he plays Diablo and has read the Hobbit, LotR, Sil, and Lost Tales, has been into M.E.R.P.s modules especially Moria for the layout, and uses a Tolkien Dictionary as one of his aids in studying elven languages including Sindarin.

Nov. 22, 1999
Encyc Article: Melian , short description on the Maiar page

Nov. 21, 1999
Sunday Meeting (6pm EST/VST, 5pm CST, 11pm GMT) (Check out the petition!)
Attending (15): Amillo/Malina, Anarion, Aragorn/Thorongil, Balin, Celebrimbor, Elros, Elu Thingol, Eomer, Luthien Tinuviel, Makar, Melkor, Menelvagor, Tom, Ulmo, Varda
Membership Report: In the Membership name check, so far we have lost Beleg, Elrohir, and Gil-galad.
Web Report:
    Encyclopedia: Ulmo's new article on one possible origin of Bilbo's name.
    Page navigation scheme being revamped, suggestions being taken.
    FAQ: new item on Valar honor concerning what it is and how it is given.
Death Restore discussion led by Ulmo: Upshot: Please read the FAQ page, Melkor's article on the Valar Guild system of fair play in Diablo. Restoring a character who has died and cannot retrieve his items is not considered honorable. It is okay to yell for help! If the character could have retrieved them but had an isp or bnet crash in the process, he may restore.
Unreal Engine: Menelvagor suggested that if any of the Valar knows how to do a mod on the spectacular Unreal engine, he suggests trying a Moria battle.
Toys: Menelvagor reports that Middle-earth action toys are out. Seems several members have some.
Tolkien Chat:
    Amillo gave us the poem of the prophecy by Malbeth the Seer to the Oathbreakers, of the coming of the one who could free them from their ghostly condition and what they would have to do for their atonement.
    Thorongil/Aragorn spoke of how Aragorn could claim the rulership of more than Arnor and Gondor. This sparked a discussion of his ancestry.
    Thorongil told us of a petition the whole Guild would probably like to sign. The makers of the movie The Lord of the Rings apparently want to Arwen a warrior princess.  We discussed some of the far-reaching changes that would have to be made for such a revision. The petition is located on the LotR Movie Accuracy Page.

Nov. 18, 1999
New Encyclopedia article! " Bilbo, Speculation on the Origin of the Name ", by Ulmo-(Valar).

Nov. 16, 1999
    The pages are undergoing reconstruction, but should not be down. The home page should help navigation now, with other pages going directly back to it. Numerous articles and pages are undergoing updates.
    A new FAQ article has been added in answer to what is a Valar honor member and what does he do and how does he get to be one?

Nov. 14, 1999
Sunday Meeting (6pm EST/VST, 5pm CST, 11pm GMT)
Netsplit hit us badly, so we went to ICQ for only the second time this year. Download the small file free from Aule's Software files or www.mirabilis.com
The meeting was unusually disorganized as it was being held for partial groups in ICQ and Bnet at the same time. Apologies all around.
Attending (13) (May have been others, but these are the ones scribbled down on my side of the netsplit): Amillo/Malina, Ancalagon, Aule/Taglos, Balin, Beleg, Boromir, Elros, Eomer popped through, Irmo, Kili, Luthien, Makar, Varda
Membership Report:
    Membership sweep of names is ongoing, with several heard from for the first time in a long time.  Seems many keep expecting DiabloII to come out any minute and are waiting for it. That's not happening until well into 2000, so sharpen your swords in Diablo VK with us, or BroodWar, or other games while waiting. Please remember to at least email Varda or Amillo once a month to keep your name intact.
    Beleg/Celeuial and Elrohir are no longer guild members.
Web Report:
    Encyclopedia: Anarion has added 5 new articles to the Objects page, bringing the Individual Articles in One Week record up to 21 and the record for a whole week up to 23!
    Pages being revamped with a different setup for navigation, ongoing work will not prevent pages from being viewed, but you might want to reload now and then.
    DiabloII:  Blizzard plans to start beta testing DiabloII early in the year 2000.
    DiabloVK:  Sauron challenges the "good" guy guild members to beat him and the other "evil" characters to the One Ring and the three elven rings. Smeagol says that he will be out for the One Ring himself, as Tolkien set up.  Please email Varda if you find one of the four rings in a Guild game to have the win posted for the News page!  Later findings are also of interest, although not wins, so feel free to email those too.
    Fellowship Quest: new Tourney game! It is Quest for Three using all three character classes played until the Fellowship can go no farther or Diablo is beaten.  Diablo and DiabloVK are scored separately due to the difficulty difference, and scoring is done by IronMan rules.
    Discussion not held due to netsplit difficulties and Council discussion

Nov. 11, 1999
The email addresses on the Members page which don't seem to be working are for Arathorn, Radagast, Smaug, and Ulwarth. No emails at all for Amras, Gimli, or Saruman. If you have a possible address, please send it to Varda who is running the member check and will forward working emails to Amillo. Protect your Guild name by emailing Varda once a month if you cannot be otherwise active, to let us know you are still with us!

Challenge! Sauron of our guild and his evil friends are searching our Diablo-VK games for the One Ring and the three elven rings before the good guys can locate them. They are as tough to find as a 6-15 King's Sword of Haste! Whoever locates one of these four rings in a Guild game, please email Varda (Sauron currently has the same email) to have it posted on the News page! The race is on!

Diablo II possible release date from Blizzard.

Nov. 10, 1999
Letter from Murezor:
Just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive. My exams are coming up, so
I'm reading all day now, 7 days a week... (Been doing that for some time
now... sigh) Exams are done by end of this month, hopefully I'll have time
for some serious playing then :) Say hello to all my buds (and budettes
(hmmm strange word eheh)) out there. Looking forward to see you all soon.

Nov. 9, 1999
New Tolkien articles! The Kings of the Mark all have entries under Men, primarily due to the amazing efforts of Anarion. We have a new record for number of new Encyclopedia entries in a week by one person (16) and by more than one (18).

Nov. 8, 1999
New Tourney Game! Fellowship Quest! Our Tourney Master, Ulmo, has made the new version of Ironman official, using the name given to it by Mandos. How to play will be posted to the Tourney page for ease of location, and is posted here for now.
Letter from Ulmo:
1.  3 level 1 characters enter a game (one each char type) (many have
found 3 rogues to be the best for "Quest for 3" but one each type is
part of the challenge here)
2.  No items shall be imported but finds and purchases as the
game provides are all allowed for use.
3.  The team may either go as far as they can in one game or
complete sections (dungeons, catacombs, caves and hell) and return
at another time to the next section only and continue in another
game at another time.
4.  Any resources found (items, gold potions, etc.) may be used
or disposed of in any method decided by the fellowship.
5.  Scoring will be the same as in Ironman:  1 point for each level
of each character plus 2 points for every level of the game(s)
totally cleared (this includes Butcher, Leoric or any other Boss).
You may however hold off killing bosses until after journeying
deeper to gain more experience.  Killing Diablo after clearing
every level (yeah right :-)) will be considered a complete
victory regardless of  the levels of the characters.


Nov. 7, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST/VST):
Attending (16):
    Amillo, Anarion, Aule, Bilbo, Elrond, Elros, Irmo, Kili, (Manwe came in time for the Tolkien discussion), Melkor, Thingol, Tom, Tulkas, Tuvo, Ulmo, Varda
Membership Report: by Amillo: 96 members, 2 new ones are Aragorn and Daeron.
    Tulkas will be going back to sea Nov 10 for about 2 weeks
    Ugluk and Smeagol have been seen in games, so don't count them out  :)
    CAUTION: update your email on the Members page. Varda will be doing a check to see who is still in the Guild. Members known to be active for certain will not be emailed, but others should be receiving email soon. To be really sure to protect your name, email Varda.
Web Report:
    Bilbo will be putting up a school project on his web page of a comic strip on the Darkening of Valinor from the Silmarillion.
    Aule: Doom-Gaze trainer seems to be the best for saving Diablo characters, and does not require a Dhack.
    Varda: Whatever save program you use, please remember to save your characters to floppy at least once a month to avoid disaster! Hard drives can die horrible deaths, as happened to Tulkas recently and to many of us at one time or another.
    WarCraft2 now has a standardized game name in the Guild; email or ask Ulmo or Varda.
    DiabloVK now has a standardized numbering, added at the very end of the VK on the game name.
    Amillo: naming conventions among elves
    Irmo: quote from appendix on Arwen making her choice for Aragorn. Discussion by group about how Galadriel seemed to be setting them up, possibly at the indirect direction of the Valar through the gift from Valinor of the elessar stone from Gandalf to Galadriel, for Aragorn.
    Tulkas: continuation, telling of Elrond's sorrow but belief in the correctness of Arwen's decision, if Aragorn could fulfill his destiny.
    Manwe: Are there other orders besides the usual ones? He quoted that the Valar are above the Maiar or any other orders on Arda. May be a reference to the elves and men. Discussion of the evil spirits that were not originally evil but perverted by Melkor.

Nov. 6, 1999
    Two new members! Linguist day for the Guild?
    Welcome to Daeron, Tolkien linguist, scouted and recruited by Tom Bombadil.
    Welcome to Aragorn, 17 years old, brought in last night by the august group of Ulmo, Irmo, and Aule, impressively passing what amounted to a Maiar honor test 5/5! He was previously Calenmir "green stone" in Quenya. He is also a linguist.  :) He is interested in SC/BW mapping.

Oct. 31, 1999
Time change: EDT is now EST, so 9am is now 8am, our VST (Valar Standard Time). Same for CDT, now CST.
Sunday Meeting: (5pm CST, 6pm EST)
Attending (9): Aule, Amillo, Balin, Irmo/Lorien, Makar, Osse, Tom, Ulmo, Varda
Membership Report: Several possibles reported, none showed up at the meeting for testing.
Web Report: Amillo wrote "Marriage among Elves" for the Elves section of the Tolkien Encyclopedia.
WarCraft2 game name: still under discussion. Interim name still being used.
Iron Man Diablo: discussion of possible Iron Man Tourney. Rules this time will probably be the same as that used in the Inter-guild competition already linked. Later, we may have one with buying allowed.

Varda, your reporter, had to leave the meeting before the Tolkien session started, unfortunately. Hoping to hear what was said during the week! Amillo had planned to tell about naming conventions elves used.

Oct. 25, 1999
New article in the Tolkien Encyclopedia: Amillo wrote "Marriage among Elves" . It has a lot of hard-to-find info, very interesting.

Oct. 24, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT/VST)
Attending (14): Amillo/Malina, Aule/Taglos, Beren, Boromir, Elros, Irmo, Makar/Ramandor, Melkor, Nori (briefly), Osse/Gaerys, Thingol, Tulkas, Ulmo, Varda
Web Report: no new articles, but Amillo will be putting up his Marriage among Elves, info which he has been telling about at meetings.
Membership Report: no new members, quite a few members surmounted problems to return. Anarion will be in Italy for a week, and will be unable to return steadily for a little while after that, but hopes to be back to normal.
Recruiting discussion: Ulmo brought up the need for the scout/tester team to remember to emphasize that our guild atmosphere is considerate, courteous, Tolkien literate, gaming, web maintaining, family oriented, chatting (Tolkien and other). That is why we have lasted so long. Two years is exceptional for a Diablo guild, even a Tolkien Diablo guild. It could also help keep the new member from embarrassment if a few items of meeting etiquette are mentioned, such as when, where, whisper hi and bye during meetings to keep from covering up the screen (but be sure to say hi and bye!), whisper the chair to have your turn added to the meeting with a reminder if it appears to have been lost in the shuffle. If the chair does not reply to the request in a timely fashion, suspect netsplit and whisper someone to whisper to the chair. All members should have their say!
Game naming: nominations taken for WarCraft II Bnet edition which is already being played by members, and for the (hopefully) upcoming Diablo II. No decision made yet, nominations still open, please email Varda before the next meeting. Those playing WC2, please email Makar and check his Games page to see who else is playing. Please continue to use your usual name for recognition and for Guild games.
    Irmo told about JRRT's decision not to write a story he was considering, set 100 years after the fall of Mordor. He was concerned that with the nature of man to become satiated with good, several problems would occur such as the kings becoming as Denethor was, youth gangs patterned after orcs, and pagan cults. JRRT felt that such a book would be a mere thriller, not worth his time.
    Amillo concluded his tale of the customs of elven marriage, telling about the Law of Iluvatar given to the Councillors of the Eldar directly by Manwe. (See his article for details, to be uploaded Monday).

Oct. 23, 1999
Ulmo and Gothmog are back, with their new modem. Anarion and Tuvo were also back playing. Just proves you can't keep the Valar folk away from their games no matter what happens.  :)

Oct. 21, 1999
Letter from Tuvo:
"Fellow Valar,
    Due to a severe case of the 'roids' I can't sit down and therefor
can't very well use the computer.  See you in a week or so.

Oct. 20, 1999
Letter from Anarion: (translate by adding the missing "m".


Oct. 18, 1999
Letter from Glorfindel:
    yes I'm still here, sorry if I've been inactive as late but I've
had to knuckle down to some hard work, so I don't get much
chance to use the internet these days....  hence the tardiness of
my reply.

Oct. 17, 1999
Letter from Ulmo:
    It has taken me till now to prove my problem is my modem.  Thanx to my ISP
for spending 1 1/2 hours playing with my comp to prove it.  I hope to have a
new one by late next week, but who knows...
Hope to see all soon,

Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT/VST)
Attending ( 15): Aerin, Anarion, Aule, Balin, Bilbo, Boromir, Eomer, Gloin, Irmo, Luthien, Makar/Ramandor, Omar/Melina, Osse/Gaerys, Tulkas, Varda
Membership Report:
    Amillo reported that the member count is now 94. Good thing the meeting isn't mandatory or the count would be 15.  :)
    Boromir fractured his left hand playing football, but is playing Diablo anyway.
    Celeuial is now Beleg.
    Eonwe has a defective Diablo CD, trying to get another.
    Turgon joined us, a returning member who used to be Pallando.
Web Report:
    Bilbo has a Diablo page up and linked to the Valar Guild called Ademias' Earth.
    Amillo told the group about the marriage customs of elves, and plans to make an article of it.
Tolkien Moments:
    Varda told about Lobelia's coming out from the Lockholes.
    Eomer told Eomer's reaction to the news from Aragorn concerning Boromir's death, and his giving Aragorn the nickname "Wingfoot" for his speed in pursuit of the orcs who took the hobbits.
    Tulkas told Tom Bombadil's song vs the Barrow Wight and the song of Tom Bombadil.
    Gloin told about Aule's making of the dwarves.

Oct. 16, 1999
Letter from Boromir:
hi, I may have some bad news. I fractured my hand playing football in PE
yesterday, and I lost use in the left hand. thank god I'm a righty!
So, it's awfully hard to do anything on the computer, so I'll be gone for
two weeks.

         Until then,
New member page link:
Ademias' Earth - Diablo tips, downloads. Plays music: by Bilbo
New name: Celeuial now has a permanent name: Beleg Cuthalion the Strongbow.

Oct. 12, 1999
Eonwe is having difficulties with his Diablo CD and may have to get a new one,  but he's still with us.

Oct. 10, 1999
Welcome to our new member, Turgon! He's 15, from Raymond Alberta Canada, and read the LotR and Sil. Makar did us the honor of handling testing. Turgon a while back was the Maiar Pallando but, after leaving a while, has rejoined us as a regular member.

Meeting report :
Members at the meeting perfomed by Irmo (God bless him :) : Irmo, Omar, Anarion, Elendil, Aule ( Afk while eating ), Salmar, Balin, Boromir, Glorfindel (Celeuial ), Luthien. Popping in during meeting : Tulkas, Eomer.
New members report : Luthien + Glorfindel.
Page report : Lenwë by Anarion, several links by Anarion, Manwë´s memories.
Playing 20 Q. after meeting. Death-dawg visiting trying to join us but had a quite bad attitude and was at last banned.

(Varda was away at the Texas Renaissance Festival, but expects to return for the next meeting. Also at the Festival were Elros, Elwing, Meriadoc, Fangorn, Eowyn, Sauron, and Fingon)

Oct. 9, 1999
Tolkien Encyclopedia: Anarion aka James has a new description on the Elves page about Lenwe . Also from Anarion,  a new link on the Contents page Writing Systems of Aman with Tengwar and Sarati.

Oct. 8, 1999
Welcome to Celeuial, our new member. Osse scouted, Aule tested with an assist from Luthien. This name may be temporary, Sindarin for Silver Twilight. He just married, plus he just got his his computer a few weeks ago, so we're cutting him some slack.  :)  A well-spoken gentleman, he's 26 from Iowa, made a 4.5 out of 5, and read the Hobbit, LotR trilogy, Silmarillion, and the HoME series.
New links - Anarion sent in new links for dictionaries in numerous languages, medieval info, and images of palaces, viewable on the Contents page.

Oct. 7, 1999
Welcome to Luthien, our new member! She's from Canada, recruited by Tom Bombadil.

Oct. 6, 1999
Manwe sent his memories of the early days of the Guild as an Anniversary present to the Guild, now viewable from the Histories page.

Oct 3, 1999
Anniversary Tourney continues until regular Meeting time.
Anniversary Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Happy 2nd Anniversary everybody!!
Attending (18): Aule, Balin, Bilbo, Dior, Elros, Eru, Irmo, Makar/Ramandor, Melkor, Omar/Amillo, Osse, Sauron, Thrain/Hurin, Tom Bombadil, Tulkas, Turin, Tuvo, Varda, (uncounted over-the-shoulder attendance also, such as the Layton host) (If you were accidentally left out of this list, please email Varda to be put in. Thanks.)
Recruiting and Membership News:
    Beorn joined our ranks, Elros scouted and tested.
    JamesThomas, excellent Discussion Board member, has joined us as a full member now named Anarion. Thanks Amillo for testing.
    Thrain changed his name during this meeting to Hurin .
    Melkor will be gone Oct 4 but should be back around the 12th.
    Dior dropped in to say Happy Anniversary and goodbye. His other guild will not allow him to be with us officially any longer. He is, of course, always welcome by us to come back for visits!
    Tulkas still has the flu with fever but, being the great warrior he is, came anyway.
Web News:
    Elros's Quiz on Tolkien Races is still going. See the latest entry on Men.
Tourney News:
    Ulmo gave his report which should soon be up on the Tourney page. Please be sure you email him your game results to be shown on the Tourney page as a participant! We had a surprising number of souls brave the VK version of Diablo Quest for Three. Also we had quite a few tries and a couple of victories at Beren's fiercely wonderful map in BroodWars, "The Bridges of Osgiliath".
Tolkien Moment:
    Irmo put in a lot of great atmosphere and told us of Gandalf's fireworks. Thanks!
Tolkien Comments:
    Eru and numerous others told the history of Thrain and Balin, two of the great dwarves.
    Eru told of his original vision of the Guild, of how he wanted a legit co-op guild with real Tolkien fans. We are still here, after two years, fulfilling that original dream.
After the Meeting:
    Chat; Twenty Questions game over Tolkien; bnet games. There is a rumor that some people went to sleep that night, but this is questionable and unconfirmed.

Oct. 2, 1999
Come to the channel at 9am CDT/10am EDT for the main Tourney startup!
Welcome to our new member, Beorn! Good timing! Elros did both scouting and recruiting. Beorn is 16 from San Diego, California. He has read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. We do have a problem in that the old Beorn is still showing up, so our new Beorn may be coming up with a new name. Sorry about the confusion.

Sept. 27, 1999
First day of the Anniversary Tourney , early play. Practice is good too. Check the updated Tourney page for Diablo, VK, and SC/BW how-to's. Please email results to Ulmo.
Quiz on Men , the third week of the Tolkien Races by Elros is now up. Give it a try!

Sept. 26, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Attending(16): Ancalagon, Aule, Balin, Bullroarer, Celebrimbor, Elrond, Elros, Finrod, Irmo, Makar/Ramandor, Melkor, Omar/Amillo, Tom, Tulkas, Ulmo, Varda
Web Report:
    Lothlorien midi by Enya from Eowyn is now on the Links page.
    Encyc: The Fate of Finwe, by Tilion
    Quiz: Dwarf quiz is up, Men about to go up on the page. By Elros.
Recruiting Report:
    Gloin joined us this week.  :)
Tolkien Moment:
    The Field of Pelennor: Eowyn and the Witch-King. by Irmo
Beleriand MUSH: Several of our members discover they know each other from the Beleriand MUSH as well: Irmo
    (Araglour, Faroth O Doriath), Beren (Elorean, handling Gondolin webwork), and Tom Bombadil (Telpeorn, Olivistyar O
    Nosse Nande, TP Coordinator for Gondolin).
Tolkien Music CD's: A trilogy of An Evening, A Night, and Dawn in Rivendell
    The Anniversary Tourney kicks off tomorrow, with early play all this coming week. Main play will be this weekend, starting at 10 am EDT in the channel to find team mates, continuing until the Anniversary Meeting. Iron Man has been added to the Tourney games, a version of how to play regular Diablo. VK may be played using the regular Diablo tourney games, but it may be too hard to expect to go any distance, so expect low scores.
    The Anniversary Meeting is next Sunday at the regular time, 6pm EDT, with Tourney results, Tolkien, and reminescing.

Sept. 24, 1999
New Member! Welcome to Gloin, a friend of Bilbo's living in the USA! Bilbo scouted, Tom Bombadil tested.

Sept. 21, 1999
New Encyclopedia article:  The Fate of the House of Finwe by Tilion. He means fate as in after death. Interesting read.

Sept. 20, 1999
Dwarf Quiz , the second week of the Tolkien Races quiz by Elros, is now up.

Sept. 19, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Attending(12): Aule, Balin, Boromir, Elros, Finrod, Irmo, Makar, Omar/Amillo, Osse/Gaerys, Thingol, Thrain (short visit), Varda. (Several people showed up after the meeting, including visitors Xiuhcoatl and Superhick.  See Surprise Visit at end of minutes.)
Membership Report:
    Mandos is still waiting for insurance to repair his fried computer equipment.
    Frodo is still with us, has just been very busy with Real Life, and gave us a nifty for-fun quiz.
Web Report:
    We have a central Quiz page.
    Frodo's self-scoring Tolkien Quiz is now up.
    Elros's second week quiz on Dwarves is about to start. Prize will probably be VK items.
    Caution: VK page now has a different version up.  Please download the 8/22 version on Aule's Software page so that the guild can stay in synch.
Maiar Test:
    Instead of doing Tolkien moments, we had a Maiar test for Elros who passed brilliantly with a perfect 5/5 plus a 1/2 on a tough Silmarillion bonus question.  He elected to keep the Elros name, adding the Valar after it instead of a V.
Surprise Visit:
    After the meeting, Eru came into the channel.  He is borrowing a friend's computer to visit with us and plans to be present for the Anniversary meeting.  Welcome back!

Sept. 15, 1999
Tolkien Quiz by Frodo which scores itself and is a challenge. Frodo says he hasn't vanished either, but has been verrry busy and will try to pop in to see us now and again.

Sept. 13, 1999
Letter from Mandos/Namo:

    Fiirst thing.......I didn't vanish off the face of the earth.......    :)
    I had a bit of an electrical problem 4 (or 5) weeks back,
that fried most of my computer equipment.(not to mention my refrigerator and 2 window A/C's)
Luckily Insurance will replace everything but they seem to want to take forever to do so. Ah
well.....that's typical of them. I assumed they would be taking care of it a lot sooner that
this.....(still waiting!)...but I shouldn't have been surprised!
   Keeping this short....on a friends comp right now...and I have to read about 100 e-mails
that backed up over the last week or so.

Farewell for now

Sept. 12, 1999
Letter from Manwe:

Heya guys,
  Just wanted to let ya know that I wont be back on for a while.
Complications due to my roomates phone bill are preventing me from getting
my own line. I will not be able to attend the anniversarry meeting or be of
much help. I am sorry, I really wanted to be a part of it. I hope you all
have fun with it.
    Sorry Valar buddies take care
Manwe Sulimo

The Anniversary meeting will continue as scheduled. Ulmo is still Tourney Master and can take Tourney suggestions. Other suggestions please send to Varda. Hopefully, Manwe can find a friend's computer or library comp and drop in for a while if we are very fortunate.

Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Attending: Bullroarer, Elendil, Eomer, Finrod, Gothmog/Cosomot (reporting for Ulmo), Irmo, Omar/Amillo, Tuvo, Varda
Membership Report:
    Bullroarer joined the Guild at the meeting, with a rousing 4 1/2 out of 5 in a test by Irmo, Omar, and Varda. Glad to have you with us!
    Eol, if you are still with us, please contact Varda or Omar/Amillo and let us know.
    A reminder: any member may scout. Please be sure the person wants to play legit co-op and has read the LotR.
Web Report:
    New page by James O' Connell, Discussion Board Member: Council of Istari
    New Encyclopedia description under Orcs about Bolg, by James O' Connell
Gaming News and Congrats!:
    Aule was first to take a dot in VK.
    Ulmo was first to take the third dot in VK.
Anniversary News:
    Varda has been asked to email a general invitation to the whole membership to the Second Anniversary of the Valar Guild. Varda is writing and Aule sending. If you are accidentally left out of the email by whatever mistake, please know that you as a member are very much wanted and to please come! It is a combination 2-day Tourney, Tolkien talk with possible quiz challenges on the side during the Tourney waits. Chat is highly welcome! At the Meeting, we will have Tourney results, reminiscing, and Tolkien talk. The Anniversary is actually Oct 4, a Monday. The Tourney is Oct 2-3 up to Meeting time. The Meeting is at the regular time on Oct 3.
Tolkien Moments:
    Tuvo: Gandalf warned Frodo and all of us not to be too quick to judge who merits death, as that person too may have a necessary part to play. Many who die deserve life, but can we give it to them?
    Irmo: Luthien Tinuviel. (Need we say more?)

Sept. 8, 1999
Trouble may not be in your set. If you have problems accessing these pages, it may be because one of the internet service provider's local telecommunications providers suffered a major fiber cut, now under repair. (Lots of construction going on around here, and I suspect someone's backhoe zigged when it should have zagged.) They hope to have partial restoration late today.
New Encyclopedia description of Bolg the Orc on the fledgling Orc page, by James O' Connell.

Sept. 6, 1999
Quiz on The Races of Tolkien : Link should be working now, try reloading if it doesn't. If you have further problems, email Varda. She can receive even if she can't answer by email.
Web Team page: If you want to list a place with free web space, please email Varda the URL for the Web Team page. If you wish to add comments about the space, such as Crosswinds' unlimited space often being too busy to reach, feel free. We might also add links to your favorite free web sites for teaching how to use web pages. The web team and its pages are here to help.
Recruiting: In answer to a question by one member, but which others may be wondering: all members may scout. If you see someone you think belongs in our Guild, send him/her to our webpage, or if a really good prospect (read all LotR, legit co-op gamer you would really like to meet again), then send the person to our channel for a tester, especially at meeting times when several of them are always present.
New Page: The Council of the Istari with a Tolkien quiz, Tolkien and other cool links, by James O' Connell, a non-gaming member and frequent Encyclopedia contributor. Still under construction (aren't they all if active!  :)

Eonwe should be back Tuesday.

Sept. 5, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Attending (11): Aule, Ancalagon, Felagund, Irmo, Melkor, Menelvagor, Omar, Thingol, Tuvo, Ulmo, Varda
Web Report:
    Members Page working again.
    Encyclopedia article: The Seven Gates of Gondolin.
    Tolkien Quiz over Races by Elros. Link not currently working.
    Spawn: People who don't have Diablo and just want it for coming to meetings or the channel can pick up a Diablo spawn. Happy Puppy was suggested as a source, although Varda did not see a spawn there, just the single-player demo. Happy Puppy's Home page and single-player Diablo demo .
    VK Diablo: links up
Membership Report:
    No new members, although we had 2 email requests for membership.
    Email problem: Varda can receive but not send email.
    Melkor will be gone for a while traveling: 9/7 - 9/18/99
Council Meeting: ironed out a VK game wrinkle. Next wrinkle we need to iron is naming games consistently. Just where do we put the 2? After the game name or the VK? Both are currently being used, so for now when game-hunting, be sure to try both!

Sept. 2, 1999
The Members page is working again, after the long efforts of Amillo! Thanks!
New Encyclopedia article: The Seven Gates of Gondolin by James O' Connell

Sept. 1, 1999
New Tolkien Quiz! Elros has made a quiz over the races of Tolkien, this week over hobbits. It can be reached from the Contents page or from right here .

August 30, 1999
VK Diablo page. "Download" is at the very top of the page. Be very sure to read the explanation of how to use this multi-player only modification of Diablo, as seen on the Download page and the ReadMe. Also, please add -VK to the regular game name when you make the game in the Guild. It is okay to use your regular guild name without a VK, remembering they are different games and not to mix the two. We are using the 8/22 download, which shows up on the screen as 8/23. It gives a completely new area for making characters, so you don't have to delete any from regular Diablo. Unfortunately our regular Diablo backup programs don't work on this, so you need the BobaFett trainer, used only as a save program. If you just have to try hacking, don't use a Valar character. Have fun!

August 29, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Attending (15): Aerin, Ancalagon, Aule, Boromir, Celebrimbor, Elros, Elwing, Eowyn, Felagund, Irmo, Makar/Ramandor, Omar/Amillo, Tom, Ulmo, Varda
Web Report: New encyclopedia articles:
    New Encyclopedia articles by James O' Connell. He sent an impressive 5 entries at once! For the Valar section:  a new name for Ulmo. For the Hobbits section: articles on Faramir and Isumbras. For the Men section: articles on Faramir and Goldwine. Thanks!
    New Encyclopedia pages: Hobbits, Trolls
    New images added to the Encyclopedia, including one done by Amillo of Hurin, swiped from his Annals of Arda.
    New links for the Contents page: Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire v1.40, including a link to the VK mod page. Also a link on how to play IronMan, similar to Quest for Three in our regular Diablo tourney game, but even meaner. Also to bnet's Diablo Strategy Forum since the newer bnet Diablo page no longer includes it.
    Beren is updating his Tolkien Language page, check for new happenings there!
    Amillo has been working on the Members Page, trying to repair the problems people are having with seeing it. For instance, I saw it fine before, but now see only a white screen. If anyone can shed any light on what might be causing the troubles, please email him. Meanwhile, some of the emails, such as Council, are posted on the Names page including his, nothing as brilliantly complete as his set-up, sorry.
Recruiters Report: Amillo reported that we have no new members this week, but we now number 91.
Games Report: The Council has approved, after testing, and announced that we are now officially using the Diablo VK 8/22, 8/23 mod. This is a modification of Diablo, for multi-player only, which does not run in synch with Diablo or other versions, even of itself. Therefore, please tack -VK onto the game name to warn other players. It has the elven rings and the One Ring. Sauron requests that if anyone locates the One Ring, the least of rings, to please pass it on to him. Information on DiabloVK should soon be accessible through the Tourney page, and the link will be on the Contents page as well, which you can access right now through Contents/Diablo/Jarulf's page. Aule will be putting the VK mod download on his Software page.Gothmog is collecting names of people who play VK, so please let him know; that will be in conjunction with Makar's Games page.
Anniversary Report: Oct 4 is the Guild's second year anniversary:
    The Anniversary Tourney, including Diablo, DiabloVK, StarCraft, and BroodWar, will use regular Tourney rules. See the Tourney page. DiabloVK will be played the same way as Diablo, except that it will be scored separately as it is more difficult. One change: this time the Tourney while starting as usual on Saturday, Oct 2, at 10am EDT for team choosing, but will continue playing through Sunday until Meeting time. Please email results to Ulmo as usual. Those who wish to help Ulmo, as by sitting in the channel to steer people together and explain rules and reports, please email Ulmo.
    The Anniversary Meeting will be at the usual meeting time on Sunday Oct 3, where we will no doubt comment on the Tourney, but the main focus will be on Tolkien. If you can get in a description or article for the Encyclopedia this week, we are trying to beat the record of 5 in one week. If you've been meaning to write a little something or a big something on your character or a favorite character, object, place, or event, now is the time!
Tolkien Moments:
    From Elros: The Siege of Gondor, when it seemed Rohan would not be able to come to their aid.
    From Irmo: The singing of Luthien
Maiar Nomination: Elros has been nominated for Maiar, and when he passes his test watch for his new name.

August 26, 1999
New Tolkien image of Hurin Thalion ! Amillo does his own artwork and is using it in his amazing Annals of Arda . The Encyclopedia will be swiping it too, most likely.  :)
New Encyclopedia page: Hobbits . Please feel free to contribute descriptions and articles, all members.
Another new Encyc page: Trolls . Same comments.

August 25, 1999
New Links on Contents page under Diablo. One is a very complete guide for Diablo and Hellfire, Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire v1.40. The other is how to play Ironman Diablo , a beefed up version of the popular Quest for Three.

August 23, 1999
New Link on Contents page to b.net's Diablo Strategy Forum , since their "new" Diablo page doesn't have it anymore.

August 22, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Attending: Aule, Balin, Elros, Felagund, Makar, Manwe/Sulimo, Omar/Amillo, Tuvo, Ulmo, Varda
Membership Report: New members: Aerin, Boromir, Felagund
Web Report:
    Virus Page: new article on Wobbler virus in the email attachment "California"
    Contents Page: Roger Wilco free software for using a microphone to talk while playing games
         Alexandrian Company does research on Medieval times and holds live meetings, affiliated with the SCA.
        Members Page: Some people are having difficulty viewing the page and others have no problem. Amillo will be
            changing the graphic on it soon, and that may help.
Games: Smeagol has been beta testing Asheron's Call if anyone wants to ask him about it.
Elros's Suggestion: In the character description for your non-primary characters, put the primary name to help avoid confusion.
Anniversary of the Valar Guild's Second Year (Oct 4) : Currently the plan stands to have a Tourney starting at 10am Sat Oct 2, when we should show up in the channel and pick teams, running through Sunday Oct 3, results emailed to Ulmo. Late teams are ok if you can find anyone. Then at the regular meeting on Oct 4, we may have lots of Tolkien as in Tolkien Moments and Twenty Questions, maybe a Two Team game. This plan is still tentative and open to suggestions sent to Manwe . A general guild emailing will be sent on the subject, so please make sure your email on the Members Page is up to date!
Tolkien Moment: by Amillo. Hurin finds Morwen at last, after losing his son and daughter, and she dies in his arms.
Words of Wisdom: Manwe's closing statement   :)  "You can't go swimming in a baseball pool."

August 18, 1999
Welcome to Felagund, our new member! He's from the Netherlands, 42, read the Hobbit, LotR, Silmarillion, and much of HME. His time zone is GMT+1, also called MET for Middle European Time. Bilbo scouted and Ulmo tested. Thank you Bilbo for making the report for Ulmo.
Virus Report: "California" file contains a virus called the Wobbler. See our page for info sent from Ulmo. Also, the Virus page link from Contents has been repaired.
Part of Ulmo's letter:
    "Yes I am already back on bnet.  :)  My stays are often short though as
comp desk is not a good posture place for my hand.  I need to lie down
with hand elevated most of the time.  It will be quite a while before
longer stays and even the use of my left thumb will become a reality.
Thanks to all for the "best wishes" comments, mails and page notations."

August 17, 1999
Welcome to Boromir, our new member from Minnesota. He's 11 and has shown patience much older members such as myself would be proud to have. He's read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Osse recruited and Aule tested.

August 16, 1999
New link: Roger Wilco free software for using a microphone while playing online. Makar kindly let us know about it. It is possible to make a special guild frequency, but it would be known and accessible to anyone. We might discuss this Sunday, especially if anyone has already tried it and has a comment on the quality. Otherwise, those who wish can use it individually. If there is a lot of enthusiasm, we may try it later as a guild.

August 15, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Attending (8): Aule, Balin, Elrond, Elros, Irmo, Melkor, Omar/Amillo, Varda. Late-comers as meeting ended: Turin and Tuvo.
Membership Report: Ulmo will be coming on bnet even though he cut three fingers on his left hand with a power saw and is left-handed. Now that is a true Valar!
    We have a new member, not yet named but a very welcome lady indeed who scored an impressive 5/5.
    Irmo will be gone this coming Saturday to Tuesday, but will be returning thereafter.
Web Report: New Encyclopedia articles: Coincidences or Clues?; Faramir
    New links: Scrolls of Orthanc, ITBS (Internet Tolkien Book Society)
League Report: Aule states that nothing is happening, and no one is answering emails. Varda suggests that Leaguers show up at the Meeting to get together for Ladder games. Amillo and Thingol are currently the top-ranking players, running even.
Quiz: Elros is working on a new Tolkien quiz for the Guild. Good luck!
Anniversary: Our Guild's 2nd year anniversary is Oct 4. Festivities are being arranged by Manwe for the October 3 Sunday meeting. Please email suggestions to Manwe .
Tolkien Moment: Elros gave the Moment - the burial procession for the still living Faramir, with its imagery of red fire from the war on the clouds and water dripping from the dead White Tree into the pool.

August 14, 1999
This is Gothmog with some ludicrously bad news.
Ulmo cut his bottom 3 fingers on his left hand on a table saw on Friday,
he was taken to a hospital for surgery, and still has all 10 fingers,
but he won't be on for probably a few months.

New Tolkien Encyclopedia article: " Faramir ", under "Men".
New Links: Internet Tolkien Book Society ; The Scrolls of Orthanc

August 9, 1999
New Tolkien Encyclopedia article! Irmo wrote " Coincidences or Clues? " as a special paper.

August 8, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Ulmo chaired since Varda was out of town. Aule reports that Manwe volunteered to handle the Guild Second Year Anniversary festivities, being celebrated at the Oct 3 Sunday meeting. Brave king, that Manwe! Also appropriate, as Manwe is the oldest member now active, having started the recruiting for we of the current guild. Eru is still having problems with his motherboard and does not know when he will be able to return.

August 3, 1999
Tilion is back from Scotland!
A new link for the Contents page, sent by the illustrious Tuvo, is the Lord of the Rings official movie site.

July 30, 1999
Welcome back to Bilbo, returned from vacation! Probably hanging out with dwarves or elves again while in England.

July 25, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Thanks Aule for the report information, since Varda was out of town.
Attending, partial list:Aule, Amillo, Irmo, Murezor, Osse
Membership Report: Beorn and OldGaffer are our two new members this week!
Web Report:
1. Page Moving News: The majority of our GeoCities pages have all moved, with transition pages to the new pages. http://www.flex.net/~layton2/guild/guild.html is the new home of the page for those that didn't know.
2. New Encyclopedia article, under Objects concerning the Elessar stone which Aragorn wore.
3. New link on the Contents page to Elvish Linguistics, a Discussion Board belonging to the Elflings. http://www.egroups.com/group/elfling/    I (Aule) don't really know who the Elflings are but Irmo is a member. So if you have any questions, bombard him with them :)
1. Diablo2 News: D2 News: Blizzard still has no firm release date for D2 but Heat.net has added D2 to their list of games you can pre-order and they are charging $48.99 for it.
2. WarCraft2 News: For those of you interested in WC2 b.net edition. There is a new FAQ on the Blizzard website which contains some valuable info on the improvements and game requirements for the new release.
Movie News: There is a report on the net that Tom Bombadil will be dropped from the Movies. If you don't want to see old Tom get the axe, go to http://www.ringbearer.org/wewanttom.html and sign the petition to save Tom.
SC League: Not much to say here, people continue to try and schedule games and people continue to not reply to the mails.

July 23, 1999
New Encyclopedia article, under Objects concerning the Elessar stone which Aragorn wore.
New link on the Contents page to Elvish Linguistics , a Discussion Board belonging to the Elflings. Link supplied by Laicolas, of the Elflings, who may be joining us as well.

July 18, 1999
Welcome to the OldGaffer! He's from Arizona, 14 years old, and read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion. Elros scouted, Ulmo tested. Thanks!
Welcome to Beorn! He's from Arkansas, 19, and read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and part of the Silmarillion. He found our channel on his own, tested with Varda, and played well with several of us in Diablo. He also plays SC/BW.

Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT/VST):
Attending (includes some late-comers): Aule, Balin, Dior, Elrond, Elros, Irmo, Manwe Sulimo, Murezor, Omar/Amillo, Osse, Thingil, Thrain, Varda
Membership Report:
    OldGaffer joined the Guild.
    Bilbo will be in England a few weeks.
    Salmar will be gone for the summer.
    Tilion will be in Scotland until August.
    Tulkas will be in Alaska for about a month.
    Ulmo and Gothmog will be gone this week for a scout trip in DC for Gettysburg.
 Web Report:
    The majority of our GeoCities pages have all moved, with transition pages to the new pages.
Ladder News:
    During the week, the groups could not get together, but one group got together at this meeting and completed a game!
Tolkien Moments quoted:
    Murezor: Sauron telling Ar-Pharazon that Eru is a phantom deception, while Melkor is the true lord.
    Irmo: Gandalf as the White breaks the power of the traitor Saruman
    Elros: Meriadoc sees the apparently dead King Theoden, who awakes and tells him he is pleased with the manner of his death.
Manwë's Words of Wisdom:
    Song quote: "Fight the good fight every moment, every moment of every day."
Neat trivia:
    Press alt + 137 on the number pad to make an ë.
    ValarStarfall popped into our channel accidentally as the meeting broke up and became our new member, Beorn. Talk about good timing!

July 11, 1999
Sunday Meeting
Thanks for this Report from Aule, as Varda was out of town:
We had 16 people there including Namo :)
    Talked about the Geocities/Yahoo and the move of the pages.
    Gave a league update and recapped the games that had been played.
    Irmo gave a Tolkien moment about Aragorn and the Paths of the Dead,
around the part about the Stone of Erech.
    Played some 20 questions then 2 League games that were unscheduled
were played.

July 10, 1999
Updated Yahoo Terms of Service: (These may be acceptable to the Guild, certainly much better than before.)
                    Yahoo does not claim ownership of the Content you place on your Yahoo GeoCities
                    Site. By submitting Content to Yahoo for inclusion on your Yahoo GeoCities Site,
                    you grant Yahoo the world-wide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to
                    reproduce, modify, adapt and publish the Content solely for the purpose of
                    displaying, distributing and promoting your Yahoo GeoCities Site on Yahoo's
                    Internet properties. This license exists only for as long as you continue to be a
                    Yahoo GeoCities homesteader and shall be terminated at the time your Yahoo
                    GeoCities Site is terminated.

                    You acknowledge that Yahoo does not pre-screen Content, but that Yahoo and its
                    designees shall have the right (but not the obligation) in their sole discretion to
                    refuse or remove any Content that is available via the Service. Without limiting the
                    foregoing, Yahoo and its designees shall have the right to remove any Content that
                    violates the TOS or is otherwise objectionable. You agree that you must evaluate,
                    and bear all risks associated with, the use of any Content, including any reliance on
                    the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such Content.

                    11. MODIFICATIONS TO SERVICE
                    Yahoo reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue,
                    temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice.
                    You agree that Yahoo shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any
                    modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

                    12. TERMINATION
                    You agree that Yahoo, in its sole discretion, may terminate your password, Yahoo
                    GeoCities Site, use of the Service or use of any other Yahoo service, and remove
                    and discard any Content within the Service, for any reason, including, without
                    limitation, for lack of use or if Yahoo believes that you have violated or acted
                    inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the TOS. Yahoo may also in its sole
                    discretion and at any time discontinue providing the Service, or any part thereof,
                    with or without notice. You agree that any termination of your access to the Service
                    under any provision of this TOS may be effected without prior notice, and
                    acknowledge and agree that Yahoo may immediately deactivate or delete your
                    Yahoo GeoCities Site and all related information and files in your Yahoo GeoCities
                    Site and/or bar any further access to such files or the Service. Further, you agree
                    that Yahoo shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of your
                    access to the Service.

July 6, 1999
Please pardon the incompleteness of the beginning of the web shift. These letters needed to go out to you all, complete or not!

Letter from Gandalf (who is now Tulkas), 6 July 1999:

Well it is true.  I just received confirmation this morning.  I leave for
Cambridge Bay on July 12,  eventually ending up in Umingmuktok, Northwest
Territories 3 days later. Airliner to Yellowknife, Cargo plane to Cambridge
Bay, And then a couple of float plane trips out to where the ship will be.
We will be doing more hydrographic work.  Making charts of unmapped waters
that is to say.  I am scheduled to return home on Sept 10.  So that pretty
much kills this summer for me.  I will have a brief window between July 7
and the 12th for a few games of Diablo however and any recruiting I can get
done in that period.

Namarie for now, Gand...er I mean Tulkas-(Valar)

Letter from Eru (slightly abbreviated) , 6 July 1999

Unfortunately I think this may be the end for the online presence of Eru.  Real life, and the
utter dismay of further, compounded PC troubles has finally forced me to call it a day.  This has
come as a grievous loss to me, as I simply cannot maintain my contact with everyone, but I know
that you will all keep the spirit of the Vision I founded running successfully.

I would not totally rule out my being able to return in the future, but for now I think I owe it
to everyone to say that I can't be around.  If I do manage to come back, I'll appear as Eru again
and guess I can safely reserve the name for myself.

I would like to remain friends with everyone, and I hope that the guild continues to flourish.
Providence permitting, I can infrequently check the guild page for news so I
won't be completely unaware of what is happening.

Long live the Vision,
Eru, The One.

July 4, 1999
Sunday Meeting (6pm EDT)
Attending (15): Amillo, Aule, Balin, Dior, Elwing, Gandalf, Gorthaur (Sauron), Irmo, Manwe, Melkor, Meriadoc, Salmar, Ulmo, Thingol, Varda
Recruiting/Membership Report: New member, Meriadoc! Ugluk, after numerous difficulties and now with an email account, is back with us! Departing member, Valacirca, who no longer can find time for guild activities.
Web Report: 15 for the move off of Yahoo/GeoCities, another needing a new free spot to move his only GeoCities page (suggestions welcome) and one (kindly non web weaver) who said it is just too much trouble for the others who had to do the moving. The web team says it is not too much trouble, so we have something very nearly like unanimity. Discussion was held. (Also, the new set-up for uploading pages is full of bugs on Yahoo, complicating the move as well as simple maintenance.) We are officially moving, and the new URL's will be posted to the old pages. I suggest a new bookmark folder for the moved pages. (It helps me!) The move is already beginning, with some web team members already set up elsewhere. Interesting sidelight, we have definite reports of numerous Star Trek pages moving out, and another major group which writes original non-fiction.
Ladder Report: A game has actually been played, despite all odds! Congratulations to all 4 for managing this feat! Result: Ulmo and Manwe won over Orome and Elros.
New Council Member! Gandalf passed what may have been the hardest Valar test yet! He is now Tulkas. Nice send-off for a gentleman headed to the arctic for the next two months. He'll contact us if the internet connection allows at odd moments.

July 3, 1999
Welcome to our new member, Meriadoc! Thanks to Gandalf for handling the testing over some terrible netsplit and time lag. Meriadoc is 43, from San Marcos, Texas, USA, and answered with a perfect 5/5. The Layton host is especially happy to welcome Varda's brother to its number.
Move vote: 8 for moving guild pages off Yahoo/GeoCities, 2 for staying so far. Amillo says he does not plan to move the Glittering Caves of Aglarond, the art gallery, although he does have at least one original work of his own in it.

July 1, 1999
Cirdan and Turin will be out of town a few days to visit relatives. Leaguers, especially, take note.
Murezor dropped in on us for the day he was in town, and should be back in about 2 weeks.
Move vote: 1 for staying with Yahoo/GeoCities because of the effort involved for others, 4 for moving, 2 say use best judgement. Beren's Lore pages will be moving off of GeoCities when he is set up. The Ladder is already rebuilt on Aule's pages, off of Yahoo. It is amazing how many people are involved in the Guild pages, and are working hard for everyone's best interests. To all of you, thank you!

June 30, 1999
Thanks to all who have already voted on moving our pages, and I would really like to hear from the rest of you when you get a chance. So far, 3 say move and one says stay.
Mandos's computer has been out with a virus that trashed his comp. He believes he has it repaired and will be up and running in time for Sunday's meeting.

June 29, 1999
Concerning the possible move from GeoCities/Yahoo: Here is the Term of Service Part 8 that caused concern, then the letter of reply from Yahoo. All Guild members, please email Varda with your vote on whether or not to move our pages:


                                By submitting Content to any Yahoo property, you
                                automatically grant, or warrant that the owner of such
                                Content has expressly granted, Yahoo the royalty-free,
                                perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully
                                sublicensable right and license to use, reproduce, modify,
                                adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from,
                                distribute, perform and display such Content (in whole or
                                part) worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other works in
                                any form, media, or technology now known or later
                                developed. You acknowledge that Yahoo does not
                                pre-screen Content, but that Yahoo and its designees shall
                                have the right (but not the obligation) in their sole discretion
                                to refuse, edit, move or remove any Content that is publicly
                                available via the Service. Without limiting the foregoing,
                                Yahoo and its designees shall have the right to remove any
                                Content that violates the TOS or is otherwise objectionable.
                                You agree that you must evaluate, and bear all risks
                                associated with, the use of any Content, including any
                                reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of
                                such Content. In this regard, you acknowledge that you may
                                not rely on any Content created by Yahoo or submitted to
                                Yahoo, including without limitation information in Yahoo!
                                Message Boards, Yahoo! Clubs, and in all other parts of the

Thank you for contacting us re: Yahoo! GeoCities.

We'd like to be really clear - Yahoo! does not claim to own content
submitted to it by its users.

Our terms of service require homesteaders to grant us the right to
reproduce and otherwise use their content when we post and maintain it
on the Yahoo! Network.  There are simple and important reasons we have
this policy and they are designed to benefit you. Listed below are two
of the biggest reasons:

1. When you upload a Web page or image to us, we often need to copy it
to put it on the many computers that we use to serve home pages to
people that want to look at your page. We need you to give us the right
to copy and reproduce that content.

2. We also might want to feature your home page on the front page of
Yahoo! GeoCities or elsewhere on the Yahoo! Network, so you can get more
people to see your page. We need to have that right; otherwise we
couldn't reproduce this content.

Yahoo! has always been focused on providing users with a compelling
experience on the Web, and the Terms of Service are standard throughout
the Yahoo! Network.  We hope you understand that all of our actions are
taken with you, the user, in our mind.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to us.

Yahoo! GeoCities

June 28, 1999
Ladder: Aule is now handling the Ladder and doing the page for it. Good luck, Master Smith!

June 27, 1999
Sunday Meeting (6pm EDT)
Attending (12): Aule, Bilbo, Celebrimbor, Dior, Elendil, Elros, Makar, Manwe, Melkor, Osse, Thingol, Varda
Recruiting Report: No new recruits this week
Web Report: Aule will begin a page for the Ladder. The main pages may be moving to another server later on, still being investigated, but links to them will be available from the old spots.
Tolkien Highlight: by Manwe. He quoted from the Silmarillion, about the elf Feanor's seeing through Melkor's lies, calling him the jail crow of Mandos, and slamming the door in the face of the mightiest of the Valar! Manwe-(Valar) also commented on the most powerful of the Valar and of the elves both straying from good due to selfishness.

June 25, 1999
Thank you Aule, for the Sunday meeting report. It is being back-posted to the correct date for the News. Also thanks for working on the Ladder schedule, Aule.
Yahoo! and GeoCities are now combining databases. Page access may be intermittent this weekend.

June 23, 1999
Hail! The Layton host has returned from vacation. If you have any News such as what happened at the Saturday or Sunday meetings, new pages, new recruits, or other, please email Varda .
Cirdan and Turin have also returned, now that their modem is replaced.
The Tolkien-Inspired Poetry page has new entries by Elwing.

June 20, 1999
Sunday Meeting (6:00pm EST) Report provided by Aule
Attending: Ulmo, Osse, Irmo, Azog, Dior, Elendil, Tom, Elros, Amillo, Aule, Bilbo, Makar, Thingol, Eomer, Melkor, Elrond
Member Report: Dior is our new member this week. Glad you could make it to the meeting, Dior!
League: Ulmo and Cirdan are now back from computer problems. The schedule will be posted by Varda once Aule finishes it and Aule will mail everyone a copy.  Some rule changes are in order and will be announced once they are ironed out.
Tolkien moment given by Irmo - Ending of the Scouring of the Shire and Saruman's demise.  Struck up into a chat about the mist that Saruman became and
what the significance was.

June 16, 1999
Skipping town: Varda and the rest of the Layton host: Fangorn, Eowyn, Sauron, and Fingon, will be on vacation starting tomorrow morning out of town and be back in about a week. Please continue to send News items and other web items for later posting. People needing new invitations for the Discussion Board can get them from anyone who is already in the member group.

June 15, 1999
New Member! Welcome to Dior! He's 16/M from Finland, who's read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Silmarillion . Elendil scouted and Aule tested, thanks guys!

June 13, 1999
Sunday Meeting (6:00pm EDT)
Attending (10): Azog, Amillo, Aule, Elendil, Makar, Mandos, Menelvagor, Nori, Thingol, and Varda. A number of others
    showed up late, such as Eomer, Irmo, and a lot of others whose names unfortunately I did not write down. Sorry guys.
Recruiting Report: Azog returned, formerly Gandalf.
    Earendil returned, formerly Fingolfin and Mithrandir.
Web Report: New Page: Guild Histories and Memoirs , for all members. Members can tell their experience being recruited
    and their first impressions of the guild, as well as what they saw of guild history/organization at that time.
    Tolkien-Inspired Poetry, restarted with poems graciously furnished by ex-Yavanna from her previous (and prettier)
    poetry page.
Discussion Board: We now have a Discussion Board on Yahoo, for all members. It is by invitation only and the invitation
    sent out by Yahoo does expire. Just ask a fellow member, such as Varda, to re-invite you if you did not make it in time.
League: Murezor dropped out due to work commitments, so we have another re-scheduling coming up. A sympathy card for
    Ulmo may be in order.
Guild member comp probs (some of them anyway): Eru is still fighting the motherboard. Gandalf's ship will be out of range
    of the Internet until Friday evening. Ulmo had some problems with his keyboard, apparently, although sightings of both
    Gothmog and him have been reported.
Tolkien Highlights were given by both Amillo (the time the Balrog went over the brink, taking Gandalf with him) and Irmo (the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen).
Tolkien discovery from Amillo: The number of elves at the Awakening was 144. Is it coincidence that Bilbo, an elf-friend,
    invited 144 hobbits to his Farewell Party?

June 12, 1999
Saturday chats may have occurred, as I saw some people with whom I could not speak. *sigh* Good ol' bnet. Bnet has been running on too few servers lately, and may be bad Sunday.
Virus alert: our Virus Alert page now has the prevention and cure for the zipped_files.exe email attachment, a very ugly worm virus.
Discussion Board : Tom Bombadil gave us the URL to do this, so thank you Tom! Varda is making an attempt setting up a Yahoo discussion board for the guild. It has a chat room too. To use the service, we each have to have a Yahoo identity. For that, please use your character name and a _Valar or _V   If your name changes, it can be edited later.  You have to be invited to post, so please be sure your email is correct on the Members page. I have just attempted to invite everyone in the Guild. If you did not receive such an email, send an email to Varda and we will take care of it together. Let me know if you have any problems, as I am still trying to set it up and barely know what I am doing.  :)

June 10, 1999
New page: Tolkien-Inspired Poetry . Any member or Tolkien fan may email Varda to have his or her original Tolkien-inspired poetry put on the page. Please also send the copyright year.

June 9, 1999
Returning member! Now named Earendil, the previous Fingolfin-(V) and Mithrandir-(Valar) has discovered we still exist and thrive, so welcome back! He is coming back as a regular member instead of a Maiar in order to become familiar with the Guild again.
Returning member! With his new name of Azog , the previous Gandalf-(V) has rejoined us. He discussed returning in a chat with Aule and real life friend Ulwarth-(V), and the guild lucked out. Welcome back to both ex-Gandalf's!   :)

June 7, 1999
New page: Valar Guild Histories and Memoirs by Members .

June 6, 1999
Fingolfin, regular member, has quit the Guild.
League: Letter from Ulmo (shortened for the News, complete on the Ladder page), Tourney and Ladder Master, to all interested in the Valar Guild's League Ladder:
Heya all League members,
    As you know we have had a lot of trouble scheduling matches.  Bnet
hasn't helped but neither has Fingolfin quitting the guild or Eonwe
giving his SC cd away.  I have posted a new schedule which no longer
includes them.  If any of you feel you cannot participate please contact
me immediately so I can substitute someone with a bye for you in the
schedule.  It can be difficult to schedule matches but if we all try and
make a point to honor the arrangements we make it can be done.  See
below my suggestions for how to do it.

1. send a mail to all in your match with when you can play and a
suggested time/date
2. respond to all when you get such a mail with the same info
3. respond to all when you can agree to a suggested time/date or suggest
a new one

Please spread the word on bnet to all as you see them about this posting
as well.  Anyone who can not make a real effort to schedule and play
matches should drop themselves from the league.  Anyone finding that a
fellow match participant is not returning mails should inform me of
such.  This league can not work unless all make it work.  Let's give it
one more good try.
Sunday Meeting (6pm EST)
Attending (14): Amillo, Balin, Elendil, Elrond, Elwe (Thingol), Eomer, Fangorn, Irmo, Makar, Mandos (Namo), Melkor, Murezor, Tom, Varda
Melkor will miss the next meeting but be back on the 20th.
Recruiting Report for this week: Balin is our new member from Canada. Valacirca has returned. Fingolfin has quit
Web Report: Valar Guild Map page by Tom Bombadil is now up.
League Schedule: The schedule has been changed to handle the loss of Fingolfin and the loss of Eonwe's SC CD
Discussion Board: Amillo, Elwe, Mandos, Melkor, Murezor, and Tom voted yes to start a Discussion Board for the Guild. Suggestions for its use were Tolkien discussions and coordinating Ladder games. Now we need a volunteer to set up and handle the board. Varda will set up the link as soon as our currently unknown volunteer makes the page.
Highlights from Tolkien: Irmo quoted the time that Gondor was in great danger, then heard the horns of Rohan coming to their aid.
Before and after the meeting, games were held in both Diablo and StarCraft. Manwe and Eonwe were among those who showed up after the meeting, which started a chat in the channel as well.

June 5, 1999
Saturday Chats:
1pm EST Chat: Aule, Elendil, and Varda attending. To escape netsplit and since we were a small group, we held the meeting in Arda. We played 20 Questions and had to break off after two hours.
4pm EST Chat: Tilion looked for the chat but did not locate anyone, but may have been present at the wrong time. Varda was at a watermelon party. If anyone has information, please contact Varda to update the News page. Thanks.

June 4, 1999
New pages!: StarCraft and BroodWar Maps for downloading, page maintained by Tom Bombadil. It is titled The Valar Guild Map Page
Also check out his Remembering Tolkien Page!
League: All people in the League games, please remember to email Varda with the times you can play so that it may be put on the League Ladder Page. Be sure to mention that the information is for the page, rather than for one of your three fellow League players at the same address. Thanks!

June 3, 1999
Welcome back to Valacirca, who is returning to the guild. He's from the USA in EST.

June 1, 1999
Contents page updated and new links added.

May 30, 1999
Balin, Welcome to the Valar Guild! Balin, from Ontario, Canada, has SC/BW but does not yet have Diablo. He's read the Hobbit and LotR. Frodo and Fingon met him in a BW game. He passed 4/5 in a group test by Amillo, Irmo, and Varda, with Beren and Elendil observing. It was great fun!
Sunday Meeting: 6pm EDT (VST)
Attending: (15) Amillo, Ancalagon, Aule, Beren, Celebrimbor, Elendil, Eomer, Fingolfin, Irmo, Murezor, Thingol, Tilion, Tom Bombadil, Sauron, Varda. ShadowMandolar visited, then joined. Others came in later: Ulmo, Melkor, and more.
Recruiting Report: Nori and Celebrimbor are new this week. Balin tested and joined at the end of the meeting.
Web Report: New page: Murezor's SC/BW Strategy Guide. Updated pages: Recruiters' page, Tourney page. Elvish phrases listed on News page.
Time Zone: VST is the time zone adopted for the Valar to make it easier to refer to a time. VST is the same as Eastern Daylight Savings Time.
Fund: Ancalagon suggested we start the Aule Computer Fund, seconded by everyone who has played with his P75.  :)
Highlights from Tolkien: Irmo started the Highlights from Tolkien: a quoted passage from Tolkien which is especially excellent. For this time, Irmo quoted from the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. Thanks Irmo! I see no reason to limit it to Sunday meetings, however. Do you have a favorite passage(s) to quote to the group?

May 29, 1999
League Ladder updated. Please re-check players and schedule. We have one completed game so far, two others that were too netsplit and are still trying to get together, and one with a change in players today. The schedule is now in a smaller font, hopefully aiding print-outs.
Sat Chat: 1pm EDT (VST) Aule was the only one who made it through the bnet mess. Varda and others could not even get on bnet.
Sat Chat: 4pm EDT (VST) To pass the bnet mess, we held the chat on icq: Aule, Makar, and Varda attending. We discussed the origin of hobbits and a possible relationship they have to Mandos.

May 28, 1999
Recruiters' Page: We now have a list of who joined since Jan 17, and who helped scout and test.

May 27, 1999
Welcome to the guild, Nori! Nori is a real life friend of Eomer's, 15 from Ontario, Canada. He's read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Lost Tales. Thank you Aule, for handling the testing.
Celebrimbor, welcome to the Valar Guild! Celebrimbor is 19 from Australia. He's read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion. Thank you, Tom Bombadil, for doing the testing, and to Cirdan and Elendil for scouting him.
Elvish phrases good for use in chat! These come from Beren, our linguistics expert. Hopefully the complete collection will be up on a convenient page soon. His letter follows:
    I collected this and thought it would be nice to hear more elvish in the
    channel :) Whenever there is a double vowel it is the equal of an accent,
Hello: AIYA  (also "Hail", or something like "Hey!")
Good day: ALASSEA REE ("happy day", better)
Good morning: ALASSE'AURE
Good evening: ALASSE'ANDUUNE
Good health (Spanish "salud!"): ALMARE
Welcome to my house: MARA TULDA COANYANNA
Welcome to my country: MARA TULDA MARINYANNA
How many time! (I don't see you): ANDA LUUME(LLO)! ((from) a long time, literally)
Come and sit with us: TULA AR HARA O ELME
--Lord of Lag
PS: Farewell phrases to come! All is Quenya

May 26, 1999
Welcome back, Manwe! You are the one who recruited the core of the Guild
and set up the atmosphere of friendliness.
Here is the story, unprecedented in Guild history:
Letter from Ulmo:
    Yes, Manwe  :)  Not Butterball as Aule would say, not Manwe, errrr Barliman,
as I would say, or any other version like Barlimanwe, just Manwe!  While
sitting in a pregame, (trying to avoid netsplit) Aule challenged Barli
to a game of Aule and Ulmo playing our worst races against Barli playing
his choice.  If Barli won we would allow him to remain as Barli, but if
we won he had to change back to Manwe.  Barli succeeded in holding me to
one expansion and rendered my offenses useless.  Only my tanks and
missile turrets saved me from oblivion.  The one thing my defense did
accomplish was to help distract Barli's forces enough for Aule to go up
the tech tree and create an ingenious combined force of ground, air and
magic troops (as Zerg), that was able to break through Barli's main base
defenses and lead to our victory!  Never before, and never again prolly,
will Aule and I be so motivated to win a game  :)
    Manwe's best times to play are:
mon-thur.- 10pm or later, fri.- afternoon/evenings, sat.- eves, sun.-
    On a serious note:  Manwe does not feel he has the time to become
chairman again.  He would really rather leave that as it is.  He will
consider what he can offer as a member of the Council.  He is
particularly interested in recruiting.  With Varda's organizational
skills, the self assigned roles that many have already taken, the rich
background of our world wide membership, our shared love of the world's
greatest fantasy and a great concept devised by Eru: having Manwe back
as what ever he wants to do will only make things better.
    May the winds of Manwe refresh our guild again,

May 24, 1999
New guild page! Murezor's StarCraft/BroodWar Strategy Guide!   Take heed! He is a guild BroodWar trainer and a dangerous contestant in the League Ladder.
Tourney page: Record holder tables are updated. Can your team beat these scores and times next Tourney?

May 23, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT/6pm EDT)
Attending (17 ): Ancalagon, Barliman, Beren, Eru, Fingolfin, Frodo, Gandalf, Irmo, Makar, Mandos, Orome, Ulmo, Varda. Trapped in a BW game and joining late: Amillo, Aule, Murezor, Thingol. Conversation was disrupted by netsplit, but hopefully all was relayed around. If not, hey, that's what this page is for!
Recruiting Report: Eomer has joined our number, scouted and recruited by Gandalf.
Web Report: The League Ladder page is updated with the correct schedule.
Games Report: The StarCraft/BroodWar League Ladder competition begins now! Welcome to Week One, and good luck! The first attempt was wiped out by netsplit tonight, but they will try again!
Tolkien Chat: Another plane of existence on which elves such as Glorfindel and the ringwraiths could be seen.

May 22, 1999
Welcome to new member, Eomer! He is from Ontario, Canada, 15 years old, read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion, scoring a perfect 5/5 on Gandalf's test!
SC/BW Ladder Page now has the Final Schedule and Players!

May 20, 1999
The tentative League Ladder Schedule is up on the League Ladder page, using the contestants who have signed up so far.

May 18, 1999
Mandos is back! His comp has a new motherboard, so he can rejoin us possibly for the coming Sunday meeting.

May 16, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CSDT/6pm ESDT)
Attending: (15) Aule, Barliman, Beren, Elendil, Elrond, Elros, Eru, Fingolfin, Gandalf, Gwaihir, Iarwain, Irmo, Makar, Thingol, Varda
Recruiting Report: Membership now stands at 77, report by Gwaihir
Web Report: New pages this week: In the Encyclopedia, an article by Irmo: "The Attraction of Language". The League Ladder page is up. Makar has added an EverQuest review page to his Games page.
League Ladder: People are signing up, 7 in just one day after the email. Please email Ulmo so that he can put you into the schedule which will be posted on the SC/BW League Ladder page.
Silmarillion Quiz: Underway! How are you doing on it?
Valar Council Additions: 1. Irmo has returned to the Council, since he never actually quit the work he had been doing.
    2. Gwaihir, our stalwart handler of the Members page and the Guild's Tolkien-inspired art gallery called the Glittering Caves of Aglarond, and all-around excellent member, passed the Valar Quiz with a perfect 5/5. His new name is Amillo, also known as Omar. This is a Valar name from The Book of Lost Tales #1.
    Gandalf would have been tested, had he not been netsplit, as he is certainly worthy. We will try again.
Twenty Questions Game: After bringing in the new Council members, Irmo started a Twenty Questions game on Tolkien's Silmarillion, finally answered with Nimphelos the Pearl by Aule.
    Beren told us of the names he had invented for roleplay of the Ringwraiths, along with a mythos invented for them. The research involved was quite impressive!

May 15, 1999
Saturday Tolkien Chats:
Noon CSDT/1pm ESDT: Aule and Varda had fun chatting.
3pm CSDT/4pm ESDT: attending - Aule, Fingolfin, Gwaihir, Lord Lorien/Irmo, Tu, Varda
Topics: Galadriel's rulership; How the crown of the Noldor descended; The Halls of Waiting of Mandos

May 14, 1999
League Letter from Ulmo:

Aiya ilye Valar,

Those few of you who read our web page news section on a regular basis
already know of this, but this seems to be a limited few  :)

I am in the process of setting up a league of SC/BW games of people vs.
people.  If you go to the news section of our pages, or to the tourney
section you will find the details.  If this is of interest to you please
e-mail me saying so.  You can tell me in person on bnet but mail me also
as I will be using these mails to make the schedule as I have a terrible
memory.  Also feel free to comment on the structure and possible rules
for doing this.  Barliman has already made a few comments/suggestions
that I had not considered.  The first time for anything can have rough
spots, but suggestions can help minimize them.  I would like to make the
schedule up next week, so please reply promptly.

Ulmo, Heru Rasa

(The notice referred to above is on the League Ladder page and on the News for May 10 and on the Tourney page.
It tells how to join and how the games are played. --Varda)

May 11, 1999
Silmarillion Quiz:
    Hello to all the Valar!  Tilion here announcing a new Quiz .  This
time around the Quiz will be on The Silmarillion (along with some
Valaquenta and Ainulindale questions thrown in) I encourage all of you
to try the quiz if you've read the Silmarillion! Normal quiz rules apply
but please send your answers to Tilion at....
    You can find the quiz page at
    again, I encourage you to try.
Thanks a lot
New Encyclopedia article! Irmo wrote "The Attraction of Language" , describing Tolkien's use of language to characterize the races of Middle-earth.

May  10, 1999
SC / BW  League:
As was discussed in a meeting, Valar will be conducting a League for all
Starpeople.  Before it can begin I need all interested members to e-mail
me saying so.  From this response I will make the schedule.
It will work like this:

1. games will be conducted weekly (those not able to play on any
given week may preplay the match or make it up later)

2. the schedule will show the teams to play for each match

3. teams of 2, different each game, will compete with both of the
members of the winning team getting one point, games are team play,
but scoring for the overall standings will be individual

4. the 4 players in each game will decide whether to play SC or
BW, should one player not have BW then SC will be the default

5.  any melee game map may be used as agreed upon by the contestants

When you sign up, if you have any comments or suggestions, please
include them and I will update the rules if necessary when I post the
schedule.  Hope to see a lot of you there.  Oh yeah, as in all
competitions I hope all will conduct themselves in the sportsmanlike
manner we are accustomed to.


May 9, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pmCSDT/6pmESDT)
Attending (5): Aule, Gwaihir, Makar, Tilion, Varda
Happy Mother's Day to all  :)
Recruiting Report: Fingolfin is our new member this week!
Web Report: Some updates to the Tourney and News page.
Silmarillion Quiz: Just posting to the web is not enough, only one person sent in answers. A suggestion was made that it be emailed as the LotR quiz was.
The meeting lasted about 15 or 20 minutes, to allow those attending to return to Mother's Day activities.

May 8, 1999
Saturday Chat: noonCSDT/1pmEDST Aule made it anyway.  :)
Saturday Chat: 3pmCSDT/4pmEDST
Attending: Aule, Gwaihir, Elendil, Varda. Elendil showed up just as the over 2 hours of Chat was winding down, but stayed with the group for that.
Topics: widely ranging - High Kings of the elves, Favorite bits from the Silmarillion, Candyfluss and other influences between countries, and then actually back to the Sil again!

May 7, 1999
New Member! Welcome to Fingolfin! He's 37 from New Hampshire in the USA, time zone ESDT. He's read the Hobbit, LotR, Sil, and part of HoME! He plays SC/BW where he met Ulmo, and worked a Diablo character all the way up to 48. His score was an impressive 4.5 out of 5.

May 6, 1999
Elros will be back in a few weeks hopefully, and with SC. His characters were unfortunately deleted, and he is waiting on his new "imac".

May 2, 1999
Sunday Meeting: (5pm CDST/6pm EDST)
Attending:  (14) Aule, Ancalagon, Barliman, Beren, Cirdan, Durin, Elendil, Gollum, Grishnakh, Gwaihir, Makar, Tilion, Ulmo, Varda
Recruiters' Report: No new members this week.
Web Report:  Encyclopedia: New page on Objects with a paper on "Rings of Power".
    Annals of Arda is the new name of Gwaihir's Encyclopedia/Family Tree, now restructured so your links may need updates. It and the Guild's Tolkien Encyclopedia are being re-linked along with additions.
Wedding:  Postponed a month or two. Lalaith no longer has the Internet.
Valar Honor: Two people were recommended for Valar Honor and therefore Council seats, so we suggest they go over their Silmarillions verrrry carefully.  The two are Gwaihir and Gandalf!
Silmarillion Quiz : This may help our two Valar candidates as well as being fun for all! Tilion has set up the Silmarillion Quiz. Instead of it being emailed, it isposted on his Web Page only.
Lord of the Rings Quiz : The quiz results will remain up a short time longer as requested, this time with the answers posted! I hear printers revving up even now.
Saturday Chat: This informal Tolkien chat now has two times to accomodate working people in different countries as per requests. The times are 1pm ESDT and 4pm ESDT.
Tourney: A question to the whole Guild membership: Do you want to continue with only a notice the meeting before, or have 2 or 3 or 4 weeks warning? Please email your answer to Ulmo or Varda .
    StarCraft/BroodWar now has a League Ladder. Games will be in teams of players vs players to keep from padding the scores as we could with players vs comps. Although games will be in teams, the scores will be kept for individuals. The plan is to keep a weekly ladder score, with make-ups - especially for people who are unable to reach the computer at that time (such as Gandalf and Fangorn and finals takers). Begin...now!

May 1, 1999
Saturday Chats
We now have 2 Saturday Tolkien chat times - Early Sat Chat: noon CST/1pm EDT/19:00 in Norway GMT+1 and Later Sat Chat: 3pm CST/4pm EDT/22:00 GMT+1. These are small, informal meetings mainly to talk about Tolkien, although also used for other things such as getting together for games, business, and just talk.
Early Sat Chat (noon CST, 1 pm EDT): attending - Murezor, Orome, Ulmo, Varda. Topics suggested by Murezor.
    We talked about Gollum beginning to follow the Fellowship in Moria. The Fellowship seemed to be funneled there, away from the other route over Mt. Caradhras, and Gollum was waiting in his adopted environment of cave tunnels. He made it past all the orcs, balrogs, and fighting to continue following, possibly aware of alternate routes.
    We also mentioned Tolkien's reverse evolution, as the dominant race in Arda keeps going to a "lesser" and lesser group: Valar to Elves to Men.
    Orome can't come to the later chat, as he has to work then.
Later Sat Chat (3pm CST/4pm EDT) - I missed this one while buying parts for the car's transmission. If anyone would email a report for the News, it would be appreciated.
Annals of Arda - Gwaihir's renamed page has been restructured so please recheck your links! It is a fine, private companion work interwoven with the Guild's Tolkien Encyclopedia. He is very brave to put up an English version of his work since he is from Denmark, and it gives an exotic flavor to his writing.
Yavanna requests that any further Guild email please be sent to ezellohar@hotmail.com since the other email is for business only. She is no longer in the Guild and will be taking her page down soon after Eru returns from vacation, and suggests that if anyone wants anything from it to grab it now. Thanks Yav, for all your hard work and good luck in your new endeavors!
Wedding News: Salmar and Lalaith are running into outside world difficulties, so the wedding is postponed, hopefully not off. They have no quarrel with each other, so breathe easy.

April 30, 1999
Hello back! to Gandalf! He sent a Hello! to the Valar Guild. His ship took on fuel, letting him be in port a few hours, so he sent us an email. While on the water, he reread the Hobbit and the Trilogy. Hopefully the bookstore has his copy of the Silmarillion so that he can pick it up while on land. Also, his test question project well under way. He finishes his tour of duty May 12 and plans to be back in the Guild actively soon thereafter. He can check the web page occasionally from the ship, but cannot enter Bnet.  He sent us this:
In joy thou hast lived. Beware of the Sea!,  If thou hearest the cry of the
gull on the shore , Thy heart shall then rest in the forest no more.
Mara Meste,  Gandalf-(Valar)

Eru's web page is active again with a complete new look, still under major construction, but up!

April 29, 1999
New Encyclopedia Page: Objects . New article on "Rings of Power", by Varda. If you wish to contribute an article to the Objects page, it could include weapons, armor, jewelry, or any other inanimate object in Tolkien.
Congratulations to Gwaihir on his nifty new upgraded computer! Also, he has renamed his Notes as Annals of Arda and made additions. Busy eagle!

April 27, 1999
Gwaihir will be out for a couple of days or maybe up to a week while he's upgrading his comp. Good luck, Windlord!

April 25, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CDT, 6pm EDT)
Attending: (12) Aule, Ancalagon, Cirdan, Eru, Gwaihir, Iarwain, Ilmare, Makar, Namo/Mandos, Thingol, Ulmo, Varda
Member Report:  Thror is our newest member!
    Eru will be on vacation for 2 weeks starting May 1, returning to England in time for the meeting on May 16. Have a good time!
    Osse's comp is not reading his A: or C: drive, so he is currently unable to be with us for a while. Thank you Aule for telling us what happened.
Web Report: The News page is now shortened to one month at a time, with other news under All News.
    Eru is revamping his page and should have it changed soon.
    Iarwain is starting a Tolkien page with the "Question of the Week", intending it to be a real Tolkien challenge. Send your best shot to Iarwain !
Quiz on Lord of the Rings: The 5 week Quiz is now over with a tie! Ilmare and Ancalagon took the first place honor together with 97. The prize is the Diablo suit of your choice, from the very top items collected by the Guild for this contest. Ancalagon chose the rogue suit. A huge congratulations to the both of you!
Quiz LotR Results: With 20 questions per week for 5 weeks at a total of 100 possible: 16 participated, 7 completed the whole quiz. Ilmare and Ancalagon tied for first with 97. Gwaihir came in second only one point less with 96, Feathalion and Varda tied for third with 95, Elwing took fourth with 87. Murezor's 85 deserves special praise, because he did not take advantage of being allowed to use the books.
    Other people with the courage to at least try: Frodo also made the attempt to do the quiz without books, almost finishing as he made it through week 4 with a 58. Tuvo survived through week 3 with a 57. Thingol made it through week 2 with a 17. Elros and Makar had perfect 20's for their week 1. Gil-galad missed only one with a 19 for week 1. Lalaith hit 16 on week 1. Glorfindel also completed week 1, but I don't have his score.
    To all who participated, congratulations!
Quiz on the Silmarillion: This new quiz will be conducted by Tilion , the beginning time to be announced.
Saturday Tolkien Chat: The time is being changed to 3 hours later than previously, to allow our European members a better chance to join in the fun. The new time is Saturday at 3pm CDT, 4pm EDT.
Wedding: Salmar (the groom) will be working at the time tentatively planned for the wedding, so the time is still not set. Rumor has it that Frodo will be the ringbearer and Elanor the flower girl.

April 20, 1999
More Wedding News! The wedding plans as they stand now: it will be on a Saturday 6 or 7pmEST, in our channel. The reception is at the Party Tree. Ulmo will be presiding. A friend of Lalaith's will be maid of honor, named ~Belle~. Aule is best man.
New Member! Welcome to Thror! He's 19, from Fulton, Missouri, USA, and has read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

April 18, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST)
Attending: (12) Alatar, Aule, Barliman/Manwe, Bilbo, Cirdan, Gwaihir, Lalaith, Makar, Ulmo, Salmar, Tuvo, Varda
Web Report: The Movies page is up, maintained by Aule. The Games and Reviews pages are now combined into the Games page and needs your updated info sent to Makar. The Member Bios page is again active, for your real life bio using an online handle, maintained by Aule. Character bios are sent to the Encyclopedia, in care of Varda. Se the Quick Reference above for links.
Membership News: Barliman is definitely back with his own computer, active again..
The wedding will be presided over by Ulmo. The best man is Aule. The date will be announced.

April 16, 1999
    ANNOUNCING the wedding of Salmar and Lalaith, to be held in our channel on a Saturday about 6pm EST. Details still being worked out. Congratulations to the happy couple!
    Manwe is back ("disguised" as Barliman)! His new computer is up and running, and he was sighted tonight! Third night running! Way to go  :)

April 15, 1999
Movies Page! The illustrious Aule has set up the Movies page once again for all to view and contribute to. It concerns anything we find about the new live movie, Lord of the Rings.

April 13, 1999
The Games and Reviews are now combined in one Games page at a new address, still maintained by Makar. Please remember to update him on which online games you currently play: Diablo, StarCraft, BroodWar, Baldur's Gate, EverQuest, WarCraft or whatever so that other members may join you.
Teachers: Anyone who wishes to be a trainer of other members in a particular game, please let Varda know for the Names page where jobs are being listed. This could also be an addition to the Games page for convenience. Murezor is currently training others in StarCraft and BroodWar (Hey, Mur, thanks for your help! My score improved dramatically the very next game and we now have a new frequently used map. --V)

April 12, 1999
Member Bios page: now linked to the main page and active.

April 11, 1999
Sunday Meeting: (5pm CST, 6pm EDT)
Attending: (Due to netsplit, list may be incomplete. Please email Varda if you should be added to the list.) (13) Ancalagon, Aule/Martamo, Beren/Tulkas, Cirdan, Elendil, Gwaihir, Makar, Melkor, Namo/Mandos, Osse, Salmar, Ulmo/Linqil (time-lagged), and Varda
Membership report: Tulkas has changed his name to Beren and left the Council officially, because he felt he was not doing much administratively. Actually when the Guild is running smoothly, most of us do very little administratively! We respect his wishes and stilll hold him in highest honor. He also continues to be our Linguist and is still keeping up his language page and Quenya dictionary.
    Alatar has changed his name back to Maeglin, and will be absent for about 3 months before his next return.
    This left the Alatar Maiar name free. So Alatar is now taken by a returning member who also held the name and honor of Alatar many months ago, and who before that was Murezor as a member, (not to be confused with our present Murezor of Maiar honor).
Web Report: Encyclopedia: New pages: Stars by Varda, Non-Humanoid Intelligences (with an original poem by Gwaihir!), Gandalf as the archetype of the wise old man.
    Movies page still under repair.
Discussion of the Saturday Tolkien chat: We may have to move it to another time than noon CST, 1pm EDT, due to bnet problems at that time of day and membership having scheduling difficulties. The general discussion by the small group at the business meeting suggested retaining the same day of Saturday, but at a later time, possibly 4pm CST, 5pm EDT. Please email Varda with your input to help us all in the discussion. If you like the current time, please tell us!

April 10, 1999
Tourney. No one showed up at the 10am EDT scheduled time to choose teams. I wasn't in town and had played earlier in the week. What was your excuse?  :)  So only one Quest for 3 game shows any results and wins by default. If you played and have not emailed the results to Ulmo, please do so as soon as possible.
Sat Chat: (noon CST, 1pm EDT) usually not held on Tourney days, but since it is informal it can be held anyway by whomever shows up for it. I heard some people say they popped in at various times during Saturday, but did not come together at any of the regular meeting times. Saturday chats are usually plagued with bnet connection troubles and people doing things at that time.

April 9, 1999
New Encyclopedia page! Jason Clarke, a fellow Tolkien fan not in the Guild sent us a paper on Gandalf as the archetype of the wise old man, and it is now posted. Click here to go straight to it.

April 8, 1999
Alatar who used to be Maeglin says that he is just worn out, not to change anything about the Guild, and that he'll probably be back as Maeglin in a few months.
Alatar who used to be Murezor (when it was not a Maiar name) has returned to be Alatar again, since the name is now free. His computer has been out since before the change in password, quite a long time ago in Internet terms. Welcome back, Alatar!  :)

April 5, 1999
The Movie page is currently being passed on to a new maintainer. Please bear with us while we make the changes. Trouble is not in your comp.  :)
New Encyclopedia page! Varda created the "Stars" page, including an article on the prophecy by Mandos and their making.

April 4, 1999
Time change! The USA and neighbors have finally hit Daylight Savings Time. Please note the time change for this evening's meeting. What was 6pm is now 7pm.
Alatar (who used to be Maeglin) is planning on leaving the Guild. He says he misses the late night Tolkien chats and pop quizes, that we do not have enough focus on Tolkien now. Does anyone else feel that way and, if so, how would you like to see the problem repaired? Sorry to see you go, Blue Wizard.
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EDT)
We were terribly netsplit for much of the meeting. The Tolkien chat had to be cancelled.
Attending (16 that I could see! Please let Varda know if your name was left off): Ancalagon, Aule, Bilbo, Cirdan, Elwing, Frodo, Gandalf, Iarwain, Makar, Melkor, Osse, Tilion, Tulkas, Tuvo, Ulmo, Varda
Membership report: Gwaihir emailed a report that we now have 74, the highest number ever. Our new member for this week is Turin
Web page report: New Encyclopedia page on how the philosophical elements are used in Tolkien of earth, air, fire, and water. This page can be treated as a discussion board or simply add new articles here.
The new page called The Tolkien Biography page is up, a professional looking job by Iarwain.
New page by Gothmog is up: Brood War Strategy. Lots of good tips.
The Games page maintained by Makar needs reviews written by Guild members. We had several volunteers, thanks! More are always welcome.
Tourney! The main Tourney is set for next Saturday. Those who cannot make that time have already started playing and play will go on the whole week before. The main Tourney is 10am EDT on Saturday, so please read the how-to's on the Tourney page and try to pick a team. If you don't have a team and can't find anyone when you arrive, we'll try to match you up. This time we have teams made of any people who have not had a team together in a Tourney before. Check out the Tourney page for more details.
Quiz: The 5 week Lord of the Rings quiz is in full swing. You can still join, as all answers are taken even the week after the last quiz. A Silmarillion quiz will follow after a short break.

April 3, 1999
New member! Turin, real life father of Cirdan, has joined our group from Maryland, USA (EST)! He's read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion. He's the first one to pass Salmar's test!  :)  Already, he is popular as a conversationalist. He joins our growing over 40 group just barely at 42. After graduation time, he should be able to join us more often on bnet. Looking forward to it!
Saturday Tolkien chat (noon CST, 1pm EST): I finally made it into bnet at this time, but saw no one in the channel or game, so I went to public channels and chatted with people with Tolkien names, some potential future recruits there. I kept checking the channel, but saw no one. If we are all checking without going in, we are missing each other.

April 2, 1999
Arwen-(V) who joined April 1998 is now a soldier, I think in training, without access to bnet, but can use your email letters. The address is on Gwaihir's Members page and is also here: Arwen
Brood War Strategy by Gothmog is the newest page found on our Contents/Links. Way to go, balrog buddy!
March 30, 1999
Game reviews needed! For EverQuest and Baldur's Gate. Anyone who has played either one, especially multi-player, please email your impressions to either Varda or Makar . (Varda will forward them to Makar for his Game Review page.)
New page: "Virus Alerts". Contains info on preventing and even curing viruses. The info is sent by Guild members as a service to the Guild. It is your choice to use it and no one is to be held liable for use of any of this info. Found on the Contents page.

March 29, 1999
Eru is having comp problems and is trying to choose a new motherboard. He hopes to be able to return by May. Good luck, Lore Master!
New Encyclopedia Page! Elwing wrote an article about the use of the 4 elements of the philosophers as used in Tolkien: earth, air, fire, and water. Discussion will be posted to it, as it has its own page. It is on the home page of the Encyclopedia . Please email discussion or articles for posting to Varda .
VCR Y2K news from Melkor:
    "If your VCR is not Y2K compliant (and most aren't) you will be unable to use the advanced programming feature because the months/days/dates will be wrong.  Not to despair, just set the year to 1972 since the date/month/day wll be the same as in 2000.
    "I doubt that you will hear this from the VCR makers (did you know that all VCR's are made in Japan?) as they would prefer that you buy a new one, grin."

March 28, 1999
New member! Lalaith has joined us from Pennsylvania in the USA. A lot of us knew her as our visitor, SunGoddess, and it is delightful to have her as a full member now! She's 12 and has been on bnet about 3 or 4 times a week. Salmar scouted, Varda and Gandalf tested.
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST)
In attendance (thank you Ulmo for the list!) making the channel scroll with 18 people: Alatar, Ancalagon, Aule, Beleg Cuthalion, Cirdan, Elwing, Gandalf, Gwaihir, Lalaith, Mandos/Namo, Melkor, Murezor, Osse, Salmar, Tilion, Tuvo, Ulmo/Linqil, and Varda (chairing).
Membership Report: New members this week are Cirdan and Lalaith. Carcharoth is our returning member.
Web Team: Makar will be updating the Games/Reviews pages, so please send him updated info on what online games you like to play so that other Valar members can join you.
Encyclopedia Project: New entries by Tilion are under the Elves Section on "Feanor" and the "Ruin of Doriath". Elwing has submitted one, to be added this coming week, on the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in Tolkien which could develop into a discussion page, so feel free to send your additions to Varda, page maintainer.
Tolkien Quizes: Aule has the Lord of the Rings Quiz questions up on his page. Tilion has offered to host a Silmarillion quiz later, after we have caught our breath from this one.
Online Games: We had a discussion over registering our guild with EverQuest and some discussion on Baldur's Gate. The games are so new that they are not even on the shelves in all of our areas, and we do not have the required 10 people yet for an official EverQuest guild. As you become able to play these, please go to our Games page and let Makar put up your name so that other Valar can play with you. This does not change where and when we hold meetings, as we have always had numerous games operating. Right now, we have a few individuals learning the games who can help others just starting. Diablo and SC/BW are still our main games.
Passwords: After the meeting, Melkor and I found that we have a bnet glitch. Even with the correct pass up, bnet was showing "incorrect password". We had one person inside and one in the channel trying to enter.
Maiar Honor: After the main meeting, Cuthalion passed his Maiar test and is now Tom Bombadil aka Iarwain! He passed the requirements and correctly answered the required questions from a panel of Mandos, Melkor, Ulmo, Varda, and Gandalf.

March 27, 1999
Saturday Tolkien Chat: bnet would not let me on at that time. If someone has news of it, please email. Other people have also said they had difficulties reaching bnet at that time of day.

March 26, 1999
New Articles in our Tolkien Encyclopedia! Tilion wrote an article on "Feanor" and another on the "Ruin of Doriath", for the Elves Section. Thanks, Tilion!

March 24, 1999
Returning member! Makar's brother, Carcharoth , is returning to the Guild after a six month absence. Welcome back!
New member! Cirdan, from Maryland, USA, joined tonight! Varda and Gandalf handled recruiting.

March 22, 1999
The Quiz! The Five Week Tolkien Quiz is now underway! Find the questions on Aule's Quiz page!
In other news, Varda (that's me) is back after 2 weeks without an ISP (shudder!). The connection is better than ever. If you have any news to post for the time I was out, please email me as used to be usual.  :)  New news is also welcome, natch.

March 9, 1999
Manwe has officially chosen to step down to being a regular member, now known as Barliman Butterbur. Many, including myself, have asked him to remain as Manwe, but in deepest respect of his wishes, we recognize his desire. Thank you once again for building this Guild up and giving it such a friendly atmosphere.
Sam has also changed his name to his original preference of Bilbo , since the previous Bilbo was promoted to the Maiar Gandalf.

March 7, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST)
Thank you Aule and Ulmo for the report!
Attending: Ulmo presiding over the business meeting, Alatar, Ancalagon, Aule, Beleg (as Cuthalion), Elanor (over the shoulder), Elendil, Elros, Eru, Gwaihir (as Windlord), Ilmare, Makar, Melkor, Menelvagor, Radagast, and Salmar. We also were fortunate to have guests: Yavanna Kementari (aka Pio Varu), Sun-Goddess, and rand(WOT).
Membership Report: Elendil is our new member, recruited by Aule, already actively attending his first meeting  :)
StarCraft: We have a new name for SC games still using the same password. This change is made to let each other know which game a friend is in for a /whois.
Tolkien Chat: Eru presiding.
1. The actual numbers in the armies involved in Tolkien's battles, and population numbers of races using known ratios and the few known facts.
2. Sauron's armies required a dominating presence or they fell apart.
3. The Ring was like an extension of Sauron. The Ring's existence had influence over the orcs, since they wavered at the Battle of Morannon. 4. Other possibilities of what could have been done with the Ring such as taking it to Valinor or dumping it in the sea. Possibly the only other way to win was to capture Sauron or physically kill him. Unmaking the Ring was the "easiest" route.
Varda wishes she could have been there to argue on that one.  :)  Lucky for you guys that I was 2 and a half hours late due to church and missed the whole thing.

March 6, 1999
Saturday Tolkien Chat (noon CST, 1pm EST)
Attending: (Includes if just passing by or talked Tolkien. Bnet was very uncooperative with the chat.) Ancalagon (had to go), Eru, Gollum (too much lag to chat), Gwaihir (as Windlord), Varda.
1. Eru quizzed on the geneology of Elwing. Her parents were Dior and Nimloth, Dior's parents were Beren and Luthien. Nimloth's father was Galathil son of Galadhoh (cousin of Luthien's), son of Elmo from the time of the Awakening. Celeborn was Nimloth's uncle.
2. The next was a short discussion of eagles and how Manwe communicated with them, mostly speculation.

March 5, 1999
Welcome to Elendil, our new member from Finland! He is 16, read, the Hobbit, LotR, Silmarillion, and some of the HoME. He answered 4 1/2 out of 5 very well. Thanks to Osse and Aule for bringing him into our group.
Virus warning: Do not run the Happy99.exe which is attaching itself to emails, including mine. It acts as an attachment to your email giving a fireworks display if run, harmful only as an email box overload problem. It doesn't get into your system if you don't run the .exe file. To remove it, see this URL which Aule kindly provided: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/3652/SKA.HTM, or just hit this link to the Ska Virus page.

March 3, 1999
New Encyclopedia article on Maeglin by Alatar (used to be Maeglin), under Elves.

March 1, 1999
Tuvo will be moving, keeping him off the computer for about a month. Don't worry about his absence, he's not resigning! Good luck, Tuvo!
Elros has a new email address:  akiwombat@hotmail.com

February 28, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST)
Attending: Alatar, Ancalagon (The Black), Aule, Beleg Cuthalion, Durin, Elrond, Elwing (over the shoulder), Eonwe, Eru, Gandalf (Olorin), Gothmog, Gwaihir, Ilmare, Makar, Namo (Mandos), Osse, Varda
Membership Report: 69 members. Eru has returned, Finwe has left.
Web Report: Fall of Gondolin paper is now in the Encyclopedia in its own page.
Tolkien Chat: 1. How would the One Ring try to tempt your character?
    2. How are the elements' represented in their respective rings, Valar, and Maiar?

February 26, 1999
Returning member! Welcome back to Eru! He will be a regular member, rather than on the Council, but is keeping his name in recognition of being our Founder. He had the original concept of the Guild as a legit co-op Diablo group of Tolkien fans. Thank you! He is also very knowledgeable in Tolkien, so have a great time chatting with him!

February23, 1999
The second installment of the Fall of Gondolin is in!

February 22, 1999
New Encyclopedia page: "The Fall of Gondolin" . The first installment is in, written by Eonwe (was Hurin Thalion).

February 21, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST)
Attending (scrolled): Alatar, Ancalagon, Aule, Elros, Finwe, Fladrif, Gwaihir (as Windlord), Ilmare, Makar, Menelvagor, Namo (as Mandos), Osse, Pippin, Salmar, Saruman, Smeagol, Tulkas, Ulmo (as Linqil), Varda.
Recruiting Report: Fladrif is our new member this week.
Web Report: Check out the Tower of Emyn Berain on Gwaihir's Member page.
Tourney: The results on the page seem to be complete.
StarCraft: A suggestion was made to change the name of all SC games to make it easier to tell whether a member was in Diablo or SC. Agreement seemed to be reached on a name, but then the discussion suddenly disintegrated. Rather than a new name, we may just use games above the 10th of the present game name. No final decision was reached, so the present system still stands at least until next meeting.
Quiz: Aule and Eonwe are now creating a 5 week Tolkien quiz over the LotR and possible the Hobbit, leaving out the Silmarillion this time. Watch for further news on this! They've volunteered for a very tough job, and are much appreciated!   :)

February 19, 1999
Tourney Results are now posted to the Tourney page.
Welcome to Fladrif, our new member! This gives us another cool father/son team as he is Smeagol's father, 42. Thanks Ulmo, for recruiting a new ent! He passed the test with a blazing 5/5, congrats! He's read the Hobbit , Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion.

February 14, 1999
Happy Valentine's Day!
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST)
I forgot to write down the list of attendees, but thanks for coming anyway! We had reports and a little Tolkien chat: What would the One Ring try to tempt your Tolkien character with? It can really make you think about who you are playing. Ulmo told us the Tourney results, but I was netsplit and could not hear them; once I get the email report, it will be posted on the Tourney page for all to see.
Right after the meeting, Manwe came into the channel! He is still on a borrowed comp at the moment. We all had a good chat, once the evil netsplit mended itself. Channel hopping and rebooting did not seem to help much.

February 13, 1999
The Tourney is being plagued this morning with "Battlenet not responding" and 6 red latency (lag). The trouble is not on your side, but on b.net. Perhaps later in the day it will clear up. I saw 10K people on bnet; after reconnecting to try to repair my lag (didn't work), only 9K people were there. Durin and I were the only ones to make it into the channel for the first half hour of the Tourney, but when we went into a game, we were promptly disconnected from bnet and I only got the "not responding" message after that. Sorry Durin. I'll try again from time to time during the day.
    Bnet cleared up finally and the Tourney is going now!

February 12, 1999
Congrats to Hurin Thalion for making Maiar rank! His new Maiar name is Eonwe. Yes, this means that all those bylines in the Encyclopedia by Hurin will be having additions of the Eonwe name.
Yavanna dropped by the web page and emailed. Her Morgothian keyboard is repaired at last! She also had sad news about Eru's Valar Chat group having pretty well folded due to real life interference.
Finglas says Hi! Comp problems are keeping him off bnet, but he still is keeping contact by email. May his roots dig deep and his branches reach the light!
Feathalion is on the midnight shift, throwing his hours into the weird, but he is still with us. Neither Helacaraxe nor hours stop this brave elf!

February 11, 1999
   New Diablo tips for Warriors from Gandalf: How to Survive Hell/Hell, and How to get your Stuff Back if you didn't survive!  See the Diablo tips from the Contents page, Diablo section.
    Then use the Tips for our upcoming "Grab a Valar" Tourney this coming Saturday!
    See the additions to Aule's Files Page: a Lord of the Rings Map found by Makar, and The Line of Kings made by Eru, original founder of the Valar Guild. The Files can also be reached through Contents/Software/Guild Members

February 10, 1999
New Encyclopedia articles! Tulkas wrote two new articles for the Maiar section , one on Radagast and one on Alatar. Both were added to the Encyclopedia today. Check them out!

February 8, 1999
New Member: Finwe! Thanks to Gandalf and Ulmo for doing the recruiting.

February 7, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST)
    17 guild members were present, and voted to have a Tourney this coming Saturday.  See you there!
    Varda had to be out of town, so Ulmo had the joy of chairmanship.  :)
Member check:
    Possibly missing members who emailed to let us know they are still with us: Thingol (work), Glorfindel (exams), Grishnakh (rebuilding comp)
    Smeagol and Grima have spoken with us in the channel, so they are still here.
    Beregond, who joined February 3, has emailed to say he will not be with us any more since he could not find anyone.
    Has anyone seen Arathorn, Feanor, Feathalion, Gloin, Ingwe, Nimrodel, or Smaug?

February 6, 1999
Manwe sighting by Aule and Ulmo. He's still having to borrow a friend's comp, but his own computer is now built and should be coming home soon. He stayed to chat into the wee hours.
Smeagol is still with us, as is Grima in a StarCraft suit! Both were in the Channel today.
Saturday Chat (noon CST, 1pm EST):
    Those present: Aule, Grima, Gwaihir, Tulkas, Varda.
    Subjects from Gwaihir: Why didn't Sauron take the Palantir from Minas Anor/Minas Ithil? What part and how many of same of Nimloth did Elendil carry with him in the escape from Numenor? After discussion, we speculated that Sauron intended to use the Palantir later. Also, that Elendil carried only one part of Nimloth, either a fruit as it says in the Silmarillion "Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age" or a cutting as Gwaihir found in the Appendix of the Lord of the Rings.

February 5, 1999
    Varda is back, glad to say the mother of Fangorn is recovering well.
    Murezor is still with us, borrowing a friend's computer a la Manwe.  :)
    Speaking of Manwe, he has been cracking jokes again, er, I mean giving out words of wisdom again. Beware! But he has also contributed the first installment of his Sauron article for the Valar Guild's Tolkien Encyclopedia! Check it out in the Maiar section!

February 3, 1999
    Welcome to our new member, Beregond! He is 15 from Quebec in Canada, having read the Hobbit, LotR, and even part of the Silmarillion. Thanks Ilmare for recruiting him!

February 1, 1999
    Varda has to leave to stay with Fangorn and his mother who is having her knee replaced. I hope to return by the Sunday meeting but, if not, I am grateful that Ulmo is a fine Co-Chairman! Throw a hit for me, folks! Go ahead and send email and I'll get caught up next week, hopefully.
    Thalion also wishes to be in the Quiz.

January 31, 1999
Sunday General Meeting (noon CST, 1pm EST)
    In attendance (probably others but these I managed to scribble down) even with a SuperBowl!:  Alatar, Ancalagon, Cuthalion, Durin, Elros, Elwing, Gwaihir, Menelvagor, Thalion, Ulmo, and Varda
    Recruiting Team report: Bregalad and Faramir joined us this week.
    Web Team Report: News now being archived. New Diablo Tips page.
    A request was made and seconded for a new 4 or 5 week Tolkien Quiz. Those saying they were willing to participate: Alatar, Cuthalion, Elros, Durin, and Gwaihir. We need a volunteer to be Quiz Master. Valar rank people are not eligible for prizes, but participate for the fun. It is good practice for anyone who wishes to do testing for others as well.
    We had suggestions that the Guild participate in Middle Earth and EverQuest when they come out as games. We are already involved in Diablo, StarCraft, and BroodWars mainly, with some branching. If participating in an online game as a Valar member, use your guild name complete with the -(V) in order to be recognized, and always play honorably as a guild person (as if that had to be mentioned!).
    We also had requests to check to see if certain members are still in the Guild. If you see your name here, please email Varda:  Arathorn, Feanor, Feathalion, Gloin, Glorfindel, Grima, Grishnakh, Ingwe, Nimrodel, Smaug, Smeagol, and Thingol.

January 30, 1999
    New Page: Diablo Tips from guild members, reachable from the Contents Page under Diablo. It already has a new article on the technique of luring Diablo, by Gandalf.
    Welcome to our new member Bregalad ! He is 16 from Ontario, Canada. Thanks to Gandalf for bringing him on board.
Saturday Tolkien Chat (noon CST, 1pm EST)
    Chatters present: Aule, Ancalagon, Bregalad, Elwing, Galadriel, Gandalf, Menelvagor, Nen_Hina (Osse), Thorin
    Discussions: 1. Who was the worse of the two villains: Melkor or Sauron? Melkor won that dishonor without a dissent, as he started his evil far sooner, stole the Silmarils thus causing most of the later disasters, he had others do his bidding so he rarely had to exhibit physical courage by "answering the door", and Sauron was Melkor's lackey seduced away from Aule (another evil doing of Melkor).
    2. Where did the entwives go? The books never actually say, leaving many odd clues here and there so this answer was not so clear cut. According to Hurin Thalion's article in the Encyclopedia, the entwives were considering going to Valinor where the trees were better than even those the ents cultured. However, as Aule-(Valar) pointed out, they must not have made it there or Gandalf would have seen them, even as late as after his battle with the Balrog, and told Fangorn at least obliquely.
    So what actually happened to them? Aule also suggested that they could have become tired of looking for the ents (or Valinor--ed.) and become treeish, or perhaps searched in dangerous territory and been destroyed by Melkor or Sauron. This is especially possible with Tolkien's penchant for tragic endings.
    They could have been caught in Ithilien during Sauron's push across it, perhaps while visiting with the Green Elves. They could have been destroyed or are in hiding with some of those missing wizards such as Alatar and Pallando.
    Menelvagor-(Valar) spoke of Sam's conversation in the pub about the sighting of trees moving in the Old Forest.
    Also Menelvagor-(V) suggested that a forest shown on the map near the Rhun Sea looked like a possibility.
    Thorin-(V) suggested a long game of hide and seek. (Hey, who says the entwives wanted to be "quickly" found?)
    Elwing-(V) suggested the entwives are not now seen since they are too busy caring for entings.

January 28, 1999
    Yahoo has acquired GeoCities. This may or may not affect our pages, many of which are on GeoCities's servers.

January 24, 1999
Welcome to our new member Faramir! He is an 18 year old from Istanbul, Turkey who read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Thanks to Makar for recruiting.

Sunday Meeting (6pm EST)
In attendance (smaller than usual, can actually list!): Varda, Ulmo, Makar, Tulkas, Aule, Menelvagor, Gandalf, Elros,
    Elrond, Tuvo, and Durin.
Recruiting Team's Report: New members: Imrahil, Gil-galad, and Faramir.
Web Team's Report:
    Gaming by Menelvagor: Some guild members are now playing together online in Descent Freespace as Valar. Feel free
    to join them there, but please remember that meetings and chats are still on bnet. Some using it are Menelvagor, Durin,
    Gwaihir, and Elros. If you would like to play, please also send your name to the Games page. Thanks.
Encyclopedia Project Report:
    New page on Ents with new article on Entwives' location by Hurin Thalion
    New article on Ilmare by Ilmare
    Bnet Optimizer: Makar said it improved his lag. Tulkas said it did not improve his, but he is Lord of Lag. Makar is trying
    to locate the address to make it available to the Guild. If any of you know the address (URL), please email Makar .
    Bnet Buddy: You don't have to be on bnet to make it work, just online. Caution, people's bnet acct #'s are sometimes
    changed for different reasons, sometimes by bnet in a database workover. It's a good idea to make meetings and update the
    acct numbers with a /whois alt+N on the selected member. Several of us did that at the meeting today, causing people to
    wonder if we were netsplitting when it went quiet.  :)  Bnet Buddy is on the Software page by Aule.

January 23, 1999
Welcome to new member Gil-Galad ! He found us through our web page, and has read There and Back Again (The Hobbit) and The Lord of the Rings. Thanks to Gandalf for doing the test.

January 22, 1999
Encyclopedia news: New page on Ents with a new article on the whereabouts of the Entwives by Hurin.

January 20, 1999
Encyclopedia news: New article under the Maiar by and about Ilmare!

January 18, 1999
Welcome to our new member, the Prince Imrahil ! He is 22, from Minnesota in the USA, and read the Hobbit, LotR , Silmarillion, and Lost Tales 1. I congratulate him on a perfect score! Menelvagor scouted and recruited, thanks!

January 17, 1999
Sunday Meeting (5pm CST, 6pm EST)
Recruiting report: no new people. Galadriel returned.
Web report: New Movie page by Alatar. New Shrines page by Melkor, help from Ulmo, Fangorn, Varda.
Encyclopedia Project report: Ulmo has begun installments of the Ulmo article.
Members Page request: Windlord needs the email address for Amras. (If anyone knows it, please email Gwaihir.)
Letter from Manwe: caused rejoicing.
Chair comment on members' conduct at this meeting: "You folks learn fast! The meeting went much more smoothly and with more accomplished. Thanks!"

Welcome to our new member, Tuvo, an elf sorceror from Lost Tales. He is 17, from San Diego, California, USA, and read the Hobbit, LotR, 1st half of Silmarillion, and Adventures of Tom Bombadil. Congratulations on a perfect test score! Thanks to the Valar Makar for recruiting.

January 16, 1999
Saturday Chat (noon CST, 1pm EST): Discussion of Melkor and Sauron, of Makar and Measse who sang of discord with Melkor. Imagine if three renegade Valar had hit Arda together!
A letter from Manwe!:
   Heya Heya Heya,
Good news Valar buddies, I have just recently built a computer. With
contributions of parts from friends here in Cali I have finnally peiced
it together. I have not brought it home yet since I have not payed for
it completely, but I am making payments on it. I am shooting to have it
payed off by next month. So look out cause here comes trouble  =).
Anyways I dont want to make a big deal about it I just wanted my Valar
buddies to know. Take care of yourselves out there see ya all soon.

                  Manwe Sulimo

January 12, 1999
Returning member! Galadriel is back!
Two new pages!
Alatar's Lord of the Rings Movie News
Gwaihir's nifty new Gwaihir's Family Tree and Notes .

January 11, 1999
New Page! Diablo Shrine list for printing out from web page now available on the Links page under Diablo by Guild members. Work done mostly by Melkor with contributions from Fangorn and Varda. Corrections and additions from the Guild are requested, please send to Varda.

January 10, 1999
Sunday Meeting (6pm EST, 5pm CST)
Recruiting report: No new members this week
Promotions: Beorn, Members and Gallery page webmaster is now the Maiar Gwaihir!
Web Report: New Diablo Shrines page in progress for Links page under Diablo by Guild members
Encyclopedia Report (not given in channel): Ulmo has a new entry on the Powers page, written by Ulmo, being done in installments.

January 3, 1999
Sunday Meeting (6pm EST, 5pm CST)
Recruiting Report:
  The Valar Tulkas has returned to the Council!
  Beleg Cuthalion, Elros, and the Maiar Radagast have returned.
  Turin Agarwaen is now the Maiar Murezor.
Web Report:
  The Links page now has a direct link to the creator of Diablo Backup for a uncorrupted program file to back up
  your characters in Diablo.
Encyclopedia Report:
  Dreamlord has added more to his article on Irmo.
  Hurin has a new article concerning the possibility of Tolkien's Valar creating new Valar.
Tourney Results:
    See the Tourney page for details!
    Since Valar are not eligible for prizes, under "Quest for Three" the prizes go to the team of Beleg Cuthalion, Murezor, and
       Sauron. New record set by the team of Namo, Ulmo, and Varda.
    The winning team for "Norm Race to Diablo" is the group of Beleg, Murezor, and Elros. (It pays to enter a race no
       other team is in.)
    A new record was set for "Hell Race to Diablo" by the team of Namo, Ulmo, and Varda.
    The winning team for StarCraft in the "Battle of Morannon" is that of Beorn, Murezor, and Sauron.
Quenya Report:
    Useful words for role-playing as researched and put together by Tulkas and Ulmo:
    Atamaratul is the nearest Quenya to "Welcome back"
   Mara meste is Quenya for "Farewell"
Questions List:
    The Maiar Gandalf is making progress. If anyone has written down questions they've used for tests for entry or Maiar honor, please send them to him. Also, if you can, please jot them down during the next test you give.

January 2, 1999
Tourney Day! Good luck to all! Meet in the channel to choose teams, have your copy of how to play your game handy, and let Ulmo know the results. The results will be announced at the Sunday meeting and will be posted to the Tourney page Sunday. (Valar honor characters are not eligible for prizes which automatically go to the next person down, if a Valar wins.)

January 1, 1999
Happy New Year to All!
Returning member! Tulkas the Linguist is back! The Council is delighted to have this talented Valar returned to their number!

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